Psychostick - The Hunger Within Lyrics

I wish I had a taco
With plenty of hot sauce
But all that I've got is a
Box of crackers

I wish I had a pizza
With mushrooms and sausage
But all that I've got is a
Jar of mayonnaise.

The fridge is so empty!
Good food is so tempting!
I've got three more days
till I get paid!

Take away my suffering
I can't go on with things this way
There's only so much that I can take
of eating ramen noodles.

I wish I had a waffle all yummy and covered with syrup and butter and
fresh strawberries

I wish I had an omlette,
the kind that you stop just to get at IHOP with some
hashbrowns and coffee.

The fridge is so empty!
Good food is so tempting!
I've got two more days
till I get paid!

Take away my suffering
I can't go on with things this way.
There's only so much that I can take
of eating dry Cheerios

(Okay there's gotta be something to eat here. Let's see. A bag of spaghetti, no tomato sauce.
A box of taco shells, no ground beef.
A box of baking soda. I cannot eat that.
Or can I?)

SPOT ME FOR LUNCH! I'll pay you back on Friday!
SPOT ME FOR LUNCH! I'll pay you back real soon!

I wish I had some ice cream
with plenty of chocolate syrup on top of it
maybe whipped cream.

Oh, man that sounds so good right now.

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Psychostick The Hunger Within Comments
  1. Pac 450

    This kind of song only works in English, if I heard it in another language It wouldn't be as cool

  2. ri-nico

    So deep

  3. Low effort Productions

    I thought this was funny as a kid, as an adult this is way too real. Just two more days until I get paid...

  4. Copyright Infringement

    I just have one question for you:
    Do you want. A taco?

    Akharus of the Black Legion

    Do you? DO YOU?!

  5. x_x Haunted_Angel *..*

    LOL i love you guys! If you're ever in town I'll buy you a nice steak... but enjoy those dry cheerios in the meantime

  6. hard hat

    I'm currently sick with a stomach infection and I'm only allowed to eat a few certain bland things. This song has NEVER been more true for me :'(

  7. Nym Alous

    I never thought singing about food could make the hairs on my neck stand up...


    holy shit it sounds like a Destrcution Derby 2 soundtracks

  9. The Ali8oras

    College student anthem

  10. lovefordante

    every college kid/bachelor's national anthem

  11. Lucas Malo

    Yo ive been hungry that i wish baking soda was cocaine so i could it and it would take away my hunger

  12. Klavair 89

    Is this the only song that from phycostick that doesnt have a swear words?


    Nah there's a lot.

    Klavair 89

    @Psychostick, guys heres an idea for another song... bad grammar... just got the idea of my poor grammar

  13. Yellow Bunny

    When you get this hungry please never ever think about chorrillanas.

  14. Hamid Kanan

    anndd i'm ordered a pizza

  15. Twisted Von Goth

    I think someday I wanna start a Psychostick tribute band.... Goth style because I sing low. I might call it... PsychoGoth. :-"

  16. Ian Joseph

    2018 still jaming to this

  17. Hélendloc

    This song is so relatable I can't even laugh at the comedy

  18. Lindsey Badge

    See you in Glasgow tonight! 💟🔥

  19. Vince M

    1:53 "the kind that you stop just to get at IHOP"

    Now IHOb

    Asher Tel'vallo

    Ihob just doesn't sound right does it.

  20. Herman Lelan Hardin IV

    Making ramen noodles right now. Had to throw this on for the memories.

  21. NyxErebus

    That was me at the hospital on Tuesday 😝 The food was horrible.

  22. keyosuke

    This song was such a fun part of my 2000's.

  23. K0ffee

    Holy shit this was 9 years ago

  24. Ettore

    I will keep this sandwich stuff in the car forever

  25. Bacon8t0r

    This is my life right now....How do you guys know?!?!?!?

  26. angus weir

    Who else is listening while eating?

  27. SWIMS vg

    I relate to this song on a metaphysical level...

  28. Nick Gotti

    This music is really good - I wish they made a version of this with serious lyrics

  29. Nigel Reginald Augustus-Bakersfield

    So fucking accurate

  30. IncapableLP



    Cooked spaghetti in a taco shell an't bad for having nothing to eat.

  32. Ledif Sama

    I am Venezuelan and i can relate so bad to this song

  33. Crazy Ian Anderson

    I can eat spaghetti without tomato sauce. I put butter and Parmesan cheese on it. Feta if there's any. Salt and pepper as well.

