R Kelly - Share My Love Lyrics

Come here baby
Just lay your body right here baby
And let me tell you all
All the things, I wanna do to you baby
Aww, girl relax
Cause I'm about to prove to you
That every bit of me wants to be lying here with you
All I wanna I do

I just wanna share my love
I just wanna share my love
I just wanna share my love
Share my love, share my love with you

I just wanna share my love
I just wanna share my love
All of my, share my love, I just want, share my love with you

Let go baby
And let this feeling get in you
Why don't you just come a little closer girl
Let me show you what my love can do
Ooh, take that off
Oh girl and let the fun begin
If you just, just throw that out to love tonight
I promise you'll never hurt again, oh, no

I just wanna share my love
I just wanna share my love
For the rest of my life, baby
I wanna share my love
I just wanna share my love
Share my love with you

Now that we're in this room,
Let's do what we were born to do
Populate, let's get together
Populate, make the world better

I just wanna share my love, with you baby
I just wanna share my love, so that wanna do
I wanna share my love, share my love, share my love with you
I just wanna share my love
For the rest of my life
I just wanna share my love
Girl come over here and get this love
I wanna share my love
It's all for you
Share my love, share my love with you

I just wanna share my love
I just wanna share my love
Forever baby
I wanna share my love, share my love, share my love with you

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R Kelly Share My Love Comments
  1. Jai Norman

    Free R Kelly 💯

  2. Jane Devells


    Lynnedelle Poore

    Jane Devells I think the accuser's is trying to get money out of him

  3. Lynnedelle Poore

    It's all for you! Come here baby! Let me love you!

  4. cee eumo

    Please Release R Kelly...The world need to hear New Music from the pen of R Kelly

  5. wr513


  6. asds92

    Why do most musical geniuses always have a dark side? Until he's found guilty with overwhelming evidence I'm going to play his music until my ears bleed. It's that good

  7. Jewel Grier

    To.bad so sad

  8. one and only ppl

    Free Kelly, prison is not the answer rehabilitation, help, stop judging, not guilty until proven innocent, why ????

  9. Nikki Flagg Aly

    I love you forever king of R&b

  10. Richard Lopez

    Every time I hear this song I can not sit still you just want to get down and dance has a lot of soul and rhythm!

  11. JoQuille Miller

    But not Beyonce or Kelly Rowland☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  12. JoQuille Miller

    R.Kelly you are the best don't let them girls bother you so much I am so proud of you 😃😃😃😂



  14. Every Frikkn Comment

    How old are the girls on the music video?????

    faye lh

    13 or 14.

  15. Lakendra Jones

    MoMA kelly thank you thank you

  16. Lakendra Jones

    Kendra they thought he was going at the end of video lol lol lol


    R Kelly clowned himself n dis 1 wit da moves n camera angles lol but dats my boy n dis still a banga

  18. Hope Burks

    R Kelly could dance, perform

  19. Hope Burks

    Wow mad cool R Kelly genius!! He's looks like a gentalman, God bless your heart brother.

  20. Virgo Beddie

    Damn shame. To think where you are now, its a travesty. My prayer and positive energy blowing your way always...

  21. pensalatas Buford

    R Kelly singing i telling u 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  22. theisisreincarnate

    This has a Michael Jackson - Marvin Gaye 80s feel

  23. Treon Foster

    Ok ms savage I see ya

  24. Venice Peoples

    💋💣💋💣💋💣💋💣💋💣💋💣💋💣 SHARE MY LOVE 🤴🏽

  25. Richard Lopez

    Man ! This song can really make you want to dance

  26. Young TJ

    Free him❤️🙏🏾

  27. Michelle Williams

    This way there dragging you on every corner. God I ask you to continue to cover him with your blood. Grace and Mercy🙏

  28. Rena Nunya

    Is that Lisa Van Allen, standing behind him in the beginning of the video? 😨

  29. Diane Owsley

    Greatest artist all time.loving all these awesome songs and lyrics are so good love me some R.Kelly.😊

  30. Tee Konx19

    He still sounds the same

  31. Tee Konx19

    Kelly smash again over and over he's so talented black men's our. Kings we have left go R KELLY I love this

  32. Sabrina Doctor

    Rob is Chocolate n Handsome ...
    He is a Musical Genius...

  33. Sabrina Blue

    Rape bait and still suggestive with the bossy tones said sweetly

  34. imageNviewpt2

    A pure MUSICAL GENIUS!!!

  35. king fortnite

    Child predator

    Jai Norman

    You are

  36. pensalatas Buford

    Love r Kelly Man i love him so much for the rest of my life.

  37. miss dior

    Legend ❤️💯🙏🙏🙏🙏

  38. Psychic Clairvoyant Nadine


  39. Boba Licious

    Just amazing. So transparent

  40. carlton matlock

    R Kelly reminds me of Lebron James Good Song In 2019

  41. Frosti’s planet :3

    this why he in jail now for "sharing his love"

    Jai Norman

    Hate on

  42. Janeen Hobbs

    Overdosing on r Kelly music love it

  43. Raidz

    Paedophile !!!!

