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Queen A Winter's Tale Comments
  1. Flavia Bracaglia

    He truly was a lover of life...
    I got chills all over my body. This song is truly magnificent
    It’s so pure!!
    The heartbreaking words and the gentle music...

  2. Andrew Gahan

    Happy 2020

  3. Georgios Iordanis

    what a travel deep in our memories , thank you Freddie for all


    Escuchando 29:12:19

  5. jarjon76

    Here was a man dying yet was able to appreciate the beauty of his surroundings. Just beautiful.

  6. Vesna Todorov

    you just don't know what is better, words, his emotional voice.....

  7. Angelinaisone

    I always like to come back to this song in the winter ❤️

  8. Владимир Курдюмов

    Фреди родился в ЮАР. Какая там зима? Увидел снег и обалдел.Эскимосы всю жизнь видят только снег и пальмы им не нужны.

  9. Antonella Basso

    Una canzone che è un vero capolavoro ❤

  10. No livers YT

    This music is so different than queen Made in 70-80’s. But it’s fantastic, no doubt.....

  11. gabriela lupu

    So beautiful and peaceful ! Oh Freddie ! You are stll amaze us....

  12. Marjolein Pls

    Happy Christmas, Freddy Mercury, Thank you

  13. Наталья Пивоварова

    Единственный, неповторимый, безмерно любимый Фредди!!!!

  14. MagicSantos

    Mele kalikimaka and Happy new year to all Queen fans!👑🤘😉🍾🥂🎆
    Queen forever!👍👍👍👍

  15. eimear planet

    This song is INSPRINATIONAL!

  16. Francisco Cruz Maza

    Enjoyng this perfect song..

  17. Decky

    Merry Christmas, darlings.

  18. ironknight 2020

    great song for legend

  19. herman janssens

    SO BEAUTIFUL SONG    I LOVE  IT         (  a kind  of magic )

  20. Klaudia Julia


  21. Rebecca Dolashewich


  22. Argemiro Aguirre


  23. EagleEyes Spiritual Investigations

    This was beautiful. Freddie has a remarkable voice. One voice I can always pick out from the rest. Love you Freddie and the music you gave to us with QUEEN.💖🎹👑

  24. sugar 137

    Merry Christmas freddie❤

  25. Jamie's Videos

    Beautiful song from the legands that are Queen!

  26. Piwi V-Tamer

    As we keep enjoying this marvelous classic, I also want to wish, as much as possible, a Merry Christmas for those who smile, for those who cry, for those who celebrate, for those who are suffering. For those who are here and those who have departed from this world.

    Because, everybody has the right to be happy equally without any distinction at all.

    Merry Christmas 2019 to everyone!!! 🎄♥️🎄♥️🎄♥️🎄♥️


    Dec 24 2019

  28. Ryan Walsh

    This was his last song rip🙏😭

  29. Juan Antonio Guijarro Cuadros

    After listening last Christmas and thank God its Christmas, this georgeus song

  30. green bean

    Besides "thank god it's Christmas" the only Christmas song I listen to

  31. Tracey Mills

    Merry Christmas from the United Kingdom

    Mary Rauschenberger

    Tracey mills: and the same to you from the u.s.a 🌹‼️

  32. Cris Sacatani

    This was the last song written by Freddie Mercury.

  33. Ey Jey Ey

    Freddie has a beautiful handwriting

  34. Gonzalo Sanchez Estrella

    es la mejor cancion de Queen

  35. Gonzalo Sanchez Estrella

    its beautiful

  36. Billy Little

    It's winter-fall
    Read skies are gleaming, oh
    Sea-gulls are flyin' over
    Swans are floatin' by
    Smoking chimney-tops
    Am I dreaming
    Am I dreaming?
    The nights draw in
    There's a silky moon up in the sky, yeah
    Children are fantasizing
    Grown-ups are standin' by
    What a super feeling
    Am I dreaming
    Am I dreaming?
    So quiet and peaceful
    (Dreaming) Tranquil and blissful
    (Dreaming) There's a kind of magic in the air
    (Dreaming) What a truly magnificent view
    (Dreaming) A breathtaking scene
    With the dreams of the world
    In the palm of your hand
    A cosy fireside chat
    (Dreaming) A little this, a little that
    (Dreaming) Sound of merry laughter skippin' by
    (Dreaming) Gentle rain beatin' on my face
    (Dreaming) What an extraordinary place!
    And the dream of the child
    Is the hope of the, hope of the man
    It's all so beautiful
    Like a landscape painting in the sky, yeah
    Mountains are zoomin' higher, uh
    Little girls scream an' cry
    My world is spinnin' and spinnin' and spinnin'
    It's unbelievable
    Sends me reeling
    Am I dreaming
    Am I dreaming?
    Oooh, it's bliss

  37. jorge bittar

    Merry Christmas people! 🎄❤ may all your dreams come true this 2020!

