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Quiet Riot You Drive Me Crazy Comments
  1. Dominick Bono

    The intro to this song Randy used for the intro to "You said it all" Blizzard of Ozz. Live EP

  2. Bruce Gitow

    Thanks Randy and Kevin.

  3. Charlye Guzqui

    Que super banda QUIET RIOT FEREVER

  4. Yeshua Man

    Post lyrics in the description so my wife understands.

    Jerry S

    +Yeshua Man love ya bro hope she heard 👂

  5. Mark Blue

    Sounding a bit in the style of the Runaways. I would certainly vote the album cover, as being one of the most asinine and ridiculous album covers of all time.

  6. SakuraLeaves

    fucking randy man RIP

  7. Jay Wrigley

    where can I Get The Bio of the Band in TEXT   Of Quiet Riot   where they were born, Family etc

  8. Jay Wrigley

    But Why did they Do The DRESS In DRAG Video  was I a Joke Or.....

  9. Jay Wrigley

    What Musical Equipment did the Band Play          RR:Gibson... Drums, Bass:

  10. Jay Wrigley

    where can I Get Rare Pictures Of Quiet Riot or Just Pictures

  11. Jay Wrigley

    I Cant find any interviews with Drew Forsyth was he the QUIET GUY in the band

  12. Albert Balagué

    man what a solo

  13. Donaven Hollow

    The Japanese always hog the best shit :p

  14. rhoads' girl

    great song !!

  15. leo g

    I love this song!

  16. Ben Dejo

    Man thanks for posting this!! i am a Randy Rhoads fan!! and wanted this for a long time!! Cheers buddy!!

  17. abiggerexplosion

    This album has a couple of things the first one didn't.

    1. Superior songwriting.

    2. A production budget.

    RR rules.

  18. Lauritz Andersen

    R.I.P Randy Rhoads.

  19. shred jedi

    @Durandal1717 thats odd you say that, when i first heard the randy rhoads years, the whole album made me think of a town fair in summertime. i still feel that way. damn i miss being young

  20. sparkymoo

    @quietriotfan1976 that sucks...I had both records until my brother sold them for crack. They would both be worh so much to me today.....not in money.. in heart.


    This is why drug dealers who sell drugs like Crack, Meth and heroin should face the swift and immediate DEATH PENALTY should they get convicted in a lawful and fair court of law.

  21. HandsomeRandall

    Before you do anything, either go online or go to the local bookstore and get any LP price guide produced by Goldmine. Look for the guide to be authored by Marin Popfoff. You'll find prices for LP, 12 inches, 45's, etc.

  22. Rickberg1966

    @quietriotfan1976 damm guess i should sell , i remenber my friends said i was crazy to pay that much, but i also paid 60.00 for Journey Drean after Drean album, both still have the Japaness Fan club menbership card inside , funny how the stuff you have hanggin around could be worht something, thanks for the info , always wonder if was still worht anything

  23. HandsomeRandall

    I got into a bidding war over QR I and II on ebay. Dropped out after the bidding reach $375. I've seen both at record shows going for no less then $200 each

  24. Rickberg1966

    back in1985 in paid like 30.00 for this album and still have it

  25. Doobie1975

    great song but I liked the live version at the Starwood better

  26. TheLonelySquirrels

    I've been trying to find QR with Randy. Thanks so much!

  27. Bernasx

    Oh thanks for uploading this =) !

  28. Bernasx

    I can't say anything else then that I love quiet riot and this song