R Kelly - Put My T-Shirt On Lyrics

Here... Put This On..... listen ......

Wonna sex u in my white T
Do you in my white T
Freak you in my white T
Gurl put on my white T

[Verse 1]
Lyin here up in the bed checkin you out while your in that bathroom gurl (you look so good steppin out
the shower) im lookin at the way you rubbin lotion on your body damn you know you sexy gurl (whats it ive
gotta bout another hour) so we might as well do what we do an still time to get up an you walk around here
the way you do (gurl imma bout to loose my job over you) i swear i never seen a t-shirt look so damn tight
my triple x on your body gurl you make it look so right.

T-shirt on gurl i love to see you wit my t-shirt on after we just got through hitten it in my home (baby
this is wat i wonna do) wonna sex you in my white t stroke you in my white t honey put this...t-shirt on
gurl i love to see you wit my t-shirt on after we just got through hitten it in my home (gurl this is what
i wont) bend it ova in that white-t let me hit it in that white-t

[verse 2]
Shes standin at the medicine cabinet im like wat is takin her so long (im in my wife beater an my
jeans) shes brushin her teeth while she pokes it out an tempted to call in sick an stay home (if she dont
stop teasin me) goin back back forth an forth in an out of the closet gurl you know just wat you doin an i
suggest you stop it (please) i swear ive neva seen a t-shitr look so damn tight my triple x on your body
gurl you make it look so right..

[chorus 2x]

[verse 3]
the way we bout to have fun we dont need nothin on nothin on except our socks an i wont u gurl i wont u
gurl to hell wit the clock so come out the bathroom get on in this bed let me love you gurl from your feet
to head first i was goin to work now im not goin to work all because that t-shirt HEY

[chorus 2x]

gurl you know you look so good to me imma bout to put it down just keep on teasen me y u doin dis to me
when you kno i gotta go to work walk around here in nothin but my t-e-e-e-e e-e-e-e-e-e-e e-e-e-e-ee-e
e-e-e-e-eee-ee shirt

ahhh...sss.. come ova herelets stay tonight ....im not goin to work .... an uh i suggest you to make
some calls...

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R Kelly Put My T-Shirt On Comments
  1. Th0t T0pic

    After i pull out the pack of kool aid to wipe all pver my lips . I'm going put your t-shirt on #RikersIsland

  2. Kirby Wright

    2019 still listening 👂🏾 Ayeeeeeee I’m still a R. Kelly fan 😁

  3. Ciera Scott

    this always going to be my shit let me hit In that white tee

  4. Vivian Ester

    Free the best rb singer fuck the devil lovers y'all he got tried of being a sellout so he and Bill Cosby didn't do wat they wanted to so he went to jail.free r kelly how u think a lot of babies got here thanks to him.fucck people that's under the 666 God world u dumdys

  5. LEONARD Evans

    I someone to sample a few songs off this album especially this one!!! 💜❤💙

  6. Lakendra Jones

    God I like that

  7. Lakendra Jones

    God thank u thank u thank you

  8. Talking WITH Tonya

    The mans..dont nobody in the industry got nothing on r.kelly except the oldshools before him but after them it became the r.kelly the king of rnb..kellz we got ur back..our beautiful black man..

  9. margi cates

    “I’m about to loose my job over you,”


  10. Atiepib Ushie

    September 2019

  11. Shanisha Murphy

    On Repeat 💚

  12. Melatonin Madness

    All you ghetto pork chop collar green eating fat bitches are disgusting. You'll excuse ANY type of behavior and should be locked up with this monster.

  13. April West

    Regardless you can't take away the 🔥🔥🔥🔥 cuts

  14. Ciera Scott

    Always going love this album baby this what want to dooooo

  15. Torri Jones

    still love this jam keep ya head up kellz gods going to work it out

  16. Blacky Austin

    This one thing they will never be able to take from him is his music💯When you talented you just talented🅿️I’ll forever play his music🙌🏽And love his music🅿️🤞🏽

  17. Kenya Rose

    This my shit!!!! Damn Kellz. Musical Great🔥

  18. Kathyleen Jones

    All time classic

  19. Teddy Bear


  20. Lamar Chef


  21. Gabriel Okumu

    one of the gr8est and most talented artists of all time .

