Queen - My Life Has Been Saved Lyrics

This is where we are today
People going separate ways
This is the way things are now
In dissaray
I read it in the papers
There's death on every page
Oh Lord, I thank the Lord above
My life has been saved
Here we go, telling lies
Here we go
We're right back where we started from
People going separate ways
This is the way things are now
In dissaray
I read it in the papers
There's death on every page
Oh Lord, I thank you from above
My life has been saved

My life, my life has been saved
My life, my life, my life has been saved

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Queen My Life Has Been Saved Comments
  1. Jeca Peca

    Imagine how he felt when reading about death percentages caused by AIDS.

    And reading lies and speculations from time to time about all kind of magical cure, in newspapers for all those years... A hope... And then... A disastrous disappointment...

  2. Jake Swick

    Man that part at 1:10 - 1:23 with the guitar riff. Maybe my favorite part of this great song

  3. Lilly Quinsey

    I miss you forever fred

  4. Meddows

    i love this song so much
    rip freddie

  5. Debra Woods

    I couldn't imagine Heaven without our Darling Freddie Mercury in Heaven.

  6. Paul Williamson

    fly free freddy i'll never forget you :(

  7. Andrej Hegedusic

    King Freddie ! Respect !

  8. Keston Decker

    Finally a Queen song I haven’t listened to!

  9. Patty364 T

    A beautiful song, written by John Deacon.

  10. Margot Recabarren

    Your life has been save.., by your music... eternal Freddie... always a legend!!

  11. Joao Ricardo Bastos


  12. Joao Ricardo Bastos


  13. Teresa Principe


  14. Maggie

    Thank you John for this beautiful song, and happy birthday :)

  15. Marco Aurelio Freire

    Wonderful song. Masterpiece written by John. Freddie's voice sounds superb

  16. mitch3996 II

    You can tell this song was meant for a B-side as its so basic, but IMO that’s part of its charm, as it gets its message across so easily as a result.

  17. Maggie Villacis

    This song is very, very beautiful!

  18. Ekaterina Palto

    what a beautiful song!! and Freddie's voice! i noticed that majority of Queen songs even today hears as freshly written. Its like classics, forever.

  19. Patrick Harper

    Not quite sure why there's a swan on the cover...

  20. Maggie Villacis

    This song is very, very beautiful. I like too much!

  21. Petra Hoppe

    your life was saved but unfortunately you have lost in the end. I miss you so much

  22. GeetarLord 101x54

    1980- save me
    1991- my life has been saved

  23. Andrea Cecchetto

    About 75,000 children are born each year. 80% of whom will know Queen. Forever

  24. Adriana La Mamma

    Freddie forever❤️❤️❤️

  25. Luigi Rodríguez

    Hermosa canción

  26. Sunshine

    This is where we are today
    People going separate ways
    This is the way things are now
    In disarray
    I read it in the papers
    There's death on every page
    Oh Lord, I thank the Lord above
    My life has been saved, eaah eah
    Here we go
    Tellin' lies
    Here we go - here we go
    We're right back where we started from
    People going separate ways
    This is the way things are now
    In disarray - hey
    I read it in the papers
    There's death on every page
    Aah - oh Lord, I thank you from above
    My life has been saved
    Ooh ooh ooh ooh my life
    My life has been saved
    Ooh my life
    My life has been saved

    Susie Q

    Sunshine - John's lyrics were wonderful, and heartfelt.

  27. Marie Grimes

    The first time i listened to this song was via the YouTube video on the Queen Official page and i think i was too busy being confused about the video to really appreciate the beauty of the song. After having a chance to download the album Made in Heaven, I've been listening to this song almost non-stop for 2 days. It's such a simple yet deeply moving song written by the brilliant John Deacon for which he also played the keyboard and electric guitar. Freddie's vocals are superb as always! This song once again reminds us just how incredible each member of Queen are/were and why their music will outlive all of us.

    Patty364 T

    Marie Grimes: Yes, that video on the official page is pretty horrible! This is such a beautiful song! John wrote many great songs!

    Susie Q

    @Patty364 T - John was a gem and his lyrics from the heart, like "One Year of Love". He could connect to people's thoughts and dreams. He was my favorite and I have been a fan since the 70's.

  28. Massimo Palomba

    Freddie could sing everything, literally everything.

    Aimee Pollock

    I know he's majical like that😉

  29. Blue Girl

    love u forever persian prince! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Luigi Rodríguez


  31. Sharon udi

    Freddie mercury voice best of all time!!!!!!!!!

  32. I Love Roger Meddows Taylor

    Imagine if they played this at the end of BoRhap

  33. gosia k1977

    Nigdy nie pogodze sie z Twoja smiercia Freddie
    Jestes the best, most wonderfull Man in the world
    Takiego glosu jak Twoj już nie uslyszymy Freddie
    Twoja muzyka bedzie na wiecznosc w naszych sercach
    Kochamy Cie Freddie
    Dziekujemy za tak piekna lekcje muzyki...
    Jestes legenda

    Pelo men

    To prawda

    Renata Rambau-Swatko

    Też tęsknię za Nim każdego dnia. Szczególnie gdy słyszę takie kawałki...

