Quincy Jones - The Dude Lyrics

Who is it
That walks the street with all the action?
(It's The Dude)
Who is it
That always gets a hot reaction?
(That's The Dude)

[Verse 1]
Don'tcha' go makin no mojo moves
'Round The Dude
(Don't try no funny bizness.)

Don'tcha' be coppin no attitude
With The Dude
(Hey, hey, here comes The Dude)

[The Dude Speaks:]
Hey everybody in the neighborhood,
The beauty's on duty, better hear me good
Sister E-flat tomato, Brother B-flat balloon,
Somethin' funky's goin' down, better listen to my tune

I graduated from the college of the street
I got a P.H.D. in how to make ends meet
Inflation in the nation don't bother me,
'Cause I'm a scholar with a dollar
You can plainly see

He's a winner 'cause it's in his blood
Ain't nobody whose out there like him
Any corner in the neighborhood,
That's the place that you'll always find him
Soft talkin' with a rap so sweet,
(He does it good)
Ladies call him The Candy Rapper
(They want his love.)
He's the only one that's really cool
(He's really cool)
That's the reason why he's The Dude

Who is it
That ain't got time for foolish talkin'?
(It's The Dude)
Who is it
That looks so clean you can't ignore him
(That's The Dude)

[Verse 2]
Don'tcha' go mess with
His walkin' stick— not The Dude
(Don't try no funny bizness)
Don't you double-cross him
He's super slick— He's The Dude
(Hey, hey, here come The Dude)

[The Dude Speaks Again:]
I'm a stone cold taker,
I'm a piggy bank shaker,
An' I don't waste my time talkin' trash
So if you go to my school,
You gotta learn this rule —
Don't let your mouth write a check
That your body can't cash
If you never had it,
Don't pay it no mind
I know you're gonna get it,
If you take a little time
Take a piece from the East,
A piece from the West,
Put it where it feels good —
Let The Dude do the rest

See him steppin' down the street
No forgettin', he's The Dude
See him steppin' down the street
No forgettin', he's The Dude

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Bridge to fade]

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Quincy Jones The Dude Comments
  1. Cem Tolunay Gürakar


  2. Leon Phantasm

    I’d love to be in a cover band that plays this with some players. I’d go full JR Robinson on the drums. Hit me if you’re in atl.

  3. Cliff Jones

    cliff jones lesson to be learned U-tube

  4. Louisy Bruno

    Forever Quincy Jones 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🕺💃🌈🙏🥳😍🤓👍💃🌈

  5. Tracy Sullivan

    the funkiest and smoothest groove back in that era. Still bangin in 2019!!!!

  6. gsutton78

    Does anyone know what part did Michael Jackson sing? I can't make him out.

  7. TFE niname

    Watch Quincy Jones at work in his studio with the world falous pianist & composer Emily Bear for tecording het 6th album.
    Concord Records Emily Bear - "Q"

  8. William Fenton

    Jon Robinson, Louis Johnson, Steve Lukather, James Ingram..

  9. David Hargreaves

    Who would of thought a guy from GRIMSBY ( a huge fishing port after the War) in Lincolnshire in the UK would write some of the greatest pop songs of the late twentieth Century?...well there you go!!......You Americans should be taking 'pilgrimages' to Grimsby like you do to Liverpool!!!......
    RIP Rod Temperton..........

  10. David Hargreaves

    I bought this CD/EP when CDs first came out...still got it.I thought I was soooo cool and trendy....lol!!.........

  11. Tim G.

    I remember walking to school with my 🎧 on jammin🎼🎶🔊, before I knew it I was at 🏫.

  12. CHABAZE baker

    RIP Rod Temperton

  13. Victoria J Saunders

    What a great memory for my sister and I . Our Dads Fave music.

  14. Ode Bee

    Saw this figurine at the end of Fresh Prince episode. I miss my Dad. Thought he sang this song as a child lol

  15. Purple Jewls

    The little stomping groove is just like the groove on the gap bands "outstanding"

  16. Alita Williams


  17. V Williams

    RIP, James Ingram!!!!!