  22. Moe Gant

    ...I'm about to put it down, just keep on teasing me/why you doin this to me? When you know I gotta go to work/ walkin round here, in nothing but my T-ee-ee-ee-ee/-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-/ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee/ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee/ ee shirt!
    I mean... what can you say? Kellz just sang a bar that consisted of nothing but 52 vowels. 52 of the SAME vowel... And it sounded good, lol





  25. Shallah Davis

    where is the instrumental or sample?

  26. Felicia Johnson

    ! You are still the best a day one fan since the 90 s! Love you! RKelly!

  27. Dae Dae

    Fuck all that..... I'm still jammin this hoe

  28. Shameika Smith

    2019 this bae

  29. Ke'Ante Hill

    Kellz you make me wet damn.

  30. Shante Bryant

    One of my favorite cutz from this CD!! ❤️❤️❤️

  31. King Kari

    underrated album ! r.kelly

  32. Niall Collins

    Who’s here after the Gayle interview??

  33. thatboydre2004

    they comin for kellz but you cant take his talent from him this nigga made r&b

  34. PECANBROWN04 l


  35. Brandolin Modester

    Jamming 3/2019 . KINGOFR&B=GOAT



  37. Veronica Jones

    Who still listening in 2019🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  38. MsVirgo Black

    YessGawwd 🙌🏾 This song is the truth!!
    Still listening to Kellz
    Even After the 2019 Scandal.. I Don’t Care what they Claiming he did.. 🗣PERIOD

  39. Real One

    YOU CAN'T & WILL NEVER MUTE 🤐🤐🤐 #RKELLY❤❤❤💘❣❣💘💜😛😜🤩🤩🤣😭😂😂😘😋😊

    Zion Stay fit

    That’s a fact

    Michaela Davis

    All Facts 🚫🧢

    Melatonin Madness


    Mykia May


  40. christopher womack

    Fuck the metoo, fuck the breakfast club, Sparkle, lifetime, John Legion, Toure, Neyo, Tank and all them gold digging hoes, I’m never muting Kellz. Hell who else out here making music like this? Not a motherfucking soul.. #teamkellz

  41. Venus Warren

    2019 💗💕

  42. gajohnson82

    2019 anybody😋😍☺


    Still listening in 2019

  44. Shontriella

    Damn Kellz 😭😩 yo shit so fireeee still despite the mishaps you having ‼️ this still my shit 🤷🏾‍♀️

  45. Antwoine Thomas

    The greatest of all time you hear me .. U can't mute greatness!!!!!!

  46. Anthony Hallback

    KOR&B!!!! KELLS THE MAN!!!

  47. LACHISHA Hall

    I miss mr Doyaright

  48. BLU Roze


  49. Jimmy BP

    Classic! These youngsters must still be wearing Pampers to think that they can hold a candle to R., Chris Brown, Usher, Brian McKnight or Trey Songz!

    Shante Bryant

    Exactly, lol!!

    Francisco Macheque

    You must be very crazy! But even though I liked it cause I love r.Kelly

  50. Mainza Siajunza

    Sexy you in my white

  51. Lula butler

    another question anybody/  What his music got to do with what he is accuse of?   Who he rob of money and proceeds.  I do not believe that his fans  should be deprive from his music.  If this is the case their is a lot of Artist music that should be pull as well.  That has some of same type lyrics and performance is similar or more raw than Mr. Kelly.  Music should not play a part of the conspiracy.  Everyone is not fool about the craziness going on.  Some building plate forms, their no research of other players that was sexual involve, no one talking about no medical reports of starvation etc. And how can a person be responsible for a robbery he did not commit or no involvement.  To many loop holes . Everyone is not fool.  Its amazing how you can investigate partial story.  And partial story are the ones that is lack of investigation.  Because I say you cause my wife husband to split base on an affair.  Regardless what the law in that state. which should not be a law. And do not investigate to see was there any martial problems before an affair engage.  The marriage was already ended or on the rocks.  I just can not believe that it was so easy for this man to come in and sweep her off her feet so easy if the marriage was solid.  There has to been something else going on way before. Once again money and maybe lot especial if there are others and they not rolling in dough.  Another thought maybe it can also be to both husband and wife conspired in creating this allegations to receive money.  I am not the only one who share these thoughts.  Its amazing sound fishy to some of us.  This just a thought that more than one person has

  52. Lula butler

    would be nice if all fans in every city in all states select a date and for 2hrs. just play nothing but kellz music.  To show not only support but appreciation of all the great music and shows he has and still is given us.  Now come on Managers and publicist lets get some more concerts rolling.

