Quicksand - Fazer Lyrics

Standing like a sore thumb, out
Notice your image is different
Traits that change, it's just too quick
Follow on clues and guess what, that's what it's like
Follow your ups and downs
It's safe to say that I can't tell

All sense aside
Left out in the cold
Sight of your routine getting old
Blame some indifference inside
Taken on shapes not to selective
Just what you find

Looking for seconds of peace of mind
Pieces of something to hold on to
A job that you just can't hold down
Distracted for seconds, you're gone
Follow your ups and downs
It's safe to say that I can't tell

All sense aside
Left out in the cold
Sight of your routine getting old
Blame some indifference inside
Taken on shapes not to selective
Just what you find

Where you find it

(Distracted for seconds, you're...)

Needing to find something
Is everything okay
I hope you find your niche, someday soon
Easy to change your phase
To move from where you stand
But you got to keep that face
Each change you plan

Is everything okay
The problem is hesitation

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Quicksand Fazer Comments
  1. jernt dood

    1st degree criminal overlook

  2. c.a.t.wallace

    is that Sergio Vega with a Rickenbacker bass?

  3. brandon smith

    2019...still love this album

  4. Tomás Martínez

    Sounds like Tool

    Taylor Brinkley

    Sounds like Quicksand.

  5. D- Day

    Where Tool got their sound.

    Peste Noire is nightcore for nazis change my mind

    Both this and Undertow came out the same year

  6. roberto sousa

    New york hardcore scene beyond new york hardcore scene...

  7. Luke Fernández

    Good, classic Post-Hardcore/Alternative Rock band. Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today brought me here.

  8. Jeff Little

    Backstreets Rochester NY 92 93 .. nychc

  9. Jeff Little

    Omg comment below the bassist plays for my fav band deftones

  10. Jeff Little

    This song was my jam back then ....

  11. The Greenman

    Thumbs up if you saw Quicksand open for White Zombie & Anthrax 👍

  12. lihy1

    nice Negative approach tshirt

  13. Tower Tito

    Slip. One of the greatest albums most never will know of.


    still one of my all time favs.. god they were great

    Jay Smith

    You speak the truth, brother. This album was way ahead of its time.

  14. Miriam Goldfinger

    Absolutely am IN LOVE with this song since first time I heard it - Own the album, yeahhh!

  15. Ed Nards

    Kind of ahead of their time.

  16. MrLeadghost

    Saw them as moondog way back. Maybe Bunrattys in Boston 89ish? Great band.

  17. Mo mo

    The poor man's tool

  18. Mason Minor

    Probably one of the most underrated bands ever

    Enrico Reineri


  19. Master Vader

    This video and album changed my life

  20. Alvin E.C.

    NYHC ! ...and Walter wearing a Negative Approach shirt

  21. Richard Roberson

    If i like failure will I like these guys?

    Josh Fox

    you better


    Walter (Goldang) Shreifels, the man, the myth, the legend....soooooo goooood!

  23. Brian Latimer

    One of my favorite bands of all time! QS Kills It!

  24. Luquitagl

    Really underrated band. Excellent post-hardcore.

  25. jordean gomes

    Muito Bom 🤘🏽

  26. Gavin Tryde

    *_Fazer in Portuguese means To Do_*

  27. David Duncan

    I don't know why they weren't bigger. They are just as good as Helmet if not a little better. I can't even find their old CD's for a decent price - they must be out of print.

  28. Gina Carolina Duq Asesor Onvacation

    Aplastante su show en Bogota; quede atónita!!

  29. jason Santiago

    Early 90s sounding like this along with fugazi, sunnyday real estate and for love not lisa

  30. Walter Schreifels

    Standing like a sore thumb out; Music like this is still being made today, search up 'Take A Look - HeadAche (Official Music Video)'

    C B

    It's a nice attempt but the vocals are just horrid IMO. Any other suggestions? They're a little harder but check out WRONG - Culminate

  31. BongRippingRiffLover51

    Criminally underrated band

  32. Kedar Gurjar

    Oh man how awesome this would be with Maynard James Keenans vocals.

    John Nada

    No thanks. Walter's voice is far better.

    Jacinto 14

    @John Nada ahahahahaha just shut up..

    John Nada

    @Jacinto 14 How about this...get a clue, son.

