Queen - Ride The Wild Wind Lyrics

Ride the wild wind
(Push the envelope don't sit on the fence)
Ride the wild wind
(Live life on the razors edge)
Gonna ride the whirlwind
It ain't dangerous - enough for me
Get your head down baby - we're gonna ride tonight
Your angel eyes are shining bright
I wanna take your hand - lead you from this place
Gonna leave it all behind
Check out of this rat race -
Ride the wild wind
Ride the wild wind
Gonna ride the whirlwind -
It ain't dangerous - enough for me
Tie your hair back baby -
We're gonna ride tonight
We got freaks to the left - we got jerks to the right
Sometimes I get so low - I just have to ride
Let me take your hand
Let me be your guide
Ride the wild wind
(Don't sit on the fence)
Ride the wild wind
(Live life on the razors edge)
Gonna ride the whirlwind
It ain't dangerous - enough for me
Ride the wild wind

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Queen Ride The Wild Wind Comments
  1. oren bohak

    What a great and magnificent masterpiece that conveys a legacy

  2. Alex K.

    This song is at least 30 seconds too short. Ain't it so, Brian?

  3. Jack Smith

    My favorite Queen song!


    Freddie's laughing is so nice to hear.

  5. Mr Rip

    I never understood why this song was never in the greatest hits ...

  6. Geovanna Martins

    This song💜❤💗

  7. Clubderrotenidioten uwu

    This is Iilwmc part two😂

  8. hello my lovelys

    Great song . December 2019 .
    Love Freddie voice .....

  9. Roulx Kaard

    Us JoJo fans: write that down, write that down!


    Queen is just a masterpiece! No matter it just have thousands views or 1m-5m views still, a masterpiece!!

  11. Marco Aurelio Freire

    Oh my, what a bass line! John Deacon is a genius!

  12. Tyler Crockett

    Oh, I very much like this. The drums are fantastic!

  13. Marva L Stith

    Well, this is going someplace and it's a beautiful ride.

  14. Mr. Fusion

    Damn, 1 million views. This song deserves it.

  15. Ariel T.

    RIDE THE WILD WIND 🎶🎵🎶 ¡¡Hey hey hey!!

  16. INNUENDO 1991

    qe buena cancion

  17. wee calum


  18. Maggie Villacis

    I never will leave to listen to Queen!

  19. INNUENDO 1991

    me alegra la vida esta cancion

  20. The Shadowgunner

    4:02 HOLY FUCK!

  21. Sploink

    This song gives that vibe of when we were younger with our friends and we grew up so fast like a speeding car. Now we are older and look back on those days like they were yesterday. This song gives so much nostalgia.

  22. elsa matilda

    Freddie's voice sounds divine, it's an unspeakable miracle.The best for all ages and times. Musicians Brian May and Roger Taylor and John incredible the best . I love you Freddie !

  23. MrPistolas69


  24. Mustafa Simsek

    the guitar solo... brian may is a rare talent and an absolute genius

  25. Ridzuan Md Nazir

    I like the sampled sounds they use on this track..very industrial.

  26. Hi! I had to cut poverty in the school gymnasium

    “Enough for me”
    I love that part.

  27. Monica Andreoli

    Semplicemente vi amo💞💞💞

  28. Alex the Guitarist

    If Queen were to make music now.... this is what it would sound...


  29. Dasha Solovyova

    Одна из любимейших песен с Innuendo, она какая то... магнетическая🙌

  30. Adam Kwieciński

    This song Was realized only in Poland😊

  31. Alena Ptačniková


  32. Uwuwewuwewuwewewuwy Osas

    I ve learned this guitar solo on guitar

  33. Itai lustgarten

    very dangerous to play this song while I'm driving ;)

  34. Anton K

    Че-то вдруг захотелось послушать эту песню.

  35. JoseitoEdlVodao

    Roge song?


    Yes, it is composed by Roger, a typical Roger's song :) As far as I know, lead vocals also shared, some verses are sung by him, not Freddie

    Jane A

    As far as I hear Roger sings only "Don't sit on the fence" and "Live your life on the razor's edge".

  36. jammu virtuoosi

    WHO made a better song..

  37. Владимир Куртинин



    This song is the sequel to I'm In Love With My Car

  39. Im Awkward


  40. Nicz Retro

    Most underrated queen song

  41. Nicz Retro

    Who’s here in 2019

  42. Marco Aurelio Freire

    One of the best songs of the Queen catalog, definitively. Bassline by John is truly fantastic, and Freddie's voice is superb here

  43. Vito Void

    Esta canción de Queen debió haber tenido video oficial, me hubiera gustado de freddie hubiera grabado todos los temas de Innuendo con video clips

  44. Emily Ackerman

    Happy 70th Birthday , Mr. Roger Taylor!

  45. delgadoroo

    Queen Ride the Wild Wind imperdivel

  46. Vespertili Kildem

    This song is so energetic.
    Yet another unknown Queen's song that everyone should know.

  47. Claudia Mariola

    "Hey, hey, ehy!"... meraviglioso Freddie, hai una voce meravigliosa! ❤

  48. Disco Deaky

    this is my absolute favorite queen song on my favorite album

  49. CrazyLittleThingCalledTiina Bear

    We got freaks to the left
    We got yerks on the right- i need that on my t-shirt!!!

  50. Delilah M

    Freddie..miss you so much 😭😭😭

  51. Delilah M

    One of the most underrated songs of Queen

  52. Baykal Çetinel

    3:58 Incredible

  53. Lori Reece

    Just when I think I’ve heard everything they’ve done, I discover something else! This is great!