    Jai Norman

    You are

  44. Irena Pustajova

    I love this song 😍😍😍😘😘 my best song

  45. Treon Foster

    Is that miss Joyceln savage??

  46. Lynnedelle Poore

    I just wanna share my love For the rest of my life

    Treon Foster

    Lynnedelle Poore isn’t that joyclyn savage

  47. Elizabeth Bell

    Love it! Has a Barry White sound..

    Lynnedelle Poore

    Elizabeth Bell yes indeed

  48. Lynnedelle Poore

    Come here baby

  49. Lynnedelle Poore

    It's all for you

  50. Lynnedelle Poore

    Every bit of me wants to be lying here with you.

  51. Linda Blanding

    Still love ❤️ your music! No one else can ever match this voice!!! Love you Kellz!!! ❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹

  52. Ms. Kiuteazz

    I love this song I’m waiting for the video of you are my wold that is the Shit and believe it or not with the drama that’s going I’m still crazy about R.Kelly I pray for you everyday hoping that the true come out once and for all ........ stop protecting people you life is on the line stay Strong stay Blessed 🙏🏾💪🏾🥰🥰🥰

  53. Tracie Anderson

    I luv this song .he is the BEST. No doubt he is infectious.

  54. Latanya Tunstall


  55. Lynnedelle Poore

    One of the most Beautiful songs ever made !!!!!!!

  56. Yvette Pennington

    I love this song Share my love go R Kelly

  57. rachel mulonda


  58. Lynnedelle Poore

    I have to admit that this song just moves me emotionally and what a turn on it is

  59. Lynnedelle Poore

    Share my love just makes me want to go on a joy ride down in the hills with the car stereo cranked up as high as it will go

  60. Lynnedelle Poore

    Just crank that car stereo up

  61. Lynnedelle Poore

    Let me tell you all of the things that I want to do to you

  62. Skoogie Magoo

    This spook loves to get into the panties of little girls, he's a fu**ing PEDOFILE!

    Wayne Mazique

    Go block the Sun, Mutant! 😑

  63. Lawanda Kinds

    Only cause I'm a true Micheal Jackson fan,I can assure U he's using the "Rock With U" vibe👌

  64. Lynnedelle Poore

    Barry White was the very first thing that came to my mind The very first time I ever heard this I bought the CD the day it was released

  65. Bev Simmons

    I love you R Kelly...

  66. Wonderful World

    Still watching in 2019 & will continue to listen to R.Kelly

    Lynnedelle Poore

    Wonderful World it doesn't seem like the song was released that long ago

  67. Jacqueline Frost


  68. Milko Youbinguila

    Respect Mister R kelly

  69. William Carter

    Yes, he did

  70. Rey Hugo

    People dont realize R.Kelly added some great grown folk music to his catalogue. Smart.

  71. kels adon

    Is that the tmz girl?


    Looks like her

  72. Marvin Hagler


  73. poker golf

    The king of r&b

  74. Geraldo Barbosa

    Very Good

  75. Sandile Shange

    Yes,he is super talented.A king of RnB, a musical God but sadly we may lose him.The stories about him and young girls, leave a bitter taste on many people's mouths

    Nelkon Nsamba

    His music will s still live on brother!

  76. asia jackson

    If Barry White and Marvin Gaye had a baby it would be Kellz lol

  77. MrAntiSellOut

    Despite the fact that Mr. Kelly is fucked up in the head, I will always put this track right next to "Make The World Go Round"

  78. sheena evans

    I luv all his music !

  79. Sandile Shange

    A living legend,yes!!!!!

  80. carlton matlock

    Good song in 2018 sing it r Kelly

  81. carlton matlock

    R. Kelly 2018

  82. DJ Steve Pressman

    Does anybody know the names of the Two Models in the video? They are simply gorgeous in their own right. As to the Song, this is what The Pied Piper of R&B is all about, music that from the first note makes you want to do something, tap your feet, dance, sing, sway, Hum, and just feel good too. Kells` the Genius at his best.

  83. jock barr

    Just love this to bit awsome tune

  84. Donna 741

    I'm lost for words ! You music is so sexy I love all of you ....

  85. Udoh Emmanuel

    U're the man,the king.only dis make me run to mr Biggs and ask if they have share my luv.

  86. Lakeith Freeman

    Chi-Town finest 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  87. Renee kapinga

    So true Devin !!...lol

  88. carlton matlock

    R Kelly reminds me of lebron James sometimes i think they look alike

  89. carlton matlock

    R Kelly Is the man in this video

  90. carlton matlock

    Still my shit

  91. Steve Luigi

    Nice track, but there is a lot of good modern soul being released at the moment and this is no better, if not as good as some of it. I would says it's pretty standard. Check out a company called 'Discosoulgold' online and listen to some of the stuff they are releasing. I am no part of them by the way, but I get all of their releases sent.

  92. Daniel Braide

    is it just me or does this song feel like Michael Jackson's Rock with you?

  93. Cree Missy

    Yesssss!!! I used to love this song!

  94. Mr.Zatla

    danke zeit.de

  95. Jayla Jayla

    This is cool

  96. carlton matlock

    If anyone knows I'm watching in September 2017