Quiet Riot - Mama We're All Crazee Now Lyrics

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Quiet Riot Mama We're All Crazee Now Comments
  1. Reita Kun

    También es un clásico oirla en la d
    version de "Joan Jett" ;`]

  2. carlton leach mendes leach


  3. Carlos Calderon A.

    Larga vida a carlos cavazo, rudy sarzo y frankie banali, lástima que kevin du brow falleció, lo recordaremos siempre!

  4. Carlos Calderon A.

    Yo salté, gocé, disfruté en extremo los 80's, larga vida al rock and roll!

  5. Mackster

    Great bass work from Rudy. I'm 53 years old and played in a successful showcase band in the so cal area in the mid and late 80,s. Opening for many well know bands. I love Carlos. He had such an impact on on me . I dont want to glorify anyone but his sound and simple playing from the soul was perfect for that time.

  6. Brian K Walker

    used many of Slades music

  7. Vitor Quarelo

    Tive o prazer de vê-los em 1985 quando vieram prá São Paulo!
    Não tenho certeza, mas a abertura foi da Banda "Metalmania" do Robertinho do Recife!
    Grande Show!
    De Campos dos Goytacazes RJ

  8. Michelle Valencia

    Slade forever!

  9. Arturo Almazan

    I wish this lineup of Quiet riot would have stayed more years and record away metal music, Rudy sarzo went and played With the late great RJD and Whitesnake, Kevin dubrow RIP. and Frankie banalli may he beat cancer and Carlos cavazo one hell of an underrated rock guitar player

  10. Louis Csanko


  11. Louis Csanko

    QUIET RIOT 4 LIFE \,,,/

  12. mr.zbych100

    Slade is the Best- PYSZNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sheldon Fraser

    I use to think Kevin Dubrow and Howie Mandel looked alike

  14. Steve W

    Slade made bank from Quiet Riot covers

  15. john hitchcock

    Sorry, mama....still crazy

  16. RTHA300

    they ripped another slade hit. they did a pretty good job

  17. Alan Aldrett

    Santo Dios que rolota

  18. Jorge Chacon

    Me transportó a mi época en el inframen.

  19. Cody Bryson

    Quiet Riot fucking BADASS!!! Rip Kevin I love ya bro

  20. Joe Volpini

    2 million views for this song. It should be the same for Come On Feel The Noize. Both songs sound the same.

  21. Glenna Penn

    LOL..... hahaha. Love it. You cutie 😍

  22. Adam Sando

    My childhood. 8-)

  23. TheRedGuy

    Jesus Christ Quiet Riot how many Slade songs can you steal?!?

    Like , seriously, is Slade your thieving spirit animal?!???

    Robin Stiff

    TheRedGuy True... But they did it better.


    @Robin Stiff Valid point


    @Robin Stiff eh...I love Slade. True, Quiet Riot was also awesome, but Slade wrote the songs. Just my 2 cents...

  24. BCTV BC

    Underrated smash hit song.

  25. Mario Essau Pinto

    Condition critical es una álbum genial ...

  26. Sandor Ferencz

    Prefiro com o Slade

  27. Jason White

    I remember playing “Love’s a bitch” on my Aunt Juanita’s stereo when I was 6 years old! Her,My Grandma Ruby and My Uncle Jim ( Who was a state police investigator at the time) all raced to the stereo to destroy that power button! I still get a chuckle out of those times! The beginning of my childhood mind slowly starting to corrupt!

  28. Pedro Takahashi Gunderson

    very pitchy

  29. Roni J Covino

    Americans will say Quiet Riot's covers are superior or are completely unaware of Slade's version. Rest of the world would vote Slade hands down every time.

  30. Ludim Coronado

    Cuando escucho Quiet Riot mi padre dice cada vez me recuerdas cuando yo era adolescente

  31. Christian Jackson


  32. Angela

    Happy Birthday Kevin!

  33. tan branwin

    One of my favorites <3 Love Quiet Riot. Remember listening to my friend's older sister's album in grade school and watching them on Night Trax <3

  34. MickW 85

    God bless Frankie Banali 🤘🏻💀🖤

  35. BJB

    2019 Still here!

  36. Ricardo Martins

    A 1984 reference in the video?

  37. Demetrios K


  38. Fancyflashdrive Roller coaster enthusiast

    One of the few covers made that I think is vastly superior to the original. That had a mild 70s rock song and turned it into a badass 80s metal cover.


    you ever actually heard the original? cos it aint mild, if anything THIS is watered down.
    heres the original, 1972 from an appearance on Top of the Pops:

  39. Israel Guevara

    Mierda !!!!! Tengo 45 años

  40. bill branstetter

    kev was a coke addict thats why randy distance himself away, randy was not part of that scene.

  41. White Ranger Tiger Power

    Mama mama we all crazeee now ;)

  42. Romuald Rutkowski


  43. Gabriela Iri


  44. Metalmonster56

    I like both the original slade version and QRs cover of both this and cum on feel the noise, yes folks QR did slade covers of this song and cum on feel the noise


    Kevin Dubrow,Carlos Cavazo,Frankie Bannaly e Rudy Sarzo...fantástico!!!

  46. Sim Pap

    This album is much better than mental health..

  47. Vend Master

    Slade was a shit band, people act like they were great or something?!?!

  48. ted ritola

    HEEEEYH They sound a lot like SLADE FROM THE 1970s lol This was a nother cover song done by Quit Riot OF THE BAND SLADE FROM 1973 ,,So I guess the 80 s sound like the 70s lol WEEEEEIRD CHECK OUT SLADE THERE VERY FUN TO WATCH ,


    Mi mamá decía que estaba loco por escuchar a quiet riot

  50. scott theroux

    Ah the good old days when you can listen to your music LOUD and not look like you have pants 15SUZES TO BIG.

