P.Y.T. - Down For Whatever Lyrics


Me and my girls
Chillin' on the boulevard
Take a good look
You can see how fine we are
It's a hot night
We're lookin' air tight
Like movie stars
Lookin' for some fun
Lookin' for someone
Cuz this is where the good times are

Come on baby, let's go
(What's your pleasure?)
Is it hoppin' or slow?
You've just gotta know
PYT forever


Down for whatever with PYT
Down for whatever with PYT

Out on the floor
Runnin' hot and looking cool
Down with the DJ....

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P.Y.T. Down For Whatever Comments
  1. Hama Hiwa


  2. TheStonerosesHQ

    Is it just me or is this song a clear rip off of Enriques dirty dancer?

  3. Muthoni Lee

    She ain't even need a glow up bro🥺🥵

  4. Jose Frendison

    love you Kelly

  5. Branko Radinovic

    2019??? :)

  6. Ggjx Hc

    Allah askina pornaya son

  7. Ggjx Hc

    Sayin yetkililer durdurun bu goruntuleri

  8. Ggjx Hc

    Basarili alt yapi lakin klip igretnc

  9. Ggjx Hc

    Ses muzik dans gormek istiyoruz porno degil

  10. Ggjx Hc

    Pornografik sahnelere son

  11. Ggjx Hc

    Guzel ses lakin klip olumsuz

  12. Ggjx Hc

    Lutfen yasaklayin

  13. تركي تركي


  14. تركي تركي

    مواقع لا

  15. Vander Santos

    Alguém em 2019🇧🇷🖒❤

  16. Dua Tinyankiss


  17. Elena Helszky


  18. Bintou Kam

    Down for anything!

  19. Keezy Aries

    Still listening to this song as of 10/31/19, along with Lay It On Me and All Of The Night.

  20. bur 0000

    she actually did say eating juice mix with boobs? lol


    😂" It ain't juice, mixed with booze"
    Now I hear eating juice and boobs" thanks 😂

    bur 0000

    @xxxTIN0xxx :D thanks for correcting

  21. Lorna Swasey

    I wont sleep with a woman though

  22. Matthew Mosqueda

    This isreally good. So tradotional, and modern and also classical to retro and pop even across the East. You look so exceptional, and beautiful and truly stunning. I am so amazed. I love you.

  23. Ellie S

    Why does it sound like Dirty dancer from Enrique....

  24. Ardian Cera

    kelly ...2019

  25. am 4am

    I can go down for her! 🤪🙊

  26. Muhammed Çağrı YAŞAR

    *Kelly Rowland Bu Şarkıyı Ne Kafayla Yapmışsa Eğer HarekeTli Olmuş...*

    *"Napeyori Gaga" Sadece Anladığım Bu , Başka Bir Bok Anlamıyorum Aq.*


    Selamın aleyküm.

  27. Joel Peña Calvo

    8 years 🤞

  28. Shirley Carter

    Holly Jervis sang it better

  29. İbrahim Uysal


  30. Dawid Chójnor

    Kelly was better than Beyonce,that voice black legs yeah!

  31. nyx

    Ms. Kelly doing a bridge on heels at 2:04 was such a moment. Serving physiotherapist

  32. Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa

    My goodness she is SO pretty

  33. Jerry Mein kampf

    dryahoo CEO

  34. Andrew MERCHAN

    If U can't sleep with the one tv shop on demo I trust completely were on the same path kick back at the tv please trust only 1G

  35. Jake Lamotta

    Think back to 2011... Jst think of all the good music like this and others. Now were stuck with the modern shit!

  36. Jake Lamotta

    And people think Beyonce is hot...

  37. Lukasz Chmurski

    For Kelly Rowland. 🐅 God ☀ ♥ 😘. See you.

  38. Mert Sarı

    *I know that you’re doing an old songs marathon*

  39. David simpson

    David Simpson

  40. Bevey Dillon

    Come on Kelly get down and show the world what you got.

