Quicksand - Delusional Lyrics

I'm not impressed
You want to, tell me, so bad
Who is on your guest list, tonight
But I don't care

Save it for
One of your
Other friends
Or your many fans

Just think
Think solutional
We have a problem
We don't care, who you know
It's too bad that you think so
Next time you drop a name

Save it for
One of your
Other friends
Or your many fans

I'm not impressed
Lies, you tell best
And you want me to know
But I can't hear at all
But I can't hear at all
I can't hear at all
But I can't hear at all
I can't hear at all

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Quicksand Delusional Comments
  1. twisted view labs

    Remembering that I saw this band open for The Offspring in 1995 brought me here

  2. Sneedy Ketler-Baumbach

    I just realized that SNL did this as a sketch a few years ago. Pete Davidson was in the cast, and he still is as of late 2019.

  3. Dom Sansotta

    Beavis and Butthead anyone ?

  4. Skyowner Rocks

    Music Choice Retro Rock brought me here. Amazing band!!!

  5. Misheard rock and metal Lyrics

    Bevice and buthead brought me here

  6. Luquitagl

    Heavy as hell!

  7. the harmonizingfool

    No delusions here. I am hear. I have no problems.

  8. Walter Schreifels

    Delusional, I'm not impressed - Music like this is still being made today, search up 'Take A Look - HeadAche (Official Music Video)'

  9. jesse avard

    "JUST THINK...."

  10. David Wicks

    Is that Richie from Highlander in the backseat?

  11. Fred G

    Beavis & Butt-Head brought me here, good song.....

  12. 2u9h

    MTV superrock !

  13. Lee Smith

    this band is the best

  14. Crystal Henderson

    Walter is quite the dapper dresser!

  15. patrickreads89

    When Deftones got Sergio as their bassist i was curious what band he was in before joining Deftones so Wikipedia said it was Quicksand my life changed. Like holy shit! This band is incredible!

  16. Ruby Stevens

    is that the band??

  17. buzzcrushtrendkill

    Excellent band and front-to- back, great album. Out of NY hardcore Quicksand was born.

  18. Stephen Anderson

    16 people are delusional.

    Mike Schmidt

    +Stephen Anderson Will soon be 17. Shame.


    And I'm not impressed.

    Ed C. Manson

    same here.. not impressed


    Make that 20..

  19. William lynch

    fuck I miss this band!

    Phillip Richardson

    I'm right there with you. Glad to see some people appreciate this incredible band. Been listening to these guys today for the first time in years. Reminded me of how fuckin' great they were.

  20. underclassdamnriot

    sounds like Early Nickelback,anyone agree? haha

    Donhead Craig

    You must be on crack

    Donhead Craig

    and you should do research before posting stuff, Nickelback formed in 1995,.... So that's 5 years after Quicksand Released their first album. Slip was released in 1993, So i would say Nickelback tried to copy these guys and it failed and the result is,,, crappy Nickelback sound,,,


    Haha you gotta come to my birthday party with this joke


    Are you high?

    Chad deez

    Are you..... delusional?

  21. milkmanv1

    Beavis: Hey, that's the guy from Dumb and Dumber! 
    Butthead: Oh yeah. I think that's Dumb, uh huh huh.


    Great song but B&BH were right this video sucks...

    Glop Demon

    He looks way more like Joe Lo Truglio. The State was pretty popular on MTV at the time, people would have gotten the reference

  22. CidTheHorrorKid

    Beavis and Butthead :)

  23. Michael Stanislaus

    Dude, I'm 1000% in agreement with you, but this is where it's at right now. Anytime there's a good thing happening, corporate viruses have to stick their funky asses in there to fuck it all up. Welcome to the 21st century bro.

  24. NathrazaXis X.

    It's funny how vevo thinks we actually give a shit about digestive health.

  25. tauras88d

    Beavis & Butthead brings everybody here ..lol

  26. OzkarJohann

    Bravis and butthead brought me here!

  27. Derwood Ellington

    Well said sir!!!

  28. hatebreed516

    uuuuuuhhhh, nicki minaj is like, that hobo slumping hobo slut that beavis mentioned during that soundgarden video for black hole sun, hehe hehe

  29. RadGnarRad

    seriously big ups to Quicksand for not putting ads before these songs.

  30. hustache yannick


  31. Mike Mohn

    One scary bitch.

