Quiet Riot - The Wild And The Young Lyrics

Times are changing
Nothing stays the same
For this jukebox generation

Adhere to fashion
Like computer games
Modern day communication

The news hard to take
Will fade tomorrow
They are the strong
They'll survive

The wild and the young
They all have their dreams
The wild and the young
They've got to be free
The sun never sets
For souls on the run
The wild and the young


Roaring passion
With no guilt or shame
It's accepting education, yeah!

No regrets, no blame
With a bold kind of sophistication

So close to the edge
And high on the wire
They are not wrong
They're alive

The wild and the young
They all have their dreams
The wild and the young
They've got to be free
The sun never sets
For souls on the run
The wild and the young


So close to the edge
And high on the wire
They are not wrong
They're alive

Look out!

Wild, wild
The wild and the
Young, y-y-y-young

The wild and the young
They all have their dreams
The wild and the young
They've got to be free
The sun never sets
For souls on the run

The wild and the young
They all have their dreams
The wild and the young
They've got to be free
The sun never sets
For souls on the run
The wild and the young

Oh yeah

The wild and the young


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Quiet Riot The Wild And The Young Comments
  1. elisandro corinthiano

    2020/02/23 🤙😜

  2. joe b

    and after all these years I still don't know what the old military leader, says at 1:28........

  3. dave griego

    Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.. If I were your friend.. I would have pestered you to death to stop bad life decisions... Yeah. I'm annoying.. But youl'd be alive and kicking..

  4. Running Bearski

    Man what was DuBrow thinking with that awful wig? Did he think people were going to forget that a few years earlier at their peak He was balding horribly?

  5. Edgar Enciso

    Y Rudy Sarso ?

  6. 1-800 no one cares

    This is what talent sounds like.

  7. amerocker

    Maybe this was Winger's influence.

  8. tater tot

    Say what you want about kevin dubrow...the man didn't need autotune or any of that shit....he could sing his ass off!

  9. Daufhin Thorndike

    Who is playing bass in this video? It sure ain't Rudy Sarzo!

  10. Richie G

    Quiet riot went the extra mile to make Great Videos...

  11. jeff e

    so great!!

  12. riffknot

    im 16 my dream is to be on a stage making history and memories

  13. schenkmore0

    03:21 Cameo by Mentor Master El Duce

  14. J Kent

    Saw them in Toronto abt a year before Dubrow passed. (w/ Cinderella and Lighthouse great show)

  15. Kathryn Jordan

    I was in college when this came out. You can't kill Rock N Roll. The soul of Rock N Roll lives inside of all of us. Today's music sucks. 80s music rocks!

  16. Timothy Lanham

    Great song

  17. Range Man

    At the time, they were considered formula rock hacks... but that's what

    was selling, and they sold 10, million records with "Metal Health"...

    KISS was selling a perverted song called "Lick it up" at the same time... it wasnt rock and roll's finest era.

  18. dave griego

    Kevin Dubrow was dead six days before he was discovered in a hotel room.. Can you imagine the nasty drug overdose smell in the room? What a waste of a human life..

  19. Darren Smith

    He was right.... No rock and roll . This was my favorite QR song. Where did it all go

  20. Michel van Donk

    Rock n roll never dies

  21. Truth Warrior

    A great song but in traditional late 80s style , the music execs want less guitar more keyboards and boofah hairdoos . So sad . Them and Scorpions were awesome but both went glamy poppy after 85 . not the bands fault ...industry pressure.

  22. Blue Matrix

    Kevin had one of the most powerful Rock Vocals ever

  23. Jerry Velardi

    The wild and the young...we'll always be free !!! 💀

  24. leo leterte

    Classic rock and roll long live rock and roll

  25. kingofmetal1961

    Quiet Riot the first Heavy Metal band to have a Number 1 album on Billboard Charts. Long Live the Metal!

  26. tater tot

    First cassette(yea,I'm getting old) I ever purchased was quiet riot/metal health...and man,did I wear that sum bitch out LOL...truly miss Kevin dubrow.....some people say he was an "ass",but either way no one can deny he was one hell of a singer and one of my personal favorites.

  27. DiDy N-Riq'S

    1:24 musique

  28. Aldo Dario Rodriguez

    1:05 reference of Queen

  29. Dragoneye RRRAAA

    Happy 2020

  30. Andrew Winstead

    “In the future there will be... no rock n roll”

    Unfortunately it’s the future.


