P.Y.T. - P.Y.T. (Down With Me) Lyrics

Tell me whose got my back
(mmmmmm tell me)
Tell me whose got my back
(PYT ohhhh)

Why do you keep hating me
All behind my back
Doggin' me
Just tell me why you can't be real with me
Cuz you're smilin' in my face
You talk behind my back
You got a problem
Maybe I can help you try to solve it
Cuz you're steady talkin' all your mess
Got me stressed
And I'm about to get my girls and handle it

What's up with all these people bein' jealous of me
Because I'm in PYT
If you got a problem you can step to me
Let me know what's on your mind
Tell me why you talk about me all the time
I got my girls with me
And I'm about to let you know what we're gonna do

Tell me whose got my back
Cuz this girl's tryna trip
And I ain't havin' that
She smiles in my face
Talk behind my back
So tell me where ya'll at
(why you wanna do this to me)
Where ya'll at
Tell me where ya'll at
So PYT tell me if ya down with me
Got my girls with me
So where ya'll at
I know ya got my back back

Why do you keep stressing me
When I'm just tryna do my j-o-b
And I'm hjust tryna have fun
But your steady in my face
You're always in the way
Ya got a problem
Maybe I can help you try to solve it
Baby what you wanna do
You know it ain't cool
And I'm about to get my girls and handle it, oh

What's up with all these people bein' jealous of me
Because I'm in PYT
If you got a problem you can step to me
Let me know what's on your mind
Tell me why you talk about me all the time
And tell me why you trippin' on me


I don't want no trouble
I'm just tryna be me (just tryna be me)
Does it make you feel good when you talk about me (talk about me)
You can say what you wanna say
You can do what you wanna do
It really don't matter
Cuz I got my girls with me, ohhh

Tell me whose got my back (ohhhh tell me)
Cuz this girl's tryna trip
And I ain't havin' that
She smiles in my face (smiles in my face talk behind my back)
Talk behind my back
So tell me where ya'll at
Where ya'll at
Tell me where ya'll at
So PYT tell me if ya down with me
Got my girls with me
So where ya'll at
I know ya got my back back

Tell me where you at
Tell me where you at
So tell me where ya'll at
Tell me where ya'll at

So PYT tell me if ya down with me
Got my girls with me
So where ya'll at
I know you got my back back

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P.Y.T. P.Y.T. (Down With Me) Comments
  1. Sugarshaz

    They look like that lunch table that made fun of everyone in Middle School

  2. Sugarshaz

    The lead singer looks like Lucy Hale

  3. B Warf

    I dated the small red head. She was a bitch

  4. Sikers LalaTM

    Mandy More used to be in this


    @Sikers LalaTM
    No, actually PYT was the Mandy Moore "Candy" video.

  5. Molly Underwood


  6. kibummiex hansol X baekhyun

    Lmfao the down comments on this channel that mention MJ, are y'all stupid and can't read or something? Cause where the fuck in the title does it say Michael Jackson, and I'm definitely sure you don't see him on the cover, this is a good song btw

  7. SCREAMOguy413

    "where yall at
    i know you got my back back..."
    i know you got my back pack...
    i know you got my Pat-Back...
    i know you got my tech deck...
    i know you got my snack pack...

  8. SCREAMOguy413

    Jeez Tracy's voice was so impressively mature at that age! Holdin' it down on the low parts!

  9. SCREAMOguy413

    sooooo goooooooooood

  10. BeauRoc Mane

    Daannng I miss them so much. And what happened to The "Anywhere USA" video? ❤😩

  11. Vitaluv

    OMG this was the white girl bop back in the day. LMAO. I still own this shit.

  12. Steven George

    Does anyone have their Same 'Ol Same 'Ol video?

  13. MCFortress

    I love PYT

  14. Hope Carr

    Oh my goodness...the memories!!! I always liked the underdog groups. P.Y.T. was one of my very favs!



  15. Vixtage Cartel

    I used to Love this song

  16. Melanin Queen

    They're pretty good! PYT kinda seems like a girl group that could have gone far. I've never heard of them before. This song came out in 01 when I was 1 so of course I wouldn't know who they are. But I do now and they're good!

  17. seanyrooo

    This song is so insanely catchy and it boasts a great production (and video!) I really can't believe these girls didn't impact the charts.



  18. Terynxe Harding

    Showing love! 3/9/18

  19. Kimberly Hatcher

    I went to middle school with Ashley and Lydia. Orange grove


    @Kimberly Hatcher
    What were they like at school? Nice, mean, smart, intelligent?
    Sooo curious. Thanks.

