Psychostick - Mi Queso Lyrics


Got a hunger rollin' through mi panza
Don't want the sauce or the guac, no
Need the cheeses, both colors please
Got yellow and white-ah
Chop up a jalapeno by hand
Melt down with Ro-Tel, use a whole can
Tortilla chips gonna drown in
This melted cheese

Mi queso, mi queso, mi queso, mi queso
Mi queso, mi queso, mi queso, mi queso

Crock pot set on high
Ro-Tel, cream of mushroom soup
Velveeta cut into cubes
Ground sausage, roasted garlic


Shing langa schlappa dappa ding dang
Bern dernga dinganuh chorizo
Rama dama ferga blerg derka-derka
Blerma verlm verlm Velveeta
Bawii daba da banga duh Chipotle
Gurp shlurpee derp nerp, poblano
Full power up to the crock pot
Slow cook with me

Mi queso, mi queso, mi queso, mi queso
Mi queso, mi queso, mi queso, mi queso

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Psychostick Mi Queso Comments
  1. David Theisen

    You guys should do parodies of Deftones “Change In the House of Flies” and POD’s Boom!! Oh yeah a parody of Pantera’s Walk is in demand!! LOL

  2. CORZER0

    Get the song? Get the recipe posted!

  3. verbalassault87

    Happy I found this

  4. Retro Revelations

    This is the closet to liking a Coal Chamber that I'll ever get.

  5. waco kid

    wife sent me to the store for party foods. forgot list. sang mi queso in my head. problem solved.

  6. Potara Perpetrator

    Well damn now I'm hungry

  7. BuiltToFuck BornToKill

    How the fuck did I miss this? That's gold Jerry, gold!!!!

  8. King Diablo

    I lost it at "yum"

  9. Dare Ik

    The only thing that would of made this better is a cameo with swedish chief from the muppet's.

  10. zapper smith

    fuck yes! my name on the credits. that is kind of cool! ~ Joe King

  11. I like Potatoes

    So from my understanting, Coal Chamber is dad rock now, fuckin kill me.

  12. zhargus2489

    Liked and subscribed... you genius bastards

  13. Christopher Winslow

    This is a travesty of Mi Loco lol...just kidding, glad your re introducing my childhood music to this younger generation. Silly, but hilarious, keep up the good work.

  14. Wings Of Darkness

    I'm getting Static-X vibes from this

  15. Tanya sprigg

    Also side note when my husband had his cell your dumb was his ringtone😂

  16. Tanya sprigg

    I absolutely love you guys I've always loved Coal Chamber so an ex-friend made me cringe when hearing this song you guys made it 100% better

  17. Eddie gibbs

    Pleaae make a recipe for the queso. Stuff looks delicious


    We just yelled the recipe at you in the video!

  18. Alizae

    I didn't know Psychostick did ASMR

  19. Sean Greaves

    FUCK YEAH!!!!! Now I am hungry,,,,,fuck!

  20. jimbobbyrnes

    RIP Static-X

  21. Rachel Taylor Beauty

    This is great

  22. jpratt2001623

    fucking brilliant

  23. Mark Malinowski

    I have an Australian Shepherd that looks identical to yours! Well... not to be doggist or anything but I guess they kind of all look the same.

  24. Miles Williams-Lewis

    I can completely relate. My entire being is powered by Queso, Rice, and Orange Juice.

  25. Cody Cook

    I didn't think anything could really top Mi Loco. And then you came along. Well done, sirs. Well done.

  26. Robson Brasil Sobral

    Eu pensava que era o nando moura kkkkkkkkķ

  27. BraindrillCP ༄


  28. Braden Bankes

    Boutta go make some fuckin queso

  29. Krispi


  30. rikkufan009

    😂😂😂😂 I just made some yesterday

  31. Augmented Dictator Games

    A recipe and a metal song. Two for one.

  32. Arthiem

    Mom: "mm this is some good cheese dip honey, where food you find the recipe?"

    Me: "... I could tell you but you wouldn't get it"

  33. Eric_Grant_Swisher

    I'm sure dez approves

  34. James Solomon

    Gotta wonder how much velveeta's sales jumped after this video

  35. Michael Kaldwid

    Have you guys considered doing a anti-christmas album? As a retail worker, I hate christmas songs. I'm trying to make a play list of anti-christmass songs, but there just aren't a lot of good songs for it out there. You've already got 2 songs for it: NOEL and Oh Tannenbaum (both of which are fantastic BTW)


    Got you

    Michael Kaldwid

    @Psychostick oh shit you already had one. my bad

  36. RustyTuell

    I always hated the original but I love this

  37. Chris Neu

    The most delicious music video ever

  38. Alexandra Lynn Poyser

    I love to see Psychostick do a parody of an Amon Amarth song, I'm genuinely curious as to what they'd come up with.

  39. Corb man

    Guess I know what I'm having Saturday night with my 12 pack.

  40. Matt O

    Please do more cooking recipes like this!


    What should we cook next?

    Matt O

    @Psychostick if you have a recipe, beer battered fish

  41. MediaFreak97

    We just want the full recipe now

  42. Powerstroke Puller

    Lyrically, 100x better than the original

  43. Jesus is Dog :

    “Full power to the crackpot!”

    *It’s over 9000!*

  44. XxGyromancerXx

    It was like a live action version of Cooking Hostile without Phil Anselmo.

  45. ThirdGen

    Nice. Queso nice.

  46. Lance Olson

    Weeeeeeeeird coincidence that you released that the same time that I just learned about this band.

