Psychostick - This Is Not A Song, It's A Sandwich Lyrics

I know what you're thinking
You're thinking, "This is a song"
Well I guess I'll just have to show you
Exactly where you are WRONG!

Why aren't you hearing the cheese?
Why aren't you feeling the ham?
If you don't listen you'll miss it
You don't understand
I will explain it all once
I can explain it all twice
To make it clear to your brain
Until you've taken a bite

It couldn't be a dam 'cause it doesn't have a beaver
It's not the DMV 'cause it doesn't make you wait
It couldn't be a taco 'cause it isn't very crunchy
It couldn't be an Olsen 'cause it isn't Mary-Kate
It can't be Dirty Dancing 'cause it doesn't make you vomit
It couldn't be an iron 'cause it doesn't burn your face
It couldn't be Bruce Campbell 'cause it isn't freakin' awesome
It couldn't be a keyboard 'cause it doesn't have a space... BAR!

This is not a song, it's a SANDWICH!
What would make you think otherwise?
This is not a song, it's a SANDWICH!
Now no more of your vile filthy lies

(This is a song) NO IT'S A SANDWICH!
(Uh... But, it's a song) NO IT'S A SANDWICH!

So what are you thinking?
Still think this is a song?
Do you require more proof?
Do you enjoy being wrong?

Why aren't you hearing the meat?
Why aren't you feeling the bread?
If you don't listen, you'll miss it
You're making me sad
I will explain it all once
I can explain it all twice
And then again and again
Until you've taken a bite!

It couldn't be a chick 'cause it doesn't want to marry
It can't be Windows Vista 'cause it doesn't suck enough
It couldn't be a boob 'cause it isn't very squishy
It couldn't be a beer 'cause it isn't good and stuff
It couldn't be a tub 'cause it doesn't have a ducky
It couldn't be a stoner 'cause it doesn't have a joint
It couldn't be an egg 'cause there is no Easter Bunny
It couldn't be a song 'cause it doesn't have a point

This is not a song, it's a SANDWICH!
What would make you think otherwise?
This is not a song, it's a SANDWICH!
It's really just a hoagie in disguise

(I'm pretty sure this is a song) NO IT'S A SANDWICH!
(... Sooong!) SANDWICH!
(Jesus, dude, what is wrong with you?) NO IT'S A SANDWICH!

Lettuce, bacon, mayo, tomato, cheese, olives
Onions, frog, tuna, turkey, peppers, salami
Noodles, pizza, tires, CROWBARS!!!

You bought (or stole!)
This dumb CD
Now you are suffering
Driving home, working out
Or at your job
At your house, or wherever
On your iPod

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Psychostick This Is Not A Song, It's A Sandwich Comments
  1. Logan Offley

    Tastes good.

  2. Chiara G

    I heard this song for the first time while I was high and I legit started questioning my perception of the world. I was like, "oh my god, I've been calling sandwiches songs this whole time"

  3. Cesar Cuotto

    Esta canción me hace gay por Ben Affleck

  4. gene cable

    He's got a point about the song not having a point

  5. Darth Creepio

    Damn, I remember reading the email updates about this album in my computer class. My desk neighbor finally one day was like "why do you keep looking at a sandwich"

  6. Jeremiah Thompson

    I'm hungry now

  7. Yoder Film Industries

    This is the greatest sandwich ever

  8. Artur Błędowski

    People who are thinking that it is a song are dudes with a boob I do not like, put on a shirt and take a hike

  9. Matheus Moura

    This is like

    Aggressive Weird Al
    And I love it

  10. The Iron Pichu

    10 years and this is still great. The amount of preservatives in this sandwich is a bit concerning.

  11. kathy murphy

    there reasoning is so good i have to agree

  12. Not Sandwich

    I strongly relate to this sandwich.

    Darth Creepio

    Wait! .... Are you a song?!

    Dying Angel

    I'm not gonna ask-

  13. ShyWhy

    You thought this was going to be a Sandwich but it was me! Dio!