  32. Devon M


  33. Bizz


  34. Tomas Præstholm

    I think that's "Dumb"

  35. Dat Nigga

    "Hey, that's that guy from 'Dumb & Dumber'!"

  36. Clayton Grandia

    They kind of remind me slightly of 90s Tool on this album. But at the same time they have their own unique sound.

  37. desperauto

    What the FUCK is a Nicki Minaj?

  38. taccers

    Holy 30 Seconds to Mars, Batman!

  39. sfdungeon


  40. Rezonenz

    Developement is Growth

  41. Alejandra TG


  42. Stranger Echo

    It sounds like Vevo has failed mostly at targetting its ads. When will actual A&R catalogs start reflecting the long tail of YouTube?

  43. valdrag909

    quicksand was a great band. vevo can go suck a donkey's ass.

  44. TheMrjohhnyonthespot

    i still love this band, i havent seen the official video in years, and yes fuck vevo

  45. legionXTS

    VEVO is the cancer that is killing YouTube

  46. Serpico's Beard

    Vevo! I don't give a flying FUCK about Lady Gaga!
    Where is my quicksand video?

  47. Cesar García

    Great song

  48. killurtv319

    You Tube (
    is)will be Vevo soon its a set up!

  49. zullone

    @TheFallenWon what this mean? bears fo animals or bears for gay bear peoplle? :=)

  50. alex jose retamal muñoz

    @iceprincess31181 EXCELLENT........Bloody completely ........greetings

  51. Carlton Baker

    @stonerbook81 That "You've Seen the Butcher" video is so bloody good.

  52. Dat Nigga

    They should have called this "The facebook song".

  53. alex jose retamal muñoz


  54. David stoodlemyer

    @phinko Godsmack is awesome. But i respect your oppinion... no i dont >:[ your a dumb face!

  55. avalanchesoul

    wow. a vevo video that is actually playing and not freezing?! somebody pinch me; am i dreaming? is this a sign i should go buy a lottery ticket or something? thank you so much vevo, for actually doing what you're supposed to.

  56. Thomas Macias

    @TheFallenWon okayyy.

  57. Thomas Macias

    all these comments about vevo STFU. how about a comment on the video? amazing song, amazing band

  58. Plugaru C. Sebastian

    @TheFallenWon lolll, - no, vevo sucks HUGE horse cocks

  59. grendelsbeard

    your plain looking and sounding.

  60. Jeremy Barnes

    Respond to this video...

    Dear Vevo,  Let me start by sayin get your fuckin corporate asses off youtube! Ever since these big companies started paying off youtube so they could post their fucking videos we can't post ours. We are flagged for infringement evry time we include a song we like in our videos.

    This is YOUtube, the place where we can post OUR videos. If we wanted to listen to music from you we"d go to your fuckin stupid ass website.

    copy and post!!!!!!!

  61. CooCooAwesome

    Hello there fellow metalheads

    Instead of a Metal rebellion i propose a new plan

    1. Don't bash other metal artists, we need to unite. We cant fight against pop music if we arent even together

    2. Watch more and other metal videos to get it to the top of the youtube vid list

    3. Instead of bashing pop, promote metal with logical reasons, not just "METAL RULES"

    If you like this idea, thumbs it up JUST so people can see it, and also spread it around if you agree.

  62. driekone

    just love the beat and riff to this jam...and I would like to second that motion, Godsmack really does suck huge amounts of penis.

  63. Josh Bassett

    get a new computer noob

  64. livvyred

    this song still sounds so fresh and modern...I love Quicksand

  65. Neuronicism

    @anecsey I thought I was listening to Quicksand when I heard a song by Dark Suns.

  66. xniteshade

    Quicksand played their last show with the Deftones and Sick Of It All.
    It was amazing!!!

  67. iNDieS Stenger


  68. phinko

    Godsmack does NOT rock, They fuckin suck. How dare you bring them up in comparison to the All mighty QUICKSAND!

  69. Nate Tay

    @utusrnme I was just agreeing to what mairageseeks said. THis obviously isn't GodSmack.. I'm a GodSmack fan. So sorry about the misunderstanding. Have a nice day. Remember that I'm alive for you and awake because of you

  70. Nate Tay

    One oof their best ever. Just awesome vocals and lyrics. Gog Smack Rocks.

  71. mirageseekr


  72. Gary Brown

    i can hear it all.