Pulley - The Ocean Song Lyrics

Here, I'm always looking in
Meet you from the outside
That's just hows it's been

Surreal, existence isn't clear
Occupy the time, waste away the years
A thousand miles connected by a line
Feeling helpless when we argue
Hang up all the time
Call you back, I know you're there
Talk to the machine, this pictures painted clearly
I'm still on the outside

Again, brought down to my knees
Fought for resolution
L.A. girl you quit
Forget, conquered all the demons
Time to plant new seeds
Staring at the ocean

Believe me when I say that I'm sincere
My dreams will take me where I want to go from here
To you I bid a fond farewell
Strength to walk alone
This pictures painted clearly
I'm still on the outside

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Pulley The Ocean Song Comments
  1. Cárlóß Barahóna Tóledo

    Weones malditos...aún no logro explicarme lo que siento con vuestra música.

  2. Justin Hall

    I heard Donald trump was cool.

  3. Maria Leal Pinto

    This is Kapalooza Rock Barber since 2011

  4. mj jordan

    W aste
    M Angment

  5. Danjal Waziri

    damn, discovered them well after my "punk days". This led to a whole domino-effect of me digging out older music that I missed back then. Screw it, my "punk rock days" are now!

  6. mj jordan

    Because of the dogs? Or? We need lyrics and hooray for me us

  7. Ro Haynes

    fuck conventional ideology....discuss the facts, your opinions, your ideas ...come join us https://archaeologydiscussion.createaforum.com/new-board/

  8. gary prichard

    dis song i buttz. tums down 2x

  9. Chris Warburton

    i always get pulley mixed up with ten foot pole. that's not a bad thing, i just think they're similar

    Zach Swanberg

    You have to be kidding. Haha

    Justin Peters

    Scott Radinsky the lead singer of Pulley was the singer on the first Ten Foot Pole Album; Ten Foot Pole wasn’t quite as good after he left.

  10. Steve Celestino

    Damn this one's really getting to me. It was from a time where it was socially acceptable to like rock bands and be white. Seems like it never happened like I was living on another planet.

    Rorry Templeton

    hahaahahahahhahaha you are no longer socially acceptable buddeh

  11. John Reeder

    I once punched a man in his face and knocked him flat out because he had the balls to say this band sucks to my face......

  12. Devin Earls

    here, i'm always looking in
    meet you from the outside
    that's just hows it's been.

    surreal, existence isn't clear
    occupy the time, waste away the years
    a thousand miles connected by a line
    feeling helpless when we argue 
    hang up all the time
    call you back, i know you're there
    talk to the machine, this pictures painted clearly,
    i'm still on the outside. 

    again, brought down to my knees
    fought for resolution
    L.A. girl you quit
    forget, conquered all the demons
    time to plant new seeds
    staring at the ocean

    believe me when i say that i'm sincere
    my dreams will take me where i want to go from here
    to you i bid a fond farewell,
    strength to walk alone,
    this pictures painted clearly,
    i'm still on the outside.

  13. Devin Earls

    One person is still on the outside.

    Earl Raymond

    believe him when he says he's sincere.

  14. Vedder10VS

    a punk rock anthem!!

  15. ZootSuitWolf

    Listening to this song again reminded me of an old argument I had with a buddy years ago!!!

    Okay... I know I might get some hate replies for this, even though I love Pulley to death but I'm going to make the same observation for you that I made for one of my friends who was a rabid Pulley fan and it drove him nuts.  I simply said that this song sounded like a better version, with more balls, of the song, "Middle" by Jimmy Eat World.  I'm not saying it's a bad song!!! It just sounds similar to the song, "Middle", instrumental wise.  

    I then continued to drive my friend even more nuts when I said, that  Scott Radinsky was a better lead singer for Pulley, than a pitcher for the Dodgers and Indians.  My buddy was such a Scott Radinsky fan, he had bin listening to the guy since he sang for "10 Foot Pole". Needless to say, had to look out for Scott Radinsky's baseball cards and collect them all, even though they aren't exactly worth much, so that I could offer them as a peace offering.

    All joking aside, Pulley kicks ass, so does the Ocean Song, but... it still sounds a little bit like "Middle" instrumental wise.


    However, this album came out before that shitty Jimmy Eat World album. So, your opinion should be "Jimmy Eat World" sounds a bit like "Pulley".


    @Brandon chilian You do make a point!!! I stand corrected... Shitty, Jimmy Eat World song, Middle... Sounds kinda like "Pulley's" bad ass Ocean Song!!!


    @ZootSuitWolf Much better! ;)


    @Brandon chilian LOL!!! None-the-less, Pulley and this song kick ass!!! :oD

    P.S. Even though I'm a Dodger fan, I route for your Red Sox every time they play the Yankees and the Angels!!!

    Braden Torrans

    Youre not wrong at all though...the reason they sound so much alike is because they both use the same exact chord progression. Except in the middle by Jimmy Eat World, it doesnt switch up like in this song, it remains the same. But the verse to this song are the exact same chords played through the entirety of the middle. Its actually a very common chord progression fpr a lot of pop punk...good ear!

  16. Erik de kuk

    Bajskorven skaver allmänt illa....

  17. BananaMasterRace

    this song always gives me goosebumps

    gary prichard

    cuz u gay dawg


    gary prichard no u

  18. BananaMasterRace

    People moan about no new punk bands?
    1 word.

    Rorry Templeton

    pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff implants are just already established guys going for a money grab. How fuckin' dumb are you

  19. buzzzatho

    they are ok, but not great... :/

    mj jordan

    buzzzatho tried but nope

  20. MissFunkuh

    no way, there are still some awesome punkrock bands from after 2000, just check out antillectual, jamestown, gallows (before the changes), hazenstreet, face the fax, make do and mend, menzingers, My chemical romance actually had some punk songs, none more black, rise against and off with their heads. They might not be the biggest punk bands, but they are great for sure

  21. nico kotnik

    this...this is DAMN GREAT

  22. buzzzatho

    All great bands are from prior to 2000!!! :)

  23. Eddie narvaez

    Nothing like the Epifat era!

  24. colorformswerefun

    90's Epitaph/Fat Wreck is totally untouchable. God I miss it.


    colorformswerefun this was released in 2001...

  25. mrbarakalaka

    pulley the best one

  26. WoodxUK

    Fucking amazing song - so many memories

  27. Tokuii

    this song remind me the good 90`s punk rocks......

  28. rafael konesuk

    FOdastico som muito bom