    Zion Stay fit

    I’m down

    Latarsha Williams

    Yes I'm down

  53. Lula butler

    awesome as always

  54. PEACE __


  55. Bree Stade

    The greatest to ever do it! Thats it thats all!

  56. Godblessed Checklife

    Nov 3-2018 🤝🎶🤴🏽Kelly

  57. sikhumbuzo ntombela

    The way we about to have fun, genius Kells

  58. Tiffany Johnson

    Rkelly the goat of rnb

    Black on Black ZR1 AKA Gone With The Wind


  59. Carmella Smallz

    Marry me please

  60. Carolmel ATL Productions

    T-shirt and my panties on😁😁

  61. Tevin Thomas


  62. Joy Thrasher

    😝😏😍 omg sex in his t shirt is the best ion know y guys b so aroused by us wearing their clothes BUT I’m not complaining 😝😝🤤🤤

  63. Santina Smith

    I got pregnant off this song

  64. Juve Jackson

    Going back back forth and forth..in and out the closet..girl u know just what u doin..and I suggest u stop it please!! Bomb lyrics

  65. Love Jurad

    Im bout to make a baby off this one.😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  66. Shantella Mitchell

    I would do the most with kellz.

    Zion Stay fit

    Word sis 🙌🏿

    bryan pettiford

    You too old

  67. Shantella Mitchell

    2018..still a banger

  68. Lakeesha Price

    I'll wear your tee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee shirt...

  69. susan


  70. Asia Nicole Fletcher

    MAY 26, 2018 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  71. Moise Taly

    Mon meilleur artiste😃👍👍👍👍

  72. Sashaa 919

    *looks for T Shirt 😂😂

  73. Shameika Smith

    R. Kelly owe me child support I literally made babies off this..

    Zion Stay fit

    Dre Bugz must be a sun dodger y’all mad y’all can’t make babies low birth rates y’all dying 😭😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣✌🏿

    Preme Supreme


    Messiah Messiah

    Shameika Smith lmao don’t do him like that 😂😂😂

  74. Jairicka Wilson

    Still that jam

  75. Renee Brown

    Put My Shirt On R. Kelly Gott Mine T-shirt On Too Love This Song Absolutely Awesome

  76. Torri Crumbley

    Still listening 3-21-18

  77. Edwards Edwards


  78. Antuan McClover

    If I don’t have a T shirt for her to put on is it alright for her to put on my my see thru Jersey 🤔

  79. Torri Jones

    this is a sexy ass song rkelly ahhhh!

  80. Teneka Monroe

    😍😘😍😍 I love this song

  81. T Miller

    3/1/2018 still a banger. Ijs.


    T Mil 6/18/18 still going strong

    Vanessa Dillard

    T Mil. Yes me to rite now 7/19/2018 10:03am

    T Miller

    Vanessa Dillard yes

  82. Rev Lucien

    This song is funny & smooth at the same time.

  83. Tikella Williams

    I swear ain’t nobody fucking with R. Kelly

  84. Kiesha Nobles

    My ish 💦💦💦💯


    R kelly i jst LOVE this song that's my shit❤❤❤❤🍸🍸🍸🍸😘😘😘😘😘👅👅

  86. Bigp352

    Who here in 2017???

  87. Latasha Davenport

    Love this song!!!!😍😍❤

  88. Felicia Noles

    I luv it

  89. Debra Washington


  90. Shawanna Fox

    This song will make u think 😍😘😂

  91. Ronnie Jones

    R.kelly is definitely the king of R&B. He's the only R&B artist who can write a song about anything in the world. He can make a song about taking a shit on the tolient and it will go certified platinum.

  92. Tucker Fields

    My jam!

  93. roy mize

    2017 love u kells R&B king/ R&B thug

  94. Doreen Greenlee

    RKelly is the best love me some him😍😍😍😍😍😍😎

  95. Annmarie Martin

    love you kells

  96. Areanna Sawyer

    good fucking music ❤❤