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Queen Cosmos Rockin' Comments
  1. Paulo Ferreira

    Wow ! I love it

  2. Alan St.

    This is IMO one of the most kick-ass rockin Queen songs and although it's obviously not classic Queen with Freddie, it's one of my favs. It's a shame it ain't more famous and I got to know it only recently.

  3. barry Delisle

    I got the album

  4. Александр Цюпка

    Великие музыканты супер !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. JW AT

    Howwwwww beautiful Queen & Paul Rodgers🙌🙌👏👏👏👏🎧🎵🎤


    in 2019 😀😂

  7. JW AT

    Guauuuuu Queen Rock n' Roll yeaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  8. Omer Shomrat

    Queen is my favorite band ever. By far. And yet - I didn't know about the existence of this truly rocking song up until a few weeks ago. That's a shame. Really, a song that would have been a great hit had it been released in Queen's glorious days. Anyway, great work fellas!

  9. Widisanti Swetasurya

    Awesome!!! My favorite feel good song!

  10. Fernan Villegas

    this is what queen with lambert should do-make an album and do new material then tour or else they are just a tribute band...or retire

  11. Anthonio Degravio

    Please Queen reunite with Paul Rodgers ! This Queen still rocks! Queen + Paul Rodgers is so much better than Queen + Adam Lambert!
    In my opinion: After the dead of Freddie Mercury , there is no real Queen anymore.
    Queen + Adam Lambert is only a good Queen coverband. Queen + Paul Rodgers is a real great classic rockin' band .

    Vasilly Man

    Right on Anthonio, but there is no arguing with Lambert fans though, Rodgers has more credibility, is a better singer by a mile IMO & gave Queen a new dimension.

    Queen CR Fans

    Yes!! Rodgers is better than Lambert. Roger and Brian are good voices singing in concert please

  12. Illen Gustavo

    Video was published in october 13, 2008. Yet the title says "Live in Ukraine 2009". Wtf is happening

  13. Leonardo Briones

    Paul is not Freddie but is much, much better than Adam Lambert.

    joe threlfall

    adam is better brian said so

    暗黒騎士 Ankokukishi

    Adam sounds like shit and doesnt know how to sing. Fuck that fagaloon.

  14. cryptogon

    The whole Album is underrated and Paul`s work was fantastic. Constantijn is right, I agree to him. Thanks to Queen and Paul.

  15. Matt Alexander

    Would love miley Cyrus to do something with queen think they'd be really cool together

    Brandon Harris

    Matt Alexander lol your joking right that would be awful fit she doesn't have the voice or the songwriting skills. Adam at least has a good voice for most of the songs

    Matt Alexander

    Brandon Harris should look at her acoustic performances live, her voice is class

  16. joopis16

    Please do it live again!!!

  17. themonesruiz

    Brian May, Roger Taylor + Paul Rodgers. QUEEN is dead, long live QUEEN !!!!

  18. Matt Alexander

    Love this song sounds so good live

  19. Adennos

    Hoy mismo voto por Keiko.

  20. Constantijn Prijs

    Paul did more than an amazing job, the Queen+Paul Rodgers formation is in the truest sence of the word a Supergroup.

    marcio leporini

    Constantijn Prijs better than This Adam

    joe threlfall

    +marcio leporini adam can sing the full queen catalogue paul cant

    T/1982 Spherical Earth

    @joe threlfall maybe but this Adam Lambert can't sing for shit and yeah I can talk as I sing professionally for a living.

  21. Volker Paulsen

    queen feat paul rodgers! best formation (in my opinion) to the original outfit!

  22. Stephen Attard

    This is a fantastic song and it is brilliant live - good work guys! :)

  23. Carlos Hernández Salazar

    this was a very good record.

  24. Lefteris Benis

    yes he is a
    guitar legend

  25. zoldszemu998

    this song reminds me of the goodold fifties (well, not in Ukraine, they missed it), only the sound is much much rawer.

  26. zoldszemu998

    and lesbianism as well..

  27. zoldszemu998

    2:40: Pulp Fiction finally made it to Ukraine.

  28. Dave Suchy

    their live sound was always much much rawer than the studio

  29. Сергей Задорожний

    Кто из ХАРЬКОВА палец вверх))

  30. fuckinuniqueusername

    ever heard him singin' rock n' roll medley in the early days of queen? ;)

  31. boppah

    Bull shit. This is not Freddie's style, this is more a Paul Rodgers song than a Queen song.


    boppah а с чего бы это должно быть freddy's style, родимый? :-)

  32. bornforbattle74

    not classic queen but kicks ass!!!

