Quarterflash - Brothers Lyrics

I should try to call my brother,
I don't see him all that much,
Though I shared my room with him for years,
Didn't share enough - didn't share enough.

I should try to call my brother,
We were always on a different track,
When we were young I'd pick a fight,
He'd never hit me back,
I wish that he had hit me back.

I should call my little brother,
Lift him boots and all,
Put him on my handlebars,
Never let him fall - never let him fall.

I should try to call my brother,
And race him thru the grass,
Let him win - let him grin,
Let him kick my ass - let him kick my ass.

I should call my little brother,
Lift him boots and all,
Put him on my handlebars,
Never let him fall - never let him fall.

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Quarterflash Brothers Comments


  2. Ryan Hill

    Respect to this beautiful lady - Rindy Ross. It can't be easy to blow the sax and also deliver a great performance. This band Quarterflash gave us a few wonderful hits in the 80s and cherished memories.

  3. MiketheYung God

    Her name is Rindy Ross.

  4. Jon Blund

    One fine tune and voice. If you're looking for a similar vocal, check out Sam Phillips aka Leslie Phillips, you can for example start off with "Put Your Heart In Me" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XJBu_16Ek0 . -Enjoy :-)

  5. Joseph Anderson

    Singer, Sax and scikaeatwist. That’s like multi talented multi tasker and 3/4 of the band. lol

  6. diego josé gonzález villamarín

    When I was 14, I listened to it on the radio, but, they never explained it, now that I am 55 years old and know a little English, I enjoy it much better

  7. diego josé gonzález villamarín

    Cuando tenía 14 años , lo escuchaba en radio, pero, nunca la explicaban , ahora que tengo 55 años y sé un poco de inglés, la disfruto mucho mejor

  8. bourdon845

    J'adore !

  9. Robert Cotgrave

    Nice song, one sassy talented lady.

  10. kamaroway günther


  11. Lena Gingerich

    She is awesome!!!! Ijust heard this song like two weeks ago.love her!

  12. david hina

    damn, she is beautiful

  13. KennBurch

    Damn, they should have had a longer career. I still wish their label hadn't made them change their name from "Seafood Mama".

  14. Derek Rathel

    This is when music breathed today’s music is racing to the finish line.

  15. 77ArunasM

    NICE ONE....GERAS....

  16. S P

    Hear me out on this - edit out the saxophone playing parts, mute... and she could be Tori Amos! What a resemblance!

  17. Gary Williams

    In a similar vein to Pat Benatar, Patti Smith...class

  18. bijan zanubi

    She is so Cool

  19. bijan zanubi

    Love 70th early 80th musics

  20. ElectronicsTech09

    I like a song with a lot of Sax.

  21. Cricri Cricri


  22. Victoria Carpenter

    God every one was in love with the saxophone in the 70's and 80's . .it was in so many songs

  23. SIEGE Works

    I remember when this came out I was in West Germany on a field problem called "wildflecken" not so bad ! but I sure looked forward to getting back to post and hooking up with my girl good times !!! 81/83 B.K. 2/11 A.C.R. 😎

  24. Kundalinia Kiriake

    AWESOME 🕊🙏🌸💐🌺🌹☮️💜💖💝

  25. May Loo

    Great song for a broken heart.

  26. David Shacklett

    Wow! Beautiful and talented!!!

  27. Westbound70

    is that an alto sax ?

  28. Gerald Sullivan

    This is from back in the day when entertainers were artists and didn't need a bunch of dancers and the rest to hide the fact that they actually suck on their own. Anybody can lip-synch. This woman rocks!

  29. angel javier

    La cantante sé parece a la chica de cc cat.

  30. angel javier

    Ésa chica parece alemán es muy hermosa.

  31. Enchanted soul

    Forgot all about Quarterflash. Awesome song

  32. doglips1958

    Marv and Rindi, I never had teachers as cool as you 2.....

  33. doglips1958

    Haunting sax, one of the Best 80s songs

  34. TexasRed1961

    I saw these guys open for Elton John at the Hollywood Bowl in June , 1982

  35. Gilles Goderre

    It was a good Time ! the best Time . I Will always love You.

  36. Demos Theodorakakis

    Yes! the great 80's...

  37. Didier Falbet

    J'avais quinze ans à l'époque. J'aime beaucoup les yeux de la chanteuse.

  38. redbuick

    As of this post,842 idiots who think real music is bad, disliked this video.

  39. Jesse Gonzales

    Maaan she plays the sax...I love this song in 2020 like the 80s

  40. MissUnderstood

    Is she miming here? Sounds exactly like the studio version.


    sounds like Pat Benatar

  42. Olaf Tryggvasson

    beautiful! that was the standard for pop music then, whereas today's standard i have a hard time even calling music. in fact, it's 70's rock, disguised as 80's pop.

  43. badboyblue

    Must be the best girl
    Sax player who can also sing so well

  44. africa del norte


  45. Jean Michel Pieuchot

    Quant toute c est musique année 80 grand souvenir que le temps passe vite

  46. Zenya

    All the sound of today's sound has already been completed in those days.

  47. d boggs

    I dedicate this song to Rhonda Hutchinson of Boulder, Colorado a.k.a. Lana Rhoades

  48. Shiva Rose

    Damn 🐸 she can play that sax!

  49. notvalidcharacters

    LOL at the way the guitar player stage left is standing. He can't stand that he has to play behind a woman. What a poser.

