Pulley - Huber Breeze Lyrics

Stare at you and I can't believe a song inside your head
Words to remember
Where to begin, when will you find them?
Covered up those memories that run inside you head, the sound isn't better
Do you remember I will walk away from a disease, that's full of love and hate?
Time to time I write these rhymes, it takes me to a better place
Stop trying, never try again
Voices and melody the struggle starts within
Where will it take you, when will it end?
It always seems to cover up those memories that run inside your head
The sound isn't better, do you remember?

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Pulley Huber Breeze Comments
  1. James Thompson

    Everything is awesome

  2. Jordan Sebert

    My band named our name Huber Breeze cause we were inspired by pulley and these lyrics

    Rorry Templeton

    very creative. stupud. If you're under 20 I apologize haha

  3. el kortinez


  4. Farlie Churnesss

    That guitar solo is awesome!

  5. thomasduran87

    rip jim cherry and tony sly

  6. Jared Jackson

    the spirit of jim maybe.. he was gone long before this song/album.. =\

  7. spicypickle666

    @tubehead69 he died of a heart condition

  8. Nadav Drewe

    Jim Cherry is god! Or pretty close to him, at this point :) RIP JImbo!

  9. Chris Bouley

    Jim Cherry, If you dont know Jim you dont know punk

  10. KeyranSolo

    I keep going back to this song, definitely my favorite Pulley song.