    Garret Marucha

    Ian Anderson You sick demented freak

  34. Richard Guernsey

    Nice chorus - you guys are stepping up

  35. Mr.BoNeLeSs

    this resonates with me spiritually

  36. Heather Wheeler

    fuck can't wait to get background to Massachusetts it sucks up here in Michigan purge Michigan my ass

    Heather Wheeler

    fucking spelling ck back not background

  37. My Account

    My soul is so empty
    Suicide is so tempting
    3 more days remaining
    Till I get laid

  38. Carbon Salazar

    They took an entire day to record about 1 minute.

    1:01 three more days till get payd
    2:11 two more days till get payd

  39. Eric Klandrud

    sometimes, like this song, it shows that Rawrb does have a really great singing voice. i need to obsessively worship this band more openly!
    and yes, i am very hungry
    beer is good and stuff

  40. Craig Holmes

    damn this song is catchy


    Craig Holmes your mom is catchy

  41. Sataneliteoneshots

    Don't knock a mayonnaise sandwich. That shit's awesome.

  42. - L

    This sad moments of life when you open your fridge 1000 billions in the day but it's always empty..but you open it again..just sad

    Captain van Cannibalo

    Or those moments when you open the fridge and you know there is nothing interessting to eat in it, and you open it again and again

    - L

    @Captain van Cannibalo
    Yep, always.

  43. Mokibo

    So beautiful :'(

  44. Rayna Wood


  45. Sara Zilinski


  46. Lerista Merello

    Oh the feels...the hunger....damn you for making me hungry. WHY!

  47. TheFunkyKrumpet

    If Saitama listened to music, this would be it. lol

  48. biggreenblob

    What an awesome voice. Such talent, and he sings this.... lol gotta love it though. I can really bang my head to this.

  49. EpochDeus

    this song gave me flash backs to my first decade in the world alone...
    i had just blocked that shit out!

  50. Pierre Lopes

    you are absolute Genious guys U_u

  51. Arklighter

    stop making me hungrier, dammit.

  52. Tamir Wigelman

    Why the fuck am I listening to this while recovering from Tonsillectomy and unable to eat anything? :'(

  53. Unit ZER0

    I well know the pain of this song...

  54. Zaaambieez

    Currently relating to this song.
    I've been relating to it for the past 28 days.
    The day of salvation is almost upon me.

  55. dimby

    This is the music that will unite the world.

    Klavair 89

    Except for America

  56. Rat Attack

    The thing I love the most about this song is that fact that it's really good music XD The singer has a fantastic voice and the back beat is just to die for XD


    These guys had a few songs that showed their gimmick wasn't all they had that made them worth listening to.

  57. Bonezai _

    Best song ever 🍕

  58. Toph Ton

    Out there there are just dumb songs about love, war or shit a normal dude has nothing to do with.
    Thanks Psuchostick guys, you beautiful bastards.
    This is the first song i can really relate with :'(

    Malcolm Payne

    Psuchostick lol

    Steven Elwell

    They're going to burn down your club fam

    Lord Walrus Fishbatten the 3rd

    P S Y C H O S T I C K, P S Y C H O S T I C K, Thats how you spell our name get it fucking right or we'll burn down your club

  59. That guy that hugs puppies

    Jesus Christ there are others like me out there that kno the pain of going without food. I've sucked dick for a god dam #9 at Wendy's and $20 (no fuckin joke, being gay didn't help neither) yea not goin on my life story rant but this song is nothin but truth

  60. The Raddest Chad

    Heroin kind of kills your appetite, so I'm good.

    Pierre Lopes

    +Rad Chad surely one of the weirdest answers i've ever read xD

    The Raddest Chad

    @Unded Bear Don't taunt me.  I have a tendency to set fires.  

    The Raddest Chad

    @Unded Bear I like the cut of your gib.  Let me set you on fire to celebrate.  


    Now, I know this is a 1-year old comment. But your profile picture is perfect with that comment.

    The Raddest Chad

    @Gabriel Sanchez Aye, Staff Sergeant. Send me into the meat grinder. I'm ready. Let me play, coach.


    *huffs paint*

  61. Morgan Brandy

    GO WATCH this kick ass fan video of the same song!!!

  62. Demonic Distaster

    Why is it that my fav album is Sandwich? Maybe it's my stomach talkin to me with this one.. these guitar chords just make meh soo hungry!