    Like the way she gets a note out of the sax before it's on her lips too 1:49

  50. stotto68

    Oh I had such a crush on her when this came out. Love you Rindy!

  51. gigmes alexandre

    j adore tout simplement

  52. isimplin

    노래 참 좋아요~ㅎㅎ

  53. mattmorrow7777

    Excellent. Miami Vice style.

  54. Thomas Hewitt

    First video I ever saw on MTV

  55. Lashun Cureton

    I NEVER knew she played the horn in this song !!!!!!
    Mad Talented!! Love it

  56. ricardo oscar ibañez perez

    The girl ruled!

  57. markieisaacs

    Love this song. Remember it from when I was a little kid. Her voice is a amazing

  58. Vincent Harding

    So many happy replies to this gig ! I wish I was friends with everybody that made a comment here . BUT , Whitesnake is still my favorite band !!!!!

  59. John Johnson

    Look at that angel face...

  60. spudfrommars

    It's 2020 and I'm 47 but The Americans TV show made this song mean so much more to me.

  61. Stefan Riemann

    She sounds similar to Kate Bush and Pat Benetar

  62. Geraldo Xavier

    Saudades da Rádio Del Rey, BH.

  63. Richard Riley

    Man,can she blow a sax!

  64. Joann Johnson

    Take me back to the 80's love it.

  65. Roberto Obregon Vea

    Una canción, la cuál tiene un toque profundo y meláncolico, una super balada de los 80´s, genial

  66. paramjit singh

    Tunes 🍑🎸🎶😈👂👌🇸🇪🎹😻🌍🤔🎄🤔😌

  67. Anvilshock

    Good old Sennheiser MD 431.

    paramjit singh

    Senheisers 440.🎶


    @paramjit singh The MKE 440 is a stereo mic. Are you sure you didn't mean the MD 421/441, another classic?

  68. Tonguespank Spice Co.

    Quareterflash @ keylargo in Portland. those were the days.

  69. Gloria Hahn

    80er 👍👍👍

  70. Red Bay

    God she's so beautiful - I could watch her move all day.......

  71. Jerry Muzak

    horrid, even to this day.
    this song is an audio-fart.


    you are not worth it,you don't like this music?, you are worthless. glad I don't know you, what a waste of humanity.

  72. Kathryn Wright

    I remember her song and didn't realize that she played the sax. Amazing singer in instrument player.. I see others had found here still she is a definite thumbs up. She may be the reason that former President Clinton learned to play the sax. Not that jazz crap.

  73. 1Rockdad

    I got ripped off. My school teachers didn't look like this

  74. oldedude51

    They were a local band and for years they'd come back and put on a show for the folks. I never missed the return of "Quarterflash". Miss 'em now that they aren't coming around.

  75. Mark La Roche

    This song always reminds me of one of the most important people in my life. I love my grandad and miss him so much.

  76. j x opinion opinador

    Maravillosa voz,,, y toca increíblemente el saxo,,,

  77. joe fox

    This can't be lip synced

  78. Connie Sue Abel

    Favorite Song ❤️💕

    vincent hamlie

    Me Too !

  79. Connie Sue Abel

    I just love the song "Harden My Heart" By Quarterflash 💓💕

  80. fishing south texas


  81. james cameron

    It's embarrassing to see  again, even for all I write....So I erase it.

  82. Tim Devel

    LOVE HER VOICE. Amazing thing about her and this band. They sounded every bit as good live as on the record.

  83. Jules Xavier

    Great tune from ‘82

  84. Juliétte


  85. Sunghwei Park

    The best!

  86. stephi475

    this song came out in 81 not 82 i remember . music was great the first three years of the 80's then corporate stepped in & it took a nose dive & a quick left up butt crack ally.

  87. Ahi viene

    I was 16 when she rocked the charts w that beauty. The sax is mesmerizing and the lyrics and singing 😘. 80's were the greatest years

    J Bro

    I was 12!! 1981 was a great year.

    Ahi viene

    @J Bro 😎🤗🤗🤗👍

  88. Christopher Hallinan

    What a gorgeous song.

  89. bleedingstar1011

    Hell, yeah, Quarterflash!

  90. Daniel Gossin

    Wow.. Great song from the 80's !!!

  91. RedVette400

    Rindy Ross.... sax player and singer, Quarterflash.

  92. Alan Strom

    The comments on this page have a lot of emotions welling up inside me.
    There are tears in my eyes.
    The 80's was the coolest decade in History and this is one of the coolest songs.
    People were real in the 80's.
    Unlike all the fakes and phonies of the Reality TV eras.
    People into crap like Taylor Swift et al, should look at and listen to bands and Rock chicks like this girl to see natural and authentic genuine art.

  93. thorinbane

    Reminds me of Kelly Lebrock. God I miss the 80's

  94. Black Superman

    ☀Wow oh my oh my she gets down skillfully with that saxophone!!🎷 She has a sharply good voice for holding her different tones throughout her vocals. No doubt she's excellent for this song.☀🎶

  95. Mister of navels bellybutton lovers

    Thanks for this video,i remember janvier 1982 whit this music,my 14 years,partys,loves,school,smoke joins,etc etc thanks my friends


    She’s definitely a keeper! Great goodbye song.

  97. Ray Gabrelcik

    Sexy song--sexy sax--sexy lady. Song's got a lot of "kick" to it...feel like dancin.'

  98. paul bunyun

    bass player is cool