  33. masterbum82

    I just wished Freddie sang this song, it would be a million times better.

  34. H31180und1

    This song was my favorite at the concerts in 2005 and 2006. I went to Hollywood Bowl and Phoenix.


    Cosmos Rockin was not played live till 2008.

  35. Joseph V

    I think they should have released this one as the single as opposed to C-lebrity

  36. linkaegar

    Hence, "Queen + Paul Rodgers".

  37. TheFredducky

    well they knew it was temporary so they wanted to keep something reconizable.

  38. mkrznar

    @thefolkgoddesses well it's queen+paul rodgers, he is not member of queen, and he doesn't sound like freedie, but he gives his interpretation of queen song, which is great!

  39. Вадим Панна

    The Coolest )))

  40. M4H51 Video Games

    @thefolkgoddesses they are not the old queen or were they trying to be like they use to be they're queen + paul rogers why should they rename them selves when its queen with paul rogers the only good name i can think of is queen+ paul rogers they do their songs and pauls what should they have called them selves? queen bad free company?

  41. JAS BARN

    I love Brian's little jump in the solo! Rock star!

  42. The Folk Goddesses

    Sorry, but no Freddie... no Queen. They should've renamed themselves. Queen wasn't the kind of band that could absorb personnel changes and retain the 'brand.'

  43. Dear Friends of Mario

    awesome oldmen. Queen forever.
    Queen +

  44. JAS BARN

    @darthdude1016 Well said but Brian rocks for a young guy as well lol!

  45. Paul Johnson

    Yeah that's it! Insult people who have a different opinion to you, that's the way to go. Because it doesn't make you sound like you have the IQ range of a parsnip at all.

  46. Thorsteyn Odinsson

    geile scheisse !!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Benjamin Ramirez

    I believe that they have the total right to put someone new as a singer, don't get me wrong I love QUEEN, but a true Queen fan would know that Brian May and Roger Taylor were the two originals. I say that they can do anything they want with what is left of Queen.

  48. Drimmie

    @satanaonline fuck you and die

  49. RebelliousHutterite2

    My favorite song on the album.... why the heck didn't they release this as a single??

  50. Paul Power

    Having seen Queen live with Freddie Mercury live three times, I have to applaud Brian and Roger for trying to do something different, and pullin git off with aplomb. When Freddie sadly died in 1991, everyone was touting George Michael as the new lead vocalist, PR showed why he was in demand by other groups, and now this collaboration has bitten the dust, Brian and Roger will soon re-establish Queen as the true chameleons of rock n roll. Keep Rocking lads, we still love you.

  51. Jonas Carlsson

    We have to live in the now and there's no Freddie Mercury in the now, unfortunately. Paul Rodgers seems to be a great singer in his own right, but I feel this composition doesn't have the grandeur worthy of the Queen hallmark. It's far too retro, too safe and too middle of the road. I find myself singing I Got My Mojo Working to it and that's... about as exciting it gets. ;)

  52. Михаил Ефимкин

    that's great but this is Queen + Paul Rodgers, not Queen

    Green Hot Chili Queen

    Yes this is Queen. Colaboration of band Queen and singer Paul Rodgers.

  53. 9misuraco6

    Chuck Norris sings for Queen?

  54. giggabyt78

    @drimmie i think queen shod do more with roger

  55. Thomas Becker

    this great bastard of paul and also brian

  56. Gene V Rocks

    PR,the best rock singer of all time!!! Just great!!

  57. inclaric

    Rock On !!!!!!

  58. MortifiedPenguin275

    This song makes me want to fuck shit up!!

  59. M4H51 Video Games

    The people who dont like Paul Rodgers Dont have To Listen To Him Sing!!!!
    He is amazing they arnt trying to replase Freddie!!!! Queen + Paul Rodgers Album / Live=AMAZING!!!!

  60. M4H51 Video Games

    The people who dont like Paul Rodgers Dont have To Listen To Him Sing!!!!

  61. Stefan Brecht

    brian is "one of the all time greatest" guitar-heros!!!

  62. ArquestQ

    Alternate version of Cosmos Rockin': youtube.com/watch?v=38erYSZcc70

    Click and check!

  63. Bubba Gump

    Kieth Richards has nothing on Brian May! And Roger Taylor is one of the best drummer alive, or dead!

  64. Bubba Gump

    Kieth Richards has nothing on Brian May!

  65. Antonio Piccolo

    Brian Fuckin' Great !!!!

