Public Enemy - Everything Lyrics

I got no fancy car
Never was no superstar
I got no grammy trophy
Got no problem if you approach me
Never had no rolling stone cover
Never had no top 10 hits brother
Got no tv show
Got no maybach benz or rolls
Got no movie roles
Got no platinum or gold
I got no diamond rings
Watches and all them things
Got no waiting plane
What I mean is
I got no private jets
But I also got no regrets
Got no swag
But got no love
For something I ain't never had

Got no mansions
I got no yacht
But I got no choice
But to show
What some of us forgot
Never was hot
Never was pop
But I never ever stoppin
That real hip hop
Got no million follower friends
On twitter
On and facebook
Look my friends
Got no thing for video games
Got no shame
Sayin I ain't never playin

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Public Enemy Everything Comments
  1. brake chamber

    The black woman don't know what she got ? A Prince or a King Vanity of Vanities ?

  2. Sid Dasquid

    Dam! Out of every rapper ever. He will always hold the crown as the greatest in my book. Today this Nov the 6th being my 49th birthday I can remember all the great ones of rap. I battle between KRS 1 AMD RAKIM being the most lyrical reppers ever. BUT THERE'S NO DOUBT IN MY MIND WHO WAS THE GREATEST RAPPER EVER. Chuck D and Public Enemy's message made the rap God. Thanks chuck.😍😍😍😍😍 from 98 Oldsmobile. To We got it all. I'm still feeling your message.

  3. Frank Robson

    Será fora minha pessoa ainda ouve esse som em 17_10_2019

  4. Peter Ruotolo

    137 people don't know what everything is..

  5. lstnlft

    This always gives me goosebumps. Always original.

  6. Darian Gregory

    Damn this gave me chills and made me feel so greatful and nearly gave me tears of Joy.

  7. nicholas bortolan

    My God, this is Music.
    Thank you Chuck, Thank you Public Enemy

  8. Establish Mindfulness

    All I can say is two things about this song: real and honest. That says it all.

  9. Donald Costabile

    Been listening to PE ever since "Fear of a Black Planet" dropped on my unsuspecting head; been following them ever since.

    I can't *begin* to say what this song does for me, but it always brings me to tears.

    Every time. <3

  10. Prederick

    There's music you make when you're 20, and music you make when you're 45 and realizing your fragility and mortality. That's what this song is about, to me.

  11. frankie z

    this is one of my favourite song ever. makes me shiver every time i listen to it, in its down-to-earth honesty, intensity and sincerity. the video is powerful, as well. very effective.
    on a personal side, whenever i listen to it i think of a friend of mine who's not anymore here. she loved this song, too.

    although i speak a decent english, i can't grasp some parts of the speech @2:18: (please correct me if i'm wrong, i'm not a native speaker):
    if you've got your old ones around / love them / talk to them / ... (???) ... ...

    many many thanks for any hint!

    and, you guys: thanks again for this masterpiece.

  12. Fernando0Vasques

    Let me say: T I M E L E S S... This one WILL stand the test of time... Thank you.

  13. Yo Daguy

    Just gave this a first listen, I'm sitting here as a 39 year old guy with misty eyes just thinking back over so many years and appreciating how much PE helped open my eyes to so many different ways of viewing our society. I may have turned out way different politically but my heart will always pump the same color blood as Chuck, much love respect and gratitude from New Hampshire

  14. Christ Éssam

    J'adore 💕

  15. Blue Sky

    Perfect Song for the Stroll♥️🙏☝️

  16. Marvin Scott Jr.

    wish I could see my favorite group in concert

  17. Conrad Spear

    Hip hop y’all. focus in

  18. steven dabney

    RIP Marcus Ankeney aka Marcus J. Gilligan @1:28-29.

  19. deborahmoses


  20. Kintsugi Ezo

    Everything is Political.
    samo undead report


    CHUCK D => VOICE OF HIP-HOP ~> P.E. #1!!!! 👌😜



  23. Hebrew Isralite


  24. Steven Dewar

    Just beautiful stuff, thanks PE., you've been with me since my teens , through all the ups and downs and now when I'm just glad to be here, thank you so much for all your music and everything you have given us, Yeah Boyeeeee!!