  33. David Gaines

    "Slip" is easily one of the best albums of the 90's. After being a fan for a couple of years, they finally came through my area in '95 with Helmet and Orange 9mm. Amazing show. Nothing but respect for the other two bands on the bill, but Quicksand flat-out ruled the night. Incredible live act.

  34. znemyrkce II

    fucking sick song dat basslines tho eargasm

  35. T B


  36. david murphy

    I had a great QUICKSAND practice tape jamming the ‘Unfullfilled’ intro 4 or 5 times adjusting it with Walter yelling “more Negative Approach” which give some me chills thinking about it. He’s got the N.A. shirt on here and the guitar in ‘Fazer’ has that total “Evacuate” sound. Attention to detail. That same tape had 3 COLLAPSE shows on it, Sergio’s old band. Stolen by a Hoboken crackhead in 1999. Still salty over it.

  37. none of your business

    flying out to chi town to see em with GlassJAw 🙌

  38. Jake Herington

    Glad I discovered these guys. This is awesome.

  39. Ricki Coughlan

    Awesome camera work and production.

  40. Saahas Saritha Bala

    Came here from Randy Blythe's loudwire interview


    hell yeah man! Their new album is definitely going to shine some light on these sweet old-school punk bands. I'm really excited

  41. loris199

    my first big concert, 1993, Quicksand and Living Colour...:
    good old days...

  42. Wizard Darkly

    61 people do not have good ears!

  43. Ezekial Alvarado


  44. sebas

    Please don't compare Quicksand with unoriginal bands and genres (nu metal).


    I came here to say that.

  45. Bill Perri

    Hear a lot of nonsense comparing them to helmet and deftones and other bands but no one mentioned how much the guitar was influenced by Fugazi. To us hardcore kids 25 years ago we knew the deal and knew they were influenced by grunge bands and fugazi but better

  46. Steve Wolstenholme

    Quicksand tonight in Manchester @ Sound Control. Yep #nyhc #oldeyork

  47. greengrassofhome

    I really like the bass sound in this song.

    Yahir Romero

    Sergio Vegas actually playing with a greates band ever deftones


    the bass is playing through a modulation type effect. Probably a chorus pedal or maybe a flanger with the "rate" turned down a bit.

  48. citi ZEN

    they're still ahead of the curve here, and this was over 20 years old.

  49. citi ZEN

    top five albums of the 90s

  50. Izz the Wizz

    Quicksand guitarist Tom Capone was allegedly arrested earlier this week, forcing the band to perform their Phoenix, Arizona show as a three-piece.

    Capone, age 47, was reportedly booked in Maricopa County, AZ on Tuesday, September 12 on charges of "shoplifting-concealment" and "resist arrest-physical force." The arrest made Capone unavailable for the band's show later that day at the Crescent Ballroom.

  51. Casey Van

    Does anybody remember this band from Seattle called Gorilla not the Gorillaz but Gorilla. The album cover had hammer head sharks. I lost the CD. I think the CD was from '98 it was really good. I got the CD at a Thrift Store for a dollar. Lol!

  52. lonewizzard

    Hum, Jawbox, Helmet, Swervedriver and the mighty Quicksand. The 90s fucking ruled.

    Amanda H

    dont forget the buck pets and fudge tunnel!

  53. Arthur G

    limp bizkit - eat you alive

    Diego Alvez

    Ahahah real

  54. Tobin Durham

    These guys are heavily influenced by both Nirvana and Primus.

  55. I Ketut Agus Suadnyana

    what year is it NOW? Quicksand sounds is always shedding my skin....

  56. m0rdred1971

    this is a good thread

  57. don jones

    Sounds like Chevelle.


    more like Tool

  58. Christopher Kruse

    Was my favorite band for years. They were sick live too.


    g hall sux

  60. Cereal Killer

    Get the fuck outa here! QUICKSAND!!! NO FUCKING WAY! It's BEENN FUCKING YEARS! Always on my heart!!!! FUCK YEAH!

  61. Michael Button

    MUSIC LIKE THIS IS STILL BEING MADE IN 2016! You just need to know where to find it...Search up "Prisoner - HeadAche (Official Audio Video)", real punk rock shit

  62. Jeff Towles

    I agree w/ shitbag. how can you not like Quicksand!? & yes, a lot of bands have ripped these guys off.

