Pulley - Runaway Lyrics

She had a dream that dated back to school
In a time when things faded out so
Chased it with desire, set the world on fire
Left all her friends and family behind

Pictures made her dirty, movies far from clean
Did the things she thought she'd never do
Stepping-stones to glory and that spiral down to hell
Cover up the wounds, they won't come clean

Electrified, enough money buys
Too many bills and it's time to kill
Lucky I resist all temptation

Revolving doors go round
Her appearance for a need
A scene that's hard to be noticed
Do everything to chase her dreams

Living only to touch the moon
But you never leave the ground
They'll try to take away your will
And they'll try to push you down

Purified, not so qualified
Ever since the day that it changed your life
Terrified by the world outside
They told me that I would never fit in

Electrified, enough money buys
Too many bills and it's time to kill
Lucky I resist all temptation

Next time I think I'll run away
Run away
Run away

I'm alive
I'm alive again

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Pulley Runaway Comments
  1. Brian Burns

    I hear so much Face to Face in this song

  2. Brian Burns

    These guys are touring, if they are in your neighborhood...GO SEE THEM! Just saw them play with Lagwagon in L.A. Blew my mind...

  3. jude rodriguez

    she had a dream that dated back to school in a time when things faded out so chased it with desire set the world on fire left all her friends and family behind pictures made her dirty movies far from clean did the things she thought she'd never do stepping-stones to glory spiral down to hell cover up the wounds they won't come clean electrified enough money buys too many bills it's time to kill lucky i resist all temptations revolving doors go round her appearance worse a need a scene that's hard to be noticed do everything to chase her dream living only to touch the moon but you never leave the ground they'll try to take away your will try to push you down purified not so qualified ever since the day that it changed your life terrified by the world outside they told me that i would never fit in next time i think i'll run away

  4. mj jordan

    Sorry I finish vibrating

  5. mj jordan

    We all pretend them

  6. mj jordan

    Fun house pink. Rodney could hack us some air. Time. We interrupt this proGram for Pb life fk money is wrong

  7. Cárlóß Barahóna Tóledo

    Acaso se murierón los que amarón a pulley antes que yo...porfa respondan!!!!


    Aquí seguimos!!!!

  8. whatever

    Those were the best Times... back 20 years ago before the Era of Snowflakes and stupid millenials started

    Andrew Laney

    ...this this millennial era music. We were all in Highschool/college for this.

  9. mj jordan

    I as running to grab. A mate or two. Is all.

  10. mj jordan

    Only once I found her
    I saw everyone looking at me then hear your not safe here, double take and I’m fkd.

  11. mj jordan

    I’ve never ran and would love to at least try help her. This time I wouldn’t give a shit what others think

  12. mj jordan

    Getting acquainted there. Old school then hump ,

  13. Clorox Bleach

    This is why I love punk

  14. dfshjb44

    The Punk-O-Rama version is better in my opinion


    I think Spotify replaced the album version (this video) with that one. The one on Spotify is not what I remember for the last 15 years.

  15. Kevin Michael

    does anyone know the duration of Jordan Burns time with Pulley in between a major of Strung Out? thx. in advance and u Royug for having such good taste.

    Dog Mayor

    Kevin Michael yea i'm having a similar issue with jim cherry's tenure with pulley. He was a founding member and played guitar with them but im not sure when he left

    Dog Mayor

    Kevin Michael i feel like jordan wasn't there for long because him and jim cherry didn't get along well

  16. Bert Alan

    One of the best punk songs ever written.

  17. All My Best Friends Wear Turtlenecks

    I've been looking for this song for a week now! I remembered the bass at the start and immediately thought it was Pulley. I thought I heard it on a Punk-O-Rama as well. Good thing I had Punk-O-Rama 6 on my shelf!

  18. BlueStarDukun

    Set the woooold on fire urrrrrrrr

    mj jordan

    BlueStarDukun do sumfing

  19. Gabriel Eugenio

    damn,this song get me back in 2000

  20. sean devine

    I like this one cause the bass line overlaps the guitar. Like a lead baseline if you will. I don't know just sounds cool to me. Ya know.

    Dog Mayor

    Cant go wrog with strung out's first couple albums either


    @Queef If you never listened to them you should try Cigar. They were not too much time active but the bass on their songs is just perfect


    @Grizzly Most punk/hardcore/pop punk, bass is generally used as a lead and guitar as rythme

    Dog Mayor

    +sstylerdurden one of the best bassists ive heard. The bassist for rise against is amazing too although i think they underuse him compared to when he was with 88 fingers louie.

    mj jordan

    I can help ya mate.

  21. TheWadledee12

    I used to hate this album when it first came out but now I absolutely love it

    mj jordan

    TheWadledee12 timing in

  22. LightStreak01

    Funny thing is, I just heard this band like 2 years ago, but their songs make me nostalgic for the 90s - the times when I wasn't even listening to punk, wasn't even involved in that scene. I'm nostalgic for something that never actually happened. I think it's basically the connection of how life was back in the 90s to the type of music it generated. People were more outdoorsy, cellphones were rare, laptops didn't exist, computers were mostly for chatting, video games were awesome.Good times.

  23. LightStreak01

    I first heard of this band on one of the Punkorama albums. The song I heard was "cashed in" and I instantly fell in love. Like most bands thought they were just a one hit wonder and moved on. Then I heard another song from them, and then another, and another. They're really damn good! I don't know why bands like these just fall under the radar and shit like Green Day comes out on top.

  24. Tinneke Muyldermans

    saw them and they're fdebbdniz awesomeee

  25. Nelly Milicevic

    Pulley and Ten Foot Pole.....I think its time for a reunion tour!!!!! Whatta ya think Scott???

    mj jordan

    Nelly Milicevic the whole fkn band and train party

    roy a

    Drummer Jorden Burns played in Ten Foot Pole as well as Strung Out. Guitarist Jim Cherry also came from Strung Out and Matt Riddle(bass) was the original member of Face To Face. Why wouldn't they sound this good. One of my old favorites because I listenwd to all those bands. Pulley came a little later. But man they cane out HARD!!!!

  26. buzzzatho

    I think of soberbeah! but this is a damn good one too!! :)

  27. buzzzatho

    Yeah right! MCR was good! XD
    when they weren't born!

  28. piteurFree

    fucking amazing song

  29. David Marx

    just discovered this band. fucking amazing.

  30. Emil yrjälä

    @meelzonweelz69 HAHA true that man! xD

  31. Archie Moss

    @royug MCR have NEVER been good haha

  32. Royug

    @recss18 Pulley and MCR are both good, you know. Well, MCR WAS good...

  33. ihaveapourhabit

    Wicked these guys are back rehearsing. More albums please, and maybe a tour outside of the states... like New Zealand (fingers crossed)

  34. manuel cortez

    im a live again

  35. bacardi119

    Everytime I have to do something quick, like getting dressed or taking a shower, I have this song in my head, don't know why.

  36. bacardi119

    @draveurs12 LOL ME TOO!!!!

  37. tattvam4

    They never get the credit they deserve.

  38. Royug

    @draveurs12 same, it's one of the first song i heard from them, and it's my favorite !

  39. armor4ashley

    my fav fucking song by pulley

  40. crowquilled

    man thanks for uploading this!

  41. Colin Downer

    wicekd ass song