Quicksand - How Soon Is Now? Lyrics

I am the son and the heir
Of a shyness that was criminally vulgar
Son and heir
Of nothing in particular

Oh, shut your mouth
How can you say
I go about things the wrong way?
I'm human and I need to be loved like everyone
Like everyone does

I am the son and the heir
Of a shyness that was criminally vulgar
Son and heir
Of nothing in particular
Of nothing in particular at all

And you say it's gonna happen now
When exactly do you mean?
I've already waited too long
And all my hope is gone

There's a club if you'd like to go
You might meet someone
Who really loves you
So you go on your own
And you leave on your own
And you go home
And you cry and you wanna die

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Quicksand How Soon Is Now? Comments
  1. jackbaradog

    This slaps but amygdala's version is still the best


    amygdala covered it??? fuck thats sick

  2. Jarmo Pulkkinen

    All said. Best Cover Ever \m/ !

  3. danny schmitto

    This is pretty good but The Meatmen cover rocks harder.

  4. Sergei Blokhin

    time to confess: i thought its a Quicksand song when I was a teenager. I still love this version more than the Smiths original

  5. el rival

    ahí quedó el weco del morrisey

  6. Jarmo Pulkkinen

    Why this song is not in other music streaming services?

  7. IAM138

    Just found this. Amazing Walter. Amazing.

  8. eldoabrahamson

    The Meatmen's version puts this one to shame.

  9. Mike Mahler

    Incredible cover!

  10. Jimmy Rustler

    Quick question for anyone who owns this vinyl. Bought mine off eBay, noticed that the sleeves looked very good for their age. Bit of a red flag but I bought it anyway. Just got it and played this track and noticed the quality of it is about as good as this video and unlike the rest of the disc. Did I get ripped off or was it poorly recorded?

    Jimmy Rustler

    Edit: Just realized that I bought the SRC reissue that came out in 2012. But my question still stands. Is the original promo better quality than the reissue?

    Matheus Silva

    Hey Jimmy, I own the first promo issue. It sounds the same! It's a great master. Not poor quality, it's just different sounds from different engineers. Don Fury recorded this song and Head To Wall and Steven Haigler recorded the rest. Maybe these youtube versions are ripped off the vinyl release because they do sound very similar, I was surprised too

  11. Trevor Stroup

    idk how i feel about this lol I wish I was listening it without having heard the original

  12. Cereal Killer

    Fuck Yeah! Let's fight!

  13. Jack Merlot Doesn't Live Here Anymore


  14. Across Seven Years

    Walter Schreifels is my hero!

  15. Andrew

    Wow, I love this.

  16. SomeOlMusicChannel

    Even better than The Smiths version! (if you're into heavier stuff that is)


    it's good, but kind of flat, Smiths version is why more melodic and deep. Heavy does not mean better.


    Love both versions

    Billy Alarie

    heavy doesn't automatically mean not better.

    Billy Alarie

    then again i fucking hate the smiths


    I'm into heavy music but the Smith version is iconic

  17. Radek Gnych

    Number One of 90´   ......Yes today is e just fucking rock music......no one can really play.

  18. Manuelita Cocco

    Wooo! Me fascina éste cover! Excelente!!

  19. OxyRottenTMS

    this is a great version of an excellent song. the guy that said it sounds like whales raping each other...way to rip off the tv show its always sunny in philadelphia; i can site the exact episode with that joke...get a new line...your not funny and a hack at that. thanks again for posting cheers!! (A)

  20. mrrobot703

    this sounds like whales raping each other... sacrilege


    +savageboixxx1 shut up


    +savageboixxx1 I beg to differ, dear Sir. It's clearly walruses. Raping walruses.

    James Joseph LeBlanc

    Humpback or Killer????? lolol

  21. halfpipefreak

    AMAZING cover

  22. mongo loco

    fantastic cover from a great band

  23. onefive0

    Quicksand is not a '90s grunge band. They have roots in 80's hardcore, in fact most of the band were part of at least one major iconic 80's hardcore band. A 90's grunge band is Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains. Quicksand is not in that category of shit music. I was lucky enough to see Quicksand in D.C. back in 1992- they were fucking amazing.


    most of grunge has roots in hardcore, metal and a lot of other genres, what's why it sounds the way it does.. no point in being ashamed of the term

    Billy Alarie

    the term itself was invented by mtv. it's just a means of putting a pretty label on a variety of bands that can't really be said to come from one school of musical thought, but had enough of what mtv was looking for, that they decided all heavy music that is acceptable for mtv is now called "grunge"

    space aphid

    You're a fuckin moron.

    King Crab

    i made a really well-rounded reply but here's what it meant; grunge is good, it's just muddy alt-rock and punk, listen to mud-honey i recommend it, and this fits it's grunge label.

  24. ╪mramÅ

    I love Quicksand, but this song was not meant to be covered. Especially by a 90s grunge band. Great album nevertheless.


    dudes please post transparent from the slip album..... i'm having withdrawl from it

  26. Chris Weinblad

    It's on the vinyl version of SLIP buddy

  27. bologma

    It's on the Slip vinyl

  28. bteddybear

    I find the way they went with the cover very brilliant. I love both Quicksand and The Smiths and have been a long time Morrissey nuthugger...this is truly a great expression of this song...if you didn't like it, replay it, take it all in...then decide.

  29. Justin Long

    Amen to that shit.

