Queens Of The Stone Age - 3's & 7's Lyrics

Lie, lie to my face
Tell me it ain't nothing
That's what I wanna hear

Take the lie to the grave
That's what an old friend told me
Look what it did for him

The truth hurts so bad
Wouldn't you say? So why tell it?
If ignorance is bliss
Then I'm in heaven now

Run, you'll never escape
You'll see you go nowhere
Based on who you appear

Broke, laid to waste
Turn into sweet nothings
Kiss you goodbye

The truth hurts so bad
Wouldn't you say? So why tell it?
If ignorance is bliss
Then I'm in heaven now

Keep going over and over again
To never ending places I've never been
No one's catching on, calling my bluff
The Devil made me holier than every man

What'd you do? Say it with a smile
Boy, making us all forget
What'd you do? Say it with a smile
Boy, making us all forget
Making us all forget, making us all forget

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Queens Of The Stone Age 3's & 7's Comments
  1. Niick Moonias

    Reminds me smooth by santana

  2. Zeqai x

    I always thought this album cover was odd

  3. SteMen666

    gh3 please :(

  4. wonsz rzeczny

    I can hear Nirvana Smells like teen spirit vibes in this one

  5. Triton

    First heard it in Nail'd. A motorcycle game

  6. Rick Pantschez

    Fuck these guitar heroes in particular

  7. Fire Demon00

    Madden 08... Memories.... The Goddamn Memories....

  8. kevin heatcoat

    Big Shiny Tunes 12 Much Music.

  9. Ammo Supply

    Madden 08

  10. Ben Power

    I think this song is about Kurt Cobain. And yes, it was the only song I ever got good enough to play on hard in guitar hero. Guitar hero ruined a generation of kids that should have just picked up a fucking guitar. Promising, young people that could have otherwise fulfilled their aspirations of becoming rock stars. Instead, they learned, "red, blue, green and yellow" rather than, "e, a, g and d". Fuck you queens! Jk, YOU are the best functioning rock band at this time in history. Keep it up! Can't wait for the next album.

    Josh Nichols

    The song is about lying. A hand of 3's and 7's in poker is shit, but you can get the best out of it by lying.

  11. Wait, Biagi Has a YouTube Channel?

    This song on 1.25x speed is insane

  12. Evgenii Nalpin

    When this song came up the first time for me in GH3 I thought I had a stroke

  13. Monke

    2:17 probably the best thing ever

  14. Ada Poma

    Aún recuerdo a la persona que me recomendó este rolón :')

  15. James Short

    Joe rogan

  16. Baheer Jamal

    Still is amazing

  17. spacii

    goes kinda hard ngl

  18. Jorge Carbajal

    Say it with a smile boy!...♥

  19. Jensen Youngs

    Good song

  20. Dancing Donut

    This is a good Nirvana fake 👌good job

    Levente Deli

    Nirvana is a piece of shit compared to QOTSA my friend

  21. sabian thomas

    madden 08 brought me here

  22. PinkPantherProductions

    0:59 Good Song

  23. lil yoda

    This is a new kind of smells like teemn spirit

  24. Tyler Slechta

    I dont think id know this song if it werent for madden 08......damn istill love that game!

  25. Lyle .G

    It's like if Smells Like Teen Spirit fucked Knights of Cydonia.

  26. Shak

    Madden 08

  27. fLaky sLost

    es hermoso 🚬❣

  28. Pamela Martinez

    Guitar hero "_"

  29. Alex Haiku

    I heard this from one of the Dirt games.
    And I love queens of the Stone Age


    Low key sounds like smells like teen spirit in the beginning

  31. squid les

    So this is basically "Death Proof" by Tarantino. Except this came out first. HmMmMmMmMm

  32. somacoda


  33. sean johnson

    I took my dads zune to middle school and wore a hoodie. The whole day I listened to this album. Ears covered by the halfway hoodie, teachers didnt bother me, and it was great.

  34. Dante

    Found this because of guitar hero

  35. Aman Khan

    Making us all forget!

  36. Aman Khan

    Just see you go nowhere soon you reappear!

  37. Aman Khan

    Run,you’ll never escape!

  38. Aman Khan

    3s 6s and 7s in the UK!

  39. promlgdaddy


  40. Critters are Real

    WAR what is it good for so stop it with the where you heard it from

  41. Jeremy Buckley

    Trippy song

  42. - Decongested

    That riff is so God damn catchy.

  43. Nexi

    who is here because of Guitar Hero??

  44. Erick Fabian Gutierrez Vicente

    Queens of the stone age

  45. K'Dash

    song 2 smells like a teen spirits lul

  46. Vidgealz C. Valvatore

    I feel bad for those two lightbulbs.

  47. David Schmidt

    The smoke in the picture looks like a cartoon head exhaling out

  48. robsguelo

    This music is cool but no one is gonna mention how that weird guitar seems kinda out of the beat?


    its organic rather than over processed music.

  49. Thicc Boi

    A few mouths from now and it would be this video's 10th year anniversary.

  50. SchadenFreude

    Hey, it's brown nose the pirate!

