Queens Of The Stone Age - I Think I Lost My Headache Lyrics

You know why
They called and just let it ring
No reply
The door was open, I swear
Ain't no use in picking up
You know why

It's all my head, I know
So they tell me so
Until my head explodes
Into my head it goes

Taste so good
Oh, but I knew it would
Taste so good
Burn like a match house
Medicate just to make you soft
Love is blind

Can't you release me?
What the hell were they thinking of?
You know why

It's all my head, I know
So they tell me so
Until my head explodes
Into my head it goes

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Queens Of The Stone Age I Think I Lost My Headache Comments
  1. steve patton

    I played this on the jukebox at a bar and they had to turn it off. I forgot about the long boring part at the end.

  2. handymandan100

    Last three minutes courtesy of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, warming up for a N’Awleans style funeral

  3. Callum

    The drum and guitar outro reminds of the outro of I Want You (She's So Heavy) by The Beatles. Definitely similar vibes. This song is this century's equivalent to it. Especially with how hype the guitar and drums get as the outro goes along.

  4. ABURN Piano Covers

    fkcn master piece along 21st century schyzoid man and the national anthem

  5. Paula Williams

    Love love 💕

  6. tapia gan

    The trumpets just make this song the best

  7. homucifer eats madoka's pink puss*

    Comedown anthem

  8. thesoulman573

    I just listened ti this for the first time ever. It's my new favorite song!

  9. anonagain

    My cats don't like this song.

  10. Peter Hassett

    Frickin fantastic!

  11. Zebulous

    This song reminds me of the isolation of being a white heroin dealer in the ghetto. Don’t ask.

    Andres López

    Relax nobody is asking you loser

  12. Star Lord

    The solid single guitar sound is wild

  13. BizandBiz

    one of my top 5 fave qotsa songs

  14. Eric Portillo

    Nothing says qotsa than an suv commercial

  15. Ching Yang

    This song makes me feel very silly by the end of it

  16. christoph wagger

    Omfg i midded zitadell lol back ones again

  17. IAmKrow

    This has to be one of the most paranoid songs ever. Fucking love it.

  18. URZALA

    ça refléte pas la puissance des concerts

  19. Alvaro Moreira Benicá

    I'm high. That's all

  20. Rock Barcellos

    I fucking love the xilophone in this

  21. King

    That xylophone though

  22. King

    Playing this for friends never works out toward the end.

  23. ralph K.J

    The ending cracked me the fuck up

  24. Damian Khan

    Was the trumpet purposely there to insinuate a fucking headache

  25. Nick Name

    The abrupt ending is the best part


    Nick Name considering the song's about suicide

  26. proxy4

    Remembers me of my cluster headache 😁🤣😂

  27. kieran testa

    I think even Josh Homme said in an interview he thought the ending of this song was obnoxious. I think he said it was "abusively long" lol



  28. Ed Coyte

    The trumpets help me with my constipation

  29. Gabriela Espinoza Picado

    Fucking genius, I fucking love this song

  30. Guy Frantz

    Bonjour, i saw the band for the first time in november 07/2017 for the "Villains World Tour" and trust me this song it was awesome for me to listen in real .....i just want return at another show, thanks guys for all this good albums.

  31. HDM Reviews

    I love it, but I got a headache when those damn horns kicked in. Felt like it would never end!

  32. willy brown

    This song is shit. I could make a better song in middle school playing the recorder with my ass.

    Red Venom

    willy brown nobody really cares

    tapia gan

    Well.. you will never be the the talented as josh is

    tapia gan

    This song is not a shit, but the final part just arruined the song

  33. low

    tun tana tan tan tanananam

  34. Nicklaus Kindelberger

    That end part sounds Sweet in double spped


    Haha sounds like John Zorn

  35. Roxy C

    How does one fall in love with lyrics alone. 😍😍

  36. Ralf Koch

    Great! Thanx

  37. Ulises Roser

    Esta música es mierda pura!

    tapia gan

    En buen sentido?

  38. Tyler King

    Im being eaten alive by the guitar tone

    More Heavy

    Tyler King same

  39. LimeTime Music

    The end of this song gave me nightmares as a child, I'm not even joking

    HDM Reviews

    😂 Same here man, I grew up with Queens and I've always loved this one


    I was 20 years old and had fun times on acid and booze when it came out. Fuck I feel old now :)


    I know. I had the mistake of leaving this in my bedroom’s 5-cd disc changer playing as I fell asleep. The very last song that played on random out of all 5 cds was this song. I woke up freaked the fuck out at that very final shrieking key of F.

  40. Brain Dead

    Listening to this while drunk makes me feel like shit with a purpose

  41. Ishan Dave

    15/4 motherfuck

    Honcho von Sexron

    Ishan Dave 15/8

  42. Brad Maxwell

    where am I

  43. Fast Savannah

    This is stealing from, though improving, "Wheels of Confusion" from Sabbath. Just a bit... innit?

  44. SaveTheMudokons

    I like this feeling

  45. Sammy Pisciotta

    is the ending in 15/8 time?

    Intentionally Blank

    i think
    intro: 6/8
    verve\chorus: 4/4
    bridge: (6/8) x2 then (3/4) x1
    out: 5/4


    Intentionally Blank it's compound, not simple meter. So, it actually is 15/8.

    t down templedown

    yes?? and a 1 and a 2 and a 3.... etc etc. the intro and outro is in 15/8, 4/4 verses. mr homme is a sick puppy :D great track though.

  46. Ray Anders

    As someone who's had a lot of bad headaches...this song :)

  47. Jason Dattler

    Best part starts at 5:38

    Radical Pacifist

    The best part actually starts at 0:00

  48. Nairolf0007

    remindes me of baker street (by gerry rafferty)

  49. The Rusty Cutlass

    Is that a steel drum?