  18. Joe Johnson


    Joe Johnson

    PYT. Thrilled

  19. Kurt Adams

    Classic album

  20. Kurt Adams

    RIP brother James Ingram

  21. Kurt Adams

    The GENIUS of Q featuring brother James Ingram

  22. T styles

    James Ingram gone Never forgotten🙏

  23. barkofink

    That groove @ 1:26 is literally unbelievable.

  24. Gabe Barouh

    i think Del sampled

  25. pappy999

    115 dumbass idiots aren’t dudes or dudettes.

  26. James Cameron

    As a drummer in band, never understood why percussion should be subdued, where in rock it's as loud if not louder than guitar, this a perfect example why it should be subdued half the time.

  27. Gerard Ivey

    Damn I miss the 80's

  28. hb120877

    Patti Austin in the background

  29. Louisy Bruno

    The dude in the street

  30. Lateshia Childs

    Behind Steely Dan "peg" this album by Quincy is my next favorite album ever.

  31. Marcus Perry

    I was 12 years old when this came out. My pops used to play this album all the time.

  32. Itsa Games

    precursor to even early 80s rap??

  33. borinquaflava

    Can someone tell me who's singing this song?

  34. Ed Harris

    Back in '89 Bookie D sampled this..By the way Issac Hayes is the MC on this record...

    Big Tex

    Ed Harris thanks

  35. 7Seven1OneThree3

    Devin the dude brought me here awhile back. Quincy Jones is awesome though.

  36. LogicIzCool Alonso

    0:13 Tupac,- shed so many tears by Shock G

  37. Darryl Scott

    I'm listening to this album right now on VINYL! So many great memories as a child listening to these. So many good songs on here. Love you Q, Patti & Ingram. (Gonna miss you James)

  38. tranquil momcat

    Best song ever, called my cat "Dude" he was the best. he totally matched this song.

  39. Patrick McCutcheon

    This album is really great. A clinic in funk.

  40. Robert Gonzales

    Is that James Ingram on vocals? He's singing in the deep. Love it! Funkay!


    Should be one trillion likes on this too 👍


    Anyone here from hamlinz stream ?


    Jesse B mothaaafuckka


    @habiber23 we thoomin

  42. malucobelezza

    Genious discovered on every song by him.

  43. Life 4 Learning

    So many gifted musicians gone but never forgotten.

  44. kiezer sosay

    Isaac Hayes spitting bars in 81? Wtf

  45. Amy C.Smith

    I remember my mom and auntie used to rock this cassette on Saturday's back in the PJ's in Brooklyn, lol. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what this song was called. I was a youngan back then. Under 10 at least. Great find. R.I.P. James

  46. Harold Orange

    James Ingram discovered by the greatest musical producer of all time fool Mr Quincy Jones not motzart not Beethoven Quincy Jones world Mr orange

  47. Ausar Akhenaten

    Michael Jackson is getting his rhyme on. Even with the voicebox. I still can tell that's MJ.

  48. Tehfeez Sadik

    am here because of Michael Jackson!

  49. Rick Barnes

    Don't forget David Foster worked with Quincy producing this abum, and many other great artists.

    Bulelani Mahlangu

    David Foster is a genius.

  50. deron jackson


  51. BangemJ

    So this where Devin The Dude got that shit from!!!!!

  52. Cooper Bentson

    For a more modern-day one, look up “Ain’t nobody like you” by Yung Bae

    You’re welcome

    Area 52


  53. Ryan Vybiral

    What’s the name of that really good remix of this?

  54. metrogroovefm

    Sorta the "Ocean's 11" of R&B and soul appearances on one song! But today I'm here because of hearing about James Ingram. RIP dude!!!

  55. Steve Gasparutti

    Huggy Bears tune

  56. Keith The Faith

    RIP James Ingram!!!

