Queen Latifah - Poetry Man Lyrics

Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, yeah

You make me laugh
'Cos your eyes they light the night
They look right through me, la, la, la, la

You bashful boy
You're hiding something sweet
Please give it to me, yeah

Oh, talk to me some more
You don't have to go
You're the poetry man
You make things alright, yeah, yeah

Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, yeah

You are the genie
All I ask for is your smile
Each time I rub the lamp, la, la, la, la

When I'm with you
I have a giggling teenage crush
Then I'm a sultry vamp, yeah, a sultry vamp

Woah, talk to me some more
You don't have to go
You're the poetry man
You make things alright, yeah, yeah

Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, yeah

Woah, talk to me some more
You don't have to go
You're the poetry man
You make things alright

Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, yeah, ooh

So once again
It's time to say so long
And so recall the call of life, la, la, la, la

You're goin' home now
Home's that place somewhere you go each day
To see your wife, to see your wife

Woah, talk to me some more
You don't have to go
You're the poetry man
You make things alright, yeah

Woah, talk to me some more
You don't have to go
You're the poetry man
You make things alright

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Queen Latifah Poetry Man Comments
  1. Sylvia Rivera

    😎Soooo Smoooooth 😎

  2. Ann Cohen

    I had this cd and loved it
    Now I need to find it or buy another one😍😍

  3. Toni Sanoe Dela Cruz

    Beautiful Queen Latifah!!
    Only just found this now...😯

  4. michael goode

    Loved it wonderful

  5. Steven Reynolds

    Well I’m in love with the Queen, she needs to be my wife ❤️❤️💕🥰🥰🥰💕💕

  6. Long Tail of Finance

    A sub·tle·ty sexy song.

  7. Victoria Blakely

    This is a beautiful version done by the queen!

  8. Makala Crawford

    So beautiful I could cry. I have actually. I played this on the way to college, a first timer. My father introduced me to this song, and being far away from my folks coupled with the nostalgia of this song tugged at my heart. Fond memories

  9. Steven Reynolds

    Oh my goodness how very sweet I just fell in love 🥰 ❤️ with Queen Latifah all over again ,don’t get me wrong I still love my phoebe..

  10. Scott Nyuli

    sooooo smooooth

  11. Boundless Obsession

    Incredible rendition of a classic! What an AMAZING voice of an 👼🎯🎼🎶🎸👏

  12. Missy Victoria

    Queen Latifah is a talented woman. Beautiful.. wonderful singer, actress. Shes got it all going for her. Hope shes thanking the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Michael Wright

    Yes year's ago , my daughter , was around 8,and we made it home , and said to me , you are. Not mean , Big Baby , you have such a wonderful, and love inside , like a big baby, You , are very poetic, and played this , song , and I cried, to this day , she is 22,and still call me big baby, the song , still have the same effect, on me .

  13. Aladdin Smith

    I was set up and no where near high or drunk in my earlier comment seeing Queen Latifah saying Phoebe Snow is Black. But she does sound like the real McCoy

  14. Lonny Rabalais

    Jesus.....I thought this was Ann Wilson the whole time. Mind....Blown.

  15. nunya bizness

    On my deathbed, please send her to sing this to me.

  16. José Geraldo M Tavares

    Canta muiiiiiito! Tem carisma, simpatia, beleza e uma bela voz...

  17. Penelope KirionaHetariki

    WOW!! Miss Q.. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.. Love your VOICE, TALENT, GENEROUS LOVE of LIFE you..
    GIFT!!.. <3
    3 <3..You have been soo BLESSED.. Xxxx

  18. Jill

    Latifah.......B4 her time......

  19. Jill

    LOOK AT GOOD OL' QUEEN L........POETRY MAN..... not yelling, jus' sayin'......

  20. feelnrite

    I didn't think I would like this remake but she did a good job.

  21. FunkyMarcel

    a righteous cover...

  22. Katlaine Wiens

    Great job, Queen!

  23. mark williams


  24. Craig Browning

    Who plays the sax on this version?

    The original had Zoot Sims.


    I believe it's Dan Higgins.

  25. U. Cyril U .O

    How so we know who is whom in Hollyweird?
    Things are not what they seem.
    Its all an illusion and the masses are 😴 asleep 💤
    May Almighty God help, and act sooner.

  26. Lori Haberstroh



    Wow ! Please excuse my ignorance you Queen Latif.sing it nicely as Phoebe 💞thank you

  28. kbrigsby61

    Ok. This is a really good cover.

  29. Richard Edgcomb

    Beautiful. The Queen does this song justice. Love this version of the Phoebe Snow classic. BRAVA!!

  30. Joe Jones

    The Queen...So smooth, "Talk to me some more."

  31. Kellyann Conway

    This is just so gorgeous. What an exquisite and reverent rendition of a brilliant piece of music.

  32. Bob Astor

    Wonderful version of this song.

  33. Ellotus Freeholy

    Homage, true homage. Bravo Girl! Phoebe had that crazy, incredible, inflection, with just a flick of her voice she could take one or two words and just frickin SOAR like is unbelievable. In the original, right out the gate with just two words, 'Oooh yeah' ~ I don't know what kind of harmonic range she covers there, but it seems like octave's. QL's cover here literally brought me to tears, she nails it dead on. It's like I heard QL's voice in a whole new way I hadn't before. She just continues to amaze me, even tho I've always loved her.

  34. Tommy z. vasquez

    que relajaaante esta cancioooon

  35. Dean Costa

    Love this rendition, Queen LaTiffa did an amazing job!!! I love Pheobo way too!!!

  36. hardlines4

    Great cover on a Phoebe Snow classic!

  37. Demian Steele

    GOD BLESS THE QUEEN...SO HUMBLE SO BEAUTIFUL...SO MEGA Talented...long live the queen..


    Yeah, Demian.......sweet !!

    Robert Jimenez

    Well said QL is an amazing singer

  38. BlueBill Dolla


  39. Narmi Dixon

    Good job!!

  40. Bret Terry

    Another North Jersey girl covers it nicely!

  41. Parke Obrien

    Captures the feeling of driving along a ocean highway on a beautiful day in sunshine and your hair is lightly blowing and you don't hurry ... Just savor the moment

  42. WildWing 1955

    My lord, that is good.

  43. paul vanaman

    very nice!

  44. ThePaul Steezo


  45. Pepe Carrillo

    Belle chanson, belle chanteuse.

  46. Francisco Diogo Lopes

    Wonderful voice. She also sing's one of the best version ever "i?m not in Love". Great singer.

    mcbooo mcbooo

    Francisco Diogo Lopes ..viva los trump

  47. aetl100

    Well, here is comment #4. I love the original as sung by Phoebe Snow. I have always liked Queen Latifah and thought I'd check out her version. She does this song justice. It's beautiful.

    Keystone Tuscanred

    Agreed. She (Queen Latifah) keeps the memory of this number alive. Including the sax solo arrangement.

    Cynthia Madrid

    Love her .. If you haven't seen" The secret lIfe of Bees"... Amazing
    Talent...SHE SHINES W/ POWER

  48. carrolcoulter

    Only 2 comments unbelieveable, this is such a beautiful cover xoxoxoxoxo



  49. Anniely Sison

    makes things alright yeah...

  50. Garcia Tyner

    First one..."then I'm a sultry vamp" LOL YEESSS