    Unfortunately, Andrew, you are not looking in the right places if you can't find any metal. because I am telling you that there is some killer, killer Heavy Metal bands that are still out there and maybe not in the mainstream of things, but a lot of bands from the '80s and early '90s are still out there playing, recording, and selling and surviving more than they ever have. And there is a lot of new metal that have and are coming out.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_in_heavy_metal_music

    Andrew Winstead

    I know that there are some good bands still out there but back then rock n roll was the thing. Today you don’t hear much rock n roll anymore. Today’s rap music and a lot of pop is played on the radio or anywhere in general. Just not my thing. I like classic rock, hard rock, and a little metal here and there like Metallica. I hope you understand what I was talking about.

    Franco Castillo

    @Andrew Winstead We all understand you.

    Daufhin Thorndike

    The future has arrived folks. Quiet Riot knew it all along.

    Dragoneye RRRAAA

    @Daufhin Thorndike So did many others.

  31. Jessika Lopez

    Buen tema 😘🇺🇾🇺🇾

  32. Tom Franco

    Man no rock and roll you weren't bs☹

  33. shatrick pawpaw

    Technically this band and Def Leppard were the very 1st metal bands that I actually focused on in about 1983

  34. Sean Morrison

    Sounds like a ripoff of Styx Kilroy Was Here

    Robert white

    Except this is Rock.

  35. All the Colors

    RIP Kevin. He was such a talent.

    danielle perry

    Kevin was badass \m/ . Rip Kevin.

  36. Jj Walsh

    The first thing I taught myself to play on drums was the intro to this song. And I think the "Bang thy Head" coat of arms on the bass drum is pure genius! Best wishes to Frankie....keep fighting!

  37. Carlos Calderon A.

    Long live rock and roll!

  38. Eric Rojas

    When rudy went blonde....carlos got the miami vice style...frankie got the michael jacson fever and kevin grew hair i dont know from where

    Demetrios K

    That is actually Chuck Wright not Rudy Sarzo.

  39. Thiago Barbosa

    Would be better if they had Randy Roads. True !!!

    joe b

    I disagree. Carlos really gave QR their great sound throughout the QR catalog.

  40. Tom Bonner

    Tesla Cybertruck? Was Elon a QR fan too? The Wild and the Musk, muh muh muh muh Musk!

  41. Guitar Player2000

    drum beat and intro is identical to
    Frieda-something going on

  42. gavin320 naval pilot

    [NO.ROKIN.ROLL] -----> [🎤.🥁💥.🎸 .👮‍♀️👮‍♀️HUH. BAM BAM BAMBAM BAMBAM BAMBAM

  43. Troy Hiett

    RIP Kevin

  44. Tim Devel

    QR III...VERY good album. The PMRC? That was some crazy shit and total governmental overreach.

  45. lonecrapshooter67

    Worst song ever

  46. Reverend TOS

    Never understood why this wasn't a hit. I remember when the video came out thinking...Wow, this is gonna blow up. But obviously it didn't. Very strange.

  47. Jon Manau

    I love that they used the vehicle from Damnation Alley.


    The Green Hornet car.

  48. David Gadea

    Great Band !!! Kevin and Randy Forever !!! And Yes...Rock and Roll Still Alive in our days !!! Salud y Vida Pa'lante !!! Cheers and Life On !!!

  49. James Halleluyah

    The popo throwing guitars into the wood chipper is brutal.

  50. Larry Harvey Jr

    Back then we thought this might be a possible future, with the PMRC starting their shenanigans, but Rock prevailed!

  51. Toni Remer

    My sister had dedicated this song to me before I went off to boot camp, and remembering the beat and lyrics helped me run just a bit more quicker, did my push ups a bit more better, and did a lot more sit-ups.
    This song is about the youth inside of us all, and we can't let that go no matter how old we get.
    RIP Kevin, you're sorely missed.

  52. Jörg Thielcke

    Alt aber gut, ich bin Gitarrenfan und Spiele selber.

  53. Matthew Todd Adcock

    #QuietRiot, what’s left of ‘em, to the #HOF!

  54. Alessandro K

    I love it

  55. Tony Powell

    Fucking awful.

  56. raythackston1960

    My Favorite QR song.  It just fit the people and the times.

  57. Andy Thompson

    Prince have a yard sale Frankie??? Regretting that I’m sure..

