R Kelly - Remote Control Lyrics

Baby I think its time for us to do what we came to do...
Here come closer to me... I wanna make you feel so good tonight I'll do anything you say...

[Verse 1]
Baby (baby) here we are lyin in my bed with the same thing going through our heads
You been wantin my body I been wantin your body (so no more waiting)
Baby (baby) can you move just a little closer
Come and get this sweet lovin you deserve
Girl I'll be real gentle with it I promise to make your body come like 3 or 4 times in a row
If you believe in me tonight all your fantasies will come true in this bedroom and you aint gotta say nothin cause tonight I could read your mind
First you want me to go down and push the power button

I'll be your remote touch me turn me on make me sing a song
Now put me on slow.. Baby push enter now fast forward
Girl you got me programed under your control
Something about the way you turn it over and poke it out
Said it makes me want to grab the remote and put that ass on pause

[Verse 2]
Girl it don't make no sense the way you imitate that thong when you do it how you do it baby take it off.. Oh oh oh
Tonight I'll be your slave.. I will do anything you say
Girl push menu and check out the features just let me put this adaptor in you it will keep you charged up
Girl I'll keep going until you press the stop button baby. All I want is for you to be happy when I'm done so I can call you my lady.. Push audio mode
now.. Push gettin to loud now.. Push slow mode now.. Push the mute now for somebody here us up in here so professional
I'd swear this here was your career
Don't have to say nothin girl cause I could read your mind
First you want me to go down and push the power button baby


[Verse 3]
Just try to imagine that I'm the panel and you are in control
Baby push the down arrow now we'll go down low I won't taste the juices baby I wanna fill you up
I'm gonna push it push it push it push it push it push it and make you say Uhhh ahh Uhh ahh... If you get lost just push the guide.. And I will lead you
to your destination all you have to do is trust me (trust me baby) cause baby girl I know what your bodies yearnin for see here are the rules
In your remote and I have to do what you push so as your fingers do the walking baby there will be no more talkin and you aint got to say nothin girl
cause I can read your mind
First you want me to go down and push the power button

[Chorus 2x]

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R Kelly Remote Control Comments
  1. LeJeune Beason

    Still my shit make my kitty 💦every time 🥰🤪
    Still listening 2020
    R.Kelly I love u😘

  2. I’m A god

    And all because of them hating ass silly ass goofy women my mans locked up and great songs like this is locked up with him 🤬all for a damn dollar

  3. 1Msmills

    still listening in 2020..... LOve him

  4. Stephanie Jackson

    He imintating prince

  5. Conscious Citizen


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    Pure genius

  7. Jay Merritt

    This song just....😱😍🤪🤯❤

    Sin Ful The P

    Fast Ass lol

  8. Lisa Graham

    RKelly I adore 🥰 ur music listening to your songs now right on ur birthday have a happy1 1.08.2020💙🥰😬😁😊😀🤗♑️

  9. King Money Arthur


  10. Octavia Crowder

    love him down all his songs just speak to ya soul

  11. DeJa_Vu

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  12. Skate_Lyfe_ Trent

    Still listening and its Oct. 22nd 2019. Yes Kelly going through it and dealing. But we cant ignore this baby making music 💁🏾‍♂️

  13. Monie Pratt

    This man can sing about dirt and wishing you were the grain . Skillz for sure .#kellz #piepiper

  14. Monie Pratt

    Got dammit. Every time i look at a remote .I never look at it the same. And im a female. 😅😅😅😅

  15. carnage6ar

    drake stole this title

  16. Demedress Tippins

    2019 baby baby🤗

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    Still bumping this in 2019🥰

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    Who still listening in 2019🎶🔥

  19. Niki Williams

    Still listening in 2019💋😍👍❤️🔥

  20. Kristal Price

    Is these another Victim song

    Sivile Pato

    Kells is the best in the music business. The best ever

  21. michael andre

    Yess!! He channel some Prince in this song!!!

  22. Roshanda Walton

    R Kelly is amazing! I'm so devistated about what his life has now come to. His songs don't help his situation he sings his heart out about women and sex... May he rest in prison. I wish he could sing forever....

  23. Gabriel Okumu

    R Kelly went falsetto with one. Very rare in his work ! Underrated jam from the genius.

  24. Desmond Shell

    Baby here we are lying in our bed, and the same thing going thru our head we been wanting my body i been wanting your body so no more wasting baby can u move just a lil closer cum Tonight ill be your slave

  25. Janine Nellum

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  26. Jacinta Stephens

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    Kelz can sing the alphabet backwards and your child will still be able to read, even with his dizlexia, The Man is Gifted 😘😘 Love Him Forever 👑👑

  28. Felicia Johnson

    ! Push the power button! Sang! Sang! Sang! RKelly you are the best!

  29. Felicia Johnson

    ! Yess! Yess! You can make any song sound beautiful! Love you! RKelly!

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    King of R&B

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    I still fw kellz

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    2019 I love r.kelly

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    How can you be mad at the man that made this?

  43. Venus Warren

    2019 😘

  44. Barcelona Diago

    Anyone in here 2019...after the sexual abuse/ cult ... I pray he gets help talent like this don't exist

  45. LaLa None

    2019 Fuck y'all talking about 😋💦

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    When he say babyyyy that does something to me

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    This that shit

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    2019 Fan 4 Lyfe!!!
    All my 3 kids created off Kels!!

  49. Anthony Hallback

    This dude made a song about a remote control... he is the king.. also this album was fire and slept on.. TP3.Reloaded!!!!!!

  50. Francesca Banks

    Regardless to what's going on, I'm still one of his biggest fans 😍

  51. paula prendegast

    in England it is LEGAL to have sex with 17 year old girls
    R.kelly is a legend
    american sex laws are out of date and not comparable to the rest of the world

  52. Lemon Lime

    his music is straight fire..💙💙

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    Undeniable talent!!! Praying for Kells!

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    doobie sonix

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    -So many memories with this 1:The Hypnotizing Baby Making King of R&B

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    This song right here proves R. Kelly is the prince of R&B, soon to be King.

    May may Payton

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    Difen Crosby

    kira shoats Sam Smith and RagNBone Man are the new kings (lol), Eminem is the new king of rap. If they’ve known what R Kelly been doing for years why they talking about it now? Also what about real R&B singers like Tank? Why he not getting mainstream airplay? Give it another 15 years and they’ll be saying we copied their music (rap and R&B) mark my words.

  65. Allboutmine Henagan

    On repeat

  66. Tamara Stephens

    2018 still 🔥⌛️⏳😜

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    Kelz can sing about gettin fired from your job and it’ll sound like a masterpiece 😖😖😖💪🏼

    Sagittarius Que


    Lynetta's Journey


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    2018 ❤️😊

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    SuperPhdiva SRB

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    Baby press enter... now hit fast forward..
    Now you got me programmed...under you control...#HitThePower

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