  25. Zooman X


  26. khanflict khanflict

    IT'S REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Sebastian Diaz

    This is the real Hip Hop, not the shitheads who sing about getting tons of money and bitches on every single song

  28. Micheal Klee


  29. Jamon Herman

    I remember seeing John Connor's Public Enemy shirt in "Terminator 2" had no idea who they were. Playing Watchdogs I liked the song on there. Now I'm in love!! Didn't know what I'd been missing...

  30. Gregory Head

    Sheila Brody AKA Amuka is Killing the Melody!

  31. ArnoldVeeman

    What a powerful video PE... thank you (you had some vision in 2013 :-) )

  32. facundo luna

    So much respect!!!

  33. Jon Macie

    Who are the member of this band? The sax player simmers

  34. Chris H


  35. Chris H

    got no here, got loved up until, you got fame, and fuck fame, you got me

  36. JustAnother LivingBreathingPerson

    Old School is so much better than New School, so much meaning left behind.

  37. Rashad McKensey

    Material ish ruined folks & we think technology is great for us when it's a weapon used against us.

  38. Leo licursi


  39. DJ MuMu

    Honestly makes you want to cry for what music has become.
    Chuck D... Why isn't your name mentioned with the likes of Tupac, Scarface, and Biggie?

  40. Misternobody

    Chuck D for President!

  41. Benjie Fields

    Now this is keeping it real like public enemy always do

  42. Kay-Nin

    This is dope

  43. D Bay

    I came across this by accident, Best accident I've had in years! I'm a white guy from the UK, don't know why I feel obliged to say that, what I do know is it's time we all treated eachother with some love & respect no matter where we are from, tired of hate!! tired of current hate!!!


    Me too man, and im a black guy from the U.S.

  44. deborahmoses

    excellent vid

  45. Blither box

    Keep them triggered.

  46. Syllasie Sylla

    In 1989 saw PE at Brighton/UK .... Chuck D still remains the revolutionary soul.... RESPECT DUE TO YOU BRO CHUCK !!!!

  47. The Real Ladyboy Show

    This band give us EVERYTHING!

  48. DAB KAT420710

    "Neva was hot neva was pop, But i neva eva stop that REAL HIP HOP. "-Thanks Chuck D for keeping for keeping it real🔥✌👍👍👍

  49. SHAPELESS/Shape From The Bay




  51. M V


  52. Jonas Flint

    what a amazing song... and video....

  53. Guilherme J

    So good

  54. Mellow-Toned The Resurrected Disciple

    Only the devil would thumb this down.

  55. António Salvador

    So true!

  56. GK Musik

    20 something years after first hearing a P.E track, they done it again. Chuck D dropping more knowledge. Thanks for it all from the UK

  57. Camille Rignault

    Je veux qu'on me dise pardon

  58. Dragos Stoianovici-Boscaneanu

    Still it!!

  59. David Tejada Del Valle

    Nice song, Like it so much

  60. sugafoot820

    such a beautiful song

  61. Indi


  62. Era Love


  63. Era Love

    yessssss that's what im talking about,......thats what music should be all about ENCOURAGEMENT 👍thx PE

  64. Todd Krasz

    Fan from the git-go. This is the first hip-hop song that has brought a tear to my eye. This is true soul searching shit right here. Thank you P.E.

  65. Nate McDizzle Foshizzle

    We got you brother.

  66. Milton Bautista

    Soy milton. Soy melomano de lo mejor

  67. Jeff Williams


  68. nevabord

    let's clear the thing up it's not old school it is old skool

  69. Beeble Brox

    Chuck D is the fucking man. And Ice-T too, I don't gaf what ne1 says about either of these 2.They set rap & hip hop ON Fire and converted the whole world to the sound, the potential power of powerful messages again, FOR the People and OF the People, of Revolution and hitting the spot on the Corrupt, the Greedy, and worse, the commercial, sell out Pop-hop, radio-friendly BULLSHIT, whack "rap stars" singing about some kind of world line riches and gold that the vast majority of people will NEVER be a part of, thanks to the REAL gangsters of the world who hang all these pop star, fly by nights up by their balls to spin around on stage like empty marionettes on stages full of fireworks. They're empty spectacles. Public enemy and Ice-T, who crossed over into punk!, played Lollapalooza before anyone knew what it was and by the time they found out the bread and Circus junkies turned to Justin Timberlake and Justin Beiber.

    These little Justin's gon' learn: they. Ain't. SHIT in the company of Public Enemy. Props to Brother Ali.