    Buddy Kermit

    Yeah me too it was in Tampa.

    Fairfax Vickers

    I remember Lauren went to Berkeley Prep with some of my close friends and she was really sweet. I miss these days!

  20. Chance St.Thomas

    Cute outfits!

  21. Felktl09

    Holy shit this brought back some good memories.

  22. watershed44

    Who is the brunette with the black shirt and white pants does the lead singing?

  23. watershed44

    Mandy Moore Candy brought me here!

  24. Donovan T

    lol @ that screencap

  25. sospecial

    omg!! i cant believe i thought of this!

  26. Johnny Blaze

    This song is like a combination of 702's "Where My Girls At" and Cleopatra's "Cleopatra's Theme"  LOL..........


    Sure does "cleopatra comin atcha"

    Tyler Tate

    THANK YOU! The moment I heard the lil intro beat, I was like, WAIT


    If Pharrell Gotta Pay.. THEN... Well U Know!!! It's so Similar It's Like a Cover/Parody. 702/PYT

    big stream

    Yes! Spot on lmao

  27. chelly281

    Lead girl sounds like mandy moore

    jenn love.

    I was thinking the same


    they are in Mandy Moores candy video


    chelly281 she reminds me of Lucy Hale


    They were really good friends back then! Scarlett Johannsson was also in that Candy video . (sitting in the booth with a pony tail facing away from the camera).

  28. Pedro Amador Martinez

    One of the best girl group singles ever.



  29. LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch

    I remember this being a different song with a different melody and a hip hop sample beat

    juyna plump

    That was their other song Same ol Same ol remix feat. Sarai

    Hanginwit Mayflowers

    702 were my girls at is what they sampled

  30. Наталья Дячук

    What is the name curly girl?:)

    juyna plump

    Lauren Mayhew

    Наталья Дячук

    @juyna plump THANK YOU!!! You helped me a lot!!!:)

    Наталья Дячук

    @juyna plump And the name of the girl in the white pants?

    Ciara Lizama-Montesanto

    @Natasha Dyachuk Ashley Niven

    Наталья Дячук

    Thank you!:)

  31. Наталья Дячук

    Good band. What is the name the main soloist?! A lot of time trying to understand.

  32. erin

    2 of them look like cheetah girls 

  33. JUNE ROB

    i love this 

  34. Altagrace Gustave

    Just listening to this, I thought they were black, back in the day. Then I saw the video. Hahah! I liked the song. Oh, well. :)

  35. Donovan T

    So why are you stalking the comments section in a years old video made by some girls "you know" which wasn't even a hit?

  36. Donovan T

    Can you Read? "PYT (down with me)" is the name of the song.

  37. Kailey Billings

    That seemed to be a popular thing back then. "Backstreet's Back" by The Backstreet Boys, "Dream Street" by Dream Street, etc. Pretty silly.

  38. Msip12

    I haven't heard this song in a long time XD

  39. JonesStreetTv

    This Not Michael Jackson This That BullShit

  40. anJelYca Jenkins

    i love them i love their album i know and love everY sonG and im still uPset their Gone

  41. Pablo Ferrigno

    what the fuck!!??

  42. Arielle Moore

    I have their album luv this sing

  43. Cdinosaur123

    This use to be my song when i was like 10.

  44. Jade

    vanity press

  45. Jessica_Rabbit

    Man..I use to really be into this song once upon a time

  46. nadia Karami

    i love their moves :)

  47. arcadiaz04

    Did they shoot this video backwards or something? It all looks unreal.

  48. PurpGoddess

    lol wtf I'm on the wrong side of youtube fuckin again....FML

  49. johnfinfin

    the fuck is this shit? i want michael!

    kibummiex hansol X baekhyun

    Why you click on this video anyway then.. Michael ain't on this video soo wtf

  50. 42burhan42

    PYT my ass morel ike UYT

    kibummiex hansol X baekhyun

    Hater much

  51. DJClintonPGH

    @MrMikeyboy1002 Well obviously I wasn't like you and the other who WERE too dumb to realize that Michael Jackson is NOT in the title. So you're definitely not smart either. It says "PYT (Down With Me)". Last I checked, Michael's song had no "Down With Me" in the title. So READ, and COMPREHEND that this is NOT him. Maybe if you and others typed in the ARTIST AND SONG, you would find the right song. Get a clue, and move on.

