Quinn XCII - Holding Hands Lyrics

[Quinn XCII:]
Crazy, stupid lovebirds
Cupid struck us, now we're falling out
Drove in silence, put on, mileage
Five years wasted, I let you down

[Quinn XCII & Elohim:]
'Cause we don't talk about what we know
Holding on to our egos 'til we both agree we've had enough
Since we've stopped, I can't help but eavesdrop
Holding hands in treetops used to be our thing 'til we had enough

Two stones skipping, my heart dripping
Our hands slipping out of reach
My bed's empty, I've said plenty
My words just fall from the peaks

[Quinn XCII & Elohim:]
Digital telepathy, I wish you were next to me
Why are you my enemy? Yeah
We're wasting all this energy, overdose on empathy
Love will be the enemy

'Cause we don't talk about what we know
Holding on to our egos 'til we both agree we've had enough
Since we've stopped, I can't help but eavesdrop
Holding hands in treetops used to be our thing 'til we had enough

There's rain that's falling down, I hate these silent sounds
When I go days without hearing you speak out loud
So I get why this is hard, the end is never far
I'll tape my wounds and hopefully find someone new

'Cause we don't talk about what we know
Holding on to our egos 'til we both agree we've had enough
Since we've stopped, I can't help but eavesdrop
Holding hands in treetops used to be our thing 'til we had enough

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Quinn XCII Holding Hands Comments
  1. HellaHellaHella HEY


  2. Causas Gwirionedd

    Lil Monsey triggered

  3. Ari LaBarge


  4. Tan Janice

    Good tones, good songs, good tunes, good lyrics, good singer, good names. Any objections? No? That's what i thought. Because he is too GOOD. DUH!

  5. Mike Spector

    This song is too real and it hits the spot. 😬😨😔

  6. Panda Sloth

    DAMN u got me sippin now!! I’m just trying to clean my room man lol

  7. FanfareofLights

    How did I not know that elohim and quinnxcii collab'd

  8. Mara Tricia Agudelo

    So good 😣💛

  9. Sierra Luhr

    That tone change thooooo.... 1:40

  10. quinn m

    My name is quinn

  11. Dominik

    so perfect

  12. KhoR Quinn

    "Crazy, Stupid" Deep

  13. Cole Taylor

    What genre would you call this music? Because it’s my favorite genre

  14. Sama tariq

    *I* *love* *this* *song* *very* *much* .....💚🌹🌼

  15. Félix Ubertini

    This one really got to me, probably my favorite of your songs !

  16. W지훈

    쌋다 베이비

  17. Tommy Wijaya

    What .. is ... This ???? Wow

  18. Ryan Connelly

    I still don't understand how you didn't reach at least 1 mil yet. You definitely deserve 1 mil though

  19. Dean Drieborg

    I only listen to ur music

  20. freakystyley

    You have the catchiest catalogue ever it’s disgusting in a good way

  21. rvin gavan

    This song deserve more than a million views

  22. Kitteh Mimikyuu

    i love that duck on the background

    Arik Vilalba

    same ahahah

  23. Noah Totten

    I love Quinn omfg he’s the loml

  24. MAZA

    Anyone know if Quinn produces his tunes?

  25. Ryan

    The beginning of the song reminds me of another song but I can’t think of it help


    캬...너무좋다 ㅎㅎ

  27. Jamie Sparkles

    still unsure how i got here, but i'm really happy about it.

  28. David Bond

    This is my favorite song

  29. Sofia 888

    Music video please!💞

  30. Alex Barstow

    Fire 🔥

  31. Reed Calkins

    i just realized that this song has an extremely similar vibe to Giving Up Ground by Chelsea Cutler featuring Quinn. love this even more

  32. Lyna Shiks

    How comes every song you make is amazing😢❤❤❤✨✨✨✨✨

  33. Jason Schaeffer

    Quinn is a lyrical genius

  34. GinegeCassie

    Honestly I love Quinn Xcii and Elohim, and I feel like this could have been so much better. It's not bad, by any means, but it could've been better. Bought it 😊❤️

  35. jalessio98

    Might only be me but this beat sounds soo similar to noticed by lil mosey😂😂 great song tho👍

  36. Bradley Breece

    Quin XCII looks like the most lovable and hugable person I don't understand.

  37. Phlawless Tracks

    Hell of a song to start the album for sure!