  51. Edward Harshaw

    Cheesy cringey mainstream shit

  52. Brak Hayhurst

    No wonder they did so many Slade covers ( not by choice I'm sure ) but fuck Kevin could pass for naughty holder !!!

  53. oic duc

    Kevin remembered!!! ,,,,mama crazy!! we miss you!....but still crazy!!!!!

  54. Оля П

    Старый добрый рок

  55. Gabriel Medina


  56. SuperBoomshack

    Condition Critical is a highly underrated album

  57. Mister Justice

    Kevin is drunk.

  58. dave smith

    not bad for a slade cover band.

  59. Gustavo Mendoza Jiménez

    Sexo, drogas y rock and roll!

  60. Christopher Wright

    This was a cover of Slade.

  61. Erick Draven

    I guess Samsung wants me to stop buying their products like Gillette with To Many Commercials interrupting the video!

  62. Clifford Amey

    Before Debrow started wearing wigs

  63. Betty Smith

    must have watched this video 1000 times.. never noticed the rainbow suspenders till today...

  64. Ron Ditchen

    I like Quiet Riot version of the song but I think the best version is by The Runaways

  65. Logan Shank

    So funny how Quiet Riot covered everything of shitty slade waaaaayyy better and actually good!🤘🤘🤘

    Michael Kruk

    Fuck yourself! Slade was incredible!

  66. dave h

    It worked the 1st time..
    Lets do it again...

  67. Crossbow Channel

    These guys broke the barriers and brought metaln to the forefront.
    Such a fun band and great tunes.
    Where else I getting a balding frontman who wears converse,spandex and more n mindy suspenders....and still rocks like a mofo?

  68. Rickey Engle

    hell,,,yeah,,they all ready no that,,

  69. Tennessee Ridgerunner

    I was 14 the Summer of '84 when this LP (That's right, I bought vinyl back then) came out and I still remember what a magical summer that was. The U.S. was still an incredible nation and we weren't spending all our time tearing each other down. No freakin' cell phones or electronic leashes of any kind! We didn't take ourselves as seriously as it seems teens take themselves today. But then again we didn't have idiots walking into our schools with guns either. It was just a magical time to be alive and I gather from talking to my son's friends that The 80s has that reputation still. I'm building a Time Machine in my back yard and it's set for the Summer of 1984, all aboard!

  70. Jason Hunter

    Ok peoples should go check Original Song by Slade by
    Both good Songs but this one come in the 80's while Slade was the 70's

  71. Sebastián Sandoval

    Perfect Song!!!

  72. harvester sorrow

    Esta música marcó para mí las preferencias VIVA EL ROCK N' ROLL🔦😍👢

  73. David Muñoz

    Sacrificaria a maluma y a todos Los de reguetton xk volvieran esas epocas del Rock

  74. Suavratman

    Kevin had a sick voice ... this is gay af

  75. Joel Zamudio

    Una excelente versión a la canción de slade

  76. slade ippie

    Good Grief this is poor, try this instead and hear what it's supposed to sound like.
    And if you ain't never heard Slade before, Google their greatest hits and have yourself a ball 💖🎩

  77. Tony Keown

    Quiet Riot rocked out those Slade songs! 🤘

  78. Bob Cummings

    QR are still CRAZEE in 2019!! LOLLLL!

  79. Cristian QuitoRockyRoll-The BEATLES

    I Love Rock And Roll;I Do this band;perfect😀😀😀😀💜💜❤💜❤💜🤘🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🎸🎸

  80. Fred Fairchild

    361 people couldn't get crazee...

  81. Flax A

    Gute Musik. Ich frage mich wieso sind die Titel der songs dieser bands immer eigentlich falsch geschrieben ....wie weere crazee now ....anstatt we are all crazy now ? oder cum on feel the noize .....anstatt come on feel the noise....hat das jemand eine Antwort an mich . Vielen Dank.

  82. heavy metal13


  83. Miguel Navidad

    me encanto <3

  84. Mike River

    Ahhhh memories... The best times in history

  85. Tech 7685

    If anyone is interested, I have the domain name QuietRiot.com listed for sale.

  86. heavy metal13

    Fuck yeah !!!!! Haven't listened to quiet riot in a while . .

  87. W3RDSI d

    R.I.P Kevin Dubrow

  88. Nick Ireland

    Gotta hand it to them. They do a great version!

  89. Bill W

    Slade cover band

    Mack Williams

    Bill W Naw they’re better than Slade

    Bill W

    @Mack Williams LMAO

  90. Mario Argeñal Pinto

    Discazo ...un clasicon 🔊🎸🎶

  91. David Abbruzzi

    Rest in peace Kevin DuBrow. You will be miss. I can still watch your brother on Botched on the E! Channel. Great show to watch.

  92. Ronny Valencia Galvez

    Ooooh what a nice times....BUENA MUSICA...BUENA EPOCA...

  93. Carlos Chicao

    Classic Rock

  94. Wade Hutchinson

    RIP Rhandy

  95. Dayne Chastant

    God, I remember when those hats with the neck covers in the back were popular...

    Mack Williams

    Dayne Chastant lookin like a Japanese soldier in WW2

  96. Socorrito Ortega

    Pienso que estos rokeros jamás pensaron el impacto que iba a tener su música en futuras generaciones al grabar esta excelente rola ,,,, Francisco Esparza ,