  30. Justin Long

    Too many negative votes huh? too many to be displayed.. sounds like bullshit to me. This is an interpretation, not a cover. Obviously the original is superior. its that dumb tv show that ruined it for people. Both bands are awesome. deal?

  31. digitaalbath

    Very simple, great great band one of the best albums ever and a very nice cover!

  32. Andrew Buchanan-Carter

    I love the Smiths & Quicksand but this is fucking awful.

  33. cursethesemetalhans

    Before I knew about this cover I always thought this song would work in a hardcore style. It was always a heavy song with a sense of dispair it's just gone from Manchester heavy to NYC heavy.

  34. Holden Caulfield

    ehhhhh imo they could have done better

  35. Jim Rathbun

    I have a copy of Slip with this on it. It's on the LP version of Slip

  36. nauticalmile6

    This band is a true staple of the 90's underground especially in NY. I also think that this song proves my point because I thoroughly enjoy the Smith's version, but these guys found a way to take it to the next level with this version. You know you're among talented musicians when you can take a slower spacey song and do a cover of it as well as adding some grit and crunch to it to make it sound sick. Quicksand was an awesome band and I'm happy to have been a part of this era

  37. sahem62896

    great cover!

  38. BurnBlackBetty BlackHOLE

    such a GREAT album!! Thanks 4 posting;-)

  39. FunkMastaMegaFlex

    This song is awesome and so is quicksand, but HELMET is better, they are legendary.

  40. Bullet Proof Soul

    This cover is criminally vulgar.

  41. Tristan Sapp

    The Meatmen cover is better IMHO but this version isn't BAD.

  42. Biff McGulicutty

    @jacob7207 Are you going to make little girl screams like you did at that Bieber concert 2 weeks ago ?

  43. Ian Calamel

    Unbelievable track! Had the pleasure of hearing Quicksand play this at Bogarts Cincinatti December 1994 and again with Rival Schools "Walter" this past October in Buffalo. Wish they could reunite for a tour. I would give just about anything to see Quicksand live again!

  44. bologma

    It is if you bought the vinyl.

  45. SuperRoadtrip2010

    Best. Fucking. Cover. Ever.

    Turn it up as loud as your speaks will go.

    Michael Crilley

    You have to turn it up so high just to hear it, the recording is like library quiet

  46. Jim Rathbun

    @unbridledenthusiasm and opinions are like assholes...everyone has one and they allll stink.

  47. Jim Rathbun

    @gr3g0ryd3 this is on the LP version of Slip, at least the one I have.

  48. Jay Terhorst

    Accually it IS on SLIP...if you have the LP version.

  49. makeshift26

    It's not as much a cover as it is a re-invention of the song and I think its great. It's the kind of ingenuity and creativity that made Quicksand one of a kind.

  50. Jay Eff

    @wponder12 Pfft. Whatever. I say it's crap. So it's crap. What's going to happen? Are you going to swing your arms like hard core style back in 1995 in the pit?

  51. auxemoron87

    yeah, smiths version is far superior. Saw Sergio last night with the Deftones. Pure energy

  52. Jay Eff

    @unbridledenthusiasm Whatever, I love Quicksand and Rival Schools as well, but this is seriously, like, not that impressive. They should make it illegal to cover the Smiths.

  53. unbridledenthusiasm

    @jacob7207 That's just like, your opinion

  54. larrysauce

    @gr3g0ryd3 it's on the vinyl version of Slip

  55. Jay Eff

    This is crap. Quicksand is great, but this is crap.

    Nobody can cover the Smiths.

  56. Gregory DeOssie

    @unbridledenthusiasm thanks man! I love to get updates and that is a clever use of art.

  57. unbridledenthusiasm

    @gr3g0ryd3 It is a bonus track/b-side, so I just used the album art.

  58. Gregory DeOssie

    this is not on slip

  59. The Greenman

    @Yeedeed It was weird. But prior to that, I hadn't heard of Quicksand. After I saw them live, I went out and bought the CD. I was in the front row in front of their bassist. He was pissed because his cord going from the bass to the amp got all tangled. They were good.

  60. Yeedeed

    This was on the Slip album? I had it when I was 12 or 13 and it got so scratched it was worthless...Anywhooo, I don't remember it being on there!

  61. Yeedeed

    @jackshittle Wow thats kind of a weird fit with those two. Quicksand opening up for thrash metal

  62. unbridledenthusiasm

    @lookingatcrap Great comment. It's funny how that works

  63. lookingatcrap

    i used to not like the smiths love them now and i used to love this version of the song and now not so much

  64. The Greenman

    I saw Quicksand open up for Anthrax in MA.

  65. shaolinkin

    great cover indeed

  66. Alejandra Seguel M.

    el medio coverrrr locoooooooooooooooooooo

  67. Lewis Barrett

    from what i read hundred reasons based their cover on this version of how soon is now.

  68. Ryu Kirino

    best cover version ever

  69. captainfailure

    Holy sh*t!
    Been a Smiths fan for a good chunk of my life and love the original version, but this is the most original interpretation and best cover of How Soon is Now I've ever heard.

  70. Piper McKnight

    This version of this song ROCKS! I used to have the CD single but lost it and have longed to hear it for years. Thank you so much for uploading it!!!

  71. unbridledenthusiasm

    @punkrockerr agreed

  72. unbridledenthusiasm

    @anonymouse01 I love this version. It cuts the length -- and the melodrama -- of the original in half.