  51. Turtle Dave1

    The solo Is disgustingly good

  52. Ygor Felipe


  53. i miss u

    This song somehow gives me Scott Pilgrim vibes

  54. Leah Faye Russo

    Fight fight fight

  55. kelly stone

    All I know is that I'm about to be a 45. In exactly 7 days. My daddy's birthday is today. It's good isn't it?

    kelly stone

    Or is the 3 and 7 related to left hand stone upon left hand stone? 4_12 4_19 4_26 Hyde stone stone Birtha William Kelly. Well, I am a better reble.

    kelly stone

    Didn't know if flintlock was a loop .. that's what you truly speaking in tongue. If I say yada da blotta knotta notha... No body understands. When I say.. Hyde. It has definition. A split personality or concealing something.

    kelly stone

    Truth is, I'm a split personality. Don't let that ball get in my court.

    kelly stone

    I am zur bitch

  56. kelly stone

    Your a highway! 370! No....your a satellite. Saturn rocket stage 3 Apollo 7....no your an address of a RC printing building next door.

    kelly stone

    Your free to be yourself.

    kelly stone

    You hold the key to Solomon's temple. Its about a prime number. I am the root. 1 ,2 and following.

  57. Steven Lee


  58. Joshua Weatherly


  59. -JuL-

    (Good) Songs has to be shared... no matter the way or time...

    At least that's what REAL music lovers do... the others are at best teenagers trying to claim their own identity... ("the song is mine, I heard it before you") or most likely useless posers trying to proove who knows what to themselves

  60. Brandon B. Rich

    Let’s just appreciate that guitar hero allowed a latter generation to enjoy the former genre of music.

  61. Vuoto Ad Essere

    If sex decided its music form it would be any q.o.t.s.a. song

  62. Juanes電子樂

    the picture reminds me of Garbage Pail Kids

  63. Miguel Jimenez

    Wtf, this is made by QOTSA? (I heard their songs on , GHSH, Midnight Club 3 DUB edition, NFSU2, Grand Turismo, and apparently now GH3)

  64. H1 TH3R3

    Just some dudes from the desert...

  65. Grasshopper 0

    Does anyone else change the playback speed to 1.5x or 1.75x faster?

  66. Lt. Surge

    Probz the best song I've ever heard

  67. Lolita Lolita

    Damn first time I heard this was back in 2011

  68. Christopher Combs

    Weird, sexy, wild, creative, funky and rockin': the embodiment of music

  69. Susan Sell

    Does the riff remind anyone else of smells like teen spirit?

  70. Xero Hellsing

    Can we all just take a second to ponder that green light's peg arm?

  71. Error

    Mathematical induction brought me here. Any value of n >= 15 can be made from combinations of 3's and 7's.

    Michael Laurenzano

    it is true for all n >= 12

  72. Merrick Solidor

    Saw the music video for this first and then I was pleasantly surprised to find the song on Guitar Hero III. Got me interested in Queen's of the Stone Age, honestly.

  73. Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime7128

    Madden 08

  74. Pac Man

    Fucking Guitar hero III

  75. LamerGamer0

    Thank you guitar hero 3

  76. Nelson Azael

    xD vengo por que esta bien dificil en experto me rompe los dedos :,c

    bruno pascual

    si ami tambien me costo :,c pero al final lo consegui :)

  77. Torch Staff

    The energy in this song is powerful. Even if you hate rock you can't help but get jazzed on this riff

  78. Gerad Hopkins

    Guitar hero 3

  79. Houston Frey

    The 302 dislikes are people who have no soul

  80. Incel Life

    Too underrated

  81. EDILBERTO 27

    mi parte faborita es la del pavo

  82. Kenni Cumberbatch

    Oooh that bass!

  83. Daniel Saladbar

    Good music attracts people through any medium, who cares if you heard it on guitar hero? Or if you knew about the band before the game? I found this like 2 years ago by just being on YouTube, and I’m not over here proclaiming I found it the better way, because it doesn’t matter, I heard a good song and I know the name and band

    TwiTch ¿

    The song is off the chain for any occasion

  84. Mr S

    Oh, great! It's Brownnose the Pirate! Hey, buddy i--- [Brownnose punches Yellow Guy]

    TwiTch ¿

    You lost the fight with yourself

  85. Hurdygurdy man

    Joshe homme knows....

  86. Vodka Vision

    That first 8 seconds... I cant get enough of the opening. I keep replying it uggghh so good!

  87. Lord Manic

    Guitar hero is for people who can't learn about shit without being apart of a trend.

    Ry Ty

    You seem like a dick, and the phrase you’re looking for is “a part”. “Apart” is an adverb meaning “separate”.


    "Wait my favorite band is getting exposure, fuck that. I want this band all to myself" - Elitist Prick

  88. Verina Najera

    I found this on Madden 08

  89. Game Plays 786

    To literal everyone ranting people knowing this from GH3: Does it even matter? nobody cares how you were introduced to it, just listen and don't be an idiot.

  90. DD-8 Gaming

    "you have no right to appreciate good music if you heard it from GH3" guess what i did and i appreciated it

    Antoine Campeau

    I called the internet police

    DD-8 Gaming

    i did too, about you

  91. SheepInsane -

    Me escuchas me oyerds

  92. SheepInsane -

    Mw scuchaS

  93. SheepInsane -

    Hola Chevy

  94. SheepInsane -

    Jajaja xd