  57. Skarleth Miranda

    Es una joya !!!!!!! Suave, agradable , no agresivo , bajo sencillo pero interesante

  58. gui mez

    another one passed away rip james ingram 😢

  59. Midwest Slot Diva

    Rest in peace James Ingram

  60. Richard Heard

    James...rip you had some super slow jams. But when I heard the news The Dude was on my mind. It was and is my favorite James Ingram tracks. What other song can you hear Isaac Hayes rapping and on background vocals. Michael Jackson in background and as the dude(with Quincy Jones distorting his voice) just one song. The Dude.

  61. Mystri Chique

    RIP James

  62. cell pat

    Rip James Ingram:
    2/16/52 - 1/29/19 ✝

  63. La vida es un reality

    Excelente artista es Quincy Jones.

  64. Millard Thompson

    a very good one xo

  65. Ulf Utstrand

    yes...sound is important....the product of music is the final good end...if its good enough....no...i only drink white wine now......then its a produce of the world...it makes money...like the DUDE!!!...!

  66. TheDjKoul

    for collectioners.... Michael Jackson used RAP only once in Black or White and that was the beginning of his end....

  67. Strassboom

    I feel like such a raw baby reading the comments. Yung Bae brought me here

  68. christopher carmichael

    talent the mother fucking dude!!!



  70. Bodhi Baby Boy


  71. Xavier Young

    It's the dude...thanks for the memories....aint nobody who's our there like him!

  72. Frick Frack

    1:27 😏 yung baeeeee. Shoulda known this was a QJ sample. Shit schlaps incredibly hard.

  73. Vanessa Jarrett

    Ain’t nobody who’s out there like him. Thank you Quincy Jones

  74. Johnny Gibson


  75. Francis Frederick

    Before i depart this brilliant underated soul funk smooth groove disco fusion album produced by the legendary Quincy Jones feat James Ingram Patti Austin etc to a superb Brilliant album back in the day superb this album why am living respect to one of my favorite 80s Soul Funk jazz fusion albums of all time.

  76. Joe Garza


  77. Francis Frederick

    One of my favorite albums from the early 80s the legendary brilliant The Dude produced by the legendary Quincy Jones from 1980 81this album is in my top 5 of all time.superb

    Anthony Vaughan

    MINE TOO !!!

  78. Leon Phantasm

    Magic in my veins

  79. Kotuku Whakapiko

    Rhcp, Sir Phyco Sexy !

  80. Larry Chamberlain


  81. Lucian Florian Brandus

    Great ! So much memories from 1981 !



  83. ddrums001

    I’ve never seen an album put together like this one! EVERY song on this album is a hit!! Quincy Jones is a Genius!

    Anthony Vaughan

    AMEN TO THAT !!!!

  84. Goddess Jnu

    This totally represents the essences of black culture when it was at its purest stage big ups to QJ A True Mack

  85. Sohrab Jabari

    سپاس اسمانی

  86. Sohrab Jabari

    درود بیکران بر شما

  87. Francis Frederick

    37years on its still one of the greatest underated 80s soul funk smooth groove classic album produced by the legendary Quincy Jones The Dude Superb

    ross meroe

    Underrated by whom? The world loves it.

  88. Adolph Lopez

    And even keep on kicking windows.

  89. Adolph Lopez

    Well, as the moreover built up music begans to end, all you can do is jeep on jumping up and down, do the swing and keep on tap dancing, until then you can keep kicking the garbage cans, kicking the doors, kicking the doors, etc..... etc....... etc.......

  90. B True


  91. Stevon Jop


  92. Femi George

    MJ on the backing vocals....crazy!

  93. David Turner

    His Dudeness … Duder … or El Duderino, if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing.

  94. Noah Partic


  95. ZNITH81

    Erick sermon sent me

  96. Francis Frederick

    My final comment of one of my favorite 80s soul funk smooth groove classic albums from 1980 produced and performed by legendary Quincy Jones The Dude with guest artists to me 38yrs on brilliant underated 80s iconic fusion album even in today.classic

  97. ZypherQWC

    My name is the dude