  41. Ahmed Midou

    Anyone here in 1/sep/ 2019

  42. méguy firoly

    Bonjour 🤝 vous avez mis la barte haute rien à 🗣 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 💋 kelly rowland



  44. Andrew MERCHAN

    Watch this

  45. Andrew MERCHAN

    B careful public looking in da bag lap top

  46. Andrew MERCHAN

    I mentioned t
    Hey fly n t
    Take London t
    Takes words
    While I'm talking

  47. Andrew MERCHAN

    I have a priest he happened to b blinded they should never c us center whatever

  48. Andrew MERCHAN

    Baby girl there bad hogs at the bottom

  49. Andrew MERCHAN

    Im putting it together your anger it was Kelly's choice

  50. Andrew MERCHAN

    Just checking pain on this side

  51. Tayfur Toprak


    Tayfur for ever..!!!



    Wahn komme ich.?

    Zur dir..!!!

  52. Robert Pitts

    I'm surprised this didn't become a major hit in the LGBT'Q community. Kelly Rowland i love you & all your music is a hit in my opinion

  53. Andrew MERCHAN

    In here a as godfather remember anything

  54. Andre Daniel

    Director: How much lights do you want????

    KELLY R.: YES!

  55. Andrew MERCHAN

    Love u with whatever only 1 with silver bullets

  56. Andrew MERCHAN

    Careful baby girl I dalast hand candy is cut his throat what ever

  57. Віталій Ром


  58. Erick Duarte

    2019 :)

  59. imt558delux

    8 years later and song is still damn great. Love Kelly!

  60. Lee Nock

    Sexy woman great body good song funny dancing like all of today must have neen a hit better than beyonce in every way.

  61. José Gerardo Burciaga

    I shazammed this song, from a radio station, I thought it was J-LO's. 😐😐 Such a good song.

  62. Erdem Baran

    2019 💪

  63. Bernie Kennedy

    Kelly miss all these🙌🏻♥️💃💃💃

  64. Akili Plays

    Where are girl these days

  65. Jonathan Daly

    Fabulous performer 🥰😍

  66. Marry Sim


  67. Melih Yiğit

    better than 2019 hot 100 songs. Deserved #1

  68. MultiWerewolf1

    Definitely one of the sexiest songs and music videos I’ve ever seen

  69. Raymondo Raydello

    Az aramadim seni aq şarkısı

  70. André Maia Ribeiro

    This song is awesome! love Kelly <3

  71. Carsten á la Acapella

    Me and my first ever boyfriends song :) memories !

  72. Kamila Kama

    Who's listening in 2019? :)

  73. fernanda ramos

    adorooooooo a música da kat deluna whine up


    So classic.. Love it

  75. Acer Ace

    I forgot about this song. Was so excited when I remembered it. I also forgot how fierce Kelly actually is **snaps fingers sassily**

  76. Jalen Tess

    2019 !! And Soviet union and USSR and the Caucasus is still down for whatever !!!

  77. ume Bugaje

    This songs sounds so similar to Enriuqe's- Dirty dancer

  78. 54321 12345

    this song is so gay ! i luv it !

  79. Hailey Taylor

    Anyone 2019 that still watch and love this song? Pls leave me like

  80. Panikyoklan

    Awesome song still listening after years...

  81. a o

    a hatter

  82. Sam Farmer

    1:35 does she sing “lick the floor see what we find”?

  83. Ana gjir

    still in love with this.. damn why was it so underrated

  84. Sydney Kiage

    Spent like three years looking for this song you have no idea how I found it lol 😂

  85. la marocchina piu bella del mondo

    Where have u been kelly

  86. Fdm Go

    2019 ❤❤

  87. w.g.w w

    Sounds like a 90's vibe love it

  88. Moon Child

    Euro dance queen of 2011

  89. Havin Barin


  90. Havin Barin

    Super song

  91. Icaro Martins

    Somebody in 2019?