Pulley - Pie Lyrics

Everyone goes through a little pain
Keep watching and follow me the guilt
That your going to give to me is never going
To leave something new and I don't relate
Can't hang around for long a stone unturned
Every missing word disillusioned I've become
This ain't the way it's supposed to be this
Time I think I'll let it lay another day to
Drown I'm tired and my patience thin keep
Feeding off the bone some say that it's
Impossible to stop and smell the rose going
Out with a bang next time don't know what I'll
Be next year a few hours south and the air is
Green maybe something new is there it has to
Work this time around or I'll trade it in for
Sure everything for me myself and
I this time come first

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Pulley Pie Comments
  1. RockandGameUSA

    I had a Vans CD I bought with some shoes years ago, this song was on it. Thanks for the upload!

  2. xDEATHbySTEREOx1 Mcgnarly

    sick song from a wonderful band :) jim cherry! R.I.P

  3. B Cary

    well hell ill put a comment on here first GO PULLEY :P