  47. steve beam

    I love the reference from The swedish chef from The Muppets

  48. freelancer7861

    Best EVER

  49. XxXEMoeXxX

    Every time I see any kind of Queso dip, I'll have this song playing in my head :D

  50. Grim Soldier

    Fucking awsome guys

  51. Joosep Kõressaar

    Came here cause of mi queso comments on the original song, totally not disappointed! :D Psychosticks sure does know how to make shit sound right!
    Obey the beard!

  52. Hazel ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


  53. Seth Cox

    So good!

  54. Phantom Smokey

    whelp I'm fucking hungry now thanks guys

  55. Hank Hill

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Holy shit this was perfect!!

  56. Steven Williams

    Can we all take a second and pay tribute to the awesome cheese backdrop effect and visual effects?

  57. sploogeanator

    Ok this is freaking awesome!!

  58. shoxie

    Amazing, as always!

  59. James McCarthy

    Hey Psychostick. I’m sorry that YouTube removed my subscription to you. My allegiance never strayed. Went ahead and resubmitted that subscription. Mucho gracias

  60. Justin Potts

    Psychostick gives Tenacious D a run for their money

  61. Mostly Rocket League

    Holy shit guys...I havent heard the original song in over a I'm definitely going to have to go and listen to it, also sick parody song.

  62. chasestarnes1

    Fuck, that sounds delicious!

  63. Aly Amr



    No. I only love "first!" Comments

    Aly Amr

    @Psychostick holy shit!! Okay which one are you? If you're alex, then you should know that I thought your book was DUMB (A really good read) AND PRETENTIOUS!! (Actually has some nice ideas. Really liked it. Love you:) )

  64. Mubo Kamikaze

    So what type of flavor does adding the cream of mushroom soup add to the queso? Usually i do all those steps minus cream of mushroom soup?


    You don't need it. Mostly for texture and because it sounds funny

    Mubo Kamikaze

    @Psychostick in going to need to try this!!!

  65. Josh Peterson

    I liked that. Beer is good beer is great and such! So is this song :-) The local rock station in Rockford Illinois plays the beer song every Friday!

  66. Backyardmech1

    Let’s go drink some BEE... Wrong song. 🥴

  67. Cake Man Gaming

    Actually decided to watch this and write down the recipe. Not just the ingredients listed, but every ingredient on the table. Can't wait to try and make this!

  68. SSJ Reslin

    Fuck now I want queso

  69. TheGh0st81

    Fuck yes, what a cover

  70. jacob willard

    This video makes me hungry

  71. Magnum Mountaineer

    Big truck? More like Big Chip!

  72. leeman27534

    "making a shit ton of cheese dip, what do you guys want in it?"
    "chorizo's the shit"
    "let's make a music video out of it"
    "... what for?"
    "remember coal chamber? let's do a 'loco' parody"
    "... alright, fuck it."


    Not far from the truth


    @Psychostick awesome. shit like that's why you guys are pretty much my favorite 'parody' funny band.

  73. Jen Schoeberlein

    Best. Recipe. Ever.
    Tried it and psychostick did well.

  74. TheStengah

    Pyschostick is cheesy as fuck....

  75. AnonymousYGO

    You had me at "derka derka".

  76. Ashton Gregor


  77. Jared From Subway

    Psychostick is the reason I'm fat because they have too many songs that make me hungry.

  78. phoenixSoundbyte

    And here I was thinking Wierd Al Yankovic was the parody god-

    This is Priceless!!!!


    He still is. All glory be to Weird.

  79. bebeeisnoheeb


  80. T B

    90's kids be like. Fuck it, lets make a video about melted cheese.

  81. Kyle Zero Hardesty

    This is not a song it's a sandwi... I mean it's a queso dip...
    For a sandwich...
    And we can add it to tacos that we want , and drink beer with it because beer is good...and stuff

  82. thedazedbandman

    Lol. Scrolled thru the YouTube suggestions, stomach making hunger sounds, and see this. So perfect. Must. Get. MI QUESO!

  83. Jarf D. Dorkis

    I had to stop watching cause I was getting hungry

  84. Michael

    Really? Cream of Mushroom???

  85. Annon Nimis

    Ok I'm not going to be one of those people like OMG I made this recipe and it was delice!!!!! But I did try and make it and oh my lord. Thank you psychostick. My daughter and I tried it and it was amazeballs. Seriously. I guess I just became one of those people lol

  86. Jacob Kimble

    60 people obviously didn't batwitdaba.

  87. Jamen Springmann

    Slow cook with me 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  88. Zach Hatten

    I bet this goes great with BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!

  89. Jadriam

    From sandwich to taco to queso... psychostick makes some pretty good snacks.

  90. Jacob Payne

    Two favorite things as a kid; Coal Chamber and cheese dip... epic.

  91. Matthew Zill

    1:52 -2:00 sounds more like CC than CC 😂

  92. Siobhan Griffiths

    Holly she's guys are still going!?

  93. tic tac

    Hell yeah This was awesome

  94. Miss LoLo

    This makes me nostalgic

  95. K Sunshine

    This just made my day. I missed phychostick.

  96. Tavis Caron

    Lol. Are you fuckin kidding me brother!?! Absolutely awesome. Lol.

  97. XxSynphulGryphxX

    Who let their dad out of the garage?

  98. I cant think of a name

    I love the chip sync at the end

  99. Yoshikid666

    I wanna see a video of Dez reacting to this!!!