  38. CLO


  39. Ben Mason

    THIS is the only Christmas song that really matters to me.

    Dandara Fernandes

    And thank god it's christmas too!

    Rosemary Clarke

    The lyrics have nothing to do with Christmas. They barely have anything to do with winter.

    Mark Falconer

    Rosemary Clarke my god you’ve got cloth ears! What do you suppose the children are fantasising about? Of course it’s about Xmas. And barely about winter? How do u figure that one out? Have you actually listened to this song?

  40. Marianancyde amorim

    Eu amo amo

  41. Polski Szymbin

    Merry Chirstmas in 2019 everyone! <3

  42. Claudia White

    Truly Freddie Just Your Voice is Bliss enough for us to hear and imagine by your voice how in awe you are of the scenery!!! Thank you for your heavenly voice in our ears!!!❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰😍😍😍💕💕

  43. Mark Minter

    To millions in this world we all should.. Thank God for..
    *Queen*🎤 🎸🎹🎵
    with their unbelievable talent, beautiful songs & unique, brilliant, talented showman
    *Freddie Mercury* R.I.P. 🕇

  44. Margaret Gaskell

    Brain May fabulous on guitar as always....👍👍🙏💐😥

  45. Margaret Gaskell

    Thank you I love it...to be remembering Freddie Mercury....a great record...👍👍🙏🙏👍

  46. Catherine Payton

    I still love you Freddie x always 2019💋

  47. M D

    A Winter's Tale" was the last song Freddie penned on his own. Brian shares a heartwarming story about this song and why it means so much to him : "Freddie was probably just a year too early to be be treated successfully for the HIV virus. Once they discovered the magic cocktail of drugs AIDS was no longer a death sentence, but for Freddie, sadly, it came too late. He was in a lot of pain those last months, even years, but you would never have known it, really, from the way that he worked and enjoyed life. If you listen to this haunting track, you can see Freddie in your mind writing this song in his little rented house overlooking the lake, called the Duck House. And he wasn't in despair, he was finding life beautiful and inspiring, even at that point when it was obvious that he didn't have much longer on the planet. This is one of my favorite songs and I personally treasured the unfinished recording of it in the year or two after his death, making sure that we preserved it exactly as he left it; and then eventually we finished it off exactly as we would have done if he'd been there. The last thing I put on it was the guitar solo, which I did back home, in my own studio. I chose the moment when I was ready with it all in my head - I had to catch myself in exactly the right mood to play the solo. In my mind I was back at Montreux with Freddie, playing it, and it's now probably my favorite Queen solo. You can hear the original Deacy amp in its full glory - inimitable - nothing else sounds quite like that. The track was finished and polished and presented to the public long after Freddie was gone but totally with his spirit in it - that vitally strong spirit of his last days, which is very inspiring to me" 🎶🎸💕💛💛 This is "A Winter's Tale" 💛

    Diana Horne

    This post looks very familiar 💛Happy you found it special enough to share. It is a beautiful story Brian shared in his Queen in 3D book.

  48. Debi Nicholson

    Am I the only one who is OBSESSED with this man?? I cannot get enough of him-at work, at home, in my kitchen, in my car on my phone....? I have Mercury fever!!!!!! Miss you my beautiful darling Freddie I will keep dreaming of you! Merry Christmas

    Madein Heaven

    No, darling, you are in good company ❤ just check instagram or facebook, there are so many groups dedicated to Freddie and Queen. I love him so much only my obsession for John can destract me from Freddie.

    Pamela Harrell

    Debi Nicholson no, you are definitely not alone!!!

  49. Ladida 4Ever

    Such a beautiful song. The videography is truly wonderful. I think I can imagine overlooking that beautiful skyline, the water, the snow, the swans, and feeling the tranquility and bliss Freddie must have felt. The lyrics were beautiful. Miss ya Freddie. 💛❤️💋

  50. Andrew Fairbairn

    Just heard it on radio here in nothern Ireland bout bloody time it got played. Love this song

  51. Michael Kozak

    Masterpiece xxx

  52. cool cat

    Me . I listen to it frequently . It's a beautiful song . In fact it's Bliss

  53. Nicola Razzi


  54. Andrew Bailey

    This should be played at Christmas with all the other songs.

    matthew franklin

    Andrew Bailey well we’re playing it Andrew 👍🥂🌹👋🙏🏻

    Claudia White

    Andrew Bailey Absolutely true!!!👍👍👏

  55. Sara Marie

    Is this how heaven is like in winter Freddie?

