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Queen You Don't Fool Me Comments
  1. Kranjis McBasketball

    This is possibly the worst song ever created. Can't believe someone actually made let alone released this song. Words cannot describe how awful this is.

  2. Abigail Stilwell

    Where’s don’t talk I can’t find it

  3. firebirdgao

    Brian mays solo kills

  4. firebirdgao

    Thé actress is beautiful

  5. Close Far

    My kids, If Youtube still exist, will ask: "Who Is listening In 2067!?"

  6. tonny guardo

    Navidad 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 forever

  7. Edmon Dantes

    Who in 2021?

  8. Татьяна Семенцова

    Прекрасная композициия.!!!

  9. Aynur Bas

    What ridiculous clips. I believe this site has done more harm to Gueen than anyone else.

  10. PookaDude42

    What's with the fake widescreen?

  11. Gosi K

    Can't stop listening.... never stop... would like to see performed by Freddie.... but this will never happen ...

  12. Janique Vaillot

    Great. With QUEEN all is great. Just PERFECT ! I'm a true fan of QUEEN and I always will till the end of time. Friendly from France. Jk

  13. Llyubov Drovozuk

    Фредди лучший!!!!!!!!!!красавчик всех времен и на

  14. Roberto Esposito


  15. Garrenford G 7

    Me gusta

  16. Zoltan Katona

    Shame the quality of the audio is so poor on the official site ...

  17. Сосо Мазашвили


  18. Weylan Wadyko

    This song really sounds like electric lights orchestra

  19. Hakan Aslan

    Best song of oueen

  20. Isaac DeLeon

    Is it me or is this song higher pitched

  21. Pascal Morel

    Un chef d'oeuvre 👍

  22. Milos Djuric

    until i die..

  23. Janique Vaillot

    Strange video. Good but so strange. Love QUEEN forever and ever

  24. Milena Santos

    e ainda escutando em 2019

  25. Milena Santos

    só eu brasileira aq kkj

  26. ShreadTheWeapon

    Would never believe this song was created from assembled snippets that were sculpted into a song. It sounds so complete! (Listening to it this time in 2019, it sounds like a James Bond theme.)

  27. Silke Klein

    The Song of my devorce to come

  28. Marcos Vidal

    I love it!!! I miss you Freddy...

  29. The Misunderstood Assassin

    Since I finally listened to "You Don't Fool Me" for the first time yesterday, I figured that I might as well watch this music video.

    EDIT- 3:06 P.M.: *finishes video 6 minutes later*
    The music video was decent but the song itself is great.

  30. Irusya Tsok

    О чём клип?? Она ему изменила или что? Не пойму

  31. pitbull terier

    Freddie Mercury was and is the best male vocal ever

  32. Major Tom

    Hmm... I'm wondering if the vocal harmony (Brian + Roger + Freddie) heard in the beginning of this song is the same as the one heard at the end of "A winter's tale" (with a slight distortion).

  33. Ирина Вайком


  34. Богдан Соболев

    Кто после Дорна - Ренессанс?

    A. R.

    и что, похоже?

    Богдан Соболев

    @A. R. Говорили,что да,мне не особо

    A. R.

    @Богдан Соболев ну вот и мне нет )

  35. JHON AR

    Never fall in love with a lesbian .

  36. Habibi Man

    I'm Afghanistan

  37. djavan emerich

    Nostálgico! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Queen, Queen, Queen!

  38. Lidia Lore

    Chorus of angels!

  39. Falcon VG


  40. domi chiara

    french 2019 Freddie is a legend

  41. Adriana Смитт

    Шикарная музыка и клип

  42. Habibi Man

    They just teleported into a night club in the forest WTF

    The Misunderstood Assassin

    That's not the craziest thing I've seen in a music video! 😆

  43. Walter Santos

    Yeah the music

  44. Леон Оборотень

    Queen - You don't fooll me
    0:00 ⚫----------------------------------------------5:41

  45. Bianca Toccaceli

    This video is the most '90s thing ever happened.

  46. Nemanja Stojanovic

    Who is 2019 or 2020

  47. Rozana Begotaraj

    Still rocks in october 2019

  48. Dragana Djordjevic Angelovski

    I dalje... ♥️

  49. Paweł Politowski


  50. Jami Ghani Jr

    This has got to be the MOST AND I MEAN MOST UNDERRATED AND FORGOTTEN QUEEN SONG and it's good smh wish this song got some love i love it

  51. MrFoxhound1982

    Who is listening this song in 2020?

    STRICKER 1Ø1 1

    NICE idee

  52. Moth Man

    who's the girl in the video?