    The Rusty Cutlass

    @GC heeel yeah, gotta love qotsa's versatility

    David Jatt

    yes, why shouldnt it?


    Thought it was a xylophone

  50. OFIDH

    One of the best from QOTSA

    David Jatt

    oh yes. I love this.

  51. José Ives Amancio Pinheiro

    he lost his headache and i found it

    The Great Sloth Lord

    Now for an ear rape version of the trumpet bit and your head will be exploding.

  52. ill76 Mao

    The door was open I SWEAR!!!!!!!!! You Fucking KNOW WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 1976/????

    Randy Avila

    ill76 Mao acid?

  53. John Stapleton

    Song starts at 0:45

    I Try and be Nice

    ...No it doesn't...?

  54. Taylor Perkins

    This son got rid of my headache. Then it gave me a new one.

  55. LardBucket

    This song is the embodiment of a hangover

    Mike L

    ^ This.

    The Great Sloth Lord

    To me, it just sounds like the life of Jimmy Nutron after intense bonding with his father.

    Om H

    LardBucket, (by judging your propic...) you look like the embodiment of a hangover yourself.

  56. liprincessprincess

    Listening to this song several years ago while walking down a gridlocked NYC street was summer perfection for me.

    David Jatt

    really? so you didnt like, get laid or anything?

  57. sanjurodog

    Great ending..perfect. lol Thanks, I needed that.

  58. caius Williams

    it didnt cure my headache

  59. Please Stop

    I think I just lost my headache. Then got another.

  60. manixpc

    Sounds like old silverchair

    Methedrine Radio

    @manixpc U KIDDIN'?

    Far Djerad

    2:04 yeah it's similar as "Freak" of the band Silverchair

    Davi Silva

    Sabbath - Wheels of Confusion

  61. Metzengerstein

    I think I just got the headache he lost.

  62. Cedric Yutronic

    Nice fucking song.

  63. Louis Addeo-Weiss

    Homme's guitar playing just says Sabbath-circa '71 Master of Reality

    David Antolinez

    @Louis Addeo-Weiss The more I listen Kyuss, Hawkwind, early QOTSA, Orange Goblin or bands like'em, the more I Love MASTER OF REALITY

    Louis Addeo-Weiss



    The very first time I heard kyuss I said to myself "oh, a new black Sabbath, fuckin awesome!" Josh is one of my biggest heros. And I don't even play guitar haha

  64. Nathan11100

    I think this song gave me a headache from those horns.

  65. D. Sloot


  66. Ariel T. Yujra

    El mejor tema del mundo, completo en todos los sentidos
    No puedo parar de oirlo

    Draugoll Belac

    +Ariel T. Yujra Yo si escucho mucho tiempo el final me empieza a doler la cabeza :'v curioso no?

  67. OhMyGodZilla

    I'm trying to figure out what this song is talking about. Could someone help me please ? I thought first that it was talking about opiates, and now I think he could talk about sex.  I'm french and sometimes it's hard to understand everything. Even after having translated the lyrics...

    José Ives Amancio Pinheiro

    I dont think so . maybe it's about paranoia or depression

    Rob Rotz

    I always felt it was the paranoia one feels when they suspect a partner of infidelity

    Rob Rotz

    And the trumpets in the end represent a sounding of alarms

    Diego B-M

    This whole album is really all connected to a man who abused drugs and alcohol because of his girlfriend cheating on him. He does this to a cycle until he eventually goes to work, the song before this. This song indicates that he's tying the rope around his neck and pointing the gun to his mouth, the trumpets are the voices in his head telling him to do it, do it, do it. While the squeezing trumpet is a voice in his head telling him nooooo don't do it! As the end tempo gets faster and the trumpets get louder over the squealing trumpet. When the songs end abruptly, is indicating us that the voices convinced him and he killed himself. Ending the song abruptly

    Clint Mullins

    Diego B-M No!!! They woke him up
    (and the car alarm outside...
    They're all dancing on your head like skeletons on a casket

  68. bombadilian

    One of my fave QOTSA songs.

  69. MrRafting


    michael betlej

    MrRafting except possibly 'bones. Never trust an instrument that changes shape while you play it. Trust me I've been there bro


    BRASS AGAINST. you're welcome

  70. Dick Dastardly

    QOTSA featuring the Josti Band horn section....

  71. Shakeawhat

    I listened to this song while high. Creepiest shit ever.




    @Snake that is not something to be proud of.

    Happyingaloshes Weiland

    Currently on lsd

    mathew scott

    @Happyingaloshes Weiland Forever Weiland

    Happyingaloshes Weiland

    @mathew scott A true inspiration in my life

  72. Ashley Mather

    I fell asleep on my bus home from work the other day, woke up to the last 3 minutes of this song, lost my shit, I didn't feel real life for a good 10 seconds

    wv vw

    lettucefase idk i've fallen asleep to Rated R three times slept through it every time

    Alex Herrera

    That's my absolute favorite part of the whole song

    Sweet Meats

    I had a similar experience with "IMDABES"

    CroMa 19883


  73. gogolplex74

    by 1%, I thought it would be barely noticable

  74. A F-P

    pitch sounds weird to me, it wasn't altered, was it?


    Good on you. We three people noticed.

  75. Brian Wensing

    Indeed so, but it says not configured for mobile....


    Boo hoo

  76. gogolplex74

    I think there is already the whole album uploaded

  77. Brian Wensing

    Someone needs to post this whole record.... Great stuff.

  78. GaRuMu123

    FINALLY studio version! Thanks :D

  79. Yumi Duhinsos

    Dude, thank you :D