Psychostick - Moving Day Lyrics

Move his stuff, move his stuff
Move his stuff, move his stuff

Staring at the wall, what have I committed to?
A sacred social pact, something you cannot undo
Friendship maintenance and guilt forms a moving crew
If I do not help you move then you won't help me move

You told us all to be here right at noon
Yet you are still packing and Guilty of betrayal #1:
We're working but you have been slacking

Up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs again

You hoard all your useless crap you refuse to donate to Goodwill
And I sacrifice my weekend to wading through your forsaken loot
And we repeatedly ask "What is this? Where's this go? What do you do with this?"
I now descend down the stairs prone all alone in the spider basement

Up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs again
Up and down and up and down I wish that you were not my friend

What is all this pointless shit you kept
Ugly lobster tongs from your Uncle Jeff
Curse your box that's overstuffed
With textbooks you forgot exist

It's moving day! Nothing says "Thanks, buddy"
Like a $5 Little Caesar's Hot and Ready
It's moving day! Nothing gives life meaning
Like doing heavy lifting all day and sneezing
It's moving day! Nothing says commitment
Like the friend with the truck that couldn't make it
It's moving day! I just love getting splinters
Then whacking my shins before smashing my fingers

Move his stuff, move his stuff
There's more stuff, so much stuff

Flinch from that dog that barks every freakin' time you pass by it
And we disagree please tell me how do you move a goddamn plant
Drip on my head now it rains and I'm wet, the boxes are ripping
And spilling all your cables kneeling down, on the ground now my shoes are all squishy

DVI and VGA, S-Video and RCA
USB 1, 2, and 3, mini, micro, A and B
40-pin IDE, a wired mouse from '93
Broken parts you can't replace, ya better keep 'em just in case

Guilty of betrayal #2:
All the restaurants closed and it's too late for food

You disappeared 2 hours ago
Come back and now you smell like reefer

Dude, I'm about to beat you to death with this vacuum cleaner

It's moving day! So glad it's raining
I'm hauling your junk as you stand there complaining
It's moving day! Well, this is a treat!
The sun's gone down and there's nothing to eat!
It's moving day! Betrayal #3
You exaggerated how quick this would be
It's moving day! Havin' so much fun!
It's 1:00 am and we're still not done

Moving a couch
Moving a couch
Oh hold up a second, I'm losing my grip
Moving a couch, moving a couch
Ow, ow! You're crashing my hand
Moving a couch, moving a couch, we're moving a couch
Oh, let's stop for a second

Should we take the legs off?
Should we take the door off?
No no no, just tilt it a little that way
No, my right, not not your right
Tilt it up and twist it like... no

Cool, we put another hole in the wall
Well, kiss that deposit goodbye
Fuck that door, we didn't need it anyway

Break out the chainsaw, gonna cut it in half!
One love seat's now 2 recliners
I'll set all your stuff on fire

Burn it to the ground, burn to the ground
Burn it to the ground, burn to the ground
Watch it burn
Burn it to the ground, burn to the ground
Old apartment
Burn it to the ground, burn to the ground
New apartment too

Burn it to the ground, burn to the ground
Burn it to the ground, burn to the ground
Burn it to the ground
Burn it to the ground, burn to the ground

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Psychostick Moving Day Comments
  1. Hunter the Kitsune

    The opening really sounds similar to "Sad But True" by Metallica.

  2. Stevo Young

    Fuck I love this song!, please do a music video, normal considerate people find this hilarious, I would die a happy man of an iq of 120 if you did a video🤘👍🏻

  3. Stevo Young

    Please do a video to this

  4. KrissieFox

    Don't be a hoarder. Just don't. It fucking ruins the lives of everyone you know.

  5. Maketsu

    Pretty relatable, yeah :D

  6. MediaFreak97

    its actually 1am right now lmao

  7. Dylan Dynamite

    I'm a manager for a moving company. 100% accurate

  8. Olivia Sexton

    I’m laughing my ass off

  9. Liam Funnyman

    Now I can't help but wonder; how *_DO_* you move a plant?

  10. American Ninja Like Muslim

    This song is quite ture. This song turned me into a Minimalist. moved last year and it was snowing... yep.

  11. Christopher Sichler

    Were you trying to help Josh move?

