Queens Of The Stone Age - Run, Pig, Run Lyrics

When I was young,
We used to play the game of hide and seek,
Someone'd go hide,
I count to ten.
You probably never played,
Instead you talk a game of sheep,
A skill you almost do perfect.

Run Pig Run.
Here I Come.

I am no saint and make no claims,
To being in the right,
Its just for now, I am wrong-less,
You probably wondering,
With what to do, this has with you,
I wanna play the game you missed.

Run Pig Run.
Here I Come.

There is no safe place,
There is no safe place,
There is no safe place to hide

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Queens Of The Stone Age Run, Pig, Run Comments
  1. yeahSOwhat

    Run piggy pop

  2. Tiidooh

    When I was young, we used to play the game called hide and seek
    Someone'd go hide, I'd count to ten
    You probably never played, instead you talked a game of sheep
    A skill you almost do perfect
    Run, pig, run
    Here I come
    Woo, hoo, hoo, run
    Woo, hoo, hoo, run
    Woo, hoo, hoo, run
    I am no saint and make no claims to being in the right
    It's just for now, I am wrong less
    You're probably wondering with what to do this has with you
    I wanna play the game you missed
    Run, pig, run
    Here I come
    There is no safe place
    There is no safe place
    There is no safe place to hide
    Woo, hoo, hoo, run
    Woo, hoo, hoo, run
    Woo, hoo, hoo, run

  3. David McKee

    Sounds like a mastodon song

  4. RiceReaper

    I was super baked one time and I got super paranoid while listening to this song. Thought this guy was following me - I ran like a mad man

  5. Alt

    Damn good closing to the album. Couldn't have picked a better finale myself.

  6. Erick Ramonetti


  7. Jack Knight

    MEGA64 brought me here. Love QOTSA since time. Now I must listen to their full discography

  8. Anodos Arcade

    Thanks Mega64. Havent heard this one!

  9. Koukol & FSG

    Those riffs sounds to me like Killing Joke. 😁😂😂

  10. Laura Mizzon

    There is no safe place to hide.

  11. StivenDedalus

    I play this in my head when i catch arta in WoT

  12. Ophiuchus123456789

    I wish they made that wolf video to this song. It would've come across a lot more eerie.

  13. Vlad Dracul

    Except for the 16 dickheads that gave this a thumbs down. Those children should be shot.

  14. Lloyd Wander

    Incredible song. I DO fucking love how guitars communicate in it. They answer to each others. So freaking good! Era Vulgaris is THE album of DRUG. I think that not a lot of bands know how to make their instruments talk. You have this guitar talking, it is crying, laughing, crying, laughing. Like a seagull. Run, Pig, Run is like being in a Western, on Acid. I don't do drugs but it seems quite coherent to me...
    A crazy track : the whistling, the drum part, the silences, the echoes, everydamnthing!

  15. karrina kiss


  16. Jamie Bigham

    OK now everyone go listen to the 1.27 mark of L'orient la Rouge by Kocani Orkestar. It'll blow your mind. 9yrs before this was recorded

  17. Joe Tomasso

    Lesser known, underrated gem of a track. Era Vulgaris rocks I don't care what anyone says.

  18. Groove Hammer

    this album is trippy as fuck, didn't like it at first but if you mix this album with psychedelic drugs all of a sudden something clicks.....

  19. MrShowbiz9

    I get the bridge stuck in my head way too often. And often, it's for days.

  20. Jamie Bigham

    Okay kiddos. Listen to Kocani Orkestar's 'L'orient Est Rouge' around 1.30 mark

  21. Ante Peović

    You can clearly see the influence of weed in this song in particular.These weird ass riffs,sounds and transitions are so stoerish ,i know i get ideas similar like these when high

    Not Overwatch

    Die weed die

  22. Christina Henson

    this song inspired me to buy my first rubber fist.
    now I just turn it up, turn over and Fist pump that ass all night long ;)

    Donnie mills



    Well, I can't imagine you will ever suffer constipation ever again.

  23. nworbrelytthefirst

    hey internet wiz kids! can anyone splice the intro to this and suture up your future using fancy editing voodoo? i got really fucked up last night and did it with two phones and strategic pausing but it would be much cooler if i didn't have to do anything.


    I'll do it for 10 billion ZWL

  24. Rex Banner

    I imagine police officers being outnumbered by regular people and having to actually run when I listen to this. Love ya QOTSA.

  25. Walder Frey of the Twins.

    I wish the audio quality was better. It sound kinda muffled.

  26. Gonkosan Roberto

    It's really fucking weird. I think I'm the only person on earth who thinks this is their best, eeriest song.


