Pulley - I Remember Lyrics

Lost again I try to find myself
Direction found unknown
Where else can I go
Sit me down and say to me
Tell it like it is
Desperation eats at me
I feel I need a change
Promises I've made
So helpless and innocent
Hard to try and figure out
Just what it is I say
Still falling back behind again
Will I always chase you?
What's in it if I do?
My ideas that you sold me
Don't need to understand
What it is I am
Or who it is I am anymore
Helpless and innocent
So hard to try and figure out
Just what it is I wanna say to you
Please help me understand
I reach my hands for someone there
Start the circle of where I've been
Remember where I've been
The walls that protected have all fallen down
And I don't know how much more I can take
I know their faces and I know there names
Been to the places and I remember

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