Queen - See What A Fool I've Been (BBC Sessions) Lyrics

See What A Fool I've Been (BBC Sessions) No Lyrics. See What A Fool I've Been (BBC Sessions) If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Queen See What A Fool I've Been (BBC Sessions) Comments
  1. JabbaFett

    The BBC version is lowkey better than the original

  2. Bridget The Rose

    2:18 That B5 note! 😍



  4. Lizzie D.

    Honestly i love this more than the original

    To me he just sounds so much better live

  5. Carol cjh

    Deacon killing it on bass!

  6. Jhony Frank

    Well she's gone
    Gone this morning
    See what a fool I've been
    Oh Lord, I said
    What a fool I've been

    I caught a train
    A train to Georgia
    Sixteen coaches long
    Oh Lord, I said
    Sixteen coaches long, yeah

    I walked out
    Onto the highway
    Oooh, ow, ow, ow, ow
    Oh Lord, I said
    Greyhound bus had gone
    Wow, surprise to me
    Now hit

    I walked out
    Onto the highway
    Greyhound bus had gone
    Oh Lord, I said
    Greyhound bus had gone
    It went a long time ago, sure did

    Oh, well she's gone
    Gone this morning
    See what a fool I've been
    So long I said what a
    I've been, ooh

    Vatsala Pande

    Jhony Frank Bless your soul kind friend ❤️

  7. Joao Ricardo Bastos


  8. Joao Ricardo Bastos


  9. Claire Says Hello to Your Mom's Car

    Such an amazing song! Gives me Led Zeppelin vibes.

  10. Becky Kelly


  11. CGYT

    Sounds like a mix of you shook me and dazed and confused by led Zeppelin


    YES I was thinking about that

  12. Pawel Dobkowski

    It saund like led zeppelin!

  13. Mirela Slišković

    im just kidding. only joking.i mean it.

  14. Mirela Slišković

    i stick my finger in my ass.

  15. YouCare_ SoMuch

    Nothing short of fantastic. Those vocals...

  16. Alejo Lopez

    Queen haciendo un blues reventado. Genial!!!

  17. Hernan Javier Zylbersztein

    This is for Freddie Mercury what "Yer Blues" was for John Lennon

  18. Jasna

    I'm preagnant,after listen to this

  19. Julieta Vera

    Alguien tiene la letra de esta canción?

  20. Val Kilmer

    It sounds more like Jimi Hendrix more than Zeppelin.

    Olivia Komala

    Are you real Val kilmer?? 😀
    Anyway, freddie loved jimi hendrix so much..

  21. Anguirus2012

    I like this heavier version than the sassier/kitschier one that was released.......

  22. NZREngine

    I know everybody has said how Queen sounds like Led Zeppelin in this song, but it's true! Brian May kills it with the guitar. If you listen to most of their hits they're mostly quite easy listening with a few solos here and there, but this song is so much different than there other hits. Queen certainly have very rocky songs in the early years between 1973 - 1974.

  23. Salmones Milenarios

    Esto es presicion en cada corte y entrada, un verdadero rocanroll Yyyyyeeeeaaaaa mmmaaammmm Esto es Fffffiiiiirrrreeeee uuuuuuoooooouuuuuuuu, sssssiiiiiiiiiii...........ggguuuuuuaaaaaa

  24. Junior Ramirez

    It be so cool if queen had done more blues they are great

  25. Roy jahja

    Ladies & Gentlemen! Only the great one and only Mr Faraokh Freddie Bulsara and his Majestic Queen over Kings can do this kind of blues. Beware folks!!!....Roy Jahja.

  26. antonio ortiz

    OMG. Queen doing the blues! Fantastic!


    antonio ortiz yea but it’s shit

    Hombre ruso de 40 años

    @ThunderQuack no

  27. Admirał Hax

    Best version.

  28. Adonis Denise

    Queen nunca imito a Led Zeppelin , ni lo copiaba, los Blues se tocan de ese modo, preguntenselo a B.B. King o a Eric Clapton

    Salmones Milenarios

    Adonis Denise esa es una mujer con decisión fuerte y claro con la verdad y la razón.....


    A mi me encanta tu mama

    Calil VG

    @ThunderQuack te faltó el chiste, ¿viene aparte?

  29. Ted Ozdowski

    Jesus! That guitar work is insane!

  30. 1952terminater

    This is queen at their finest rock and roll.

  31. tush001

    Classic images. Beautifully fused. Awesome tracks. Thank you so much for posting...

  32. Jorge Pereyra

    What Kind oficina Led Zeppelin is this?

  33. Raymie Barnes

    absolutely fuck.n brilliant.

  34. Benjamin Morgan

    This is much better than the album version. The album version I think is much too camp and heavy on the Zeppelin influence. Here in the BBC recording the band really make the song their own.

