R Kelly - Home Alone Lyrics

It's gonna be a party y'all
Keith Murray rock vibes, verse you with Universal
Where no one come, combine with R. Kelly and prove it can be done
Non stoppin' Def Squad and Rockland
I hear somebody knockin', yo R the party's startin'
Yo, yo who's dat?

Step into the crib with me tonight (What's up baby)
Kelly's in the mood to make it right
Word is gettin' all over town
The party's over here and gettin' down, yeah

[1] - Hands in the air
Drinks everywhere
Party in the hills
Keepin' it real
Parents out of town
Ladies all around
Me and the crew doin' what we do

Yeah, beat is bangin' up and down your spine
And all the single women here are fine
(It's a beautiful thing, it's a beautiful thing)
Let your body give into your soul
Release the freak in you and lose control

[2] - Girl there's a party goin' on
My temperature's warm
So let me freak you through the floor
While the bass is bumpin'
All night if your body can handle

[Repeat 1]

Chillin' at the house on the hill
You gotta say my my my like Johnny Gill
Hey, rich girl, poor girl get the same respect
You can all drink for free and call Earl collect
At the moment of truth with burden of proof
We stack so you can spread love like I chose
The lyrical genius with the R&B messiah
And the roof, the roof we sets on fire
But as long as the party is jumpin, we ain't concerned
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
And everybody who was somebody was there
With they hands in the air bringing in the new year
Yeah, ay yo, come on

Baguettes on the wrist, it's just for shine
Cuz ain't nobody checkin' out the time
Cash and clothes for days to blow your mind
Baby it's all good so dance tonight

[Repeat 2]

All we want is a party
A reason to celebrate
Now that we got the money, oh yeah
We dance the night away
Nothing but the hands up

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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R Kelly Home Alone Comments
  1. Matt Pazz

    This wasnt released 1991.. da fug! More like 01

  2. Golden Serenity

    Classic DJ Quik beat, uncredited


    It's crazy how this guy il a genius in the music industry...ans what he does in his life outside

  4. Jessica Barbot

    He is a flawed human being . just like we are .One day he'll be called to answer for his sins just like we'll all be . In the meantime I keep jamming to his music because there's no denying that R.Kelly has the best songs in R'n'B

  5. Kerstens Jan

    enjoy in jail man , idiot ....

  6. Johny Kilroy

    Never understood how he could pick any of these gorgeous woman to fuck, marry, date have a one night stand with, but he rather have an underage girl 🤦‍♂️ it’s so sad , someone so talented with a fucked up head

  7. Tone G.


  8. Clinton Padaychee

    Hez d king of RnB

  9. 87er

    Never 1991 haha

  10. Victor Nthamburi

    Redman would have killed this with R Kelly.

  11. Anonymous 3

    I will never stop listening to Kells

  12. Sin Ful The P

    If You Are Willing To Mute One Artist Because Of The Things They Do In Their Personal Life, Then Please Be Willing To Mute The Music Of Every Artist!

    Because Every Artist Has Done Something Within Their Personal Life That Is Contrary To Right.

    There Is No Favoritism In Righteous Judgment.

    Make Sure That You Come To My Channel And Click On The Subscribe And Bell Button.

    Hopefully Everybody Is Having A Joyful And Prosperous Day.

    Stay Blessed Everybody.

  13. Costa Horannais

    YaiiiIIIIIIIIII!!!! WOUUUU!!!!!🤘👐👐👐👐👏

  14. Delano Dilivio

    Too all those busters don't come near tracks of r. Kelly go on bashing him... Suckers

  15. youngblak Wall Street

    RKELLY is a musical genius he is not what they are claiming he is not guilty still bumping this still 2020 no matter what people say Guilty UNTIL proven innocent God is watching over this brother free Kelly like they jussie smolett #FREERKELLY #FREEKINGOFR&B

  16. sade obrien

    i can't believe the woman Dress this bad for a rkelly video

  17. Hope Burks

    Play R Kelly music 2020 forever brother genius

  18. Simon Sadat

    An undisputed heavyweight in RnB, made mad tune after mad tune. Just a pity about the other things Mr.Kelly got up to!!!!

  19. Pharoah Khan

    The Pied Piper nuff said...

  20. lewis white

    Still hitting in 2020.

  21. Regina Wright

    2020 we set the roof on fire...

  22. D'mamba

    Come on in Kelz... Hold on Kelz baby... I hear u knocking... #FreeRobertKelly

  23. DJ Tim space King

    this song sound just like janet we go deep

  24. SoulOfTheSouth

    Did DJ Quik originally did this beat? The credits said it was produced by Trackmasters.

  25. Randi Norwood

    Just like Michael Jackson. R.Kelly will always be the king of r&b. That's something you can't take away. He's got good f..... Music.!!!!

  26. Rick Onassis

    I never knew they even had a video for this until today

  27. Dorothy Antwine

    Still 👂🏽12/20/19

  28. Cally Silva

    Jamming, no cares


    👑R KELLY DA 👑KING!!!!..... FREE 👑R KELLY!!!.....

  30. Mongi Sibiya

    Kells was born for these music business

  31. TheRealDirtySkillz

    2020 Gang Where you at!

  32. Todd Jones

    That ass looked so good the editor had to put in there twice 1:50 and 2:00. 😂😂😂😂

  33. P T77

    Why did this have to fuck shit up?????? Just be normal

  34. Mr. No Weapon

    Lets see surviving Harvey Winstead

  35. Mr. No Weapon

    2020...yall gonna say this date


  36. milan5389

    I dont care. This song is the best!

