Quincy Jones - Love Me By Name Lyrics

[Patti Austin:]
I tried so hard to be carefree
Rolling out of someone's bed
Into the sunshine
But the sun coming up
Does not always bring the light
And somehow I feel that it's just not right
It's not for me

Well it's been so long
Since I've been loved by name

Love me by name
Love me by name
Come on, come on, come on
Love me

I feel afraid
I don't know why
You're surely not the first I've had
Who held me gently, yeah
Oh, who took the sweet time
To ask me about me
Well, maybe this time
Oh God, oh God, let it be
Oh, and it's been, it's been so, so, so long
Since I've been loved by name

Love me by name
Love me by name
Come on, come on, come on
Love me by name
Love me by name
Come on, come on, come on...

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Quincy Jones Love Me By Name Comments
  1. Terry Nelson

    Yep ... how many tricks asked you? Loved you by name?

  2. Starling

    Just beautiful

  3. Jimmy Lopez

    This song always gives me the chills. Q's strings and Patti's vocals. Wow !

  4. Ramona Pickett

    “It’s been so so so long...” Q love the arrangement song not long enough

  5. Fiona Anderson


  6. greg tutt

    Dusty Springfield kills it xxx


    🎵Love me by Name💝💝💝

  8. MyIngrate AlbinoChild

    This is as deep and serious as a song can get !

  9. Brenda Dunn


  10. Traci Thomas

    SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH ....................................

  11. Ronald Elston

    Pure soul here Thanx Patti and Quincy this is Amazing!

  12. j3193music

    I've know this song since 1978 (when i bought the album) and it stays awesome, One of the best ballads of all time.

  13. Lori Romano

    Just great. Check out Dusty Springfield's rendition of this song.

  14. Black Obsidian

    So raw,so intense... to ask me about me. Thank you Patti.

    lawrence mann


  15. dale stuart

    patti got to hand it to you, you sure can sing.

  16. Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa

    This song is for men too.

  17. clarence terrell

    Have not heard this song in a longtime since my sister played this.

  18. Tracey Berry

    I love this song

  19. Deborah Patterson

    Beautiful then and now!

  20. AdriAnne D Bridges

    This is the MOST beautiful song!  Hate to say this but this should be MY NATIONAL ANTHEM!  If only I could listen without tears! Thank You Mama for your great taste in music RIP

    Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa

    +AdriAnne Bridges Just vision what you want. He will come. I've been there, even as a man. There is always one to love. Just Love!

  21. Cristina Costa

    Esta é linda demais.... que voz....que arranjo!

    Muito linda Quincy Jones....

  22. william howell

    Sing it Patti!! Yes, yes, yes...



  24. Kenneth Hayes

    ALWAYS love this song! Patti Austin did NO WRONG on this song! The WHOLE album is fantastic!

  25. jpb11380

    me tooo

  26. TheKoolkanadian

    Folks it would seem quality music & actual ARTISTS who continue to make MUSIC b/c they ARE artists & not simply ppl lucky enough or bold enough to get a recording contract (1 way or another) is not a thing appreciated by the Western world. Patti Austin COULD be the true Queen of Pop, if we have to go there! Recording since age 5 - break, then again from 15 onward. Today 61 (early 2011) & still making great music. Shouldn't she get some kind of special award or something?

  27. yoshluv7

    OMG I have not heard this in years, my mother used to play this to death!!!!

  28. Steven Cumber

    Leslie Gore wrote a hell of a song.

  29. 76grandprix

    I thought that sounded like Patti Austin. Badd is sista and Quincy can't be touched. Thanx for posting this.

  30. TheKoolkanadian

    Lesley Gore's "It's My Party' was Quincy's 1st 'official' producer credit, btw. & she's still around. : ) I've always noticed a tonal similarity between Michael Jackson * Patti Austin WHEN MJ wasn't doing that nasal, angry rant thing which he adopted somewhere between "Thriller" & "Bad". I call them the soul twins as they sing backgrounds on the song '"The Dude". LOVE 'It's The Falling In Love'. Guess what? PA has an even more MAGICAL vers of Love Me By Name on her Live At The Bottom Line cd!