  14. riskvideos

    This sandwich is still fresh

  15. Bazh Goshdarnit

    sounds like weird al gone metal

  16. Aquavita

    Why did this song randomly get stuck in my head today? I haven't heard it or thought about it in so long.

  17. Tolipic

    i used to love this song when i was 4

    its still pretty funny

  18. Evan Ross

    Why is my sandwich so heavy

  19. Myne Dracobirn

    obviously this is a case from Ace Attorney

  20. Chris Mendez Villalta

    This is not a comment, it's a toilet

  21. xCm_ DrunkX

    O, I’m feeling the ham 🍖 and hearing the cheese 🧀

  22. Abel Avila

    El mejor sandwich que he escuchado

  23. derderp

    2019. this is a fucking gold mine.

  24. Zichi Hammertail

    Why can't other sandwiches be this brutal?

  25. Rukyura Myky

    I freggin love these guys so much

  26. Busta Rogers

    LOL your riffs are farking amazing!!!. How have i just heard of you.

  27. sissylalagirl 04

    2019 and this sandwich is still good

  28. Rukyura Myky

    Whenever i'll forget my lunch at work i'll just get this emergency sandwich

  29. Rachel D Greenwald

    At my old job we weren't allowed to listen to music during cleaning time. I played this on speaker and when my manager scolded I explained to her that it was a sandwich. I was later terminated for breaking a window.

  30. Toongeek45

    Does this mean mayonnaise is an instrument?

  31. Bisexu Whale


  32. AthkoreProductions

    This is the tastiest sandwich I have had in some time, my compliments to the chief.

  33. Dylan Elliott

    Delicious finally some good fucking food

  34. Arthiem

    I work at McDonalds. one time I found aa tiny $5 bluetooth speaker and wrapped it up in a bun with a hole cut in the top, then sent the wrapped up bun playing this song into the Landing zone (food warmer where food is waiting to be bagged) my manager was pretty stoned at the time.


    I like stories

  35. Di3mondDud3

    Windows vista... Oh man 2009 was a fucking year

  36. Dakota Bice

    This is one hell of a sandwich

  37. HellGamesTV

    sorry, but this is a song.


    Aaron Dunn


  38. Macbauer 42

    i love this sandwich

  39. Kyle Spies

    Does anyone know what it's called when the guitar gets super high pitched for like a half a second


    Squeally Dee Dee

  40. Ella H.

    I love this so much.

  41. Christian Smith

    This is not a comment it's a sandwich

  42. Mad Alien

    this is a great sandwitch !!!

  43. Drummer Guy

    I like to make songs while listening to this sandwich.

  44. St Jerry the Goatfucker

    Thanks for vista ref xD


    But...but...but the point of it is to prove that this isn't a song when that's the whole point so this does have a point soooooooo this song is a sandwich

    Wait~ you get my point

  46. Trooper 1044

    This is not a skateboard, it's a cookie.

  47. Alpha Squad

    Very good sandwich make more sandwiches

  48. Andreas

    What a surreal song!!! Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

  49. McMacoAppoStore

    Did you play the mayonnaise when making this song?

  50. Shawn Walters

    Aaah my childhood

  51. TheMineHack Swe

    Im going to play this sandwitch on audiosurf 2 and get the world record! :D

  52. velazquez armouries

    very tasty sandwich bro

  53. Nelmie

    part of this song sounds like part of headstrong


    Funny how after they say crowbars they Drop Way Down And get tunnel Throat vocals just like The band crowbar Idk if that was an intentional nod or just a Coincidence


    Crowbar rules


    @Psychostick heck Yeah They Do! There One of My All Time Faves

  55. Gwen Miller

    josh is my best friend! Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  56. Jackson Pancakes

    this is not a comment it pizza

  57. Jackson Pancakes

    hey dude wanna listen to a song. no i wanna listen to a sandwitch.

  58. Hugh Janus

    Me: what the hell did I just listen to?

    Everyone: uhm, a S A N D W H I C H

  59. Cobus Bisschoff

    im not posting is frogging. wont share this either cant you see im seducing! i see what you want to do. you want to tell me this is a "comment" im "posting" and "sharing".. i will have psycostick tell you exactly how wrong you are!

