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Queen Too Much Love Will Kill You Comments
  1. Kája bene

    My mum watching every day when she is sad...she show me this end i LOVE QUEEN 💕


  2. Nikki

    This is not a song I should be relating to. But here I am, queens always there to say what I can’t.

  3. Luca Guarda

    Whaaat? Only 100 000 like to the video?

  4. Girardi Pierangelo

    I love you Freddie Mercury!

  5. Bohemian FC

    Whoever disliked this likes Adam Lambert more than Freddie Mercury

  6. Elisabetta Boniello

    i remember you freddie mercury ailander

  7. Ravi Mahira

    Lagu nyesel gara gara pikiran jorok sama pikirannya aneh aneh

  8. Shail Soni

    I just started liking a girl and after listening to this song I already feel I'm breaking up...what a powerful voice Mr. Mercury. #queenforever

  9. Arwa


  10. Мария Барановская

    Every Word is so painful

  11. Veronica Webb

    Freddie. Is everything.

  12. haidar ali

    Ohh I so crazy from this song ...and words..and energy's of music. Yes Love can kill but voice of Mr Mercury bring hope for new love in the Life...Thank you

  13. 安藤ギョウ


  14. Musicas & Companhia

    Quenn melhor banda de todos os tempos!!!!

  15. Renee Donovan

    What I really fucking love when Brian plays is when he sets his guitar up for the solo of the song like at 2:40 in this one. The sound is an aesthetic in itself before the solo starts, eugh - I LOVE IT! A notable mention of another example would be at the end of We Will Rock You,can't think of the others

  16. Mr drain Bamaged

    Freddie didn’t get to see this this was released 4 years after he died because it was super personal to Brian may

  17. Qasim Langah

    This song has more views than my countries population

  18. FernAnda ElizAlde


  19. Katerina Siegle

    1995 I'm crying I was not even alive when he was but is still hurts so much to know that one of the people you treasure the most died before I was even born I'm so lucky to be listing to queen and not like other teenagers to rap music it disgusts me when people say that rap is the best and when I ask them questions about the people that have no idea about is I can tell Freddie's life story and they do not know when the artist is born I can take my time it study queen history and write a to biographies about queen and a story or a essay I will always be ready to do that if you give me paper and a pen and say do anything I will do something that has to do with queen

    Katerina Siegle

    Btw I'm 12

  20. 一般通過人


  21. gigi machado

    Freddie 🧚‍♀️👑🧚‍♀️ 😥😥♥️...

  22. John Tindall

    This song just sums up it for me at the moment my heart is broken ? Brilliant song

  23. Marián Petrovič


  24. ZoVa Napalm

    Underrated queen song

  25. Cikin Dinner

    But too much love Queen is alright,right?

  26. Stefanie Estler


  27. Γιώργος Πατακης

    Just tell me what disease have 2606 people who disliked?

  28. Nayla Pratiwi

    Just watching it and first time listening in 2020

  29. Weebiscuit73

    Freddie’s vocals in this song are absolutely sublime!!!! 👌🏻

  30. a rose splashed with plaid

    *Two people* we wish had worn a condom

    2). Robert Kardashian
    *1).* Freddie Mercury


    the damn truth bro.

  31. Heri Son

    Rip Freddie Mercury

  32. Valerie Unger

    I love this song so much and did a search to find a live performance and found none. I was very surprised it wasn’t included on any album until 1995, after Freddie died. I listen to it a lot and it is heartbreaking. Right now, it’s my favorite.


    Valerie Unger where’s the live performance? Please link it I can’t find it :(

    Valerie Unger

    There isn’t a live performance, just the studio recording.


    Valerie Unger please link me to that

  33. Raisya Ramadhani

    Ini musik kenangan Freddie Mercury semasa dia hidup Walaupun dia sudah Tiada tapi kenangan nya tetap

  34. Geovanna Martins

    Just love this song!!!😢😢😢 Brian May😢

  35. Christina Archie

    My love to you , my Queens, is endless ... Darling ❤️

  36. masih mau

    finally i found this video

  37. 비감


  38. Cristian Sandu


  39. John Tindall

    Just seen the northern lights that one is for you g lenys too much love kills me I miss you glenys

  40. Няшка Loves

    Ты превосходен Фреди!!! Ты лучший на все времена!

  41. mu ho CHO

    ㅣㅍ ㅣ= ㅗ

  42. radit radit

    how can Freddie mercury back in 1995

  43. Renan Welker

    Eu não sei porque mas eu acho o solo dessa música triste

  44. Erick Casil

    2020 anyone we??!!

  45. PUBG Nepal

    Edge band did you copy this??

  46. Дмитрий С

    Он лучший ! 1981

  47. Leppy The Weird

    Happy New Year Freddie😭😢❤️❤️❤️2020!!!

  48. Рыбий Глаз

    Я хочу жить долго-долго, чтобы сделать людей счастливыми!!!!!!!!

  49. Arts drawing

    😭😭😭😭😭😭♥♥♥♥♥Freddie Mercury Forever love

  50. nik stm

    Too much love killed me... Thank you Freddie. You were right.

  51. ScaleModellingManiac

    Who is watching this in 2020 hit like ! All QUEEN fans

    ถิรภัทร์พร สถาพรพิบูลย์

    Miss you queen

    Katerina Siegle

    Bruh it's you posted this in 2020


    Me (43) and my daughter(11)

    Lego Guy 0

    vj palma yeah, lame comment also begging for likes

  52. Olga Cywińska

    I love Queen's songs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. Spike Zomuanpuia

    The lyrics are tearing me apart,
    But the tune pulled me back together.
    Brilliant Brian..Brilliant..