  58. Mateus Evora Gusmán Starov

    Venezuela *2014*

    _Meanwhile in soviet union: Rock was forbidden and seized. Youngs in Baltic rendezvous themselves in a strategic hill for swapping rock tapes avoiding authorities at all._

  59. acrovader

    Megaforce and Damnation Alley! Together!

  60. ace frehley

    Wishing Frankie all the best in his fight with Pancreatic Cancer.

  61. Simon James Young

    How Prophetic ❗🤪

  62. Thomas R. Skidmore

    "No rock and roll." How right they were.

  63. mitch weinberg

    everyone lets all pray for frankie.he will heal from his cancer.hes a great drummer. lets all say prayers that hes healed quickly.so sad.

    Kevin Badger

    It's stage 4, but lets all hope.

  64. John S.

    How prophetic....Rock n roll is dying (sadly).

  65. Jack D

    That blonde guitarist with the purple jacket looks like Chris Holmes from WASP. Is it him?

    pauric boylan

    Carlos cavazo

  66. Debbie Athy

    Wow such a cool find on here . I remember I was dating some guy at one point and he was as much as a metalhead like myself here and he took me to see this band
    When the lead singer had long hair what a awesome concert seeing them live so bummed he died

  67. Jon Thomas

    Totally underrated QR song. Kevin's vocals were on point here.

  68. No Body

    RIP Kevin
    The illuminati won and made us all sell out

  69. Teena Pittman

    And it came to pass..........

  70. Teena Pittman

    Is that the LandMaster from Damnation Alley in the beginning?

  71. Dymond Dave

    Rudy had moved on To Ozzy

    Kyle Kenan

    Rudy or Randy?

  72. theatre of pain MC

    Who's the bassist?

  73. Ja Lp

    This was definitely filmed after Kevin's hair transplants

    Jon Manau

    Straight up wig!

  74. idoj654123

    By the time they released this album, QR was pissing in the wind. It wasn't a hair metal band. It certainly wasn't a heavy metal band. Good song, though, and these old videos are always fun. Do they even make videos anymore, let alone videos like this one that has a story to it?

  75. James Desomma

    Who is playing bass in this video? Doesn't look like Rudy Sarzo.

    Demetrios K

    Chuck Wright is on Bass.

  76. Joe Fowler

    Kids don't do drugs because you will end up like Kevin DuBrow dead .may he rest in peace

  77. Daniel Champion

    Carlos was a really good underrated guitarist

  78. 80sGlamGirl

    0:22 I love his outfit! He looks like a true rockstar!

  79. Drew Taran13

    Wow,Kevin was def onto something with this Video,they are very underated,he marketed that mask so well

  80. Josey Keat

    "In the future there will be no rock n roll"...
    The future has come

  81. Hanthrax

    From Metal Health to this....ouch

  82. Barry

    QR just not the same without Kevin

  83. Nathan Norwood

    It hurts me to watch the explorer getting shredded

  84. Jasper Edwards

    dalmation alley vehichel

  85. mark blum

    Horrid lyrics.

  86. avzthergoth

    3:21 El Duce!!!!!! (Mentors) ...

  87. Ralf Wuttke

    Ein guter Lied !!

  88. mrbenfrancis

    In the future there will be.....

    No Tic Tac Dough!
    No Tic Tac Dough!
    No Tic Tac Dough!
    No Tic Tac Dough!

  89. Alex Aranda

    True heavy Metal Rock!!!!!! Thank. God they left there mark on earth before they Rested n Peace!!! Those who have left us to early.

  90. Chuck Norris

    Damn they wasn’t lying with that intro

  91. james forest

    How much fucking money did they sink into this garbage. Looks like they blew their budget before they went wig shopping for Kevin. This is everything wrong with the 80s in one tight package.

  92. Jason Kessler

    EL DUCE of The Mentors at 3:20.

  93. kcuf7

    God, I haven't seen this video or heard the song in over 30 year's!!!


    Too bad they reuploaded it. The original video had better framerate

  94. Jeff Cranford

    One word. Legend

  95. Danfromchyld

    At 3:25 you see a Cameo from The Late El Duce of the Mentors. The PMRC Hated them The Most .Its Awesome they Put him in the video I'm Sure to poke a little more Fun at the PMRC .

  96. Shock Wave

    favorite song from QR without rudy sarzo

  97. Justin Case

    ROCK faces are so fucking gay, overacting bullshit. Just play your instruments for fuck safe.