Public Enemy - WTF? Lyrics

[Chuck D]
I occupy this state of mind
Like I'm born a second time
The masses ask the question why
Them asses spend a life behind
On the mic the pic
Against this prison industry
Where most of them look just like me
Mf'-k the tea party
Made you pay for education
Got no money got you waitin
Tricks to keep the people fooled
Something in the food my dude
About your future where you rank
Who you think and who you thank
Behind the banks and all them tanks
New whirl odor on the brink
Revolution stop the feds
Count the homeless under fed
Sue the pharmaceutical off the meds
Leavin people left for dead
Look back 80 years instead
Simply blamed it on the reds
Pay close attention to what is said
But while you listen watch your heads.
You chase the money you chase the fame
The human race is what they're playing
A game of life is what I'm sayin
Split em up call them names
At the age I am if I can't teach
I shouldn't open my mouth to speak
Talking loud and sayin nothing
And frontin like they doin something
Feel the people
Heal the people
Power goes out
To the people
18-35 is grown
Cant afford to leave the home
Can't afford to buy a home
Can't afford to keep a home
Boarded up foreclosed cribs
Based on whatcha bank did
Yet see these guys advertise to the poor for clothes
The doors are closed
They slam the doors on your nose
Who the hell is telling you
What the hell they selling you
Why the hell do you believe
Where we headed when we leave


[Flavor Flav]
From barack obama to flavor flav
We both be a first till we get to our grave
I'm the first hype man in music
He's the first black president
He's the first black resident
To be ever come president
Free your mind your ass will follow
Flavor flav all the way to the apollo
Freeport li to la
Throw a frito olay off the dock of the bay
You wanna know why a kid goes to school?
And in his book-bag he carries a tool
Because hes trying to be like his idols in the streets
Gang warfare to the raw fare
Don't even try to go up there
Penalties that you cant bear
You lose your sight your ass cant hear
It weighs so much it'll crush your life
Don't play with god he gave you live
The last man standing he hopes to behold
His weight in stature his weight in gold
What goes in your wash comes out in your rinse
Back down so tight that you call it condensed
Cant stand the pressure, cant stand the pain
My life is so dry I wish it would rain
Just like the temptations not just the singing group
I'm here to tell you now so don't ignore the scoop
I been in this rap game for 25 years
If we made the rock and roll hall of fame
We deserve our chairs
To what we fought the power to who stole the soul
Brothers gonna work it out
From the ground we hold
God says to man ima let you live
God says to man ima let you live
God says to man ima give you power
Not for the intent to misuse your power
If you wanna dance you got to play the bands
People die by other hands
The innocent, the ku klux klan
Iraq and iran an afhganistan
They go to war they don't come back
The note comes home killed in attack
All the medals from fort bragg
Collected by a widow along with the flag
41 gun salute 4 jets in the air
Now thats going out of style the
Contribution was fear
What you reap is what you sow
A man got killed for what he know
If you wanna be a -- and get a good wife
Stay the fuck offa skype and don't believe the hype


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