  34. Lyne Flaherty

    My love !

  35. Valentino Perra

    semplicemente bellissima , freddie ti amo , mi manchi tanto

  36. Sharon udi

    Is that Freddie mercury voice???

    Penguin Lips

    Sharon udi who else’s voice would it be

  37. Sharon udi

    Beautiful song dammmm

  38. Nosferatu 85

    My favorite Queen album....what a masterpiece!

  39. Lars Ramann

    When I was ten years old (1986) I have bought my first Queen-LP. Since then I was and am a Queen-Fan. Everybody who knows me see this band. It is a part of me, and I am gratefull that this music has attended me.

  40. Deepika Viswanath

    I love this version better. Very Haunting and especially the music in between the lines “I read it in the paper there’s death on every page” is very moving and gives the song a new meaning.

    Susie Q

    Deepika Viswanath - Written by Deacon, not Freddie.

  41. ginodilegno1

    When I hear the end of this song, it always reminds me of the Beatles's Abbey Road album

  42. Lucia Herrera

    El mejor .el único fantástica su musica

  43. Giuseppe Morgante

    Non voglio smettere di piangere... Grazie Freddie .. I Miss you

  44. tw0tson

    inferior version tbh, no thumping bass fro
    john and way less guitar

    Penguin Lips

    tw0tson nigga what?

  45. fafaffu2

    Imagine a life without Queen

  46. Team Faedo

    simply the best!! A legend forever!!

  47. jason jones

    Great voice what a talent

  48. JAEP DJ Juan Exposito


  49. Johnny Khuong

    Thanks F.M .... U left too early man. Sh.ttttttttttt. R.I.P My Friend !!!

  50. cantforgetyou

    For me one of the best Queen songs. I love the melody in the verses.

  51. 진통제먹는쿨가이coolguy

    personally remember this was one of my favorite in the album great song.

  52. Amythyst Black-Rose

    One simple word...Legend!

  53. Bad Guy Mr.

    Bất tử...

  54. Robson Matos

    The lyrics of the 1980s, however, are current. Beautiful song! And it brings a good feeling to hear in the early morning!

  55. Jehan Naser

    2018 like

  56. Hiago Campos

    Essa musica tras uma nostalgia da infancia

  57. Terrence Reardon and Friends Podcast Podcast

    REcorded in 1987-88 for The Miracle. Re-recorded in 1994/95 by Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor with Freddie's 1987/88 vocal track. This was written by John Deacon.


    I really hope Freddie gave his life to the Lord before he died. The very fact that he sang this song means that he didn’t reject the idea of God and The Lord. He may very well have given his life to Jesus before he died. He also sang the Jesus song. Let’s hope he made it to Heaven.

    Keston Decker

    Ann I agree but Freddie said he didn’t want to go heaven. In an interview, sort of in a jokey way, he said that he’d rather go to hell because of all the “interesting people he’d meet down there” Lol 😂

    Susie Q

    @Ann - He was a Zoroastrian. That faith has both monotheistic and multi theistic aspects. They believe in prophecies of Saoshyant and that is not necessarily the equivalent of Jesus. Your religion isn't the only one on the planet. In many ways the Persian religion was closer to Judaism.


    @Susie Q I have to respectfully disagree. I have a real sense Freddie gave his life to Jesus Christ before he died. I can think of three songs off the bat, there may be more, this song, the Jesus song, and Someone to Love, where he mentions the Lord. He may not have committed his life to Christ during his heyday, but it seems through his lyrics that he was searching for the truth all along. There can only be one truth, not many truths, regarding God. And that Jesus Christ came to earth to forgive us of our sins is the truth. I think Freddie eventually found the truth, and unfortunately it took a tragedy for him to find it.

    Susie Q

    @Ann - He also wrote songs about Mohammed, Mustapha (an alternate name for Mohammed), Beelzebub (spoken of in the Hindu and Jewish faiths) and referenced other middle eastern and Indian faiths. What he called the lord may not be the same as that to which you refer. Most religions believe in a god or gods that are not your god. He was a Zoroastrian and also influenced by his education in India in the presence of Hindus and Buddhists. I could sing a song and reference "god" too but that doesn't mean I'm a Christian. In fact, I'm an Atheist ..... note - PLEASE do NOT start preaching religion to me. I could sing a love song and not be in love and I could sing a song about drugs or booze but have never touched either. Freddie may have been spiritual but it was very possible that he was not a Christian as you define it. This song also was written by John Deacon, not Freddie, and he is a Catholic (at least his wife is. I don't know how devout he is himself). What you call "the truth" is not the truth for everyone. Every religion arrogantly claims theirs is the true one. Christians are actually outnumbered. There are @2.3 billion Christians in a global population of 7.5 billion.
    In one of the last songs he sang, "Innuendo" he decried the state of humanity and basically called out "god", if he exists, demanding he show his face. In that song he also mentions a world ruled by greed and "false religion".
    "Our lives are dictated by tradition, superstition, false religion". To me, tradition and superstition can both refer to religion.
    He says "IF there's a god, SHOW YOURSELF, destroy our fears, release your mask" That sounds very questioning of the veracity of his beliefs.

