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Queen Don't Lose Your Head Comments
  1. Anne Nigul

    January 2020 and still enjoying

  2. Lexi

    The dislikes are Henry the eighth and his sleezy mates. #historyoverthrone.
    (Sorry Freddie love you but had to put in a six reference 😂)

  3. The Danny Boi!

    Dat base at 0:10 tho

  4. Riccardo Soldà

    0:33 Why does that sound like a mixture of Roger Taylor's and Michael jaxon's voices?

  5. Turning to green

    I love queen but because of six the musical I can't see this song the same way now


    Turning to green Loved this song before six but now I just just Freddie to say “what was I meant to do!”

  6. rfbercaru

    Who the fuck dares to dislike QUEEN????? You're sick, you stupid asses!!!!!!!

  7. Petra Liuska

    Great song... Dont loose your head

  8. Fe4r_Scorpion06

    123 people losed their way

  9. T. I. N Mateus

    I fucking love this album, this The Works, The Miracle and Innuendo are my favourites, oh let's bot forget Queen II a killer album.

  10. Happy thoughts

    If just somebody told that to Kaworu...

  11. Karinne POIREY

    3:20 all saber fights of the movie saber noises

  12. ShreadTheWeapon

    This song first comes to me in November 2019 - and hardly at a better moment as my father’s life comes to an end.


    Same here...first time hearing the song. Sorry about your dad


    I appreciate that a lot, jobigman2008. Thank you.

  13. rogertayloRRR

    Did john participate in the one of the "dont lose you head"s? Lol couldnt male out if it was him near the end. Hope he did simce its just speaking

  14. Freddie Mercury

    a dozen red roses for my darling?

  15. the king

    Don't lose your head and remember.....there can only be one?

  16. Tyler Durden

    It's a shame that they didn't include Freddy singing New York, New York. I am sure it would be platinum many times over if they released it.

  17. Un Men :v

    So no head

  18. matt joy

    sound like the man that dis blue man group don't lose your head section of the song

  19. Radames Boscolo

    You lose..that head.. Yeah.

  20. Suvechssa Asikina Rashid

    How can some people unlike this song? I mean..... HOW?

  21. Mr. Bad Guy

    *JFK has left the chat*

  22. Ride The Lightning

    Highlander brought me here

  23. Dieter Auge

    something has sent an angel to us! We´ll meet him in heaven....

  24. Alfiya Kochetova

    Freddie Super.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘

  25. Laura Stovall

    Love Queen but can't get on board with this one...

  26. Katharina Lossich

    Wait am i stupid or is the background voice wich sais “don’t lose your head” john???

    Natalie Kelly

    Sounds like Roger

    Jan Slowhand

    @Natalie Kelly It's Joan Armatrading

    Rodney McIntosh

    No..... it's taken from the movie Highlander...... it's the voice of one of the villains. Joan Armatrading is the female voice.

  27. Radames Boscolo

    Not drink and spit to me

  28. Daniel RC de Laferrere

    To Maximilien Robespierre don't like

  29. zufgh

    A Kind of Magic was the first album I ever bought. I remember thinking this track was creepy and weird, but also loving it for its moody atmosphere.

  30. Andrew Mole

    Great song. Backing vocals by Joan Armatrading

  31. CaptinNabil7

    Kurgan: You ever played Chicken?

  32. Servi Servian

    I lost my head with the wembley photo. Pure Freddie Mercury. The most powerful man in the world

  33. coralixou 06

    1:59. I'm in love with my car 🤣❤️

  34. lostcanvas33

    this song is so stranger things Netflix ,,,,,,,,,, plagio?????? plagiarism??????

  35. Vespertili Kildem

    THIS STUFF is so eighties that I could die.
    I loved the movie Highlander when I was a kid, but of course had NO IDEA such songs existed.
    I only knew Princes of the Universe and Who Wants to Live Forever.

  36. Lynda Savage

    The red voice is Joan Armatrading

  37. S H I N O V V X

    This song is written by Roger Taylor

  38. Why am I Here

    *Thinks of SIX the musical*

  39. Jose Oliva

    "There can be only one" Highlander

  40. Ghost Wolf

    Freddie Mercury was the first Immortal

  41. Gnubbolo

    Don't Lose Your Head is the best song of the album. strong harmonization, strong synths, intelligent lyrics, dreamy vocals.

  42. Ridzuan Md Nazir

    Sounds very Industrial music..


    yes sure, lol... is slow uk disco pop like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiaBO0HpJq4

  43. Laura Angélica Melo

    It screams "80's" from the beggining 'til the end.

