Psychostick - So. Heavy. Lyrics

This song is so heavy
It makes you want to headbutt a mountain
This song is so heavy
It makes razor-blades taste like candy
This song is so heavy
It makes you want to punch a tornado
This song is so heavy
This chorus is nothing but growling

Ooooh aaah uuuuh!

You scream high, I scream low
Doesn't this sound fucking amazing?
Those vocals were so heavy
It makes your grandma have a baby
Can you understand what I'm saying?
Cookie cookie, want a cookie!
This song is so heavy
It's actually kind of exhausting

Ooooh aaah uuuuh!

I'm playing this rhythm with my right arm
While I'm flexing my bicep on the other arm
And then I give it a kiss because I love my guns
And I don't think you've had enough
Let's break it down!

A little bit softer now, a little less brutal now
A little bit softer now, a little bit lower gain
A little bit softer now, a little less brutal now
A little bit softer now, a little less in your face
A little bit louder now, a little more brutal now
A little bit louder now, a little bit higher gain
A little bit louder now, a little more brutal now
A little more louder now, a little more in your face

Double bass (in your face!)
Double bass (in your face!)
Jog in place (jog in place!)
Jog in place (jog in place!)
Teabag the stage
Teabag the stage
This song was so heavy
My eyes and eardums are now bleeding
It reached the point of nauseating
This song was so heavy
Somebody get me a barf bucket, please!
This song was so heavy
Dude, somebody get him a bucket before...
The End.

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Psychostick So. Heavy. Comments
  1. Brian Sturm

    this is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long while. i have tears in my eyes from laughter. i also have neck pain from head banging.

  2. Gorebats Gaming

    Rawrbs shirt is awesome Goku is life.

  3. Calvin Krueger

    Just great

  4. anzamoni

    Now I need to watch Brians Posehns Metal by Numbers song again. Lol. Loved this

  5. KerayZ

    I bet these dudes get hella pussy

  6. Rad Boi

    Cookie cookie, want a cookie! >:(

  7. Jeramy Whitwell

    I've listened to a few a of these songs, but I subscribed when I saw the demon baby. I was laughing so hard... so heavy.

  8. Gregory Eletto

    What metal sounds like to non metal listeners

  9. Ian McFrazier

    Fuckin appreciate the KoRn reference

  10. Thomas BlackWolf

    Ya’ll really borrowed rn Isley Brothers rhythm for the end of the song and I think that is such a cool tribute


    For sure! We thought it would be unexpected in a song like this.

    Thomas BlackWolf

    Psychostick this is why you guys are like top ten on my list fighting Dethklok for the number 1 song! 😪😪👏

  11. Ajunte Burns

    These guys are amazingly hilarious!💯💯💯

  12. mike anglada

    Praise Carcass... <3 \,,/ and ohh, yeah... these Guys!! and don't forget... BEER IS GOOD!!!

  13. Big Sweaty

    Beautiful how this ironically can be classified as classic.

  14. OliDraws

    Omg pause at 1:12 “CoRn” oml

  15. Robert Hultquist

    The best metal song of the modern era! If aliens invade give them this song and they will choose to bow down to our amazing beards of metal.

  16. FakeShemp

    Laura Palmer

  17. Morte Parla

    The guy growling should be vocals for a death metal band.

  18. Jennifer

    Guys, my soon to be 6 year old LOVES this song. She HAS to listen to it and Rammstein's Du Hast daily!

  19. Zac McBride

    I just found Psychostick last night and after listening to all of their albums today they are slowly becoming one of my favourites


    Thanks Zac!

  20. Phoenix

    0:04 nice, cydia

  21. Zichi Hammertail

    This taught me the ways of beardom. Obey the Beard showed me how to elevate my bearded existence.

  22. Jon Torres

    I have a beard now....... in my balls!!!!

  23. PiousMoltar

    Best deathcore song ever.

  24. Derek Shropshire

    Popped for the malort. 🤣🤘

  25. ansiaaa

    Is the bearded guy the one from LiveDayByDay? even the style of the video reminds me of their production!

  26. yunes brejan

    I'm here because of the nerd

  27. Leigh B

    Wtf?! Was that your phone or mine?! 🤣

  28. Metaru Masuta


  29. Melvin the Mop Boy

    4:08 DOUBLE BASS (in your face)

    Melvin the Mop Boy

    In yer face

    Melvin the Mop Boy


    Melvin the Mop Boy

    Too late ya fucks

  30. David Boothe

    Is that the guy from epic meal time lol

  31. Emily Rose

    I want to marry them omfg

  32. Anton Guerrero

    2:51 sounds like ticks and leeches by tool

  33. Chris Katko


  34. Hiiroakuma Proxy

    10 cookie monster 10

  35. Killgore1029

    Ok how the hell have I not found this band before. Now I seriously want to punch a tornado

  36. electro chemical

    So fuckin heavy

  37. brandon bishop

    This song, is so shitty!

  38. Gwen Miller

    i am there friend!

  39. Rick Johnson

    I listened to chimaira wrapped in violence after this song and laughed again. This video depicts exactly what metal bands do! Double bass, nothing but growling, teabagging stage. Love it

  40. rikkibynature

    My son (6) laughed so hard at the video - he loves you 😂

  41. Christopher Higginbotham

    This song is 'SO FUNNY", I love it.

  42. Edward Helms

    That should be put on a shirt.


    It's similar to our "Psychostick is Too Metal" shirt.