    It always sounds frickin terrible live though, I've never known a sound system do it proper justice :(


    I have this in my top 10 qotsa songs. Problem is, so many to choose from. Auto Pilot is always one I can listen to over and over again, though.

  27. Staley Pharmaceuticals

    This is on my Zombie Apocalypse playlist. I will gleefully crack skulls to this.

    Diglett Texano

    Staley Pharmaceuticals this is my black ops zombie playlist to play

  28. Perrin Seelye

    These are some of QotSA's best riffs.Era Vulgaris is a great fucking album

  29. chris v


  30. kevin spicer

    picking a favorite queens album is like picking a favorite child.

    nike warner

    sophies choice for sure....but i might have to go with this one. but the new one 'villians' is really effing good too. but then songs for the deaf is really good.....but then like clockwork has some really strong moments........oh forget it....


    kevin spicer so true

    Pedro Ferreira

    I think their debut is my favorite...

    No Body

    it's easy when you lock them all down in a basement


    the first 5 are amazing. the last 2 are not comparable to them.

  31. Fruitless Worship

    pandemic by devin townsend gives a similar feel. i love music god damn


    just listened and definitely hear the similarity. was NOT expecting an intense metal song like that though lol.

    Nicklaus Kindelberger

    slushpuppie19 Oh yeah, he won't reply (probably) but I've always loved Devin Townsend. This song always annoyingly gets stuck in my head so I avoid it, even though it's one of their catchiest ones.

  32. Shawn Murphy

    I came up with a crazy thing here. The Pirate being the thief. The Smoking Bulb being the Crack Head. Come together in the shadow of power, is you see the black on their screws.

  33. Kate Smith


  34. jlaesch

    this is easily my favorite album by them, rocks so hard


    +jlaesch other than rated R

  35. Taylor Perkins

    That drum riff

  36. Daniel Wach

    Reminds me of Mr. Bungle.

    Such a cool song.

  37. Jheniboo

    this song makes me want to have awesome foreplay

    Star Lord

    +Jheniboo nice idea :)


    +Jheniboo This song makes me want "F" some "S"up! :)

    Nicklaus Kindelberger

    Qeqe Qeq I don't think Queens of the stone age fans care very much either, lol.

    Maxmel Memke


  38. Pistol Whipped

    My two fav QOTSA albums r Era Vulgaris and Lullabies to paralyse

  39. Please Stop

    Once an album reviewer gave this a 6.4 saying "Leaving queens fans to trudge back to earlier albums for the fix they crave". He even complained about the bridge in this song. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT GUY?

    mark elkalady


    Nicklaus Kindelberger

    Franz Farmer Yeah, I bet that reviewer could do better anyways. What a badass. Lol.

  40. rotamina

    I love all their albums. They are never boring no matter how many times you listen to them. They are really fun.

  41. eindecker1000

    Quite possibly the most under-appreciated album of theirs... It's brilliant start to finish.


    @eindecker1000 +100


    Good album, but it's strange sound marks it out from the rest.
    Its still the worst album they've made though


    eff off! I was so hyped for lullabies to paralyse I made it my email address, but THAT is their worst album to date lol. don't get me wrong, it has some incredible songs on it, but era vulgaris easily topped it. i can't even listen to lullabies to paralyse all the way through, it really is lullabies to paralyse. i don't know why i was surprised lol.


    You missed River in the Road!! And literally all the others lol, it really is great all the way through. Disagree with you about their debut though, that was another work of art from start to finish imo!


    Quite possibly the most under-appreciated GUITAR SOLOS of theirs... It's brilliant start to finish.

  42. Geo. H.

    Devin, bury your guitar in pig shit for a month ! If that doesn't work buy a better guitar! You'll probably have to @ that point anyway!  2nd option? buy a better amp!

  43. Todd Cooney

    Forgot about this awesome song until I heard "L'orient est rouge" on NPR last night and couldn't remember where else I heard the breakdown from that song. Run, Pig, Run it is.

  44. Devin Vega

    I need to know how to make my guitar sound this dirty...

  45. Devin Vega

    I need to know how to make my guitar sound this dirty...

  46. Devin Vega

    I need to know how to make my guitar sound this dirty...

    Simon Hugo

    You gotta abuse it

  47. hexaplex

    that riff at 1:37 is fucking delicious

  48. roqueofspades

    .... I choose listen to the song....

  49. Dean Stone

    just listen to the song or blow me

  50. João Victor Daijó

    wohoho oaaah

  51. João Victor Daijó

    wohoho oaaah

  52. manfromcydonia

    Max FUCKİN Cady

  53. mrroboto790

    oh no, not a thumbs down. what will i do? and the true irony here is that i'm a titty baby and the kid who whined for 7 lines isn't.

  54. Cardinal205

    Thumbs down for being a titty baby.