  63. Joey Ramone

    Music like this is still being made today, search up 'Prisoner' by HeadAche

  64. rick kane

    loved this moving and soundtrack growing up!

  65. HoLeeFukSumTingWong

    Fun Fact-The Bass Player for Quicksand now plays for Deftones as the bassist.

    Mark Boyd

    Very cool:)


    I searched Quicksand for that fact lol


    С подключением

    Bama Bat 84

    Wait... What instrument does he play?

    zero zipper

    In a few live videos he uses a Guild pilot bass. I purchased one just because his tone was amazing on those vids.

  66. ra sian

    Saw Sublime open for QSand in 94-ish. Had no idea they had videos. They didn't play this on prime time MTV.

  67. Александр Штраух

    Since they are touring again why not to make a new album?

  68. boykillshorse

    such a fucking cool album...
    the 90s rocked !

  69. diego peralta

    who's here for travis barker's interview LOL

  70. Michael Charron

    Holy shit, I just realized that Limp Bizkit's song Eat You Alive sounds so fucking much like Fazer!


    What are you doing listening to limp biscuit.

    Chad Holmes

    A thumbs up for an agreeance that they ripped off of this...not for Limp Shitkit!

    el jefe

    shut the fuck up

    el jefe

    i'm sick of hearing dumb fuckheads like you dissing that band. totally unoriginal. they're not even that bad.

    el jefe

    lol... limp "skitkit" you obliviously couldn't have thought of anything better. idiot.

  71. MultiShitbags

    39 dislikes? what the fuck is wrong with people

    hugh Jass

    they must rather watch justin minage or someting

  72. Nate Noskill

    I just saw them live at Taste of Chaos and it was freakin awesome!!!!!!!

  73. Nitras Interactive

    unbelievable good song. hope you'll listen to rival schools as well!

  74. Bill Jakimowicz

    next to nirvana they had the best cd of the '90s

    lastchanceforaslowdance_ 02

    Nirvana doesn't have shit on Quicksand

  75. Weerd Munky


  76. Owen

    Sounds like if Fugazi was metal (with a tad of tool sprinkled in for good damn measure)

    lil' man

    yeah!! their riffs sound like theyre straight from undertow, love it

    dave barbersan

    Quicksands Omission album was released before Undertow so you might argue tool sounds a bit like Quicksand. Either way a great time for music!

    brad lee

    much similarities to deftones' riffs

  77. james beaet

    What a rock solid 4 piece this is. No weakness... so great.

  78. hertzer2000

    Stole my bass sound from Sergio...Still my top 5 fav bands.

  79. AyeJamJr

    Really like the drummer, Alan Cage

    Taylor Brinkley

    the secret weapon

    Johnny Bannister

    fancy seeing you here


    @Johnny Bannister Hanson, best band of the 90's

    Александр Штраух

    Yes! I'm totally digging! But nobody knows a shit about him

  80. high

    Can't tell what I think of it. I guess maybe I don't like the vocals but the rest is good.

    Evan Williams II

    +freeradio It needs nothing. Don't be stupid.


    +Hi NYC Hardcore, FY!!

  81. Sub1imaL

    Could someone tell me about other bands like this and helmet from the 90s?

    Scott Kittrell

    SPARKMARKER is as close as you will get.

    Stephen Johnson

    G Hall he is deciding what he likes you goon.

    Stephen Johnson

    Alexandre Andrada yes yes!!!

    Jack McBride

    KARP, Unsane, Fugazi, Snapcase, Melvins, Rollins Band,

    Crack Daniels


  82. bunnyhead71

    Quicksand & Rival Schools...music's best kept secrets

    Brian Clary

    +Miriam Goldfinger , I know right ,it slipped by a lot of people which left me scratching my head  ,I was like "am I alone in seeing how awesome these dudes were?" Actually the Deftones new because after Chi ,Chino Marino has brought Quicksands bass player into Deftones  most recent line up.!

    Miriam Goldfinger

    It's true... most people dont' know this band.

    Ryan Newland

    bunnyhead71 Came here through the Deftones.....ended up finding one of the best bands ever ! NY hardcore was & is untouchable!