    Edward Helms

    @Psychostick is that one still available? I couldn't find it on the merch store

  43. Wayne Rocha

    Its good but I need more Brice Campbell

  44. Jennifer

    As a life long metal head and new to Psychostick I love y'all. Your music is awesome plus I get to laugh my ass off. First heard y'all on Liquid Metal 🤘 and the song that blessed my ears was NSFW which I love. It's gonna be played at my funeral. Fuck yea.


    Thanks and welcome! 🤘

  45. Bryan Killmer

    This is an epic song I absolutely loved it.... Been a psychostick fan for a long time keep it coming

  46. Rick Johnson

    Spot-on! I love metal! Metal loves me! Cookie Cookie!

  47. Herr_snorrovic

    This song is pretty heavy

  48. BearDaddy Cz

    That's a bullshit, but i love it XDDDDDDDDDD GROW MY BEARD, PLEASE!!

  49. Dodmyr-official

    I think I have a new favourite band now. My beard agree

  50. Carolyn Aulds

    This song is so awesome psychostick rocks

  51. metal mike

    Usually I bitch about thumbs down but it's at 333 so that's pretty fucking metal

  52. SON AR DAN Rock celtique

    it's very funy^^

  53. fupalord

    This was fun to see live.

  54. Joseph Sikarin

    Do you want to metal?

  55. MrParkerman6

    Ironically the volume is too low on this video.

  56. tolfleg jusmurg

    I love this band so much because of how they can go from simple shit to this and everything inbetween and even further, if that makes sense, they're just so diverse

  57. Justin Credible

    That breakdown was killer though.

    So. Heavy.

  58. Jilly Bean

    Tea bag that stage 😂😂😂😂😂🤘🏻

  59. heavymachete

    speed it up to 1.25 and the intro is very AHIG era slipknot

  60. 322king

    Rumor has it Alex is still chasing Matt

  61. sir Reignz

    Try not to headbang impossible edition

  62. Napalm Faceattack

    how about a song about catssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss domesticated cats.

  63. Robert Grendzinski

    Never gets old!!!

  64. Sataneliteoneshots

    yeah but Metal Hammer is the anal "i'm too good for you" society of metal music.. so we don't really pay attention to them anymore.


    We just thought it was funny.


    @Psychostick I read into it too much. I must be anal.


    @Sataneliteoneshots You didn't. They definitely hate our music, but hey whatever.


    I haven't bought a metal hammer magazine since 2003 and here I am in 2019 listening to this sooooo.. Deduction says you're better.

  65. Perkele

    When you're so heavy that you make a song about a song being so heavy in a song that is the song thats so heavy

  66. Adge Freeman

    Did they reference Shout by Isley Brothers?


    Haha yup

    Adge Freeman

    Omg, you guys replied!

  67. Mason Vee / Death Riddim


  68. My Videogames Nightmare - MVN -

    Is this on H flat?

  69. just the tip? band

    flawless victory! my favorite video😂🍻

  70. Fox Belzewood


    While I grow my headhair, people grow beards.
    It's kinda depressing...

  71. InfinityPotato

    If you are wondering the tuning is in H-Flat:

  72. President NotSure

    Tea Bag the Stage!!

  73. C. Chambers

    LoL ❤️

  74. LurkingFear87

    Holy shit put this on 2x speed


    But then it's not as heavy!

  75. PinheadLarry_13

    Imagine if these guys actually made serious music.

  76. eli

    o my god

  77. Bob smile

    I give a like to this song cause it SO HEAVY!!!

  78. James Shryock

    This song is so stupid but damn you got to love it

  79. Eryk Markiewicz

    thank you melon

  80. Tonyasesino Killer

    This song is fuckin whicked! 666!

  81. PunktlichMedia

    I have been listening to you guys for years.. and by far.. this is one of your best songs.. besides Bruce Campbell.. or course. Keep rocking out guys.. Can't wait to meet you guys.



  82. Matjan Thking95

    Headbanging at it maximum \m/

  83. SkepticalRowan

    Punch a tornado!!!!!

  84. The High Lizard

    Love the triangle.


    Is it even heavy if it doesn't have triangle?

    The High Lizard

    Psychostick  True, although im feeling a bit hungry im gonna go get a sandwhich. And yes i can get hungry even after watching the most realistic puke animations.

  85. Ka Gg

    This song cracks me up so much....Laughs, flips off Alex Trebek and writes "eat a dick"....bahaahahaha. Also, another great thing is that these videos show ALL the members. 99% of bands only show the lead singer, but this band shows all the members...

  86. MrParkerman6

    You CAN'T scream low, that would be yelling!

  87. MrParkerman6

    There's that word again, heavy! Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there something wrong with the earth's gravitational pull?

  88. Kiley Brady

    These guys are fucking geniuses.

  89. Beetle Juice

    Now do a song called "So. So. Heavy"

    I'm expecting drop Z here, boys.

  90. Cam Giddy

    Lol the part with the malort had me in stitches

  91. Richard Gipson

    No....this is not heavy...THIS IS A SANDWICH!!!!

  92. Evias 99

    Now i need some drugs

  93. Matt Lothe

    Can you imagine having an aunt or uncle that's half your age as a result of heavy metal?

  94. I cant think of a name

    *P E L V I C T H R U S T*

  95. Darek Pawełek

    Grow a beard man

  96. James Lenten

    Playing with you guys at the forge 8-12. Gonna be sick.,

  97. sirstrongbad

    well, I already had one, but it got even beardlier.

  98. 1upMUSHR00MDiabl0

    Just saw these guys live! they came to attawa!

  99. Mike DLS

    This is a little too heavy guys, take it easy.