  55. mrroboto790

    94 thumbs up for a paragraph-long bitchfest on youtube? damn.

  56. squeezeslemons

    1:37 that is all.

  57. Sean McCoy


  58. L0ngfellow9

    so... right.

  59. bonzilla63

    This is the funniest shit I will read in a month's time. Not to mention right fucking on. But so, so funny. Man you should be writing for HBO:):)

  60. Axellson

    haha... that is excellent

  61. Spaghettaboutit

    @Axellson I'm am NOT joking -youtube search this-

    Kocani orkestar L'orient est rouge

    -you will shit yourself when you hear it, just do it!

  62. AngryLeaf

    This is either about killing cops *pigs* or killing people who heavily bullied someone. Some of the songs on this album have a theme of not fitting in.

  63. YoMMaMa88

    This song is wierd

  64. Canyon Runner

    @AnEpicNotusedName I'm pretty sure Josh helped produce that.

  65. AnEpicNotusedName

    beginning reminds of a song from humbug

  66. Tobias Harris

    @Necromonger27 i agree but im not gonna like it cause 57 is mah favourite number!!
    but seriously

  67. Thomas Bridge

    @Necromonger27 YES there is a way. The way I do it, is to not read it. Although I can see how maybe you want humanity to stop being lame. Do you want them to pick up their game? By replying to theyre shit you're probably just spreading it. But fuck it, sometimes it just feels good to complain.

  68. Axellson

    the riff that kicks in at 1:37 always gets me. it's everything that's awesome about this band.

  69. Axellson

    @Necromonger27 ^rage-gasm

  70. davethehostage

    @Necromonger27 Ahhhhh. That comment made me jizz in my Bieber-branded undies.

  71. Dredknot6

    1 person is the pig.

  72. Ryan Moseley

    someone go hide, I count to ten

  73. Vev0Sux

    @Necromonger27 Straight up man, i like the way you put it haha

  74. SOB044

    whats wrong with eargasms? you know not everyone can do it baby.

  75. Dale M. Chatwin

    @Necromonger27 Everytime i listen to this song every muscle in my body spasms, my face turns red and strains as I release a thick jet of creamy spunk all over my face! ;D

  76. Eval O.G.

    @Necromonger27 chill out bro that's what the music is for

  77. Bruno Santos

    @MatchesBowie Excellent reply. Game Set. Match.

  78. Undeath Core

    run fuckiNG pig ............ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.... >:(

  79. Weakboy100

    I wish there would be a Queens of the Stone Age karaoke game on Wii. Or something else good like Metallica. Every time there is a karaoke event my friends organise, there are mostly crappy mainstream songs I do not know. I may be a crap singer, but I can do the "Woohoohoo...Aaah" bit song on this song quite well.

  80. Sean McCoy

    2:56 whistle! so excellent

  81. Sean McCoy

    shear epicness

  82. Ben Coleman Sounds

    This is heavy as hell.

  83. 300daysandnights

    @Necromonger27 or people bitching about other people bitching about other people and so on and so forth?

  84. Der0Nibelung

    Reading this just gave me an eye-gasm...

  85. eightsixsixfive

    @unclejohn2007 joshe homme's sang on a couple of their songs. 'Colony of Birchmen' most notably.

  86. AntiS7ar

    This makes me want to go out and manhunt some motherfucker down!
    QOTSA fucking pwns!

  87. troy mihalcheon

    @Necromonger27 your saying your not getting off to this? i think somebodys shy. plus you didnt hear anything but qotsa. you just saw some retarded comments is all

  88. unclejohn2007

    this song reminds me of mastodon

  89. Daren Watt

    @Necromonger27 dude.......im just as fed up as you...its quite ridiculous and what pisses me off the most is that these retarded comments always tend to make it to the top and then you have remaining swarm down at the bottom :/

  90. Shawn Murphy

    i love the guitar at the end just after 3:55

  91. lecrapauddejerri9

    One of the best on this album. Not their best album I must say, but still good.

  92. BongOfDestinySH

    I may want to copypasta this comment to multiple videos, just for the irony

  93. tom harding

    epic tune

  94. silenteyes333

    @Necromonger27 Amen.

  95. Necromonger27

    Can I go to a fucking video that I like, and not hear a) something retarded to do with Justin Beiber or b) hearing about some neck-beard ejaculating in his pants (c'mon we all know they don't wear them at the computer) or "eargasm" how fucking old is that? who the fuck jizzes in their pants to music, besides two-pump chumps? QOTSA fucking rocks I don't need to hear about your perverted sexual deviancy or how much you closet-lust for Justin Beiber...

  96. aaabbbeee

    1:37 - 1:52 massages my prostate.......

  97. Hajikkaki

    @skateboardNsnow44 TO HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE