Queens Of The Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu Lyrics

You wanna know if I know why?
I can't say that I do,
I don't understand the evil eye,
Or how one becomes two.
And I just can't recall what started it all,
Or how to begin in the end,
I ain't here to break it,
Just see how far it will bend,
Again and again,

I wanna make it,
I wanna make it wit chu,
Anytime, anywhere,
I wanna make it,
I wanna make it wit chu,

Sometimes the same is different,
but mostly it's the same
these mysteries of life, that just ain't my thing
if I told you that I knew about the sun and the moon,
I'd be untrue,
The only thing I know for sure
Is what I wanna do,
anytime, anywhere and I say

I wanna make it, (again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu,
Anytime, anywhere,
I wanna make it, (again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu,
I wanna make it, (anytime, anywhere)
I wanna make it wit chu,
I wanna make it,
I wanna make it wit chu.

I wanna make it, (again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu,
I wanna make it, (anytime, anywhere)
I wanna make it wit chu,
I wanna make it, (again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu,
I wanna make it, (again and again and again and again and again..)

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Queens Of The Stone Age Make It Wit Chu Comments
  1. Marmalade Man

    😢 i forgot to remember to forget.

  2. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

    Channel: So High Man

    Metoo man.....



  3. Lilly Lacouette

    Best discovery I’ve made all year.

  4. Pedro Torres

    What kind of music is this?

  5. Nat Franco

    can someone get the instrumental?
    I WOULD LOVE IT!! plz :(

  6. Fizalex

    Fell asleep listening to hotline Minaj music and woke up to this playing. I've never heard this song before but happy youtube autoplayed it for me, definitely has some hotline miami vibes. So glad I found a new song I like conpletley by accident.

  7. Ayden Geerligs

    god this again.... seriously im still pissed off from the last video i watch with a stooopid hat.... wat gives me? lol i rock.

  8. Ernest Duenas

    I'll play this when I have sex, drive, laying down, drinking alone, mooding, when anxiety attacks.

    Slikniks _

    Wow all at the same time?



  9. Rawsawn

    When the remix is better than the original 👀

    Baden Fitzmaurice

    It is close, but actually better? I'm not so sure about that...

  10. CodeJunkies

    Amazing cyberpunk sound track.

    If you like this check out "80s synthwave mix" and its some quality shit

  11. Pramish Pokharel

    I edited this song with clip of Simpsons..


  12. Existential Delusion

    fuck you

  13. Spencer Corkum

    I like how this song didn't lose its feel with the remix. Well done indeed

    Pramish Pokharel

    I edited this song with clip of Simpsons..


  14. luckymunky42

    Not really a remix is it tho.. Just a cover, a note for note copy if you will.

  15. C Bailey

    Man this is a mood

  16. Leonidas Raissis

    2020 vibes?

    not asking for likes btw

  17. shinesobright forever

    This is my favorite thing right now

    Pramish Pokharel

    I edited this song with clip of Simpsons..


  18. Elad Aspen

    is that major???

  19. Sandra Ruiz


    Sandra Ruiz


    Juan Cruz cardona

    el conocimiento es poder

  20. Carlos

    Música e imagens sensacionais, fico chapado só de ouvir

  21. core bry

    This remix has more views than the original

  22. Activist Voor Rechten Van Kaas

    I have a hunch that this is gonna be picked up on tik tok...

  23. Holden McKenzie

    i love to danger wank to this

  24. Văn Thái Trần

    Play this song to test the bass on my new headphone.
    Pressed repeat 3 times now.

    Nik Bieghler

    Are you insane

  25. Thomas Matta

    great song 2 make love😍😍😍😍😍

  26. Filip Skorupski

    I need this song on cd-orginal remix plz

  27. Tarq's Picks

    I was surprised at the quality of this song from a band I have never heard of.

  28. Lucky man

    Our little wonder🌹

  29. Isle Of Dead Memes

    Why does Echo Rose have this and dancing saved in a playlist? Like maybe it’s nothing but idk man we talking about the creator of Daisy Brown.

  30. Ciuy R

    this song upgrades people

    J Hutson

    It did me.

  31. Nat Franco

    Can someone upload this but in karaoke mode???
    Please like to get it!!

  32. Lord Shelbob

    This is something i'd listen too whenever i'm driving into a city i've never been to.

  33. inko

    more songs like this? please

  34. Tesco Value Memes

    This has more views than the original music video lmao


    Hell yeah

  36. StewPac

    This is basically the music that gives the 80s futuristic vibe. The 2080s vibes

  37. Ethan Fontaine Armstrong

    at 1.5x speed it sounds like a furi ost

  38. Мистер Дом

    нормальная была песня,потом какой-то мудак пришел и начать петь свою хуйню

  39. Nicolas Giliberti

    Why is nobody talking about that OUTRAGEOUS SOLO. OMFG its so good that it hurts when it ends.

  40. Tasha Atkins

    On repeat,bow chica wow wow💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌👌

  41. DemonRazor88

    I want a make a pikachu.

  42. El Siro Juarez

    Futuree (Y)

  43. Default Male Orc

    this remix is a sexual tyrannosaurus

  44. Joel Vetsch

    Awesome remix

  45. Ahmed Ben moussa

    What is this genre called? I love this kind of music but I don't know how to look it up


    Its a synth/synthwave remix of a different track.

  46. Mihalis Psychedelic Real Eyes

    So psychedelic it makes me wanna, pink floyd and follow the white rabbit and then paint it black. Enjoy world. Peace to everyone.

  47. Kimberly Halbrook

    This song might as well have a different band name. Not sure I'm into this new dancy vibe but I guy guess you gotta keep up with the trend

  48. russ bond

    seriusly you are talking absolute bollocks, and in an absolutely nice way. But you are conditioned by your environent : )

  49. ScUzamaki 3

    Trust me, this song is great to listen to on a sunny day in the heat while toking on something strong. Great remix and thanks to the person who put this on YouTube so I could find it. If anyone is wondering this is actually on spotify

  50. Bob Sloppy

    It's pretty cool until you realize it's very repetitive/

  51. Sid Jain

    For some reason youtube keeps bringing me to this song no matter what I'm listening to and I always end up listening anyway. it's been four years

    Diego Torres

    same lol

  52. luis felipe azevedo Giacomin

    Why virgin magnetic never won a Grammy for best remix?
    I think he is the best remixer of all time.

  53. Kim B

    I made it so many times to this song, I'm telling you.

  54. Lucas Gianello


  55. pranjal choudhary

    guitar solo <3

  56. Harold Ruiz

    worst version

  57. chevyvoodoo

    Digital Erotica.

  58. Chief Lief


  59. mama giorgi

    it hits you holy #$%@

  60. Красавчик лайф

    set speed on x1.5 make it better

  61. Mohiuddin Abro

    This is a kick-ass song. Glad I discovered it accidentally.

    Heiko Weideman

    Like how penicillin was accidentally found ;)

    Siliano Ferrari

    If you like this kind of sound you must listen to

  62. Ataraxia

    Look at that cover. Straight outta Neuromancer. I love it.

  63. La Sombra Del LoBo

    Listen to this sped up to x1.25

  64. Peters Wellington The 3rd

    Sweet ! Nice music art!

  65. Taqueria On The Moon


  66. Professor Leonardo Luis

    1.5 the best

  67. Max Hodge

    Nice video

  68. Magda Esteves

    I want a Pikachu !

  69. Connor Coulson

    So much better than the original.

  70. The Real Cup of Joe

    Slow it down to .75 you won't regret it

  71. corvo 333

    peido de mosquito ein

  72. Paul Willgoss

    Choochy choo....

  73. creator Space

    That's a good one.

  74. Neena Satzuki

    UNKLE remix of No One Knows is soooooooo good. Yall gotta scope it out if you haven't already

  75. Rahul Nair

    Listening to this song and walking alone in night in bright moonlight is amazing 😍

  76. Zeynep Elru

    such an artwork

  77. Peter Burg

    1.25 speed much better

  78. Sunny B Vibes

    Guns locked and loaded, knives hidden in their sleeves, they walked towards the bar. Around them, the coal burned and flared flames that the factories breathed. It's eyrie glow illuminated their grim faces behind sharp hats. They walked with intent. They walked with purpose. They walked... to kill.

  79. d4unit

    Am I the only person who didn’t care that much for this remix?

  80. Zuzana Fialova

    This is sooooooooo good

  81. Oscar Walton

    This could be a Gorillaz soung


    I first heard it on a twitch streamers channel and I thought it was the gorrilaz it has that vibe

  82. Cyborg Commander

    This should totally be the opening music to cyberpunk 2077

  83. Michael McCulloch

    Actually love this.. one of my favourite remixes of all time. Very nicely done 👌🏻👌🏻

  84. Tiago Lima

    nice pra caralho!

  85. Fede Carrica

    x1.25 <3

  86. Tanith Bramhill

    Not enjoyed hearing a new song this much in a while

  87. Little.Ass-Kicker

    What style is this?

  88. Patrick Tulit

    I wanna Pika
    I wanna Pikachu

  89. Daniel Fontes

    this song contains some copyright ???

  90. Ruby Delgadillo

    The intro to this song sounds like GTA loading screen music

  91. Summerfish83

    1.5x speed is the only way to listen

  92. Mattia Aspesani

    i want this in cyberpunk 2077, maybe in background playing in a pub during a cutscene!