  38. Shiella Sc

    Boy, I'mma stick with this soundtrack.💖

  39. Flávio Arrioja

    One Metallica xd

  40. Anika Carterby

    this is just the type of therapy I needed <3

  41. John Noah Ramiterre

    the whole album is out on spotify

  42. 장길용

    Hello! I'm Korean
    I'm big fan of your
    I hope you come in Korea
    (I am poor at Eng! SorryXD)

  43. Tea Fanai

    Nice on quinn

  44. SherWood

    He was on with Gary v this morning, I think he's about to start posting more.

  45. Omegawerewolfx

    here for Elohim, nice work

  46. Feli

    Clicked for Elohim stayed for they awesome voices ♡
    You can sing sooo good, you will blow up for sure

  47. James Romano

    Big fan of how Quinn keep releasing tracks prior to the release of the album

  48. Johnny Nong

    The Beat on this seems so similar to Lil Mosey - Noticed

  49. Samuel Rawlins

    Love the beat and vocals . He's done it once again, ladies and gentlemen.

  50. Jeff Wilson


  51. 和 SpriteSikle

    my actually new favorite song!!!

  52. Rico

    Best new release with Alfred Beck - Make Up Your Mind 💖💖💖

    Sam Was Here

    Nah, you are just using paid likes or clicks to boost this comment. The song you mentioned isn't even similar in sound or style to Quinn and so I highly doubt that 48 people clicked thumbs up on your comment within the first 3 minutes of you posting it. IT IS FOR THAT REASON that I give that song a solid thumbs down.

  53. Bee Zee


  54. Sribanun Syahbani

    Kalo buat lagu Jan bagus bagus nanti viral

  55. Gio Viera

    Here before 1k comments

  56. Strictly 57 Family

    Everything you put out is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Xavier Tennar

    Hey I am a young music artist from Ohio and I know that nobody really expects much from Ohio but I am really trying to get myself out there. I commented on a Quinn song because he is a really big inspiration to my music! But please take time out of your day to give me a listen thank you🙏

    Oh my music channel is different than the account I'm typing this from so use the link ⬇️


  58. Delphine C

    Can’t wait to see you in Seattle on tour!!❤️❤️

  59. Jesus Vasquez

    This album is going to kill me.

  60. Kerri McNeely

    play it in 1.25 speed

  61. jaybrook07

    this album won't be a major disappoint like Jon bellion's was. can't wait

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  63. Curtis Proctor


  64. nxtrahly

    Just hear a 3 to 4 words only makes me so in love with this song

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    Pretty fire

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    Você é incrível, Quinn!!!! Brasiiiil 💚💛💙

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    Track with Elohim?!?! So hyped!

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    This hits me hard. 10/10 Keep up the amazing writing

  69. zen

    ;-; you're to popualr now. Tickets are all sold out, stop being so amazing lol

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    You are amazing 😍😍😍

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    Kinda worried there’s somebody going by the name of god. Elohim=GOD like what the fuck!? Personality issue much??

  72. Nick Guernsey

    before 20k club were u at?

  73. Aria Shober-Fernback

    You never fail to disappoint. Keep making music and inspiring. By far my favorite musician. 👍🏻

  74. Chancin Loving

    I saved the song before I even listened to it bc Ik Quinn makes the best music

  75. Kyla

    This song, while amazing, breaks me. I got out of a 6 year relationship 3 weeks ago, & nothing drastic happened, but we just grew apart. “We had enough”.

  76. Ronnie Winningham

    Your so talented your be one of the biggest stars one day.

  77. Francisco 123

    this new album looks like its going to be absolutely awesome

  78. Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

    So underrated!

  79. Macy Lou

    i love that artwork!

  80. thisisSPARTAorsprite

    Elohim means God In Hebrew that’s weird that’s her name

  81. Cornelius M

    I can’t believe they did a song together!! I was just wishing for this a month ago!

  82. Madelynn


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    1.25 speed thank me later

  84. Aaron Shenk

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    you are such an amazing song writer!! Every single song is so freaking good

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    The song is great but I can also just listen to just the instrumental version of it. I keep finding myself restarting the song to listen to the opening part.

  87. Sammh

    Quinn doesn’t make bad songs. It’s just not possible

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    Visionary Music best collective in the game easy maybe all time.

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    song name - ft (x) official audio feat x