  52. Daniel Ea


  53. DJClintonPGH

    Those of you saying you were looking for Michael look really dumb. First off, this is not bad so stop hating. Secondly, there was NOTHING in the title to suggest this was Michael Jackson, so learn to read, retards. Type in MICHAEL JACKSON and maybe you'll get Michael Jackson, don't you think?? Quit hating and trolling on a song just because you were too dumb to read.

  54. TheManAbove

    @TheWarehouse100 This song came out in 2001. Not too far off from the 90s in my opinion.

  55. Tayvein Roberson

    People are haters def an amazing pop group, these girls remind me of dream and could of went all the way..sorry if yall looking for MJ keep it rollin and stop hatin

  56. benbenben

    omg! i listened to this song when i was a little kid! reminisce of the good ol 90s. boy & girl bands. damn, how times have changed.

  57. Vladimir Radisavljevic

    this is shit :(

  58. mightygamer0

    I was trolled...

  59. hoobinch

    I'm amazed at how stupid so many of you are to click on this thinking it was Michael Jackson, because you still had to choose the video after searching. dumb asses...stfu.

  60. jricri anne

    i love this song ... been look for it for years

  61. Jordan Ricks

    people if you wanted to find MJ PYT type that in instead of bashing these girls ok cause you are gonna get pyt michael jackson and just shut up please and hello this song is called pyt down with me so you clicked on the wrong thing they are two different things you gotta be specific

  62. Ezme Thompson

    Wheres Michael... this is talentless garbage?

  63. Luca Mukhashavria

    BoyPaper50 I also searched MJ's PYT wtf is this ? fcuk them all

  64. Ron Levi

    U SUCK .

  65. Tisa Robinson

    LMAO @ BoyPaper50!

  66. T Amosa

    MEEEAN song :) the moves could've been better to add a bit more taste to the song.

  67. souljatiller

    WTF i want my michael !!!

  68. Bob Saget

    this is shit. giive me MJ

  69. PuppyGirlProductions

    how could this compare to Michael Jackson?

  70. hexengel


  71. iLLt4ke2

    Dear God, Why...

  72. N17young

    remove this video

  73. PrinceQwiiff

    Man This Aint No MJ !

  74. Israel castillo


  75. timelordGQ

    Seriously why can't I find this group's version of "Something More Beautiful"? It has been stuck in my head for the past 3 years and I need to get it out of my head.

  76. KRossing91

    The only reason that this music excists is so we can recognize actual music from rabble.

  77. UndeadxHU4L

    I like how there are more dislikes than likes.

  78. ivz0007

    why are they dancing in Cerebro?

  79. Jsolar

    Majority of the views were accidental

  80. Jasmine Lujan

    What the hell. They made a song called " PYT " by a group named " PYT "? Wow.

  81. Ryan Liddle


  82. thebuckrogers22

    @BoyPaper50 fuck u assbag

  83. thebuckrogers22

    i miss this band so much

  84. Rob Brooks

    im a huge mj fan and so are these girls stop talkin trash about these girls cause they share the same name as an amazing mj song so give them a chance

  85. Justin C Marsden

    it's ok it has a 90 2000 R&B Feeling To It Decent Choreo Reminds Me Of Destiny's Child Has That Vibe.. But I Was Searching For MJ

  86. Sugarrr

    @BoyPaper50 LMAO SAME HERE

  87. MsLaDyMaRmAlAdE121

    @FreestyleEntOnline ROFL "Moonwalk dude" Lml that wass funny .

  88. Raquel Xiaou-Lee

    Ermmm whats this. Yeah maybe I should have been more specific with my search and typed 'MICHAEL JACKSON. I threw up watching this btw. Thought I would give it a chance. I thought wrong.

  89. Guilherme Camargo

    If you're looking for MJ's song, type "MICHAEL JACKSON PYT"... simple.

  90. tanadi

    wtf is this blasphemy

  91. 365funnyvids

    df is dis shit

  92. Run E

    aye nigga this aint the moonwalk dude

  93. MBG

    WTF is this shit..i wanted MJ

  94. sherlyn Leo

    Ew wanted MJ hahah

  95. Jasmine Lujan

    -_-. I wanted MJ! >:O

  96. glinxz

    this is sh*tastic

  97. Ravyn Torres

    @BoyPaper50 same here like wtf

  98. Ravyn Torres

    sucks ass

  99. gchsbus

    Thumbs Up if you still listen to PYT all the time. :) I know I do.