  60. Short Shaggy


  61. josh fike

    Well technically it is a song because it has a point, and that point is that the song is a sandwich


    nah, this is a fucking sandwich.

  62. Ice Ukk Ath

    this dude smoked too much salami

  63. Ferdinand Von Aegir

    This is my new favorite sandwich.

  64. isaac lochotzki

    hey you want piss or piss light

  65. TheMantits27

    Dear psychostick make an album or i will foght you . Lhrics idea doh doh doh DOH AGAIN (ITS A TEKNO SELLOUT ALBUM)

  66. Mizzinno

    I've been enjoying my sandwich for ten years...

  67. Katsudori

    i'm not suffering, this is the best sandwich I've had in years

  68. Katsudori

    this would've been funnier if they'd made it sound more like they were singing a serious song xD

  69. Joshua Gherlone

    WAIT, GUYS. IT'S NOT A SANDWICH. IT'S BRUCE CAMPBELL. They said it couldn't be Bruce Campbell because it isn't freaking awesome but it IS freaking awesome so it must be Bruce Campbell! WE'VE BEEN EATING BRUCE CAMPBELL.

  70. Kara Christen

    Is mayonnaise an instrument?

  71. Jared From Subway

    292 people are on team burrito.

  72. Owen Borg

    It’s not an iron ‘cause it doesn’t burn your face

  73. lilliPop

    My friend and I couldnt think of songs so we were just looking up words. I picked the word sandwich

    I was not disappointed

  74. Dean The Bean

    This is delicious

  75. TV499channel

    When you are making a hardcore sandwich for lunch this is for you!

  76. Jason Blooey

    Caught myself bobbing my head to the lettuce! Great sandwich, guys!

  77. MrParkerman6

    This sandwich is So heavy!!!!

  78. MrParkerman6

    "It couldn't be an Olsen cuz it isn't Mary-kate".

    Well, following that Logic it could be Ashley!

    I'm now convinced that this is not a song, it's an Olsen!!!! What would make you think otherwise?

  79. The Major

    Psychostick makes the best sandwiches.

  80. FriendlyNeighbourJoe

    Psychostick, I discovered you guys through one of my good buddies, and I have to admit: You guys are sandwiches. :3

  81. Snerts McGerts

    I love this sandwich

  82. Сергей Тимовский

    Well, actually, it sounds like a song.

  83. Dave Nova

    I'm here thanks to Taliesin Jaffe.

  84. guitargodthor2

    I was literally just sitting there, taking a shit and trying to figure out what song to share to facebook that I haven't shared in a long time. I finally finished and, as I was washing my hands, I realized I was hungry so I thought I ought to make a sandwich. I looked up at myself in the mirror and it hit me... "Sandwich" is the perfect song to share! As I peered deep into those hazel eyes of mine, I nodded and said, "fuck yes" to which my reflection commented, "you the man" and Mr. Dabbs my invisible friend gave me a firm but friendly handshake. Long story short, I shared this video and made a sandwich while listening to sandwich while standing on sand which was as black as my morning coffee. #SaveTheUnicorns

  85. General Rock

    This is a song

  86. Lady Manga

    You listen to an album like this and, if you're like me, wonder what amazingness they would write if they did "regular" music. No shade at all, I love their.... sandiwches...?

  87. G4mmaLotus


  88. Notta Reelname

    one year later and this is still by far my favorite sandwich.

  89. BaconBoy

    It takes a significant amount of weed to make this song let alone listen to it.

  90. yu ri

    every time they say 'sandwich' turn up your volume

  91. Juan Manuel Casis

    2019 and this sandwich is still good? Wow

  92. CrocLikesSmallThings

    The cure to ending worl hunger is this sandwich

  93. Mikicas

    Dad send me here

  94. Richard Morimanno

    anyone else come here because of Kotton?



  95. Andrew Winters Bell

    10 years?

  96. Steve Leeb-du Toit

    This sandwich bops

  97. Ayashi Nightcore

    *Jason has joined the chat*

  98. Foxans1