Queens Of The Stone Age - I Sat By The Ocean Lyrics

I sat by the ocean and drank a potion, baby to erase you
Face down in the Boulevard, yet I couldn't face you
There ain't no use in crying It doesn't change anything
So baby what good does it do?
Your friends, they all sympathize
Maybe, I don't need them too

Imagine I'd be your one and only
Instead I'm the lonely one

You, me and a lie
Silence is closer
We're passing ships in the night

There's nowhere to run away
"Boy if you want love, you'll have to go and find it with someone new"
"Do you know who you really are? Are you sure it's really you?"
Lies are a funny thing
They slip through your fingertips because they never happened to you
Time wounds all the heals as we fade out of view

Imagine I'd be your one and only
Instead I'm the lonely one

You, me and a lie
Silence is closer
We're passing ships in the night

You, me and a lie
Silence is closer
We're passing ships in the night

Into the night
Left with nowhere to hide

Closer and closer
We're crashing ships in the night

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Queens Of The Stone Age I Sat By The Ocean Comments
  1. Ricky Bear

    When you try to sing this song yourself & hit those notes, that's when you realise just how great Josh Homme is.

  2. Neil Childs

    Honestly I prefer the acoustic version of I sat by the ocean.

  3. Josh Whisnant

    Josh Hommes has been a rock god for 20 25 years. Look up Kayos.

  4. Brandon

    Just an Incredible cover, seems effortless for these guys to perform at this level.

    Alvaro Durand

    Brandon it’s no cover


    @Alvaro Durand I realise. I was drunk and didn't read the title.

  5. Indivisible

    His voice keeps getting more beautiful

  6. Luka Muren


  7. Bryan Lettow

    I almost like this better than the original

  8. Jordan Parkyn

    Have you noticed how time does not exist when Josh plays

  9. jzm

    Homme's voice is like velvet lightly brushing on my ears.

  10. Jack ole

    He`s got a great voice.

  11. American Pancake


  12. ASDF

    So fucking amazing, I hope this doesn't get taken down ever.

  13. HeyItsDex!

    globo rural

  14. Parker Minter

    That poor guys rockin out with an apple

  15. Daniel Avital

    Love how he interrupts. "thanks a lot Troy!" then ignores him when he replies "well there we go then!"

  16. Edu

    Jeez, he actually knows how to sing! I mean, he's always drunk/high when they play live.

  17. Steven Gilchrist

    No bad for yanks

  18. Douglas Alexander

    Why does dave keep showing up? Oh maybe hes good? Naw hes fantastic!

  19. mementoVIDEOS

    thats the best G-String in the world.


    yep the world.


    For me......this recording is with me for life. If youtube dies... I'm throwing out all my G strings into the ocean to deliberatley pollute. Go fuck yourself.


    so people might of picked faults with this song. nup. One for the ages, poetic amazing musicianship. My top 5, always known. Congrats to production staff, fucking thanks for making me feel a touch of what of how good that day was.


    so perfect for me, thanks artists.

  20. Lin Legyptien

    J'apprécie énormément ! C'est vraiment un bon groupe !

  21. Eva Legovic

    I love how at the beginning they're like "Meh, let's do Ocean, somebody will probably screw up but whatever", and then they do a performance with almost 4 million views that I listened on repeat for 3 consecutive days when I first discovered it and still get goosebumps on absolutely every part of it

  22. ashleykeenum1

    Does anyone know if Josh is using an octave pedal here?

  23. Libero Beissnagel

    Ein wirklich geiles Stück Musik. Irgendwie das Gegenteil zu deutschem Weichei-, Wein- und Kastraten-Pop.

  24. XBettie Page

    Love this song 😘

  25. Paulo Henrique Lopes de Oliveira

    man! this song, this guys. Wish I could be there!

  26. Claudia Vargas

    This is a beautiful song.

  27. jenni Bean

    One of my favourite queens of the Stone Age songs... I’m hear in 2019... still perfect! 😘

    Sarah Kingdom

    jenni Bean I’m with you there 🤘🏻❤️

  28. D3ft0ne

    I recorded a song in this studio .. ahhh the Armory, such good sound.

  29. jappo swapepoel

    the drummer and the bass player are just big chilling

  30. Kaique Marinho

    Algum BR?

  31. Obrad Lacarac

    Michael plays tambourine with a leg ! Legend !

  32. Gergely Szilágyi

    Stoner Elvis...

  33. Black Leg Sanji

    Homme the GOAT

  34. HackFuey

    I like the part where he kicks the photographer.

  35. JayBird

    The acoustic version is soo good. They both are.

  36. Edward Hanrahan

    Such a beautiful timeless piece of music skillfully composed!

  37. CJ Live

    2019 and I’m obsessed

  38. TheEggster70

    Great song.

  39. Marcus Gerard

    Sounds like Gomez

  40. Yeeah alotoffun

    mutcho bão

  41. swiftripper

    I think this is my 10th time watching this

  42. halykan

    One of those rare moments when a band casually busts out an acoustic version that's better than the original just to show off their chops.