  70. Bill Friar

    Beautiful song, Beautiful message. Public Enemy is delivering rap & the blues. Bringing in miss Sheila Brody to sang along is just brilliant...Brings it all together! We Got It All!

  71. FunBros111

    its soooooo nice i jizzzed not

  72. y doesitmatter

    [email protected]#$ chuck D, you say LL should make it to the hall of fame, before Pac, was LL every trying to revolutionize his pp, did he ever mention Latasha Harlin's . did he ever make a cut like a letter to my unborn child?

    M L Rogers

    Look at LL's body of work, he deserves a spot. Pac was a great artist but LL is a symbol of that era.

    y doesitmatter

    You stuck on stupid...Did he ever go political, you can make a case for public enemy, burn Hollywood burn, u can't trust them... Grandmaster flash the message, PAC has to many 2 name, but LL he made alot of albums not saying💩

  73. Christos Philippides

    ...but you got us brother, respect!

    ali tabassum

    We got each other brother

  74. Michael Johnston

    hip hop at its very very beat. loving it in 2016 still going. the true stars of hip hop right here.

  75. an -o- rag

    Wise old men.

  76. Camille Rignault

    Alors..ALORS..Compris !!!

  77. Peter A

    Happy birthday Chuck D.

  78. Dom Gut


  79. keisha heartbreak

    this is good shit right here it's what the world needs now

  80. Robert Carnahan

    chuck d please save the world we need your help

  81. Afro Latina


  82. TheSpot4HiphopTV

    Jealousy can cause people to do some frightening things. This is why I can appreciate people for who they are and not covet anything that they have that might appear to be better than what I have to the naked eye. A person could get themselves caught all the way up trying to catch up to somebody. All that glitters is not gold. Chasing that gold can leave you looking empty and soulless. For what? Just so you can feel better about yourself? Nah. A person has to feel good about themselves first and foremost before they can chase those goals, otherwise, you'll find yourself doing a whole lot of questionable stuff to the point where you look extra devious and horrible.Then come to find out, you'll lose your integrity, your soul, and yourself. And when people find out, everything you had in the first place is gone. That's not a good look.

    This is why I love the song Everything by Public Enemy. You can have everything if you just look at it. Look at yourself and be glad for what you have. Not the shiny things either. You have yourself. You have you. Your identity. Your experiences. Your integrity and honor. And your respect.

    This is why respect is important. If you do the kind of stuff that makes a person question your respect. Then nobody can respect you.

    As for me. I prefer respect. Anybody who has the chance to meet me in person knows that. And they see it. #LoveWork, #ImGoodYall #KeepYourSoul

  83. Sebok Laszlo


  84. English Electric Lightning

    For the 35+ plus of my life I have been looking for male figures in my life, my granddad is one, Chuck D s another.

  85. TheSpot4HiphopTV

    You have everything if you would just look at it.

  86. TheBotrigga

    we got it all!!!

  87. Vahe Katros

    "Got no problem if you approach me" - Hey Chuck, thanks for your time and honesty - we talked after your speech at Stanford years ago - we talked about the Armenian Genocide and it's connection to Black history - you immediately engaged and even invited me to hang out - one of those decisions I regret, I said I had to give my friend a ride. I should have given him the keys. Thanks for writing this. An appreciator since 1987.

  88. Hristo Veselinov

    Very positiv

  89. Warren Burns

    P.e peace out

  90. Владимир Стојановић Мрле

    You, my respected friends, are the ONLY ONE that is good from your country. Everlasting RESPECT for you from my youth till the day I die.
    PUBLIC ENEMY is and will be No. 1!!!

    Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff, Khari Wynn, DJ make my heart beat go strong and full when I hear your words and music.
    Every time when I fall, you bring me up.
    And this song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.
    All the best wishes from me, Vladimir from Belgrade, Serbia.

  91. Simon sabbath

    lovely song. PE rules again.

  92. Mick Mccauley

    Chuck d flow is tight

  93. jay richardson

    This is just amazing love pe have done for years the girl at the end is stunning this tune hits ya soul should of had more views

  94. Onre' Adams

    Man...gotta love Chuck D still spitting what's real in the world after all these years. Songs like this hit u in your soul...u rarely find this w/ today's rap or music in general. I salute you my brutha! Never chase something or love something that ain't loving YOU~