R Kelly - Sex In The Kitchen Lyrics

Girl you're in the kitchen
Cooking me a meal
Something makes me wanna come in there and get a feel
Walk around in your t-shirt
Nothing else on
Strutting pass, switching that ass while I'm on the phone
Cutting up tomatoes, fruits and vegetables and potatoes
Girl, you look so sexy while you're doing the damn thang
I want

Sex in the kitchen over by the stove
Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls
Hands on the table, on your tippy toes
We'll be making love like the restaurant was closed

How would you like it, baby
(How would you like that?)
Tell me right now pretty baby
Hey man, I'm gon call you back

Girl you're in the kitchen, chillin in your robe
I'm saying to myself she better go put on some clothes
Tickling and teasing
Doing that little dance
Girl, you gon make me lay you down and give it to you one mo 'gain

[Chorus 2x]

Girl I'm ready to toss your salad
While I'm making love,I'll be feasting
Girl you're in the kitchen
Sweating up a storm
The oven's on 500
So you know the kitchen's warm
Girl you know just how to get into a brother's mind
Cause here we are still in this kitchen
Doing it for the third time

[Chorus (fades out)]

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R Kelly Sex In The Kitchen Comments
  1. Kiki Diamond

    Cuttin up tomatoes fruits vegetables and potatoes

  2. Jd Dillard

    2020 yea I'm still listening🔥🔥🔥


    Jd Dillard and raping

  3. Rome's King

    20/20 Kells 4ever 😜🍅🍇🌽🥔

  4. Jayquan Thomas

    Im still bumping in 2020

  5. jayson rubio

    2020 bump bumpppp

  6. Mr. Plenty

    I don't care what he has done or allegedly did but you can't deny his music don't judge and ye shall not be judged

  7. Lala Love

    Still setting the move with this in 2020

  8. Ms.D Sopretty

    Sex in the kitchen...going into 2020 still bumpin this

  9. ceecee jones

    2019 🔥 🔥 🔥

  10. DeJa_Vu

    My Baby The KANG👑💃🏽👑✨2019 ain’t going Nowhere #teamkellz

  11. Tae Kwondo

    By the butter rolls

  12. Sabrina Jones


  13. 2Die4

    Fuck what the media is saying about R., I'mma still bump his music.

  14. Yannick Tioma

    le fantasme de tous les hommes!!!!

  15. tumelo seadira

    We'll be doing it doing it till eternity

  16. M.Renee Jackson

    Yessss Girl my favorite also....❤✔👏👍

  17. andre johnson

    I don’t think I want to eat at this restaurant

  18. Lashae Lacy

    Still bumpn 2019 love this song

  19. markeria smith

    2019 listening to it sex to it is great 😂💯

  20. Diamond Tripp

    I love this song

  21. gabriel1983leo

    Funny thing is, I dont listen to him every day but when i do start......2hours in like...i cant help it.....goodmusic

  22. Grim Sniper

    Underrated 🔥 🐐

  23. Destiny Brown

    I was too young to sing this back then, IM GROWN NOW 🤷🏾‍♀️😂🙌🏾 by the butter rolls !

  24. Young Black Conservative

    Wouldn't it be a bitch if someone tossed Kelly's salad in the *prison kitchen* to this song. 😳

  25. Christine Lawson

    Mercy ! This song just fire 🔥 I can’t sit still when I listen to it.

  26. kidd kirby

    I wonder who whould be here if this who situation wasn't going on cause I've been here bo cap this man a legend

  27. kidd kirby

    Real talent right here 💯💯💯

  28. China marie Yates

    I miss him so much fuck the law

  29. Chuck T

    I love listening to song and scrolling thru comments and it says what I'm thinking....

  30. Dutch The Diesel/Auto Technician

    My shit!!!!

  31. Shana Holsey

    Sex n the kitchen by the butter rolls 👀

  32. B Griffin

    An oven on 500 what she cooking???

  33. Brandy Walker

    Still bumping it in 2k19

  34. Brandy Walker

    Baby making music 🎶

  35. sunflower power

    #free Rkelly now!!!

  36. Faye Lee

    2019 kelly

  37. Sweet & Sassy

    This is my song! Love this lolz! Come home and make these haters cry! No one can touch R Kelly!

  38. James H. Davis T. Third

    If i told you you had the best golden platinum, diamond mix?

  39. Darius Daniel

    Whether wrong or not I'm still gonna stay bumpin' R. Kelly. Sorry but not sorry!

  40. Fat Case

    Still on it 8/19

  41. Shady TV

    Hands on the table, on your tippy toes,we be making love like the restaurant was closed 🎼 I luv Kels

  42. Courtney Brooks

    As a kid I use to wait to say "girl let me toss your salad" until i found out what it meant 😨😨😂😂😂 Gotta love RKelly. Ain't NO WAY IM MUTING HIM!!

  43. Diane Owsley

    Loving this amazing song.R.k is a genius what he do best bringing these incredible hit.