    XBettie Page

    yes they are very talented :)

  43. D Narentz

    You can see how Josh runs the show. Sux he runs off all his musicians by doing so. Still great band and great song.

  44. Klongo0815

    The Subway must be dieded!

  45. Reid Winsjansen

    I fucking love this song!!!!

  46. Rogue Bierluvre

    I love this song and this is amazing.

  47. mrmatthews27

    wow the timing of their strumming at 3:01

  48. Rémi Desvois

    talent / médiocrité (arctic mongols)

  49. IETCHX69

    june 8 /2019 . 504 people fell in dee durn ocean .

  50. ScUzamaki 3

    Everyone should check out “Them Crooked Vultures” it’s a collab of the lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age, lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin, and David grohl. A lot of similarities between them and queens but a little bit darker I would say. Album is on Spotify

    tapia gan

    Pene vaginal

  51. Codefoto

    wow, wow, wow

  52. CAZADOR7471

    Why he shut ups troy at the begining????

  53. CAZADOR7471

    awesome acustic song.

  54. Turma Tsb

    Que música top da po.......

  55. Frank Timmons

    Can we just address the GoPro TAPED to the tripod behind them.

  56. Amanda Beck

    Dude playing apple is hot alright 😍

  57. Iam Notevenanumber

    Why does this particular video have like 10 times more views than any qotsa concert on youtube? Its crazy.

    I really wonder why? :-/

  58. jingels72

    What a Talent. The guitar is obvious but the vocal! Not fair Josh

  59. Slavko Cosic

    This Rocks<3...Light & Love...

  60. Flowerdoodle2

    It’s so clear what a douche bag he is. He reminds me of the classic, jock bully tool from high school

  61. Everett Merrill

    only many bros in the audience

  62. Elise Albenesius

    If it sounds like crap josh homme isn’t playin it <3

  63. necoguitar

    is that Dan Patlansky sitting there ??

  64. Robert Verzola


  65. pianolady19

    I love this song. It sounds excellent this way too!!

  66. Marner's Carpentry

    "Thanks a lot, Troy" I need that on a t-shirt!

  67. Wenonah Gutierrez

    Mmm Josh😈

  68. Kathi

    I fucking can't believe this is 6 years old. I am old.

  69. Menno Fennema

    Josh has no neck

  70. Jolly Infidel

    This version of this song is one of my favorite things ever.
    A masterclass in musical masterfullness.!

  71. Sad Cowboi

    What Jacket is that Josh is wearing?

  72. Charles Nelson

    Why can't we see the other guy?

  73. Jeff Harper

    Most horrible audience ever!!!

  74. KevinKaos Lentini

    The drummer is dead sexy tho.

  75. Tron Nort

    this band has been so solid for so many years. god amnit josh's voice leaves a man in envy of his talent.

  76. Christopher Campbell

    This is one of the best QOTSA songs ever written.

  77. Cody Tallent

    Who needs a soul when you can sing, am I right?

  78. henrique calheiros

    I CAN'T FIGURE OUT THE TEMPERATURE IN THIS PLACE. I fecking love this song but the abysmal difference between their clothes ALWAYS takes my attention. A+ for the song but C- for coherence.

  79. tomatocan

    tough gig.
    sober. brights lights. small crowd,..sitting unresponsive. sober. recorded. acoustic.

  80. Gattifan 1973

    The Ginger Giant is a legend.


    I will melt with you ,weird you are my guilty secret that's no secret f me amazing.walk me down the isle with "I wanna make it wit youuuu!nothing guarantees my real smile like you guys do thank you x

  82. ApeCreateVape

    First time ive found this and played it 6 times stright. Funeral song for sure xD

  83. Howard McCauley

    The people listening think their at a funeral or something. WTF.

  84. Suckmydictionary

    I sanybody aware of the fact that the black guy is completely coked out of his mind? I mean that fucking jaw is rolling more than a legless dog falling down a hill.

  85. billy bones

    holy crap.... they just threw that out there all casual like and it was legendary 😱😱😱

  86. Aaron Kamrat

    Listening to this on an ocean 🌊 beach 🏝 🌴 🏖 would be amazing. Really speaks to me now at 30, 31 next month.

  87. Joe Verstynen

    Soooo good. Who wouldn't love this? Great music. Josh has music in his soul. And a great head of hair. I'm going bald.

    billy bones

    How can the audience just sit there and then lightly cheer?! their faces should be melting off! 😭

  88. The Art of GNAR

    This song is a future classic but currently underappreciated. QOTSA FOREVER!

  89. frank rizzo

    Qotsa is amazing

  90. Tifred44 Ouf

    and Drank a Potion Baby to Erase you....

  91. S Ehlers

    Difficult singing part holy cow

  92. Magda Martinez

    Simplemente me encanta esta versión

  93. Natalie Helferty

    Queens of the Stone Age are a bunch of Us as Queens from the Virgin Mary created by God.
    QC Natalie Helferty 1,250% age 50

  94. Paige McGinley

    I want to buy this. It's everything.

  95. Don Pixote

    awesome and then some

  96. William Ribeiro

    Great band !!! Very good

  97. Wolfatadoor

    Jon Theodore is a babe.