Quin NFN - Talkin' My Shit Lyrics

Back in the day, if you wanted some beef with a nigga
Then you can go meet with the nigga
Nowadays these niggas dont go to school
But they be at the crib trynna tweak with a nigga

Back in the day, if you wanted some beef with a nigga
Then you can go meet with the nigga
Nowadays these niggas dont go to school
But they be at the crib trynna tweak with a nigga
2015, bitch I couldn't get a fee from a nigga
Now boys wanna eat with a nigga
Got on Say Cheese and blew up
They was sleep on a nigga now they wanna speak on a nigga
Gold on my chain like my jeweler just peed on a nigga
Real ice, come and ski on a nigga
She know I'm a dog, but you can't put a leash on a nigga
We smoking a P in the sprinter
Go creep with my nigga
She eat the penis for dinner
I still spit some heat in December
OG in a swisher, pour up some lean with a killer
Then go hit the scene with my nigga
Go hit a jugg I be stacking and moving
My niggas ballin like passing and shooting
Like a vacation we packing and moving
She taking a pic while I'm smacking her booty
I eat the beat I be smacking and chewing
She eat the meat, she be gagging and drooling
Opps see a nigga they laughing and cooling
When we see them niggas we clappin and shooting
Bitch I'm never lacking, my tool it be on
Still got the Glock with some Louis V. on
Hit from the back, man that coochie be gone
Im in the coup dripping juice and Vlone
Don't-don't got a bag, I won't get on a song
Don't-don't got a bag bitch you need you a loan
Not needing TD I just got in my zone
Your bitch shaking ass on the app in my phone
That lil bitch stalking my pics
I might water faucet my wrist
Now I got her stalking my dick
Now they got me talking my shit
Aye gang, hold on, aye
Now they got me talking my shit
Now they got me talking my shit
Now they got me talking my shit

No love for a thot, I'm in love with them dollars
Spot me an opp make them fold like a collar
She wanna kick it like we playing soccer
I'm still it the 4 with a Glock for a robber
I heard you fuck niggas be talking bout thuggin
Signing they life, pussy boy you a puppet
You see them boys on the net and they clutching
Fuck niggas be naked when you see 'em in public
Come to my show trynna trip and its over
Dogging your bitch with the stick in the sofa
I bought his bitch, she be feeling this Yoda
Gold on my chain I be feeling like homer
I do my thang toss a bitch like a floater
Run up a check with my main in the Rover
Drip like the rain with my gang 'til it's over
I used to hit stains, I'm the same but I'm older

I used to hit stains, but I'm older
I used to hit stains, but I'm older
Bitch I used to hit stains, but I'm older

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Quin NFN Talkin' My Shit Comments
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    This shit slaps right here

  2. Keethan Harnage


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    Big blood rhymes

  4. Kristian Burke

    This go hard

  5. Caleb Hill

    2x speed

  6. Brittney Cooks

    Hey what's your name I like your videos

  7. Toi Shi

    Fire 1900 só tem criminoso

  8. Baby girl Jo Gaming

    He low key looks like he can be da baby's son

  9. FaKz Clan

    she eat da meat she be gaggin n druelin😂

  10. Pia Borchert



    This song makes me want to eat chicken raw

  12. Lil Bo

    Stunna 4 Vegas, DaBaby, and Quin NFN all on 1 song... that's gotta happen

  13. Gavyn Singleton

    Who here in January 2020

  14. renan sauce

    _Fire 1-900 só tem criminoso_

  15. eyce x


  16. WildBoaa Sean

    If y’all didn’t know he got the “Hol On” Adlib from young Pappy

  17. Jonah Diakite

    2020 ? anyone

  18. Martin Rodriguez

    First time listening guys😳

  19. Dante rowell


  20. amir akmusawi

    ion want to here it this straight fire

  21. Stephan Hawking official

    no one:
    no one at all:
    quin NFN: Gold on my chain like my jeweler just peed on a n***a

  22. Marquise Jackson

    Sucks I’m just finding this shit 😔

  23. Gucci Sxcks

    Good thing tic tok don't no this exist

  24. YD 223

    Nigga needs to fix the audio

  25. Blueface Blueface

    Me: talking shit to my teacher

    Teacher: why do you always do that

    Me: still talking my shit !

