Psychostick - Too Many Food Lyrics

You're actually right about Mega Man 3, I mean it is a bad-ass game, but think about this.
Mega Man 2, doctor Wily's castle is the shit. You know, I mean..

That's nice and all dude but in Mega Man 3, you fight the Mega Man 2 bosses again with the Mega Man 3 weapons.
Therefore, making it superior.

Hey man.

Do you guys realize that there's like a ton of songs about food on this new CD?

Dude, what do you have against food?

Don't get me wrong man.
If food was a band I'd be at every show.
But eh, don't you think we should write at least one song that would you know, like.. sell?
Dude what if food WAS band?
Not only would I be at every show, I'd buy every one of their CDs.
But, what would food play?

Hmm. I don't know, a sandwich?

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