  31. ohd00bley

    @LamontCJ True. I'm a Patti Austin fan more so than Michael Jackson, but upon initial hearing I could hardly decipher who was who on their duet "It's the falling in Love" on Michael's "Off the Wall" LP.

  32. blackandtanful

    パティー・オースティンの大熱唱"Love Me By Name"クインシー"スタッフ・ライク・ザット"より、唸りに唸る感動! ~バックのストリングスの凄い事#jazzm

  33. Erika Michelle

    @Vox572X see mad dad has always had this vinyl but never really played this song. Tell Me a bedtime story was played alot and so was superwoman

  34. Luigi Stefani

    @erika2012vsu Sure it is! We need more things like this nowadays^^ its just search them in the infinity of this universe that sure you will find it... becouse the beauty of the world isnt in the things, it is in the people that see it, when they see it, IF THEY CAN SEE IT realy!...
    well... when all the people do this realy and see realy that, this thing is beautifull ... well.. This is perfection
    8-D ^^
    see ay

  35. Erika Michelle

    @Vox572X this is such a beautiful song.:D

  36. Luigi Stefani

    @erika2012vsu I think this isnt right! In this kind of society we live!! is strange^^~~

  37. Luigi Stefani

    deep deep deep In my mind!

  38. Erika Michelle

    0 dislikes! :D

  39. Josef D



    The first time I heard this song was on Patti's album "Live At The Bottom Line"
    I've loved it ever since. Still trying to get the sheet music!
    May have to write it out on my own via "dictation".
    Yeah... I do that kind o' stuff.


    haha, i just realized my mans used it on a track. but i'd like to hear what anyone else did with it too.

  42. Anthony Anderson

    how could i have forgotten about this..... thanks for posting it and bringing back some beautiful memories.


    why this has never been sampled is a mystery to me

  44. ohd00bley

    She also recorded a live version of this song on her "Live at the Bottom Line" lp. While it's essential the same arrangement I like the live version a little bit better, both versions are great.

  45. Steve Wright

    This is Patti on vocals. This always made me tear up. SOOOOOO Sincere!

  46. Richard Pearson

    Can anyone tell me what is the name of the roots tv show album done by Quincy?

  47. C D Mootry

    To have a voice that translates so much emotion, whether happy or melancholy is truly a gift. Patti has that gift.

  48. C D Mootry

    I thought the vocalist on this one was Valerie Simpson...Anonymous

  49. Blueskywatcher

    Nah, she won a grammy this year so she hasn't gone anywhere. She's just a little harder to find. Try our group on Yahoo! Our club members know everything.


  50. Blueskywatcher

    It's Patti with an I not a Y.

    Patti has been through some ish, you know? You can hear it... and she's really gifted.

  51. SongBird I Yourhighness

    When I hear this song, all I can do is to throw both hands in the air... when thinking about the past, Patty Austin has a way of interpreting those many moment that you may not be proud of but the essence of what you were looking for..... LOVE ME BY NAME

  52. swt32567

    Me too Bro. LOL

  53. wleary2

    I remember being stunned by this song the first time I heard it. I think it was the early 1980s (maybe very late 70s) on a very mediocre Lesley Gore "comeback" album. This gem just stood apart from everything else there. Then I heard Dusty Springfield's version and that convinced me it would become a classic. Hopefully, someone will post Dusty's take sometimes. And this takes nothing away from Patti Austin, who brought it to a whole new audience. Lovely, sad and meaningful.

  54. swt32567

    Thanx Again Lamont. You never cease to amaze me. I want to also thank Whitepussyass for the info. on the writters. I remember Lesley Gore from my childhood with her hit It's My Party. I often wondered what happened to her.Of all the versions I love Patti's best.Did you know that Patti Austin is Quincy Jones' God-daughter? She is a great vocalist & actress too. Check her out in the movie Tucker, A Man and His Dream.Hey W.P.A. that is a Raw name,LOL.