  56. NCoft

    Beautiful ❤️

  57. MCR


  58. Лариса Селемаева

    Душа замирает, слёзы сами текут из глаз! ФРЕДДИ ТЫ ГЕНИЙ !

  59. Heres Alka

    Merry Christmas, Queen fans.

  60. Nitu Sinha

    Best Christmas Gift Ever 🐴🐴🌹

  61. Ivan Pik

    SUPER !!!

  62. Emily Zapien Artwork

    I can't believe I've never heard this song before. It's so beautiful

  63. Pac

    it's bliss

  64. Steve Karr

    So amazing that he was so close to death and was able to find peace with this beautiful song. What we lost!

  65. ッNexusToxic

    This and ”Thank God it's Christmas” I am listening to for Christmas miss ya Freddie

  66. Wactus Cactus Gaming

    When Freddie winked at the the camera I felt that

    Sherry Valli

    I bet you were'nt the only one.

  67. stormthepitbull

    Would have been right at home on the Kind of Magic album ....... long live THE Queen !

  68. Sascha Foschi

    G.O.A.T ===> Freddie !!!❤

  69. Keith Mortimer

    Why ,there not playing this song on the radio

    chaos 6010

    listen to anther station in mycountry it gets played regulary during the winter

  70. pops junior

    Beautiful song, haven't heard it in a long time...greatest singer of ALL time and the GREATEST band TOO

  71. No name

    Слезы на глазах. Какая песня сильная😔бедный Фредди, он так хотел жить...😔❤

  72. Alfiya Kochetova

    Дорогой Фредд, песни👍👍👍👍👍👍 новое пора сочинять хватит отдыхать😘 2019 год.

  73. Richard Hayes

    Just exquisite.

  74. leena o' sta

    I love Freddie

  75. Mark Clare

    Not to take anything away from Freddies amazing vocals but Brian May's guitar solo is awesome!!

  76. Heidi Thomas' Videos of Places

    I feel like he was writing about heaven. You can feel how in love with life he was ♥

  77. Раиса Глушанкова

    Genius,simply Genius.
    The Only One.
    The Best in Universe.

  78. Katarzyna Sz.

    "Ooooh it's bliss..." - perfect description and summary of this song ❤

  79. MCinzia A

    Magic magnificent voyce Freddy we love you forever

  80. hrabiadbx

    Still amaizing and fantastic....

  81. Zdravka Balaško


  82. Frank Jackson

    I still miss you my dear Freddie XXX

  83. Rebel Kev

    His voice was thinning here, bless him.

  84. Kurt Hargreaves

    Nearly 2020 and we all miss queen and Freddie! Awesome. It's all beautiful

  85. Meredith Anne

    They used his own handwriting for this video--I'm deeply moved. What a beautiful song from such a beautiful soul.

  86. Henrik Pedersen

    Så smukt.. 🎶💕🎄🤶🇩🇰🇩🇰Miss you


    I ll love Freddie and the boys Forever .... God bless Freddie Mercury ...

  88. Marta Okońska

    Always make me feel the real value of beauty of Christmas...
    Freddie ,you are incredible ♡
    Who are here with me in December 2019?:)

  89. Vincent Rousseau

    Queen 's music will never die or get old.

  90. FAHMZZ

    3m viewwwwwwwwwwwssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  91. Felicity Dacombe

    December 2019?

  92. Paranormal Shadows Society

    I am dreaming of Freddie returning & God taking Justin Bieber back.

  93. John Surabian

    ! AM I DREAMING … ? !

  94. Susan Lawley

    Hi Tracy I am too Freddie Mercury amazing voice the legend lives on

  95. Mr. Fusion

    This song is so surreal. If I remember correctly, Freddie wrote it while looking out the window from his apartment, probably just after Innuendo came out. A truly beautiful song.

  96. John Surabian

    ! --_- !<3 !

  97. Tommaso Moriggi

    Who listening this song in december 2019?

    Edit: Thank you for all the likes!

    Paul Kania

    Yes, me 😊 31st December.

    Tommaso Moriggi

    Happy New Year To All!

    Andy Twigg

    @Tommaso Moriggi you too mate

    Paul Kania

    Happy New Year 🎶🕺🏻🍺🍷🥳 Tommaso & Andy

    Andy Twigg

    @Paul Kania cheers Paul happy New year to you and yours 🤘