    Diego Loto lennon

    She's argentine

    Moth Man

    @Diego Loto lennon Do you know the name as well?

    Diego Loto lennon

    @Moth Man no lo recuerdo amigo,pero los dos actores son argentinos,el también estubo en otro vídeo de metallica

  53. Παρασκευή Τσιντογιάννη

    A no-fan QUEEN person:Freddie Mercury is dead
    A real QUEEN fan:You don't fool me

  54. Ed Wend

    даа...шикарная песня ......класс..ностальгия какая-то )

  55. Mariia Gerasymova

    I love this song ! Still , since childhood till now when I’m 34 . Forever love

  56. Dead 666

    Почему так много русских конкретно под этой песней?

  57. Kuribo Kutsu

    Such a great song...its really hard to imagine that this song wasnt "written", more like compiled by random Freddy's singing with newly created music. To get such song from scraps...impressive.

  58. Unlare YT

    Has anyone wonder this song is made 1995 and freddie died in 1991

  59. tatsuo24

    this is one of my all time fav songs my dad who passed away 2 years ago used to listen on his cassette player in his car. Remember this song was on on all of our family travels. Was fortunate to be raised during 90s. Best times of my life.

  60. phicho05

    Who is listening this song in 2031?

  61. English Real

    Who is lidtening in 2030?

  62. Gio

    Playing this so loud in my car. Freddie we love you. Queen forever.

  63. MrParisienWalkways


  64. MrParisienWalkways

    Freddie was amazing, no fucking shit movie can change that. The wankers who have tried to sell him out, get this, he was infinitely more talented than all of you.

  65. Nikolay Jovanovic

    I actually can hear bass on smartphone

  66. hannah

    This song was in my head all throughout Spanish today :)

  67. Betsita Tapia Toro


  68. Yann Wohlrab

    Who listened to this on radio in 1995?

  69. Tony Di Pietro

    That guitar solo is sublime.

  70. Nadia Zulian

    I listened this song on 07/09/2019 at the Freddie Mercury party birthday in Montreux


    Mi canción favorita de Queen ❤

  72. Jose Ignacio Barros Medina

    Me recuerda a una dama en los años 2005/2007 cuando ponia esa cancio sabia que se venia la guerra corporal.

  73. Pepe Cornelio da silva

    Bryan may what a genius

  74. AyJ

    Fucking HIV, Die all mtf!!!

  75. александр репенко

    неужели гей?

  76. Deborah Henderson

    Background on this song from Brian: https://brianmay.com/brian/brianssb/brianssbjan14a.html#06

  77. Synth Wave

    Who still listening in 2020?

  78. Luciano Fernandez

    Para ver la segunda parte de este vídeo miren "hero of The day" de Metallica jaja le encuentro conexión.. será porque es el mismo actor argentino, e hicieron ambos vídeos el mismo año, se los recomiendo

    Diego Loto lennon

    Si también por qué en ambos videos el pibe tipo como que se lava la cara si se parecen..

  79. Ciprian V.

    You dont fool me Bitch ......yes i mean you !!!

  80. Heavy Metal Nerd

    I really disliked Hot Space since I first heard it. This song sounds like similar dance stuff but I like it.😱

  81. Shahar

    This song is so underrated

  82. Anastasia Ozerova

    I thought it was John with makeup in the thumbnail lol

  83. Dorottya Vandlik

    Kellemes szép a zenéje és szépen adják elő.

  84. Luiz Oryone

    this song pulls me to another life ... when I had a life ..

  85. MrNils80

    WHO will 2020?

  86. Alex Fitness

    Who is listening this song in 2020?

  87. Luciano Vallejos

    Recuerdo tener 16 años.. y soñaba que tener una relación tóxica así.. me marcó de por vida.

  88. Claudia Mariola


  89. Street Food

    Somebody answer this for me.
    Freddie died in 91.
    Made in heaven was released in 95.
    This is clearly Freddie’s voice.
    So what happened? Did they record it before he died and wait 4 years to release it for some reason? Did they get somebody with an insanely similar voice, like even closer than Marc Martel?

    JMPastry11 LuLu

    Street Food Yes, they recorded as much music as they could before he died. They even have tracks of his voice only because he was running out of time (Mother Love where Brian sings the last verse because he was too sick to come back in...heartbreaking stuff....)

    Street Food

    JMPastry11 LuLu ok thanks

  90. Ramiz Karaeski

    The music is fantastic. Amazing.

  91. Prilia kintan Pratiwi

    Baru tau kalo ada video klipnya🙄

  92. tiffany curtis