  44. Kamar G

    Kellz can make a song about hot dogs and eggs and make it a classic hit. ... I know one thing. I wouldn't eat not nan butta roll nor anything off his counter. Probably full of splack juice

  45. Sandera Gray

    I don’t care what he done because I’m still going to rock all of his music in my home, car or whatever

  46. Joe Dicks

    And i used to work with r kellys uncle

  47. Joe Dicks

    He shouldve let the girl go and not let her not talk to her parents then everyrhing wouldve been ok. Whats that one so ng from rkelly with crucial conflict o yea it was ghetto queen _ crucuail conflict feat r kelly

  48. Joe Dicks

    R kelly def was the shit back n the day but now with all the crazy shit going on its crazy woth what i was hearing

  49. Shawanda Bernard

    I'm still here fan4life praying for you Robert Kelly 😢🙏♥️💯

  50. Beastmode beastmode

    When u hear that water drip hes peain on some one smh

    sunflower power

    Ok but you here though...hater

  51. Nicole Campbell

    R.kelly will always be the man❤️

  52. william whitaker

    While having Sex in the Kitchen you will be getting your Grub On ( Trey Songz ) Two of my fav by Kellz.

  53. Young Luca

    Idc what they claiming this man to have done but to be illiterate he was a musical genius and his talent outweighs the allegations against him! God bless R Kelly

  54. Alecia Owens

    Love this song

  55. Qua Dagenarous

    he said toss your salad this nigga off the wall

  56. CAsH M0NEY

    Low key hungry now

  57. Kali Love

    🤣 Kellz was talking about eating 🍑 before everybody! 😂😂😂

    L.C. Narcisse

    Yep! Lol

  58. jahcease barnwell

    He a cap like me. We freaksmy wife i wait till u bend ova to take that good out the oven. And iam tastin ur ingredients. Toss u salad your cream my blue salad dressing. That cream i am licking it all. Sometimes i dont wanna pipe u just taste u and see YOU SHAKE

  59. wiza ndawa

    Years later I still listen to your music.forever be my R kelly

  60. o h t o m m y

    He probably wrote this about some poor 12 year old.

  61. Diane Owsley

    Good music i can listening to and while iam in kitchen doing my thing and loving Kellz hits.

  62. mateus jose


  63. DJ AIR

    When u hear those drips,honey child please......U know it's a hit

  64. swaggy Vids


  65. Sandy Molapo

    Can they build him a studio in jail 😍😍😍

  66. Kristshel Dunn

    We'll be doin it, doin it baby... We'll be doin it, doin it baby.... 💕💕💕

  67. Wanda Jackson

    Yeah Baby! I still listen to him!🔥🔥🔥👊🏿👏🏿👏🏿😘

  68. Gregory Power

    All old songs baxk then still slap hard
    If you where to ask me, thats music fosho!!!!

  69. RZL MAC


  70. Lashey Duncan

    I think about My Husband when i hear this song...Shay ♥Anthony...4/life ....

  71. Lakeshia Dayhall


  72. Connie Gray

    Still listening to this song in 2019

  73. Shameika Smith

    2019 it's jamming

  74. Yolanda Smith

    One thing about R.Kelly u cannot dispute his talent .... Regardless of what he has done

    Star B

    He's hasn't done anything

  75. Andria B

    Still an hit in 2019 :)

  76. Jamsoul 90

    Good Looks. Fam! #youtubecommunity

  77. Kyah Collins

    NOT GUILTY!!!!!!

  78. NEW WAY

    He make me wanna cook😍😍😍😍😋😋🤤🤤🤤

  79. Fredrik29Sweden

    ❤️this Song ! Best Song to make love to❤️🇸🇪 R.Kelly is the King👑 of R&B👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  80. Jasmine Walker

    Still listening to his music and I love him regardless



  82. Shameika Smith

    2019 sue me

  83. Happy Queen


  84. Shante Bryant

    ❤️❤️❤️ One 👑

  85. Nellie Verdejo


  86. wil

    I dedicate this to bubba in the prison cafeteria. R's gonna know what I mean

  87. akamommaluv shirleymckenzie

    That's music grown folk music this is not for no kids

  88. David Crabtree

    You think Robert would PEE in my mouth , in the Kitchen?

  89. Jasmine Collier

    Yes kellys

  90. Monica Jackson

    Still a fan I love me some him.😍😍😍

  91. She is amazing 22

    One of my favorite songs👍👍👍

  92. Larry Nelson

    One things for sure: Kelly left us with a catalog of nothing but HITS!

  93. Chicago Mike G

    Free big G

  94. Cynthia Bakef

    I'm sorry. I still love R. Kelly

  95. Iashia Howard

    yes baby sex in the kitchen

  96. Mary Mcqueen

    Tyoluk OK UK OK jkoljrehokyjokyk9oiyjoouk9k6i9ui9i

  97. Winnie Dlomo1711

    My God R Kelly is still rolling in 2019, I love this guy wish I could have the exact romance shared with me, my God he's so deep 😘😘

  98. Shameika Smith

    2019 love me some kells