  54. lalita savardekar

    What a voice
    So many modulations
    A treat
    God keep u safe Freddie🥰🥰🥰

  55. JuLianVeGa


  56. Jane Hodgen

    Personally I love hitman and give me the prize, but I love break thru and, going back. (cover,,, Carol King original)

  57. agnieszka marczak

    Loooove this song so much!! Freddie's voice is just beyond beautiful here <3

  58. Sam Gray

    Shit this song is great.

  59. Remo

    Freddie no one will match, one of the best voices in the world. Thanks to Freddie and Queen.

  60. Southpoint Repointing

    I rate this solo as Brian’s best of all

  61. Voitcus

    I'm always amazed that it was possible to make two so similiar songs like this one and "Breakthru"... So similiar, but so different. Only Queen could do "the same" in so many ways.

  62. JuLianVeGa


  63. Angel Max

    How is this song not a hit??? Its sooooooooo frigging GREAT!!!!!!!

    Angel Max

    But then all their songs are friggin GREAT!!!

  64. battery


  65. YouCare_ SoMuch

    Freddie’s baritone is wonderful.

  66. Zenevo Game

    1.25x speed makes it kinda punk

  67. Marina Garin

    This deep voice😍😍

  68. Gohar Yeghiazaryan


  69. Marco zuodar

    we got freaks to the left, we got jerks to the right :-D ahahaha

  70. Self-Existent One

    Nothing like driving your nice car and listening to this song

  71. Nina

    Freddie showing off that baritone!! The drums and bass, OMG. I love this song.

  72. Marie Grimes

    This is probably not a song that would be in my regular Queen playlist but there's not denying it's an incredible song. To me this represents the extraordinary power of Queen - Freddie's vocals are dynamic and sheer perfection; Roger's drums are all power and fervor, John's bass line is deep and powerful, and Brian's guitar playing is exquisitely beautiful. Queen can never be matched in their style and musicality!

  73. Marie Grimes

    I almost feel like this should be the second to last song on this album for this reason (yes, i 'm sure i'm over thinking things LOL): from what i've read, the band thought this album would likely be their last with Freddie and the entire album feels like a journey of Freddie's life put to music. This song feels like Freddie's last hurrah and him saying, "I did it!! i charged ahead full steam and lived my life to the fullest with everything in me, full blast, guns blazing, throttle full open and when my life came to an end, i can enter those pearly gates knowing I accomplished everything i set out to do." It makes me thing of that motto (paraphrasing here): Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body; but rather a skid in sideways, Moet in one hand, a microphone in the other; body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming, WOO HOO, what a ride!! :)

    Jan Slowhand

    The words you wrote perfectly suits to the last song The Miracle called Was It Was All Worth It which was first Freddie's farewell song because doctors aid he would be dead before the end 1989

  74. Kamehouse Talka

    The last album...the best.

  75. Fanof Queen 44

    I was born in '98, I never got to see them live, I wish I did though

  76. Grace Antonio

    "We got freaks to the left,
    We got jerks on the right"
    Only Queen can tell it like it is 😀aha😄ha😁ha😉ha😊ha!
    That about sums up what's around us! Thanks my Queen☺

    Jan Slowhand

    Shame only few people paid attention to this fantastic line

    Hi! I had to cut poverty in the school gymnasium

    Holy shit I read your comment just as that part was playing!

  77. Hilwa Alifah


  78. MEFISTOFELonline

    i am in ukraine & i like

  79. الوحدة الترابية zouhair

    i don't know why when i listen this songs or the others like living on my own or man made paradise and love makin' love it seems like from 2000s decade not the 80s

  80. B Negrete

    I love this song... This should be the number one ! Just make me feel alive... Ride the wild wind

  81. Viviana Colaleo


  82. David Williams

    10/10 Song.Your Comments keep it going x

  83. David Williams

    How just HOW can 410 TWATS "Down thumb"this?lmao I "understand"in a way BUT each ones a gigantic tit 😞

    Joanne Darley

    Like Freddie said "freaks to the left and jerks to the right"

  84. Rougegirl Is Here

    And borhap stannies think this song sucks. They’re missing out I guess.

  85. Raffaella Siciliano

    Che bella canzone ❤

  86. Hazel Rosario

    Well I came here to listen to this song, because people are giving this song shit on Instagram, and it's not that bad of a song, but wow people really hate this song. I personally don't think it's as bad as they think, well it's not bad, but it's not great either, it's okay. But the album innuendo on general is a great album

    Jan Slowhand

    I think it's great . only few details in sound department are dated like collectively sung ha ha ha and drums a little.Rest is fantastic. Bass,vocals,guitar.

  87. Инна Хапова

    да сколько же у них песен,и все хиты!!!

  88. NeuLex Deefabb

    111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Super high microsystems

  89. NekromRasenn


  90. Ron Swanson

    Why are there 105 dislikes?

    John Bortolin

    Ron Swanson You mean 105 losers.

  91. Ron Swanson

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Roger's amazing drumming and John's awesome bass playing in this song?!

  92. Giovanni Garcia Rodriguez

    Los verdaderos fans conocemos estas canciones no sólo bohemian rhapsody

  93. Smile 65

    So perfect and clean

  94. Elizabeth Goforth

    I’m in love with my car part 2

    the Valente

    But this time It Is actually good

    Clubderrotenidioten uwu

    the Valente but I’m in love with my car was also good😂

  95. Breen Correa

    This song it's perfect, I like more with freddie!

  96. Ebony Wilson

    Such a raw song. Freddie’s voice is incredible in this 😍