R Kelly - Every Position Lyrics

Girl, you so turned up
Hitting them tricks on the pole
Can you work it like that if I take you home?

I wanna do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
In every position
I wanna do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
In every position
See I ain't got no favorite one
I ain't got no favorite one
I ain't got no favorite one
I ain't got no favorite one
I ain't got no favorite one
I ain't got no favorite one
I ain't got no favorite one
I ain't got no favorite one
In every position

[Verse 1:]
Seen a lot of girls, where you been hiding?
You something special, cut like a diamond
When you do it like that, other chicks forget it
All that ass, all this cash, baby, you about to get it
Have dinner on the jet, you ain't seen nothing yet
Think I’m good with this flirting shit, wait till we get to sex
And woah, gonna turn you to a singer
Get you in my bed, have you hitting them notes like Aretha
And woah, if you don’t know I’mma teach ya
First semester in my bedroom, now I’m about to freak ya


[Verse 2:]
The way you do it on the pole, girl, you straight wilding
Out of all the other chicks, it’s your number that I’m dialing
When I get you to myself I'mma show you what you’re missing
Excuse my French when I go low, baby, that’s just how I kiss it
So put your legs around my neck, get it Aquafina wet
I back up what I’m talking, baby ain't no need to flex
And woah, 'mma be your addiction
Doctor Kama Sutra, filling your prescription
And woah, girl, I’m on a mission
We ain't leaving this room till we hit every position
And woah, shorty, say it like you mean it
You been looking for that work, baby girl, about to bring it


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R Kelly Every Position Comments
  1. Roshanda Walton

    Though I love R Kelly, he is a man who feels all his feelings in his Dick, that's why his ass bout to do this time.

  2. Chakhan T.

    Say what you want but this nigga got a voice. Born in the 90's then yo ass was probably conceived to his music. #sadbutrue

  3. fred jasper

    Yoga instructors theme song

  4. music ear brown


  5. Melissa Varner

    R Kelly is a muthafuckin beast 1 & only beast ain't Nan nother

  6. Londyn Che'

    M.E.R.C.Y!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍 #THISBEAT 🔥


    Soo put yo legs around my neck and get it aquafina wet yasssss

  8. Jhamel Wade

    This song would sound *much* good asl if it's at "0.75x" For REAL tho!!

  9. LaTyra Thomas

    Here in 2019! 😎

  10. Jalisha Bond

    He is the king of R&B hands down


    Sure isn't tank nor john legend lol they try to take his spot but they don't have enough talent to compete

  11. C in Texas

    LOVE it

  12. Nicole Toombs

    Damn love this

  13. Andrea Nsuapim

    You trying to drive a lady crazy omg

  14. Anijah Burch

    I still listen to this song ❤💕

  15. Angela Brown

    I love this man he so raw yes he truly is the king of R&B they can't tuch him

  16. Khish Jackson

    In every position💦💦💦💦💦💦👅👅👅👅💋💋💋💋💋

  17. Laurie Taylor

    My leg is behind my head....waiting

  18. sadye lyons

    This shit do bang!!!

  19. Amanda Anderson

    Honey she misses you

  20. Amanda Anderson

    Alright future.. Call me

    Amanda Anderson


  21. Courtney Roberson

    Anybody ever notice how when anybody ever talks about who's the best lyricist ever, most people think of rap. Put this guy in the mix at the top for me

    Amanda Anderson

    Courtney Roberson family contact me. Facebook

  22. Tina Doss

    This man right here I love him dearly

    Yassine Othman

    Let's pray for R Kelly he is so broken.


    @Yassine Othman yes broken because of lying ass whores. Bad luck will soon fall upon them. They're fifteen minutes of Fame has now passed and mostly everyone has forgotten about them lol long live the king of rnb kellz

  23. Bobbie Ceasar

    love it

  24. Jhamel Wade

    This is the song..!!

  25. Bonita Adams

    sex...........tricks and pole

  26. r mj

    Every ( pussition )


    i wanna do it do it do it do it in every position

  28. Ravisankar Ganapathy

    What a music man!!...its damn good. I enjoyed every bit of this song, 100 times stronger than a vodka. Fantastic!!

  29. Shonda King

    rkelly position yes yes

  30. Darroyl Bandy

    R-kelly keep the mood going no matter were u at UHM

  31. Ava Caver

    I ain't got no favorite 1. I want put my legs around ya neck

    Kenton Reynolds

    beautiful magic 👍👍👍👍👍🎙️🎶🎵🎼🌋 wat's R&B without the R.

  32. Linda Young

    Good morning R. Kelley I. love you and your music so much, Jesus and my twins and your 🎵 help me get through the days and night that I feel depress, thank you, your the best.

    Kenton Reynolds

    Linda Young wat's R&B without the R. Tuh noting in my country voice 🗣️

    Kenton Reynolds


  33. Linda Young

    I really. love how he sing the song of every position, o babe babe, that sounds so good to my ears and heart, I wish I had a man so active like R.Kelley I. pray that he keep singing the way he do, because it show put a smile on my face

    Carletta Curry

    Linda Young no baby girl you don't need a man to call ur own ...u need a man to fuck you in every position.. .

  34. Tania Cozier

    King of R&B

  35. Kirsten White

    Every position 💦💦💦💦

    Ivan Mccarthy

    Kirsten White 🔥💋💋🔥💋💋🔥
    Miss you so much!

  36. Sounique89


  37. Gydel Kendrex

    this is what my husband gives me

  38. Gydel Kendrex

    is called having a open mind

  39. Kyle Sloan

    God bless this man...I listened to it on repeat....forgot about it...and now i'm back for more!!!!

  40. Toshica Lowery

    baby song

  41. JayTee Nkuna

    #nohrmo, i love r Kelly

  42. The Freaky Robber

    how this shit aint @ a million yet??

  43. Tameka Russell

    lovn this song


    me too ;)