  54. John Tindall

    Great song by a great group rip glenys

  55. Boleslaw Petroski

    “Anita took the car”
    —Brian May, 1988

  56. Eda Orduluoglu

    Tam bir efsane

  57. Najihah Omar

    Syafiq ❤️ najihah -2019

  58. brad little

    Merry Christmas Freddie ♥️

  59. Susan Murdock

    What lovely story thank you Freddie one of kind xo

  60. glena de guzman erum

    Queen forever

  61. Sir. Wusk

    My favourite queen song!! <3

  62. Neresa Hilario

    This is my most dramatic song ive ever heard that i almost cried

  63. John Tindall

    Playing this song again sums my life up at the moment to love kills you how do you. Fill the gap you

  64. czarnaaporzeczka

    I love the voice of Freddie, he is immortal... But I prefer this song sung by Brian - it's so emotional and full of pain... that I'm touched each time...

  65. Eko Prasetyo

    "Too Much Love Will Kill You"

    I'm just the pieces of the man I used to be
    Too many bitter tears are raining down on me
    I'm far away from home
    And I've been facing this alone
    For much too long

    I feel like no one ever told the truth to me
    About growing up and what a struggle it would be
    In my tangled state of mind
    I've been looking back to find
    Where I went wrong

    Too much love will kill you
    If you can't make up your mind
    Torn between the lover and the love you leave behind
    You're headed for disaster 'cos you never read the signs
    Too much love will kill you every time

    I'm just the shadow of the man I used to be
    And it seems like there's no way out of this for me
    I used to bring you sunshine
    Now all I ever do is bring you down

    How would it be if you were standing in my shoes
    Can't you see that it's impossible to choose?
    No, there's no making sense of it
    Every way I go I'm bound to lose

    Too much love will kill you
    Just as sure as none at all.
    It'll drain the power that's in you
    Make you plead and scream and crawl
    And the pain will make you crazy
    You're the victim of your crime
    Too much love will kill you every time

    Too much love will kill you
    It'll make your life a lie
    Yes, too much love will kill you
    And you won't understand why
    You'd give your life, you'd sell your soul
    But here it comes again
    Too much love will kill you
    In the end...
    In the end.

  66. John Tindall

    This is what you call music tune and words I love you glenys were every you are my love life is hard without you

  67. Earl

    Damn I knew about this song when I was young and didn't realize it was queen

  68. Gareth Shaw

    This powerful song means so much to me, i lost my wife aged 28 and much of this song hits me deep. It also makes us remember Freddie and everyone we've all lost very close to us. Love each other and every day we have x

  69. 安藤ギョウ


  70. Adrian Sanchez

    I just became a queen fan last year although i didn't know i listened to most of their songs without knowing Queen is the band who played them, but i was surprised to know just now that this song is Queen's song. I am surprised.

  71. L Dilven

    Honestly, I'm glad not to be born in Queen's time, because I don't know how heartbroken I would have been after losing a legend like Freddie.

  72. Zeynep tarhan

    Yeeeaaaa tooo muchhhh loveee willl kill youuu

  73. marcio agra

    Queen , a mais completa banda de todos os tempos.

  74. Geovanna Martins

    Just love infinitely😭💓 Unforgettables!!!

  75. Alicia R

    Idk why but this always makes me sad

  76. Matt Hiday

    If you're here after ziggy, The voice of Holland..let's shine with me..

  77. Elian .A

    Ok I’m crying 🥺

  78. krzysztof k

    I still love you Freddie ❤️

  79. Technical World

    Sad to sad Coming After " Mero Aasu" 😪

  80. John Tindall

    Beautiful words

  81. Prazwal Karkee

    Mero Aanshu. The Edge Band

  82. Matej Kocvara

    Fredie was a MAN, 100 % homosexual, i know he liked a woman, i´m 100% hetero and i love him

  83. Anonymous The Hackerman

    How do I miss someone that died more than a decade before I was born

  84. Paweł Buczyński

    One of my favorite Queen songs and music videos. Love it

  85. Arne De Bruijn

    Let's keep in mind that the man who wrote this also wrote Fat bottomed girls.

  86. Sonu Chopra

    "too much love will kill you" freddie's biography.....

  87. Attila Szabó

    Örökké velünk vagy Freddie!

  88. theking tre100tre

    just makes me cry😢

  89. Michele Morales

    This song makes me cry.

  90. aking bantilan

    loving someone dragging someone into madness

  91. AG2377

    For all time, the greatest! R.I.P., Freddie!

  92. Fitore Spahiu

    Too much love""will never kill u freddie.👑2700..........

  93. Alex666Murdoc

    Am I the one who cries my eyes out listening to this and missing him like crazy?....

  94. Ian Appleton

    Breaks my heart living in this world without Freddie the world is just that bit darker 😥

  95. Evolet KingSton

    2019!!! THE LEGEND...

  96. Julka Taylor

    00:45 Brian May, so beautiful 😊

  97. John Tindall

    Love you glenys love you Freddie loves of my life

  98. Venturous Saket

    Its remake is made by the Nepalese band The Edge Band and named it prem sanga hare