  37. Ardent Bull

    Seems like I remember Kenya Moore being in this video

  38. hisway1995

    " TIMELESSSSSS "...2020...WHO'S WITH ME..!!!

  39. Karmen Jones

    This song bomb

  40. Locals Only

    It’s gonna be a party y’all

  41. logueh said

    R Kelly shit on young girls people !! Fact but his music classic 🔥what we suppose to think ? Lmao I say put him in prison if he don’t release another dope banger like this 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️

  42. Shante Bryant

    This video was lit? Damn I wish I was in it! #FreetheGOAT

    oivClaudia Gilliam

    Love this song.

    Sin Ful The P

    Your Pretty Ass Could Had Been In It Too


    ATTY: Greenberg


    Women; aka Video-Vixens: NOT 1 Victim in the bunch.
    Women shaken ass of their own free-will. Enjoying themselves,
    happy to be in Robert Kelly's Company.
    ALL willing participants Women love KELLZ.

    Release #RobertKelly. The Man has done NO WRONG to anyone.

  44. Les weavers

    2019 👍

  45. Brandon Gill

    Still anthemic! #NOW41

  46. doula971

    La bonne époque

  47. David Radke

    Honda accord 1991 2.0i 16v Rover 620silux

  48. David Radke

    E39 525i

  49. David Radke

    Schuhstrasse Hildesheim 2001

  50. David Radke

    Beste everday

  51. David Radke

    Urban forever

  52. Msingathi Ngwenze

    This was the era of ballers and superstars😎💲

  53. Iron Fist Entertainment PTY LTD

    The music stays separated from his shenanigans 🙌🏿

  54. Jackie West

    Party time

  55. teresahen

    This is the shit haha

  56. Tosha Crooks

    Call it Cumin...xx


    cool, nice, women everywhere Paradise

  58. Annie Belton

    These accusers were some happy sex slaves until the money and good times slowed down, please

  59. Donna D.

    Not gonna lie. This is still my fave R. Kelly song from the time it was released up until today.

  60. William Estrada


  61. sumkindalady

    Im pretty sure this was my late college years. Im guessing 2001. Funny how music can take you back to a specific year. This was the jam oh my.


    Ok early college 1998

  62. bmw575

    Who still listening ?

  63. Fastcarsbigmoney

    Start a movement
    Free “Kells”

  64. Young crib don Young crib don

    Crib show xxl magazine radio

  65. Floki Floki

    Che guerre

  66. Ruben Ybarra

    We loved his music so we are just fuked as well

  67. Marc Williams

    Was that his real house, Got Damn!

    Sin Ful The P

    That Was R Kelly House At The Time! He Was Having Too Much Money At That Time

  68. Carl 'The Bomb' Johnson

    0:26 All of R.Kellys accusers 😂

  69. Reza Bolouri

    This is when R. Kelly was at his prime he Peed on every girl all day all night

  70. faye lh

    R.kelly "Parents out of town"

  71. Cendy Mcpeak

    Lose the freak in you
    All his songs will keep you up all night

  72. Luigi Kings

    Too many hits 4rm this dude, i ask whyyyyyyy ? no matter what, you can't take away his talent

  73. a d

    R kelly the king 1996

  74. Jarvase dundy

    The woman in this video are naturally beautiful😍😍

  75. D Bell

    😲 This is my jam. Mmm huh sure is!!!

  76. Agopolis23

    Some fine ass women in this one 😯

  77. Barbara Peterson

    Jesus in his mercy gives us second chances. Please repent R Kelly

  78. Jhamel Wade

    This takes me str8 to The BOX days of 1998 and etc.

    Vanessa Appouh

    Jhamel Wade me too

    Jhamel Wade

    @Vanessa Appouh well HeY....!!

  79. LaTonya Williams


  80. neice freeman


  81. جمال صالح الصباحي

    رؤؤؤعه .

  82. Vuyo Mbambisa

    The original art of twerking nica and slow no wonder R Kelly facing jail

  83. Devin Williams

    The thing you gotta contemplate is that there are so many grown, thick, fine women in his videos and around him and he chooses underage girls.....let's you know he is not right in the head.

  84. were here 7

    Free Kellz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔱🔱🔱🔱✡️

  85. CHAZE2B

    Sad he could have any woman at this party, instead he was trying to find out if they all had younger sisters.

  86. Anoniem Anoniem

    Money is the root of all evil...

    Supo A

    Love of Money is the root of all evil

  87. Leron Smith

    💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 he make some good ass music 🎶

  88. lawlaw1

    BIG .. still one of the baddest party bangers ever

  89. Dnomyar Akunawik

    Love to have a house like this.

  90. Catfish Master909

    What ever happened to murray

  91. Jammal Lynn

    Damn soo everybody jst gon act lik they dnt see 2:01. OMG YESSSSSSS all natural!!!!

  92. Billy Williams

    Backyard party got over 22 million views 😆 Free Kelz!!!

  93. zoran angelov

    beautiful sexy song💖💖💖🤗✌️

  94. Carolyn McDaniel

    Free kells

  95. soul76can

    2019? Hit that 👍

  96. mike sia

    was a very good time 🎧🤫😎

  97. Shaniek Drye

    Classic!!! I still bump this shit in my car, house party’s with family and friends, this song will never get old idc what Nobody gotta say🤷🏽‍♀️💯

  98. MrPcoz

    Still tha joint!