  66. Stanford .s

    rock n roll is finally backkk...!!!!!!

  67. Barlecilla

    It's Queen "+" Paul Rodgers, he isn't replacing him.

    QUEEN Rocks, Paul Rodgers ROCKS too.
    This is amazing, by the way!! i was there when they came to Chile

  68. lorant89

    @TeeMcDee89 QUEEN= Freddie Mercury, Bryan May, Roger Taylor, John Dacon

  69. Sir Neville Cawas Cyrus Bardoliwalla OBE

    Great song, packs alot of puch, loving Brian May yeh, Neville Bardoli Esq

  70. Luke Chalkley

    OMG excellent. LOVE THIS SONG!

    Became a fan of Queen after Don't Stop Me Now (much to May's despair LOL)

    Never used to like Queen + PR, but after buying Ukraine and Return of the Champions I love it! Having said that, Paul doesn't have the right voice for some songs, but he comes bloody close!

    Bit upset with the Ukraine concert though, they did shorter versions of One Vision, Tie Your mother Down and We are the Champions.. but otherwise.. excellent! Needs to be loud!

  71. Dave Sherratt

    come on Paul... Give us another album....
    The cosmos album is just so fantastic.. musically and lyrically genius...

  72. 元タコ

    totemo ii uta da!

  73. JAS BARN

    @TeeMcDee89 Well said

  74. pfootball43

    I want a Queen + Paul Rodgers reunion.... There will be no better collaboration

  75. Derek Robinson

    AWESOME! If you guys dig Paul, check out Layden Robinson. Great Rockin White Soul singing!

  76. Frank Mumphord

    p rogers voice is ok, very rock n roll

  77. JAS BARN

    i was at a few of the UK gigs and people were dancing! I see what you mean though.

  78. Alex Nader

    This video sucks!
    I love the song, I like the album, I like teh voice of P. Rogers, but this is kind of MTV video. Like they pay to those people to dance.
    Seems choreographed to me.

    And it should show more of Paul singing.

  79. Kevin de Groot

    To the mighty power, of rock 'n roll!

  80. Antonio Piccolo

    Mamma come fa il rock'n roll sta gente qua ... ehhhh ne volessero tutti sti gruppetti del cazzo d'oggi!!!

  81. drachingon zarate

    eso no es queen!!!!
    sin freddy no son queen !!!!
    esta buena la rola pero no a la calidad queen. no cabe duda que freddy le ponia un jugo a la musica, era un fenomeno cantando, te hacia sentir todas las emociones que quisiera transmitir hacia el publico y este paul rodgers es un cantante mas.... no hay nada de especial en el.

  82. elvis elvisyes


  83. Oliver Harper

    Very Status Quo although I am a Queen fan

  84. pfootball43

    This Album was the album of the year in my choice, sure beats Lil Wayne's Da Carter III

  85. Pussycatfeathers

    the whole cd is brilliant, i particularly love surfs up schools out and we believe, well worth spending the money to buy it!!:-( such a shame that this capitol is over but after all the "shit" pauls had to take i cant say i blame him for leaving, though im sure thats not the reason he did!

  86. Caleb Balboa

    i ment states

  87. Caleb Balboa

    its to bad i live in the stares, i'd never see them live, also a great track to drum to ;)

  88. Caleb Balboa

    love roger and brian and bad companys cool

  89. randomdave30

    Sounds like 'whorehouse' to me but then I got a dirty mind

  90. Gene V Rocks

    But they are STARS!!! hey you smashlythebassgod

  91. desided carola

    I want to playing the guitar like him

  92. BarberLJ

    the english do make the best music,, led zep, deep purple,, and QUEEN.

  93. supersandman86

    the way they play you wouldnt think they were in their 60's (they dont look it either) to those singers of this day and age you stand no chance against these rockers of the unforgotten years

  94. xxxdidinhoxxx

    i love him since he was with Free!!!! now i'm happy that he's singing with Roger and Brian!!!

  95. killerdude35

    Queen = true rock and roll royalty!

  96. salud y riqueza

    Esta bien!!

  97. Paul Johnson

    Muchas gracias amigo, de Inglaterra =]

  98. Drimmie

    This song just fucking kicks so much ass. Fuck the PR haters. Bitches!

  99. ernesto perez

    Excelente cancion grande Queen, tiene el sello magico del grupo con una buena voz de Paul

  100. Neil Primeau

    Why complain, it's different and awesome....no one can deny Paul has a great bluesy rock voice, I think the best ever personally.