Psychostick - N.O.E.L. Lyrics

Opening presents on the floor
Christmas time is drawing near
Let's all spread some cheer
Grab your wallet, time to spend
Most wonderful time of year
Hiding presents in your closet
Hoping that they won't find out
Season's greetings
Manufactured lies from the greeting card

Everybody's dropping money
On the people they don't like
Tis the season to be
Adding to the bottom line
Eating way too many cookies
Pouring eggnog in your mouth
Analysing weights of presents
Shaking boxes!
Decorate your house with lights
And bells that jingle!
Mind control through Christmas carols
We compelled to buy as we sing along

Everywhere you go
Christmas songs are playing all the time
Never-ending marathon
Of "It's a Wonderful Life!"
Everybody's going caroling
You better run and hide
Awkwardly they harmonize
I contemplate suicide

Buy stuff
It's christmas time
And we all live in a consumer nation
Black friday
Door buster sale
Murdering for saving
Murdering for saving
Murdering for saving

Trampling people at the door
Who did I even buy this for?
Smash some heads against the floor
This bargains will start a war
This bargains will start a war
This bargains will start a war
Why don't you visit family more?
Buy off your guilt like just before
Buy more
Till everybody's poor
Why don't you spend some more?
How 'bout we spend some more?

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Psychostick N.O.E.L. Comments
  1. TheGreyJedi

    Brooooooo I look identical to the bass player wish I could put a comparison picture up because this is uncanny!!!!!!

  2. Shape Shifter

    Manufactured lies from the greeting card

  3. PsYK0pAth0_oF WizzDoo\m/

    Love it great lyrics

  4. MalleyaBull

    Throwing money at people they dont like. I never looked at it that way lol.

  5. Sephiroth Hojo


  6. Avery R

    -Serj Tankian 2019

  7. Crash McCloud

    Why did I not find this until AFTER Christmas!?

  8. Robb Mitchell

    Merri Christmas mother fuckers

  9. Alex AO

    The song we didn't ask for, but the song we needed.

  10. MrKris286

    Awesome job!

  11. Michelle Gobola

    Très bonne reprise , nice cover ! Great lyrics happy everything for everyone !

  12. thmswalters

    This was actually... really... fucking good

  13. Jitters The Clown

    Now this is a Xmas carol I can get into

  14. Travis L

    😅😅😅😅😅 epic

  15. Ari C

    I love these

  16. Donald Moody

    By the way merry Christmas to everyone love you all

  17. Donald Moody

    America's cool though right on

  18. Kris S


  19. Valadari Visits

    Oh how much I love this! It's my feelings about this holiday! Thank you for making this

  20. Nina Gurkenglas

    SOAD is my Favorite Band..B.Y.O.B was the First Song i‘ve listend to..what i wanted to say’s normal that this Turns me on?

  21. STAY Young

    B U Y S T U F F ! ! !

  22. Andy Christ

    today is the day and im stuffed with food and try to get drunk at this point, myrry christmas to all out there

  23. legalize homicide

    This is great... I hate Christmas

  24. Bruce Banner

    So fucking epic. How have I not heard this

  25. Brandan Berne

    Good stuff

  26. Ryan W


  27. bandit shepard

    theres guys are freaking crazy🤪🤪🤪🤪👍

  28. joel michael

    Fucking geniuses

  29. brookhaven86

    A Christmas parody of band that is critical of politics... somehow stays very critical of politics.

  30. Kevin

    I give it a meta out of Christmas Cheer.
    Well done.

  31. J Durthu

    Just lobe yt recomendation!

  32. Billy Davis

    Im the 1000 comment lol. Nice remake guys

  33. Xhane Mullings

    Hahaha Oh my god yes!!!

  34. TobiAnimados

    Great parody!, very very funny and real. Greetings from Colombia!

  35. Christopher Matthews

    Wow Thanks for making my Capitalist-Pagan piss fest! (Jesus's is that you!)

  36. Olof Albiin

    Loved it!

  37. Nameless Ghoul

    My dad just randomly sent me this just now and I subbed and liked

  38. xXxOGFuckingBigPersonality69xXx REKT

    you guys should write Guilt Of Gift. A song about when you give someone a bad gift and you feel guilty.

    edit: a parody of gojira's gift of guilt.

  39. -N- Tertain

    This is kinda bad

  40. JetaJ1

    Anyone else have the tune of Revenga play in their head after this?

    Ministerio de Chile

    It's the kind of thing that happens when the flow of an album is too good

  41. Carlson Davis

    Really wanting to see a guest appearance from weird al in a video

  42. HiitGeek Alpha


  43. Tanjil Saad

    Loved it ❤👌

  44. Piable


  45. maguffle

    Dude!!! This was A👏🏾MA👏🏾ZING👏🏾!!!!

  46. Jeffrey Van Den Beukel

    Bring Your Own Bells

  47. The Boneshaman

    Better than the original by a factor of 10000

  48. Chino7

    Definitely playing this at my Christmas Party!!! Awesome job Psychostick!!!