    Emmanuel Mensah

    Benjamin Morgan that was the point it was done in a burlesque style on purpose frankly I like the rainbow live version better than this

    I have a small dick, but

    there's no such thing as an album version, right?


    I think the album version is one of Freddie's finest performances, much more creative than this version, but of course you like what you like.

    Benjamin Morgan

    @I have a small dick, but B-Side I guess... so no, that's my bad

    Noah Crews

    @I have a small dick, but it was b-side to Seven Seas

  35. Perrorabioso !

    pregunta... si esto es una sesión de la BBC, (en vivo) significa que habían dos guitarras... sabe alguien quién habría interpretado la otra la otra?

    The Braykon

    Perrorabioso ! John Deacon probablemente


    Se que este es un comentario viejisimo, pero que sea en la BBC no significa que hubiera sido en vivo. Algunas de las canciones de las Sessions sí fueron completamente en vivo, pero otras fueron más bien reversiones de sus canciones de estudio y las grabaron como tales (algunas fueron directamente las mismas versiones de estudio pero editadas de distinta manera).

  36. Perrorabioso !

    Brutal! Un sonido muy Zeppelin!

    Fernando Santiago Rodriguez Escudero

    Perrorabioso ! Tenían que haber hecho más canciones como esta

  37. Robert Waggoner

    All of you later day Queen fans --- ones who weren't around while the band was in their hey day, 1970's --- Queen's major influence was Zeppelin they said on more than one occasion so if you hear similarities of course you will and Brian May did not steal this song, that Hard Rock Blues riff you speak of is a standard Hard Rock Blue riff that Zeppelin stole from Robert Johnson and electrified it --- so everybody learns from everyone that's what influence is about --- I wish Queen did more Blues like Zeppelin they were built for it --- OUT HERE ---

    Gerold Firl

    +Robert Waggoner Yeah the boys can sure play some blues. Should of played a lot more, they kick ass.

    Luis Felipe Ovando

    Though they acknowldge Zeppelin as a huge influence, they mentioned other acts like The Beatles, Hendrix and The Who as being just as influential or even more than Led Zeppelin.

    Cole Freeman

    Robert Waggoner yes that solo is straight from dazed and confused

    Barbara Joslin

    this is a oldie for sure and he does an excellent job or i should say they do


    I love their Blues stuff but thank god they evolved. If they stuck on blues they wouldn’t have been that unique or mainstream. But I wish they did more

  38. andy webster

    May knicked the song...when he was caught out he finally admitted it years later. Thieving, lying bastard.


    @andy webster he may have taken inspiration for the song from "The Way I Feel", but remember he said he never got the name of the song or artist. what makes you think that's lying? In the end when a fan pointed out the similarities between the songs Brian worked about settling royalty issues with those related to the original song. how is that then thieving?

    andy webster

    @JukarTazaniaMan That assumes May is telling the truth....which I doubt. 


    and why do you doubt it? bias?

  39. Curtis Carlson

    This is a side of Queen I have never heard before and I've been an avid fan for more than 4 years now. I love it!!


    You should hear the album recorded version. It's less rocky and more.. slick. More falsetto.

  40. Max Mercury

    Mamma mia ke voce...incredibile!!!

  41. Jorge Cervantes

    Queen was 4 guys whit all my respect to the Freddie's fans Quen was the best rock music group but all group

  42. Stefan's Runescape Videos

    Definitely freddie :)

  43. Alessandro Russo

    BBC session, you must hear all sessions ;) They are wonderful

  44. esufmp

    Holy shit. I've been a huge Queen fan since I was about eight years old (I'm now 25). How have I never heard this?!


    You have to listen to their early stuff some of there best.

  45. kweenqueen

    Agree! I prefer this sort of "live" version than the overly camp version released previously as a B-side (twice actually).

  46. mouloudo

    freddie ^^

  47. emriederekify

    Nice treat, listened to QueenII many times but never had this bonus track, Queen plays the blues, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

  48. Irakli Kavelashvili

    thanks i won a bet :)))

  49. Irakli Kavelashvili

    2:16 is it Freddie or Guitar plz tell me :)))

    M R


  50. anne-marie b.


  51. pianoshizzle

    this probably some of the best drumming i've heard roger do, especially the rolls/fills

  52. Gabriel Flores

    uuuuuuaaaaaaaaaauuu i love it

  53. Robert Guerrero

    GREAT sound quality. This version ROCKS!!!!

  54. Temple Drake

    John Deacon is doing an anthological job here with his bass.

  55. Arturo Macías

    The Influence of Led Zeppelin is here!!

  56. JojoChampion

    Thanks for uploading! Is this different from the BEEB bootleg? Seems so.. ??

  57. Sisse Siig Kristensen

    this is amazing. i have never heard this version before, it´s so good. i´m gonna buy the queen 40th annivesary box when it comes out, that´s for sure.