  26. Tykisha Leach

    Blood or chrip

  27. Trapical enrique

    YouTube beat 🤣

  28. Bracefacee_dej

    2020 who still here

  29. Alexander Perry

    " now they trynna eat wit a nigga" trynna let me come to the crib manz hella hungry

  30. youngpurppgod

    TLE - Pop Shit > Talkin My Shit

  31. Nkx. Khalls

    Firegang fez muito melhor

  32. Halethal Walls

    2020 🙏🏾 and drink plenty water 😘

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    Go subcribe to jswag7098

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    Anyone in 2020?

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    Where he from??

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    i was high asl last year when i heard dis

    Kd Da queen

    Free Santanna same 😂

  37. Billie Eilish Stan

    2020:hold my shit

  38. BadSportSTEVE BadSportSTEVE

    Sounds like grandma spitting😂

  39. Fabriel McClain


  40. Anthony Ruiz Jr

    Sounds like YBN Nicky

  41. Princess Gil

    2020? 🤔

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    They spoiled us the song in the first 15 seconds 😭😭

  43. Diego França



    Olha a desc do vídeo la o cabaço

    Diego França

    Saí seu Noia

  44. DaCrew

    like for Quin nfn nle Choppa collab

  45. Cotton Candy


  46. cadence mcmillan

    who’s here bc of tik tok? 😂

    Samuel Sutherland

    cadence mcmillan this isn’t on tiktok, at least I dont think

    _fresh_ a_vocado

    @Samuel Sutherland go to 0:56

  47. Musica Maliante

    Turn it to x1.25 speed, thank me later

  48. David Kofie

    This isn't fire...

    It is the whole flamethrower 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. steam black

    ONN on-ear headphones makes this song have alot of base

  50. Terror

    Bars Bars n word

  51. Soar remso

    Can y'all link yall snaps in my comments




    Listen to Russian Cream Freestyle - LilOzzyBoy by LILOZZYBOY on #SoundCloud

  54. Lil Slay

    Dude be saying nigga in every line 😂 I'm dead

  55. Lil Slay

    Dude be sounding like tires screeching. Dude be losing his voice after every song if he sounds like this

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    Damn we at 21 mil

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    Sound like ysn flow want beef

    Javarian Mclaurin

    ABC River never


    Who here cuz he reposted this

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    Talk to shit

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    For some reason he sounds like morty 😂😂😭

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    i’m so in love with him

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    he kinda sound like morty

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    Want beef? Lmao the beginning the same

  70. Parker Gordon

    Bruh the lyrics at first sound like the song “Want Beef?” By: YSN Flow


    Nah nigga ysn took his shit but slowed it down

    Ryan Cain

    Parker Gordon this came out before want beef

  71. Dreams come true with a Vision to be You

    He killing shit fuck the haters they can suck a dick

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    he look like Kodak and Lil Nas X had a baby...

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    Nigga you gay

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    Omfg 😂😂 so true

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    craaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyy. doing a dance video to this

  81. dtrain3219

    Damn homie from ATX and I’m born and raised south atx !good look on the city !! Push it ATX!

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    Soar remso

    I literally just discovered this on pandora


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    Whoa x LilOZZYBOY



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    fire 1900 so tem criminoso eu jogo a choppa na tua cara n****

    Real Rique


  90. Thabo_ramz

    Any one here in 2019 December?

    Soar remso

    Yes nigga

    YouTube Comment

    January 2020

    Bandman Tre

    Congressman it isn’t 2020 yet tho🤔....

    YouTube Comment

    Bandman Tre It’s 2020 where I am

    Soar remso

    Nah I'm here in 2020

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