  12. Aint Rite


  13. Jay Jedi Johnson

    I'm moving today and I plan to have this on repeat. I hope my friends don't mind 😂

  14. Ryan N

    Fucking hate moving. I can relate to this


    I've done it so many times.

  15. Phil Mante

    I've moved enough to know this song is 100% accurate.

  16. Chris Laivier

    "Tilt it up and twist it, like... NO!" cracks me up EVERY time. Funny shit :DDD

  17. Ron Kroeker

    The last minute and a half sounds a lot like Rage Against the Machine... if Rage was into destroying private property.

  18. Gentism Brizzledarie

    The spoken part sounds kinda like Corey Taylor.

  19. rustyboy1000

    Don't hate on the lobster tongs, they're not ugly, just different.
    Great album about real life.

    Wait, I got an advertisement for a moving company...

  20. josh lawton

    Ahhh the subtle truths of life

  21. KromTheGod

    the8bitdrummer, played, this...

  22. Metal Monkey

    You should've had PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT in there

  23. PiousMoltar

    Oh god anything but the spider basement

  24. BackOnCrackk

    Will help my brother move soon... And wish he wasn't my brother because of that :(

  25. Fat Free Diet Water

    Yo whats up with the mastodon/gojira influence on this 😂😂😂

  26. Efemera

    Cool vocal style

  27. Kevin Meisenbacher

    Sounds like the worst moving experience ever.

  28. Aesthetic Saturn

    “Move this stuff” reminds me of Gor Gor from Gwar

  29. rallyking13

    This song is pure truth.

  30. Vanessa Montz

    Just moved two weeks ago. Super relevant.

    Rex Darr

    Vanessa Montz haha same here! I sent the song to everyone who helped me move xD

    Morgan Brandy

    Me a week... so im lmao

  31. ikilltrees666

    This song is fucking rad.

  32. Odd Luck

    This is why I don't have friends, its totally my choice and not me being terrible being awful at human interaction.

  33. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    So slipknot

  34. Eddie Spaghetti

    I just had to help my brother and his family move 2 days ago. They've known that they were moving for months and I thought I was just gonna go say bye the day they said they were gonna leave and I show up and half the house wasnt packed (Betrayal #1) and I literally helped them pack until 4am (Betrayal #2) just so I know they would be fucking gone later that day. I got there at 2:30pm and my sister in law believed we would be done by 10 (Betrayal #3!).

    Psychostick thank you so much for posting this song so I can send this to them to show how fustrated I was about the situation and I'll see you guys on the 25th!!!

  35. Stuart Livermore

    Best song on the album. I love this one.

  36. Jason Wilt

    Moving Day - the curse of owning a truck when your friends do not...

    American Ninja Like Muslim

    Jason Wilt
    I can’t tell you how many times I moved my shit old car

  37. teckworks

    The spider basement? Were you helping Vinny move?

    Doomie Grunt - Dead Malls & Derelict Digs

    Oh, I get it...

  38. nightsong81

    I think this is my favorite one on the album, so far.

  39. Michael Smyth

    So, do a show in Flint and I will buy even more of your stupid merch.

  40. Jeremy Jenkins

    I'd move stuff for a 5-dollar hot-n-ready ^_^ I'm easy. Pay me with food.

  41. Torva

    Holy shit, that got dark. Good times.

  42. Soggy Tamales

    Are you an adult human, living in the U.S.? Then do i have the album for you!

  43. Fantastic Sabrina

    Its funny cause I am helping my sister move (I already moved a month ago). Ugh I've done too much packing and moving

  44. Wiggimus

    I've changed addresses so many times. I know this all too well lol

  45. Nightroad Games

    This album is all about the common people.

  46. DVincentW

    Inspired by Bongwater Taffy/ The Vandals / Anthrax?

  47. Nicklaus Books

    $5 Hot-N-Diarrhea is what I’ve been offered EVERY TIME a “friend” was moving...

  48. BunKnee

    So true...

  49. Tom McCall

    I just moved and this was my attitude all day...

  50. Taisto-Perkele

    Wtf, planning to start moving my shit to my new apartment in a few hours and this pops up. Are you guys spying on me?
    Greetings from Finland btw.

  51. MyNameIsMud

    Fuck me in the oculars!!!!

  52. Marty McDye

    How exciting, I am moving into a new apartment today

    Salvador Martinez

    Blast this all day