R Kelly - Crazy Sex Lyrics

Yeah, tonight is gonna be crazy
Yeah, baby, if you don’t mind

[Verse 1:]
Let’s get dumb, let’s get hyphy
Let’s get down, let’s get ugly
Let’s start sweating, let’s start tweaking
Screaming at the top of our lungs
Let’s get ignant, let’s get crazy
Let’s get rugged, let’s get blown
Let’s do it on a balcony, let everybody watch
We don’t care cause we in our zone
Go back in, get on the bed
Down on the floor, back up to the dresser
Calling me daddy, pulling your hair
Missing a track and don’t even care

Let’s go deeper, let’s go faster, let’s go harder
Let’s cum at the same damn time and then start over

Let’s have crazy sex
Are you with it, baby?
Crazy Sex
Are you with it, baby?
Crazy Sex, crazy Sex
Let’s have crazy sex
Are you with it, baby?
Crazy Sex
Are you with it, baby?
Crazy Sex, crazy Sex
Let’s get ratchet

[Verse 2:]
Let’s get rough, let’s get naughty
Let’s get different, let’s get kinky
Switch positions, you on top
Oh, girl, it’s about to get freaky
Let’s get sexy, let’s go twelve play
Let’s get scary, let’s go thriller
Let’s act like we lost our motherfucking minds
Making crazy faces in the mirror
Let’s make it a party, we’ll take some shots
Smoke some weed and thug it out
Let’s start fussing, let’s start cussing
Let’s start fighting and then make out



There’s so many crazy ways we can do it, babe
Pick one, pick ten, it just don’t matter, babe
Just step up in my room, let me get creative, babe
I’m gonna think of something, baby
I’m gonna think of something, baby
And it’s gonna be crazy


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R Kelly Crazy Sex Comments
  1. Melva Norfleet

    This song will never get old, besides who doesn't want crazy sex

  2. red kinng

    This man can make music on anything

  3. Rafa M A


  4. Cj Roberson

    I cant judge r kelly,but thiz shit slapp!


    2k19 still dis song is so🔥🔥🔥🔥 dis album was underrated n slept on idc wat he do in his personal life I DON'T KNO HIM but can't deny his talent n genius

  6. Brian Williams

    That my shit

  7. Jalisha Bond


  8. Tmv Business


  9. C in Texas

    This fuckin album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Deonna Hampton

    Still my song in 2018 ❤❤❤❤

  11. Niama Cathey

    Got me missing my baby 😝😜🔥

  12. Dominic Michelle Ella willis Willis

    Baby daddy 💋💋💋💋

  13. Dominic Michelle Ella willis Willis


  14. Kayla orange

    My favorite song 😜🙊👌🏾

  15. Dominic Michelle Ella willis Willis

    Crazy sex 😘😘

  16. Dominic Michelle Ella willis Willis

    Baby daddy I love u wassup babeeeeeee 😋

  17. Luciana Dickens

    let’s start fussin let’s start cussin let’s start fightin and then make out

  18. Renee Renee

    This was a slept on album


    Very slept on

  19. Tay Valencia

    Don't even play this unless u fuckn!!!!!! Str8 up

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  23. Your Drug

    Kiwaun Now That's Real Fo Yo As Spliting Red Seas Lil Girl Go Sit Down Somewhere

  24. Latoya Harmon

    😍😍😍😍some r.kelly

  25. Ziyaad Craven

    the king don't forget

  26. Luis Sarinana

    La Differencia

  27. Ricky Johnson

    that's Capricorn stuff there . I'm 1

  28. Carlos R

    Horny asses

  29. Kevin Is A Snitch UrFate.

    Let’s save evanescence from individuality from the sad men and make them happy look at her eyes sonsappy she’s a trend has no self esteem he act like sher cares but plays games he a lame she give good fame so why feel the hurt from the perve he scurr I give her the bird.

  30. Adrienne Griffen

    Omg! This song is still the boom! The thing I will do off this song! 😍😍😍😍

  31. Lyndsey Gray

    The picture looks crazy but it's boring. Do a video

  32. MrBlactye

    I must admit this man can sang anything and make it sound good. Kells is a freaking genius and lyricist. This man music is always on point.

  33. Calcite Drap Goep

    Kelly you a good singer

  34. Anthony Jones

    this song makes me want to put a baby in my wife

  35. Darlene P

    ncredible crazy sex!!!!!

  36. Candance Combs

    man this my shit

  37. Rere Bell

    I love me some R Kelly 😘😘😘😘

    Samantha Covington

    Regina&Janina Freeman IKR...TALENT UNDENIABLE 💯 EVEN THO HE PEES 😂💦💦🚽

  38. Ashley Nesbitt

    i love me some R.Kelly

  39. filipi sactus


  40. Alexanderbarbour

    lets get ratchet😎

  41. Lucy Stylinson

    I want a daddy!!! 😯😢

    Teddy Grams

    Lucy Stylinson where u at

    Ozavion Stripling

    Where u at

  42. Lucy Stylinson


  43. james scott

    I know that Right 👈

  44. Alicia Mckoy

    Love this song..I need a repeat button on my phone.

  45. Patricia Jackson

    I gotta call up me a shawty if y'all kn what I mean. This morning its about to get crazy.

  46. Patricia Jackson

    This my shit. When I hear this ooowee its danger. Lol . this song a make u have sm wild crazy sex , just like he say. Sing it RKelly

  47. The Freaky Robber


  48. KA'Iona M. Jones

    my wife and i have been listening to r kelly like my wife say that he can make up any song and it just sound so fire.so r kelly bro to another keep up the great work.to my wife u go head baby and do that what u do thank you.

    Chandra Thomas

    Robert Jones Me and my husband say the sang thing.

  49. Laney Finister

    When it goes down... my babe puts there here "fuck song" on REPEAT!!!!! The JEALOUS dumb ass neighbors hitting the walls, AND, called the police!! Bwaaaahaaaaaaa!!!!! Oh well, it ain't my fault yo man ONLY last 90sec or LESS!!!!! So, u BETTA get use to it!! ;-)
    #CRAZYsex #EVERYday #dontHATE

    Iam KING

    lolol too funny! aye just keep doing it ya neighbors gotta step they game up 😂

  50. Shaterrica Newsome

    Me and my man we have crazy sex all the time

  51. jonessabrina48

    This man is a genius when it comes to the music.

  52. Tina Cheek

    R Kelly can come get me anytime for some crazy sex!

    Tina Cheek

    I don't know why you would be scared of me?? Im really a nice person.

    Corey Smith

    I bet you're a sweetheart Mz Sanchez.. See I'm staying on your good side.. LOL

    Tina Cheek

    Lol Im not as mean as you think. Lol

    Corey Smith

    Okay.. So how's life treating you??

    Iam KING

    well ms Tina you're also welcome anytime 😍💯

  53. Helene Palmer

    I love me some R Kelly he can make me have some sweet dreams just saying..