  58. Kevin McAllister

    Great voice the Queen=Freddie!!!
    Adam Lambert is comic

  59. Elisabetta

    Bellissima straordinaria come te Freddie mio amore

  60. Cat woman

    RIP Freddie. 😢

  61. jmarie duran

    Freedy always said " that he was a straight man only these guys and people wouldn't keep thier hands off him. So why no one knows why in the end he ended up with some strange relationships. Love has many facets as we all love people but going further than we would like is wrong according to our bibical teachings. Yet we are all sinners and must ask for forgiveness

    cool channel

    We must all

  62. Chris Carey

    A perfect song, one of the best and the emotion+message is easy to read. Rest In Peace Freddie, greatest male vocalist from then until eternity.

  63. Mable 25

    I miss you so much

  64. Renan Resende

    Uma das musicas mais lindas do Queen


    Sempre que. escuto,me emociono

  65. Mr Susan

    Seriously though, what's with the Swan?

    Pamela Armstrong

    Freddie loved the swans in Montrose

  66. adrian lloyd

    Always missed.Never forgotten.Thank you.

  67. Renzo Ardizzone


    Giuseppe Morgante

    Renzo Ardizzone hai perfettamente ragione!! Ogni giorno che ascolto queste melodie piango!! Grazie di tutto Freddie

    Angelo Sp1ntlikk

    Davvero parole sante

  68. Isac Kelmendi

    i read it in the papers,there's death on every page..

    Mable 25

    Very actuell in 2017

  69. Lupe May

    En sus últimos momentos de su vida manifiesta su aprecio por la vida en sus canciones 😢😭😇


    Lupe May canción lanzada en el 89, esta versión fue editada para Made in heaven.

    Multipremium Guatemala

    Si ya de último como que se arrepintió de su vida sólo Dios sabe donde esta fuera de eso que músico que cantante un artista completo no ha habido otro igual

  70. Mailho Blanken

    El mejor album de Queen sin duda

  71. Renzo Ardizzone


  72. andrew mike

    mi vida fue salvada!!

  73. Ulkely Félix

    "I thank the Lord above..." for giving me the chance to listen to one of the most wonderful and influential frontmen of all time in the history of Rock, Sir Freddie Mercury, along with a great band such as Queen. Thank you soooo very much Freddie and Queen for giving us stunning moments in our lives.

    LalaFly Oficial

    I agree

  74. Maria Helena Santos de Oliveira

    Amor da minha vida! ! ! ❤ ❤ ❤

  75. Cintia Suarea


  76. Queen Always

    No One But You Freddie

  77. Taylors World

    we all miss freddie cos i do wish he was still here now but not to be...

  78. Ivolete Angelo


  79. Darko Tonkić

    simply the best\

  80. NewWorldJacobite

    Actually, it first came out as the B-side to Scandal in 1989, but, yeah, AIDS needs to fuck off.


    odinfromcentr2 Yes.

  81. Maruna Junttila

    That is a swan. Read about swans life and may understand the meaning.

  82. kamikase2006

    ONE people need save your life

  83. jan edwards

    There will never be another Freddy

    Courtney Brown

    jan edwards Freddie*

  84. Dayan Naveed


  85. Cat woman


  86. Enigmapipas

    Freddieeeee......No One Like uuuu..And never Will Beeee! :///

  87. deakymary


  88. Oliver Pitzinger

    Queen - My Life Has Been Saved (1995)
    Recorded:January 1987 in Mountain studios,Montreux
    Write:Spring 1986

  89. Oliver Pitzinger


  90. dasilva73

    huyy padrisima cancion,,mis respetos!!!!!

  91. Maria Alejandra Hernandez

    @sergio7597 si tenés razón es el mejor de la historia no hay quien lo iguale siquiera

  92. evelyne bernard

    j'ais l'album, et je me lasse jamais de l'écouter.

  93. Fairy Feller

    i fint this song quit ironical , " my life has been saved " was released after he died , fuck you aids.

    Dc Krow

    saved by gods love eternal

    C Sharp

    Dc Krow Amen

  94. Martin Fealy

    Freddie you were made in heaven !

  95. singningwongho

    that goose cracks me up :)

  96. Juan Ignacio Miles

    What is a goose doing there?

  97. Vladimir Obradovic

    Amazing song!!!!