    James Gatt

    @Ryan Newland no doubt about it.


    Fucking Love rival schools! Check out Seven story moutain. Excellent band

  83. R34GTRR35

    remove the singers voice - Amazing

  84. ilovetheusers

    Slip is one of the best albums ever IMO.

  85. Slouch

    So who could be nice enough to tell me of some bands similar to this one and Helmet? These type of underground albums are legendary - need more albums. Help me out!?

    Zack Fountain

    @T. Ray These guys influenced a very underrated band known as Magna-FI. They only put out 2 records when they were together, but they were awesome. I recommend their album "VerseChorusKillMe".


    @T. Ray Handsome, first and foremost, feat. ex-members of Quicksand, Helmet and other legendary NYC bands. Check out the 'Needles' vid here on YT. Their one and only album (1997) was da bombay! - Also, Into Another - 'Seemless' (as well as 'Ignaurus'), another great NYC band feat. ex-members of Youth of Today, Whiplash and Bold.

    Paul Meadowlark

    SabuPtolemy I agree. Handsome was amazing. I still listen to them in 2018.

  86. halfpipefreak

    seen live on groezrock :D

  87. Justin Doss

    Such a FUCKING amazing band


    Such a fucking amazing opening track and album

  88. Brian Rook

    Saw them with Rage Against the Machine.  Yes.  It was sick.

    Martin Reis

    +Brian Rook Same for me in Montreal back in the day. Some pretty sweet and unique moments ! Heavy as fuck !


    American Theatre in Saint Louis on October 23, 1993. Stanford Prison Experiment, Quicksand and Rage Against the Machine. Awesome Show!

    jernt dood

    i can...imagine...

    Nick Clark

    OldBadReligionPunk I was there as well! We didn’t even know who SPE was, they were handing out free *tapes* hahaha. Absolutely glorious.

  89. Serpico's Beard

    Hell yes!

  90. xxxdaixxx


  91. Christian Dawson

    These riffs sound so much like Tool.

    Clint Mullins

    yerwrng Didn't J Maynards K. mom used to date the lead singer?

    stephane denis

    Î like Tool, and agree with you...but what is fun, is that that riff sounds a lot like "quicksand" from tool...

    justin ellis

    I have to say if anyone ripped the other off it would most likely be Tool ripping off the Quicksand sound. We all know Tool has been in question before for ripping off visual styles in their videos around 1993. Quicksand has a pretty solid history as sticking to what they are . Just a good American post hardcore band. What you see is what you get. Great band!

    Connor Ron

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that doesn’t make sense since tool came out before quicksand did


    So in other words the both sound like MELVINS.

  92. SlipDain

    Quicksand Best band ever. Safe to say I can't tell. Is every thing OK

  93. Tara G

    Hello. I am a new listener. I enjoy Deftones so I am looking for bands similar to their sound especially starting with their song Change to now. So far, this is the only band I find along the same lines; but I am wanting more sensual lyrics like Deftones. And it is cool to see Quicksand was a decade before! Thanks!


    You should also look up "Orange 9mm" and "jimmies chicken shack"

    Tara G

    Thank you for the song or band suggestions. I will check them out. :)


    Glassjaw, jawbox try that

    Tara G

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will check the bands out. ☺

  94. John Brunko

    @ Rawk4Life This IS emo you tard. These guys had more in common with Fugazi than Soundgarden.

  95. baphomick

    Good memories.

  96. BroadwayJoe99

    I really need to get this album again.

  97. Nenad Zivic

    those ppl are from old school NYHC scene from bands like Youth Of Today and Gorilla Buiscits. therefor this make this post hardcore in it's very begining. not grunge, no Tool-ish shyte. scene of it own. great stuff.

    Jake Dibiase

    It actually does sound like Tool meets Fugazi.

    Bama Bat 84

    Proving your stupidity by misspelling Biscuits and referring to the greatest living rock band, Tool, as "shyte," which u also misspelled. Well done, fuckhead.

    Ralph Richter

    Tool owns this band. It's not even close. Just saying.

    Bama Bat 84

    @Ralph Richter Damn right

    Luke Fernández

    Absolutely correct but it's spelled *Gorilla Biscuits. p.s. Tool is not "shyte" lmao. They are another amazing band.