Pulley - Stomach Aches Lyrics

I guess I'll let you know just how the story goes
Give you everything you want to hear
Tell me something I already know
It's been long and hard
Weary from the road been traveled
Can I walk away with you?
I don't know why everything is always black and white
I don't know if anything will every get it right
Words that fill the space when I say how I feel
Tell me something I already know
This feeling comes again my stomach aches with pain
Somewhere in the dark I lay
This trip is long and overdue for me
All the years they pass
Stories grow to disbelief
Which one of you should I believe?
Alone I write
Alone I dwell
Alone I rot trapped in this shell
Too old to be young but I'm not old
Loneliness I hear its call
Run behind but I still fall
Never happy
Sometimes I think I'm in hell
Going down this road again

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Pulley Stomach Aches Comments
  1. Nine Moont

    de pana rana banana

  2. Megaloton8210

    I love it! It’s as great as any other of Pulley’s album!

  3. Erik Meira

    Que som meus amigo.

  4. Maverick 954

    Great band great song

  5. Amilton Amancio

    My godddddd, great song

  6. R. B.

    Pulley is awesome

  7. BananaMasterRace

    when warped was good.



    Maverick 954

    I agree

  8. chelsea malstrom

    A lot of the music on these compilation cds shaped my music taste, thank god for kevin lynman, and warped tour.

  9. BucaManTV

    jesus how can anyone dislike this incredible song? i feel bad for their soul

  10. ssisnake

    yep its them from the previous years tour