  63. ケーシールーシー

    God I'm so hungry right now but I have no food. 

  64. drago draco

    this is making me hungry lol

  65. Adam Morgan

    Me and my dad was trying to find a song on his radio, that is how I am here

  66. kaelie monster

    this song is apt right now. i im counting down to payday, i forgot to go food shopping last time and there is no food in my kitchen, or anywhere else in my home for that matter.

  67. Devistute

    Probably best song u guys have ever made! - After Beer is good song

  68. karen175

    This song speaks to me on a emotional level...I'm f-ing hungry.


    karen175 fuck off

  69. SterlingWhite100

    I feel your pain, man. I feel your pain. 


    SterlingWhite100 feel this dick bitch

  70. Jimmy Krom

    Lol this song fits me perfectly been eating ramen noodles for the past 4 months lmao

    King Fox

    i love ramen

    That guy that hugs puppies

    Try that shit for 6 (SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!) FUCKING YEARRRRRRRSSSSSSSS.

  71. Eric Kulp

    Taaaaaaaacccccccooooo nooooo

  72. Eric Kulp

    The lead singer voice is haunting. Poetic and moving..... I missed lunch at work!!!

  73. koihoshi

    This reminds me of the time I had a jar of mayonnaise but wish I had a pizza with mushrooms and sausage.  This song is so deep.  Helped me through depression when the great sausage and mushroom pizza in 2014 was lost.  Then all the sudden at the door, a ring.  When I opened the door it was a pizza delivery guy with a mushroom and sausage pizza.  I woke up, sweat dripping from my forehead.  The room was hot.  I realized it was just a dream, but a terrible nightmare.  I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge, and there was only mayonnaise.  Deep song.  Deep.

    Blase101 Gamer

    This comment made my day, thank you.

    Daniel McBride

    @koihoshi I crie evry tiem

    Richard Guernsey

    ooo I remember that time...that was rufff

  74. SockMyDad

    1 Man has all our food...

  75. Matt

    Sounds pretty awesome on 1.5 speed too

  76. Kasper C

    This song described my day. All that was in the fridge was a jar of mayo.


    Kasper C All I have to eat is mayonaise and tortilla :/

  77. Tyler Lucas

    There's a dislike that guy SUCKS this song rules.

  78. Joseph Kennedy

    I heard this on WSOU years ago and saw them perform it live.  It was awesome.

  79. George The Hawkshaw

    No dislikes

  80. victor malgieri

    just heard this song for the first time yesterday thanks to 89.5 WSOU NJ PIRATE RADIO. Song rocks and thanks for an awesome song.


    victor malgieri same here, man! just heard it today xD

  81. Chandler Higa

    Well the length of time one can go with ramen noodles is debatable. 

  82. Zap Gun

    God damn it I just had dinner and now I'm hungry again.

  83. Dark Storm

    I feel like this song is a spoof of another song. Like Numbers. That's a spoof of Bodies by (insert band name here)


    Drowning Pool - Bodies ;)

    I can't put my finger on it but this must be a spoof also,i agree.

    Saxon Hale

    Probably because it sounds like every crappy metalcore song that came out in 2009.

  84. Solitary Sage

    Awesome song

  85. HaloMillennium

    You made me hungry...fuck

  86. propa03

    I cannot stop listening to this song. And craving tacos.

  87. DescendingDeath

    this song is about my life, I am ALWAYS hungry.

    Alucard Tepes

    I wonder why *smokes bud*


    DescendingDeath fuckin pig

  88. TheJacOfHearts

    College: The Song

  89. The Alchemist

    Rob i swear you have done it with this song... I'm like so in love with the music and the Lyrics indeed induce hunger to my life :) good Job man!

  90. ExosetHunter

    Jar of Mayonnaise? Perfect swedish snack. It's good for you.

  91. YouknowdatIknow

    Can you do a song on chickenburgers please? Call it I have sex with watermelons.. You rule guys needa buy all stuff

  92. YouknowdatIknow


  93. Joey Pasta

    Living on your own with a shit job, this song is the way we think constantly.

  94. TheVileDelinquent

    This song is hilarious until you start relating to it...I'm so hungry...

  95. The Metal

    You guys are great!

  96. F.Lee.M

    discovered you this monday and have to say :YOU ARE FUCKING AWSOME

  97. ikariwolf

    That's a shame...I was really hoping to get somewhere in file...wait what? O.o