  49. Taicho Wantz


  50. J C

    Tell us how you really feel

  51. Nakira

    My only regret is that I can only like this once

  52. gray clary

    Triggered leftwingers are starting to tear up and get angry.

  53. John L Galt

    I would call this a parody, except you've taken a song from a group that is highly active and vocal about social issues and injustices and merely replaced the words while psychostick-ing to the theme of the song and of the group.

    This needs to be played every year in my house from now on until they take the YouTube controls from my dead hands.

    Well played, guys!

  54. Matthew Brooks

    Only thing I dont like about this is the removal of Jesus from Christmas. Its Christmas not xmas.


    Nobody cares tho. And probably it's part of the message, since little has this holiday to do with Christ nowadays

    Matthew Brooks

    @HannibalKantter see that's quite inaccurate lots of people care.


    @Matthew Brooks Yeah, 50yo people and their adoctrinated children, no one else actually.

  55. Shepard

    It's a shame Christmas has turned into a shopping hysteria. *facepalm*

  56. Luz

    I wish they still had the stars rating system so I could give 5 stars to this video.

  57. Dark_Jester89

    Yo, they got Ragnar rocking the guitar lmao...skolll!

  58. Beverly Chatellier


  59. Zippitty22

    I came in my pants.

  60. PIKL Creep

    I've never listened to System of a Down, but they seem like a trashy garbage band.

    Vlad Salbatecu

    You are not just wrong, you are stupid !

  61. notpebis.mp4

    Always loved psycostick but stopped listening a few years ago and my recommendations just blessed me

  62. Mike Hamilton


  63. Gsus ONE

    I love It!!!!!!!!

  64. Jordan Bates

    Omfg 😭😂😆

    Jordan Bates

    I wanna see Serj and Daron react to this

  65. riki williams

    hahahaha this is great 💀💀💀💀💀

  66. OppositeReality

    **Padoru padoru intensifies**

  67. John Brown


  68. dgmwitz DGM

    God I love this band. they're so goofy

  69. Rufus McDoofus The Metal Geek

    Oh shit it’s psychostick

  70. Stickto YourDrums

    If you guys came out with a Christmas Album, I’d totally buy it!

  71. Blank Jester

    It’s that time again, brother

  72. Troy Robinson

    That - was awesome.

  73. Chrissy Cat

    SOAD would love this

  74. Booshie Clementine


  75. Lisa Hoppe

    Brilliantly done

  76. Albert Dunisch

    have some milk and cookies, guys ;)

  77. Cristhian Blanco

    I will play this song all this month

  78. NoTToXiCLuL

    Perfect description of brainwash thanks Psychostick

  79. Kyle Coburn

    If this is the only song you've heard by Psychostick, you are missing out on THE BEST PURE FUCKING METAL OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!

    Beer is good and stuff.....boobityboobity boobs

  80. Philip Linsey

    Psychostick, I love you guys!!!

  81. Aaron Cole

    This is going straight on my Xmas playlist ;)

    Actually is going on my Xmas Playlist
    with other festive songs like ...
    Happy Holidays, You Bastard by Blink 182

  82. B1GTRAIN


  83. Kram bambuli

    OMG this is so incredibly funny. I bursted with laughter this morning in the office :D

  84. ANon Emoose

    I feel like you could have left in "brand new spankin' deals"

  85. JFS !

    ....this is

  86. Joshua Denkenberger

    Spelled marathon wrong xD

  87. Roger Pearce

    My god! You just did a synopsis of Christmas time in this generation. It has to stop.


    Ah tis the time for a YouTube Recommendations 👌🏻

  89. mdh6977

    Is this even harder with it's message??

  90. Tyler Ross

    Hahahaha!! Love it!

  91. Uncle Squishy

    I'm so tempted to take the karaoke version of BYOB and make an edit with these words (strictly for personal use of course).

  92. skylar payne

    2016: no
    2017: no
    2018: nope not yet
    2019: okay now I'll recommend this to you

    Mariush SSJ

    Me 2 ^^


    Two thousand and late

    Lindsay Wheeler

    Right?? I can't believe I'm just now hearing this.

    Robb Mitchell

    You waiting till you have to contribute?

    charles g

    You were not ready for this level of metal

  93. W Westbrook

    How do I get this piped Into the bank instead of awful muzak.?

  94. Mi Chael

    The gift from 2016 that keeps on giving. This is my new favorite Christmas song

  95. Cee Eee

    As always...amazing job!!!

  96. Brimsaw

    My first thought when starting this vid: Oh boy, why did I click this, this is gonna suck.

    After 30 seconds: Hey this is actually pretty well done, and the guy sounds awesome too.

    after another minute: *Headbangs*

    AFter listening to it some more times: damn, this is kinda depressing

  97. Hazel Greene

    🤘🏻murdering for saaaaavings🤘🏻