Psychostick - That Guy Lyrics

[That Guy:] Hey, you're "Beer Is Good", right?
[Rob:] Heh. Well, actually, my name is Rob-
[That Guy:] Hell yeah, beer is good man! I love that there beer song, but- Hey! Come on man, sing it for me! Right now!
[Rob:] What? N-no, not here... I-I-
[That Guy:] Oh, come on man! Come on, sing it for me! You know the words! "Beer is good, beer is good, beer is good!"
[Rob:] ...and stuff...
[That Guy:] Whoo! Yeah! Hell yeah, beer is good, man! Hey man, I'll tell you what, I'm a bit of a beer connoisseur myself! What kind of beers you like?
[Rob:] Well, um, I like imports... uh, darker beers like Killian's, Newcastle-
[That Guy:] Well, I ain't never done heard of any of those beers, but I tell you that, I really like the, uh, Natty Light, the Keystone, the, uh, Milwaukee's Best... say, you ever heard of PBR?
[Rob:] ...yeah, I have.
[That Guy:] Yeah, man, I dunno what it stands 'fer, I just know that that's what I've always called it. But I tell you, this one time, I was drinkin' some of that there PBR while cuttin' the lawn, and there was this damn tree I kept runnin' over with the damn tractor! Well, that damn tractor kept stallin' on me and I didn't see a dent on it... 'course on the count that I was so drunk so the next time it went out on me, I stuck my hand up in that sum'bitch anyways, and before I knew it - WHAM! I lost my damn fingers! Well, I was so drunk and frunk from drinkin' nothing but the damn PBR, so I just kept mowin' that damn tree trunk. 'Bout twenty minutes later, this guy came up...

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Psychostick That Guy Comments
  1. Morgan Brandy

    Where in hell did they run into the POTUS??

  2. radanju3

    *FUCK* you Spotify for deleting this; WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!?!?!?!??????!!!?????

  3. wildarmor

    Moral of the story: that guy, don't be him.


    She also kept insisting that it takes no effort to use a different pronoun if someone corrects me on their gender even if they look nothing like the gender they claim to be. And she suggested that podcast because of his guest Michael Wood, a former cop from Baltimore.

    I was thinking you could reintroduce yourself as someone else completely different and be polite, or else you'd be too obvious. I'd be too obvious if I used your opinions, so the best you could do is pose as someone else but you've read up on her sources so she sees you as not disingenuous.

    Dominant Persona


    She blocks me when I show up.

    Okay. Her telling you to use different pronouns is not an argument. She can't dictate what someone else wabt to say, Canadian Professor Jordan Petersen can explain that situation better than I can. That is a form of authoritarianism, let her know that first and forehand. It is fascist to have someone change their speech patterns just because.

    Dominant Persona

    Every soirce she has is irrelevant, her talking points are the same and can easily be debunked. You yourself need to be able to learn how to debunk them. Watch a couple of Ben Shapiro lectures, Sam Harris lectures, even watch Milo Yianapolis.


    She doesn't need to know it's you, though. I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. But how are you so sure her sources are so easy to debunk? It sounds like she hasn't given you any personally.

    Dominant Persona


    She literally gave,you Joe Rogan as a source. She relies on speakers only... She dismisses statistical data. Her talking points have are rehashed SJW talking points. I have slayed many of them.

  4. Grim Reminder

    Sounds like "That Guy" needs an intervention for a good mood.

  5. eXplosive truTh

    i think its more about thos guys that know you and just start bothering you and talking, talking, talking...

  6. Rexcor Jungmir

    Yeah, we all know THAT guy... the one that asks for the same crap from you over and over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN...

  7. Valithin Drathyr

    "Hey man, beers good man. ya man wooo i tell you what man." That would get so annoying

  8. Mike F

    as much as i hate these comments. there is no 1:20

  9. TheDrachenFlammen

    @xxbss4lifexx Well in all honesty, "We Couldn't Think of a Title" = Epic, "Sandwich" = EPIC (But Slightly less than We...", and then we have "Space Vamps..." = Meh.

    We Couldn't think of a title was their best work and they should try to replicate their style in that album

  10. thrashhard123

    @greed13X fuck yeah

  11. greed13X

    I love dark beer.

  12. Jackie VonRawrrzo

    Dear Pandora,
    Thank you for randomly throwing Psychostick songs in the middle of my playlists. I fucking love this band.

  13. Marie Gallaway

    love how everyone liked it but noone disliked it XD psychostick FTW!

  14. Feedalee

    @arkayen666123 mine too

  15. Feedalee

    @arkayen666123 like Pluh, two ton paperweight, jingle bell metal, holiday hate....and lots of other cool stuff :)

  16. fattirevsbud

    Im drinking HARP bitchez!!!! made by Guiness a winner since 1786 or so

  17. XBrokenkingX

    I live in Alabama... I CAN'T LISTEN TO THE BEER SONG BECAUSE OF "THAT GUY!" I wish rob would do a song where he kills "That Guy" with a fucking Machete.

  18. alt3rnativ3fr3ak

    i love this sandwich.. and the fridge it came in too... al the other andwiches are good as well

  19. Savage Henry

    P.B.R,They only give ribbons to winners!

  20. xxbss4lifexx

    @NelsonClick It's more like people only know the song Beer and it pisses Rob off

  21. NelsonClick

    ..yea. Stardom is such a burden. Poor, poor Rob.

  22. LordZoth6292

    Lmfao this is so fucking good.