  44. simona caradonia

    Queen and depeche mode and per shop boys,

  45. gabriel

    Love this song!!!!!

  46. KelliViti

    Industrial Pop Punk

  47. hugo alvarenga

    Queen En gracias por tasas tus espectaculares músicas..

  48. Radames Boscolo

    Battery on head in lose to..


    They told stories dope ish

  50. Stefano Sorrentino

    Queen Electro Rock

  51. Vespertili Kildem

    I'm very sad that there is not a video for this, this is some Mortal Kombat Probotector Schwarzenegger stuff.

  52. Dulce Rosales

    I lose my head whenever I listen to you Freddie... LOVE YOU forever

  53. Manuel Cuenca

    BESTEST... unforgettable -forever Freddie

  54. cochayuyo 10

    Sound like a mk song

  55. AniMa

    Song for Deaky

  56. FlashakaViolet

    FEEL THE 80s

  57. Arn Diem

    Sabrosura de Cancion.
    Y esas mezclas de voces. Bateria con el bajo sin Olvidar el Red Special. Todo un 😋Manjar 👌

  58. pekstor


  59. Ahmed

    the best of arcade video game feel, and 80s.

  60. andrea styles

    i mean i really love the song and rog but everytime that fred sings don't lose ur head and rog says it REALLY GETS MY NERVES

    andrea styles

    sorry it's joan who REALLY GETS MY NERVES

  61. Carlos Acuña

    The Kurgan

    chris sonofpear1

    Disliked it

  62. Carlos Acuña

    Joan Armatrading

  63. Romina Goldberg

    Lovelovelovelovelove this song

  64. preciousjewels

    loved it

  65. YuuMorgiana

    Is no Love if you don t lose your head.love is no contoll❤❤❤Love is love 🌈❤🌹

  66. Corrado Orazi

    Corry Lost His Head 4 Transiting Exoplanets Survey Satellite !!! ... WoW !!! ...

  67. JORDIBOND Jorge Castro

    Don't lose your waaaay......sorry, wrong song

  68. metalperslfx

    I'm really digging those guitar licks.

  69. aba karir

    77 people lost their heads

  70. diego rodi

    Very music! Monster freddie! Genius freddie! Number one freddie.forever best in the music freddie.


    Roger la compuso...

  71. Zaxxon

    Don't lose your weight XD.

  72. Eliana Di Nicola


  73. Brady Davis


  74. Teodor Trishin

    крутая песьня какашка

  75. Teodor Trishin


  76. claudia parrini

    Bellissima.. <3

  77. Radames Boscolo

    And how an reboot??

  78. Radames Boscolo

    No remake for this song.Is Too beautiful!!

  79. Sapphire Shine

    I really feel like I just walked into a club in the 70s and it's fucking great!

  80. Douglas Goslin

    There Can Be only One!

  81. Nereqla

    Don't lose your head out there

  82. Dark Howling Wolf gamer

    69 people lost their heads and hearts

  83. Anilson Francisco

    Good nostalgia

  84. John Bowden

    Some song the Beatles queen who's the best some topic to talk about there both great groups


    John Bowden Ok bud...

  85. pekstor

    Esta musica tem uma inigmatica dificil de explicar!

  86. Dark Howling Wolf gamer

    3:58 Deaky's smile!!

  87. Dark Howling Wolf gamer

    No dont lose Freddie!

  88. Dark Howling Wolf gamer

    70 people lost their heads!

  89. Anilson Francisco

    "Não perca sua cabeça " 🎹🎸🎺🕪🕪

  90. Deathshuck

    I don't care what anyone says, this is one of their best. It has an awesome drive and energy.

    Brick Films

    "one of their best" nah darling.

    Jesus Romero

    Totally agree! fantastic song and voice!

    Zara Lara

    Not one of the best but definitely underrated.


    Even the tracks from Hot Space don’t dip below the Queen standard. This material certainly doesn’t.

  91. STEVE P


  92. Margeir Ólafsson

    Don't Lose Your Head
    Vocals [Incidental] – Joan Armatrading
    Written-By – Taylor

  93. Lionel Rosière

    Queen comme Pink Floyd ou Judas Priest ça fait vraiment parti de ce les anglais ont produit de mieux.

  94. Eliana Di Nicola


  95. Hardiono Slamet Rambat

    I remember go to Yogyakarta for .......What....?

  96. Yasin Yilmaz

    Monster Song! Love it!

  97. Kacem AFFANE

    This song appears in a serial, which one? Do you remember?

    Jan Slowhand

    Someone lost his head her so it must be Six Feet Under.

  98. Aastha Gautam